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Love and Forgiveness by HarryGinny4eva
Chapter 27 : Chapter 39 - The End
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Last Disclaimer: Many thanks to JK Rowling for her wonderful works. They are hers and hers alone. I have only borrowed her characters for a while and built my own little fantasy around them. There is no pay involved for me in doing it.

And, one last Author’s Note

I can not believe the responses I got from this story. I am truly touched. You all have made me feel such happiness and pride and I will never be able to thank you enough. Each person that read it and every person that reviewed it made this experience more than worthwhile and I love you all for it. And, finally…THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Chapter 39 (The End)

They declined to stay at her parents house for the night and returned home instead, both immediately feeling the tension drain away. Alone, they talked more about their evening, their parents, and their upcoming weddings. Once the shock had worn off, they decided it was the best solution for all concerned and would cause the least stress on their friends and family. They figured if they kept their heads and some semblance of control, between the two of them, they would be okay. They would have to agreement on when their actual anniversary would be though.

As it was still early in New York when they got home, Hermione called Beth and asked if they could come over. Beth agreed and they apparated over to the loft.

“Hey guys,” Blaise smiled from the sofa. “Have a seat.”

Beth turned in his arms to look over at them, “Hey! So? How was it?!”

Hermione walked over to them and kissed Beth on the top of her head before plopping down in the chair across from them.

“Awful. Horrible. Scary. Endless,” she moaned.

Blaise raised a brow and turned to Draco, “Oh man. Who said what and who got hexed?”

“Nobody,” Draco laughed. “Mi just can’t get past the fact that they got along.”

Both faces showed surprise and Beth choked on her drink, “They did?!”

Hermione still looked disgruntled when she nodded, “Yes, they did. That means they will want to get to know one another better. Mom and Narcissa were giggling and laughing to themselves, and Dad and Malf…Lucius found a mutual dislike of government. It was horrific.”

Draco smiled even though he nodded in agreement, “I don’t see them being fast friends, but at least my parents won’t hex the Grangers. I admit though, it was quite unsettling. I kept waiting for Father to lose it. Especially when they argued about…”

“What?” both Beth and Blaise asked when he stopped talking midsentence.

Draco looked at Hermione as they hadn’t discussed telling anyone yet. He was relieved when she sat forward to explain.

“Well, guys, how would you feel about getting all gussied up for us twice?” she sighed and rolled her eyes.

Blaise looked at her blankly, but Beth seemed to understand and jumped to the edge of her seat, “Two weddings?! Oh, you poor thing.”

“Gee, thanks,” Draco laughed. Then he noticed Blaise had turned to look at him for answers. “Well, our fathers started arguing over where the wedding should be. It was getting quite heated actually and I was prepared to throw out shield charms all over the place, when Mother announces, as casual as you please, that we will just have to have two weddings then.”

Beth shook her head, “However will you get through planning two weddings, Mione?”

But, before Hermione could answer, Blaise asked in shock, “Wait a minute! Lucius Malfoy, THE muggle hating Lucius Malfoy argued with her father? He didn’t, you know, force the issue?”

Draco laughed, “I know. I was a bit shocked, too, but…”

“They planned it,” Hermione sighed.

Beth looked at her sharply, “What do you mean? Who planned what?”

Hermione told them of seeing the looks on their faces and then her little mental interaction with Lucius. Draco pushed his hand through his hair and let out a deep sigh. Beth looked affronted on Hermione’s behalf, and Blaise leaned back and chuckled.

When they all looked at him he shrugged, “Sorry. That’s just more like the Lucius I know.”

For a while they talked more about the evening and the upcoming wedding plans that had been decided without their approval. Finally, Beth yawned for what had to be the fifth time in as many minutes and Hermione thought they should leave.

“Beth, honey, we’ll go.”

Beth shook her head, “No, you guys. Stay. It’s just…”

Her eyes flickered to Blaise’s quickly and he shrugged at her with a small smile playing on his lips.

Draco and Hermione looked at each other and back at their friends when Beth squealed and gave Blaise a quick kiss.

“On three?” he laughed down at her. She nodded happily and looked back at Hermione.

Hermione looked back in confusion as Blaise counted down. Then her confusion turned to joy when they announced, “We’re pregnant!”

“No way!” Draco exclaimed and jumped from his chair to give Blaise a one-armed hug of congratulations. They pulled back and smiled at each other before glancing over at their other halves. Both were babbling happily at each other as tears streamed down their faces.

Hermione then seemed to remember Blaise and jumped up to hug him, too, “Wow! Congratulations!”

Draco leaned down and placed a soft kiss on Beth’s cheek. As they all sat back down, Draco asked the first question. But, before the couple could answer, his question was rapidly followed by Hermione’s barrage.

“Blaise Zabini, someone’s dad. Does your family know?”

Hermione sat forward, “When are you due? How long have you known? When were you going to tell me? Does Snoop know?”

As if on cue, Hermione’s cell rang with Snoop’s ring. Both women laughed and Beth said, “It’s like she has ESP or something!”

“Does she know?” Hermione asked again before answering the phone.

Beth shook her head, just as Hermione said, “Hey Snoop. What’s up?...over at Beth and Blaise’s loft…about an hour ago…no, I was going to call you later…what? What’s up?...I guess, hold on.”

She pressed mute and said to Beth and Blaise, “She wants to come over. And, she sounds kind of insistent.”

“Well, she has to find out sooner or later,” Beth giggled.

Hermione smiled and pressed unmute, “Come on over…Snoop? Snoop?”

She jumped about a foot when two loud pops sounded behind her.

Ron and Snoop popped in and stood near the group on the sofa and chairs, smiles adorning both faces.

Draco stiffened at the sight of a Ron, but held his tongue as Hermione moved to hug them both. “Hey. What was so important? Is everything okay?”

Ron nodded happily, but Snoop screamed, “I’m pregnant!”

Hermione’s shock made her stare from one to the other for a moment before she launched herself at them.

“This is not happening!” Beth squealed and joined the group hug.

“What do you mean?” Snoop asked pulling back a little to look at her friends.

Blaise stepped up and put his arms around Beth as he laughed, “What she meant to say was join the club.”

The initial look on Snoop’s face was comical, but her shock quickly turned to giggling happiness, “We’re going to have babies together!”

Blaise leaned down to kiss Snoop on the cheek, “Congrats.”

“Thank you, Blaise. You too!” Snoop laughed happily.

Ron decided to make the first move and stuck his hand out, “Congratulations, Zabini.”

Blaise looked at his hand for a moment before he slowly raised his and answered, “You, too.”

Draco stepped into the circle, his mind reeling with all that had happened in the span of only a few minutes. The shock of it all mixed with his immediate jealousy that it wasn’t him making that announcement, had kept him silent at first. Then he remembered his and Hermione’s own news and pulled Hermione close to his side.

“Well, that makes two babies, or more in Weasley’s case,” he grunted when Hermione dug her elbow into his side, but continued with a smirk, “and two weddings.”

“Two weddings?” Snoop asked looking from one to the other.

Draco nodded, “Seems our parents couldn’t agree on one venue or the proper procedures, so we’re doing it all twice.”

Hermione looked at Snoop and nodded, then looked up at Ron as she said, “So, that means you all have to do it once at my family’s church and then again at the Manor.”

She watched him inhale deeply and close his eyes for a moment before he looked at her once again, nodded and smiled down at her. “As long as it’s what you want, I’m there.”

Those were the words she’d needed to hear and she hurried over to him and hugged him tightly. As she looked up at him she smiled, “Thank you, Ron. I’m so happy for you.”

They smiled at each other as if the rest of the room had disappeared.

“Can you believe we got here?” she asked softly as a tear slid down her cheek.

He nodded his head a little and wiped it away, “I knew we would, Mione. I told you a long time ago, we would find our happiness.”

Together they said the words that had gotten them through the war, “When it’s darkest, think of the light. When it’s scariest think of a friend. When our worries and fears are finally at rest, we’ll find our happiness together in the end.”

They were brought back to the present when Beth sniffled, “That was beautiful.”

Even Draco had been moved by the passion in Hermione’s voice, “What’s it from?”

Hermione wiped her eyes and stepped back from Ron, “It’s just something the three of us made up when we were searching for the Horcruxes. It got us through a lot of scary nights.”

He reached out a hand to her and she came to him with a soft smile on her face. When her hand was securely in his he took a deep breath before he looked Ron in the eye. “Congratulations.”

Ron nodded, “Thanks.”

“And, you, Georgina. I am very happy for you,” he added with a real smile and a quick kiss on her cheek.

She blushed a little and laughed, “God, I love the way you say my actual name.”

The six of them moved back to the sofa and chairs. The girls immediately launched into stories of how they’d figured or found out and how long they’d known. Blaise got up to get drinks for everyone and Ron stared at the floor as he slid his thumb back and forth over his wife’s hand.

Draco helped answer their questions about their dinner with their parents and noticed that Hermione kept shooting glances at an uncharacteristically quiet Ron. He decided asking then would give him bonus points with Hermione and ease the bit of tension in the room. But, he couldn’t resist a tiny dig at the man he still disliked so much.

“Weasley?” He smiled briefly when both Ron and Snoop looked at him, “Not the beauty, the beast.”

Ron bristled a little and asked, “Yeah?”

“You aren’t planning to stand up for us in those robes from 4th year, are you? I am sure you can afford something nicer now.”

Ron looked at him in confusion for a moment, then his face reddened at the insult. But, just as he opened his mouth to retort he finally got the implication and looked at Hermione for confirmation. “You mean?”

She nodded happily and her hand tightened around Draco’s in appreciation. Her happiness was so complete she couldn’t even bring herself to admonish him over his tactics.

“Thanks,” Ron nodded with a smile. Then he made a face at Draco, “I think I can afford whatever robes you have in mind Malfoy.”

Draco just nodded and looked away from him to glance down at Hermione. She looked up at him at the same time and her smile told him he had been right. He knew the shag ahead of him that night was going to be more than worth dealing with the pain that was Ronald Weasley.

Hermione’s mind reeled as she listened to her friends and fiancé talk around her. In the span of only a few months, her life had taken a turn so drastic she couldn’t have dreamt it up if she’d tried. Her smile grew wider with each thought. Snoop, her first and best witch friend in the States had gotten her dream husband, and become Mrs. Ronald Weasley. Ron, one of the two brothers-of-her-heart, was happily married and going to be a father. She and Ron had started to mend the divide between them and he promised to be at least civil to Draco. Beth, her eternally single, middle class, muggle best friend, had married almost-as-rich-as-a-Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, reformed wizard playboy, and turned him into a goofily, loving husband and father-to-be. She, herself, had gained a good friend in Blaise, as well. And, in his sister Blythe. Even in Narcissa in some ways. Harry, Ginny, and the Weasleys had not only accepted Draco, but started to really befriend him. And, her parents couldn’t have been more happy for her or liked Draco more.


Her one-time nemesis and tormentor. Now, her friend. Her lover. Her fiancé. Her hope. Her future.

‘ ’  ‘ ’  ‘ ’  ‘ ’  ‘ ’  ‘ ’  ‘ ’  ‘ ’

The next few weeks passed quickly for all of them. With the addition of the two pregnancies, Hermione’s plans for a late winter wedding were derailed, as both women balked at being fat at the wedding, so she settled on late Fall. They would now be married in mid November and the fall colors, finally agreed on by everyone, would not only look great in their pictures, but the deeper shades of green, red and gold, looked great on Ginny. She was still amazed that the three mothers, with Molly included, had continued to get along, and, even in many ways bonded, as they created the two fantasy weddings.

In her kitchen Hermione hung up the telephone with her assistant and moved across the room to stir their pasta. As was often now the case, she found herself shaking her head in wonder at the turns her life had taken. Thinking back to only a few short weeks ago she recalled her conversation with the school’s principle.

A few days after school began she went to his office to put in her request for the time she needed off for the weddings. He had instead surprised her with an unexpected job offer. With her history, knowledge and upcoming last name, the school board had decided they wanted to ‘use’ her to further promote understanding in the American wizarding community. As he had explained it, they wanted her to move into a more administrative role, but maintain her direct contact with the students, and had offered her a position in Counseling. She would be one of the lead counselors in the administration and help train the incoming personnel. It would be her job to help ensure that no child or parent felt they had no where to go, there was no where they fit in, or they were completely powerless to another witch or wizard. They knew she would need to start small, within her own school community, but they hoped she would soon grow the department and move it to the American Ministry, so it could extend to other schools, other communities, and then to the wizarding world at large. She had mentioned that it sounded a lot like social work. And, her boss had nodded in agreement.

“There may be pitfalls in the muggle version of Social Work, but our hope is that with your intelligence, diligence, and honor, we can show a different way of things. Just imagine where Tom Riddle might have been had he had someone to lean on, depend on, talk to.”

Hermione snorted, “While those sentiments are nice, Sir, Tom Riddle was an evil troubled child, who grew into a power hungry, homicidal maniac. No amount of talking to him as a child would have stopped that.”

“I agree.” he nodded, “But, what if there had been someone to at least notice it, track it, try to reach him, or possibly commit him? He might not have changed, but he wouldn’t have grown to that level of power, as he could have possibly been stopped earlier on. He might have been seen as the sick wizard he was. He might have been a person to pity as they put him away in St. Mungo’s, but he would never have become a person to fear.”

After more discussion, with him, Draco, her parents, and then Harry, the next day she had accepted the position and moved into her new office. As a thank you, she’d been granted six weeks off starting the last week of October for final preparations, her weddings, and then she would still have two weeks for their honeymoon, a yachting trip around the Greek Isles. While she hadn’t been thrilled to give up her teaching position, and wondered at how much change she could actually make, she had quickly come to like the idea of counseling the students and their parents.

Her reasons for going into teaching soon melded into her reasons to be a counselor. She would make a difference to the wizarding world on her own. Her success or failure would be on her shoulders alone; no Trio to hide within. The thought both thrilled and scared her. In the few weeks that she’d been doing the job, she’d already been overwhelmed. Students of all ages and from the various surrounding schools came to her for advice with their worries, future plans, and their fears that another like Voldemort would rise again. Them, she handled with a finesse she hadn’t known she’d possessed, but their parents had thrown her for a loop. No sooner had word gotten out that she was counseling the students than her appointment book began to fill with those of the much older wizards and witches who, until then, had really had no one to talk to about the war, The Fall, and their own fears. With no other choice she’d had to hire a few more people, change her hours to accommodate her clients’ and add on two group sessions for the adults who didn’t want one-on-one sessions. It amazed her how fast life had changed. Again.

Hermione shook off her momentarily too-deep thoughts, and went over to stare out of her kitchen window as she went back to thinking about the upcoming weddings; which made her think once again of Narcissa. She had quickly realized Draco had been right to warn her of how controlling her Mother-in-law-to-be could be. She surprised herself by standing up to the woman on several occasions and smiled as she recalled her most recent argument with Narcissa.

Narcissa sat on the sofa, teacup in hand, “And then you two will return and the reception can really begin.”

“I am sure I have already nixed that idea. It’s not only old-fashioned, archaic, but it’s also disgusting and embarrassing!”

Narcissa shook her head dismissively, “Still, so prudish. There’s no need. It’s tradition, Hermione. It’s expected! And, I’m sure everyone will understand, dear.”

“Exactly my point. No. We are not doing it.”

“But, Hermione, darling…”

She shook her head and crossed the sitting room to look out over the grounds of Malfoy Manor, “No, Cissa. This isn’t ancient times, for goodness sakes! Draco and I will consummate our union after our guests have left in the privacy of our own home, without witnesses or providing proof to the world.”


“No buts. I’m no brood mare! I gave in to your desire for the fidelity and purity portions of the ceremony. But, I will not have my sex life chronicled for everyone. End of discussion.”

“Okay, but Lucius feels…”

Her voice failed when she saw the flash of anger in Hermione’s eyes. Her husband and future daughter-in-law had called a truce to their on-going war, but that didn’t mean either had come to like the other.

“Oh please, tell me how HE feels about Draco and I having sex upstairs in his home while all our guests surreptitiously glance at their watches to see how long we take.”

“Well, he…I…okay, never mind. Let’s get back to the discussion on the cake, shall we?”

Hermione giggled to herself and went back to her thoughts as she turned to finish putting together dinner. The only downside of everything was that Lucius now gloated over the fact that she had given up teaching and finally put “…that absurdly large brain to good use and would bring additional honor to the Malfoy name.”

‘ ’  ‘ ’  ‘ ’  ‘ ’  ‘ ’  ‘ ’  ‘ ’  ‘ ’

Draco heard Hermione laughing to herself in the kitchen as he sat in the living room going over the list his Father had sent of the upcoming wedding guests. When he read ‘Parkinson, party of four’, he sighed heavily and put down the list. Closing his eyes he leaned back and thought over all that had changed in his life in the past few weeks.

He had very quickly come to realize that allowing Ron Weasley into his life and personal circle was both hell and heaven. There was nothing he could think of that would ever make him like the tall, red-headed, hot head. And, the more time he spent with him, the more he realized how different they really were. Both being purebloods, having attended Hogwarts, their friendship with Harry, and their love of Hermione, were all they seemed to have in common. It amazed him still that ‘his Mi’ had ever thought she was in love with the git. Ron was brash, often rude, and more often loud. He was a good friend to those he loved, but a pain in the ass to those he didn’t. And, he didn’t like Draco. They had maintained a level of civility that amazed both, but every so often one would say something to insult the other just to check that that they were still on the same page with their mutual dislike. It wasn’t optimal, but it worked for them. And as he had admitted to himself, and to Blaise, it made his friendship with the Potters easier, and his life with Hermione absolute bliss.

“And, then the ass mumbled under his breath only an ex-Death Eater would want a masked ball as an engagement party.”

Blaise snorted into his drink and shook his head, “That sounds like the weasel I know.”

“Bloody jerk,” Draco mumbled and looked over at his friend. “I thought Father was going to blast him into the next room.”

“I can’t believe I missed it. I was only gone about two minutes,” Blaise chuckled. “When I walked in I just saw Weasley Sr. practically sitting on his son, Harry holding you back and Lucius with his wand drawn. Kinda sorry I interrupted, actually.”

Draco looked out of the window to where his Father strolled with Rich as he showed him the grounds where the wedding would take place. He knew Rich had suggested it as a way of helping his father get a chance to calm down and Draco appreciated Hermione’s father all the more for it. Glancing back over his shoulder he saw Harry talking quietly, but emphatically, with Ron and Arthur.

“She’d better REALLY appreciate this, dammit,” he sighed as he threw back his drink and looked back at an amused Blaise. “What B?”

“Draco Lucius Malfoy…whipped by the Gryffindor Virgin Perfect Princess. Never thought I’d see the day,” Blaise chuckled and then easily sidestepped the punch Draco had thrown at his arm.

“Shut up,” Draco laughed. “You’re one to talk. I heard all about you apparating all over the States in a panic a few nights ago, looking for fresh cranberries for one small craving. It was described to me as ‘soooo sweeeeeet’.”

“Jerk,” Blaise grimaced. “Anyway, we were talking about you.”

Draco’s eyes had slid away to focus on nothing as he said, “Well, I will admit it makes dinners with Harry and Ginny easier. And, it is nice to have Mi happy. She’s so much lighter, freer, and her smile is fuller. She’s even more open in bed and…gods, what am I doing?!”

Blaise let go of the laugh he’d been holding in, “Sounds to me like your waxing poetic about your fiancée and her happiness, D. Like I said, whipped!”

“Whatever! I’m man enough to admit that she’s powerful enough to be scary as shit when she’s pissed, so a happy Hermione is a happy me. If I have to put up with that ass to keep her that way, so be it.” Then he smirked and winked at his best friend, “Besides, she LOVES to thank me for it properly.”

Draco laughed to himself and sat back up to look at the list. Only three weeks to go and the first of their weddings would take place. There really wasn’t much for him or her to do, as their parents had practically taken over. He and Hermione had talked about it and come to the conclusion that with only a few minor demands on their own part, it was easier to let their parents have their way. Both sets wanted the very best for their only children and seemed to want to one-up the other set, so things for him and Hermione went relatively smoothly as they only had to agree to lists presented to them, and show up on time to fittings and tastings. He smiled at the memory of their last cake testing.

They sat in a small parlor of a confectioner’s shop with Rich, Julie, Ginny, Harry, Blaise, Beth and Blythe. The owner bustled around them as several workers brought cake after cake out for them to taste. Each was presented with a picture of what it could look like and a slice for each of them to taste. They had already tasted sixteen cakes when Hermione had hit her limit.

“Mom, Dad, I’m sorry, but I just can’t decide,” Hermione shook her head. “I think my tongue is dead from all of this.”

Draco laughed, “I know what you mean, love. Even I can’t take anymore sweets tonight. Rich, Julie, how about we try this again next weekend?”

Her parents had started to nod, but been interrupted by Ginny. “Why don’t you just pick the ones you know you like best? Then you can take a slice of each home to taste at your leisure. That’s what Harry and I finally did.”

Beth had laughed, “I guess Blythe and I are the only ones enjoying ourselves.”

“Yeah, if you leave now, I won’t get to try the Triple Chocolate Death cake!” Blythe cried.

Blaise slung one arm behind her chair and said, “I think we can arrange to send you home with a whole one of your very own, right D?”

“Of course, B-girl, go tell them to wrap it up for you.”

The owner had readily agreed to wrap up the remaining cakes for them and to give Blythe hers ‘on the house’. Rich had made everyone laugh when he’d mumbled, “Oh, he’ll give us one free, will he? How magnanimous of him. Like he’s not going to add that to the bill for the ten of whatever you two decide on.”

Soon after they had returned home with three large shopping bags of cake and put them away for tasting the next day.

When he thought back over how they’d shared the cakes the next night, his thoughts turned to the pretty witch one room away from him. With a slow smile he stood and made his way to the kitchen.

“Hey, Mi,” he said softly as he stopped in the doorway with a grin. “Busy?”

Hermione turned from the cabinet and saw him in the doorway. The look on his face, they way he stood there, reminded her of the first time they’d been really intimate with each other and she felt desire slide down her body.

“Not too busy,” she answered with a matching grin, “Why?”

“Oh, no reason,” he returned as he moved slowly across the room. “I was just wondering if you could help me out with a little problem.”

Hermione glanced down his body and then back up at his eyes quickly, before she smirked, “Not so little, I assure you.”

“Well,” he drawled as he boxed her in against the counter, “I will admit it’s getting bigger by the minute.”

Before she could answer him, his lips captured hers and his hands grabbed her hips to pull her tighter against him. She released a groan of need when he pulled away and tilted his head; unerringly moving to the spot near her ear which never failed to weaken her knees. Before she could forget and lose herself in him she placed a freezing charm on the food and flicked her wand at the stove to turn it off, before tossing the wand on the counter behind her.

His hands skimming over her breasts and his lips and tongue sliding along her neck made it difficult to speak, but she tried anyway, “Draco, maybe we should…”

“No. Here. Now,” he sighed as he stepped back and lifted her shirt over her head. “I want you so badly, Mi.”

The desire in his voice was as evident as the bulge pressing against her stomach. She shivered at both. “I want you, too, but shouldn’t we…”

Her voice trailed off as his tongue blazed a trail to her chest. One of his hands played with its twin while the other hand moved her sweatpants down to her knees. When he could go no further without pulling away, he lifted her onto the counter and yanked his tee shirt over his head.

“What is it with you and the kitchen?” she giggled as she kicked her pants off of her ankles.

He kissed her before he answered with a shake of his head, “No idea, but there’s something about you in this one that drives me crazy.”

“Aren’t you in a mood all of a sudden?” she sighed when he went back to nipping at her chest.

“I was just thinking…mmm you taste good…about that night we…have I told you how much I love your navel?”

“Draco!” she blushed. “About the…oh gods that feels good…about the night we what?”

Draco paused and looked up at her with a smirk, “About the night we tested all those cakes.” Then he leaned back down and kissed her right knee, “I really enjoyed the one that was here.” Switching to the other leg he licked her inner thigh and moaned, “The chocolate one that was here was really nice, too.” He moved his face to hover over her intimately and sighed happily, “But, I am glad we ultimately chose the vanilla one. I can’t wait to taste that one again.”


Hermione’s smile seemed to charge him and he set about appeasing his hunger for her. For a long while the only sounds were those of two people lost in loving one another. Then the twin moans of completion.

“I love you,” he whispered against her heaving chest a while later as his heart raced and he shook with the tremors of his release.

“I love you, too,” she breathed heavily and placed a kiss on his shining hair before turning to rest her cheek on it.

Hermione smiled to herself as he rested against her chest and he took deep breaths to cool down. She loved that she had the rest of their lives to enjoy moments like this. Their future was filled with hope and love. Their future was filled with promise. Their future…he would find out soon...

 ‘ ’  ‘ ’  ‘ ’  ‘ ’  ‘ ’  ‘ ’  ‘ ’  ‘ ’

“I couldn’t agree with you more. It is amazing what love and forgiveness can do. And, because of that, it is now my great pleasure to pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

The kiss was soft, sweet, warm, and full of love. The cheers of their family and friends were muffled sounds to their ears as the reality that they were finally complete rushed through them both.

“I love you, Mrs. Malfoy.”

“And, we love you, Mr. Malfoy.”


She hid their hands behind her flowers and placed his on her still flat belly.

“Yes. Me and our future.”

The End

Just so you know, I honestly don't have an epilogue or a sequel for this, as the characters haven't given me more to say. But, here's what I do think...

Beth/Blaise - They have three children, girl-boy-girl. All three have some magical abilities, but only the youngest girl will go to a magical school to further her abilities. Their son uses his abilities to get girls and is very smart. And, the oldest girl, at heart a Slytherin, uses her abilities to get in and out of the trouble. They are all lovely, happy, children and love spending time with their parent's friends' children. And, they think it's super cool that they can get to and from Draco and Hermione's manor on the edge of London via the fireplace. It's their favorite place to visit, because Draco took a part of their grounds and installed both a practice quidditch pitch and an ongoing carnival with every ride imaginable. The youngest daughter has a crush on Snoop and Ron's son.

Georgina/Ron - They are happily married after getting through their rough patch and have also stayed in the States, although they go back and forth to visit his family and friends quite regularly. Their only child, a boy, has his mother's inquisitiveness and his father's looks, although his hair is a bit darker. He spends all his time reading the book his Aunt Hermione gave him, Hogwarts, A History, in preparation for the day he goes. And, although he won't admit it out loud, he wants to be in Ravenclaw. He is very good at sports, and is a rather adapt quidditch player, but he would honestly much rather read. Being from such a large family, Ron didn't want more children, and Snoop was more than fine with that.

Lucius/Narcissa - As a couple they are as strong as ever. Lucius has softened a bit more, but maintains his edge. He now allows himself one day a month to have a two-hour debate with Hermione over one event from their shared past, as a way of helping them both heal. He dotes on all four of his grandchildren, but his unspoken favorite, is the only boy, who has given him a chance to do the things he never got to do with Draco as a child. Narcissa has gained some weight and looks less skeletal and more motherly, and she is finally happy with her life. She loves being a grandmother and spends a lot of time with Jane as they lunch, babysit, or talk on the muggle telephone Hermione insisted they install. Both love they fact that Hermione and Draco moved back to London, so the children could be closer to their grandparents. But, even more, they love that they now have real discussions and spend time with their son.

Rich/Julie - They are more than happy to have their daughter living closer, and enjoy spending time with their grandchildren. Rich has begun to enjoy the rare times he spends with Lucius at family events, as he enjoys the man’s biting humor. They spend a lot of time with Narcissa, as she has embraced the learning of all things muggle. When their third grandchild was born, they retired from working at the various locations of their dentistry practice, to devote more time to helping their daughter and son-in-law. Rich enjoys his standing early Saturday morning meetings with Draco, as the younger man learns how to play golf.

Draco - He joined the British Ministry aurors and works closely with Harry. They are not partners, but often get each other's opinions on cases they are working on over dinners at one another's homes. Their purchase of joint quidditch boxes for all home games kept the tabloids in stories for weeks. Draco and Ron still don't like each other, but maturity and the ability to keep their conversations solely focused on their shared interests, has made things go more smoothly than either would have believed. He loves Hermione more each day and enjoys bragging to others about her success.

Hermione - She expanded her counseling practice until there were offices all over the country, and counselors in most every specialty. When they moved back to London she expanded her practice there and has offices in both muggle London and Diagon Alley. She loves Draco and finds a new reason to like him almost every day. She likes to tell everyone she meets how great he is in his auror position and how fast he is rising in the ranks. She also hopes after their fifth child is born to be able to convince Draco that he doesn't actually need his own quidditch team.

Draco/Hermione – why, the lived happily ever after. Of course!

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