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Getting the Girl by X_slytherianprincess_X
Chapter 4 : Memories interrputed and a game gone wrong
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"C'mon Scrop!" Al whined in my ear. "Let's go play some Quidditch yeah?"

I moaned. Fuck, no. I loved Quidditch almost as much as I loved Rosie but at 6:00 in the morning on a goddamn Saturday? Nah,  I think I'll pass. Instead, I withdrew my hand from under my sheets and punched Albus in the nuts when he tried to drag me out of bed.

"OW! Fucking hell! Scorpius, I need those to please a certain someone!" he moaned, holding on for dear life.

"Ew Al!" said a female voice. A lovely, beautiful gorgeous voice attached to an even sexier woman named Rose Arabella Weasley. She rolled her eyes at my state of undress (what? I only wear boxers to bed. It's hot in the dorms.) and then walked over to Al rolling on the ground screaming in pain.

"Thank Merlin, all the other guys are down at breakfast." She said as she sat down on my bed bye my legs. I got a very, ah, private reaction to that and jumped up scaring the shit out of her.

"Jeus Scorp, warn me next time kay?" She hissed at me. I stuck my tongue at her and grabbed some pants and a t-shirt and put them on quickly to avoid her looking at that special area that only dudes like me have.

"C'mon hurry up! Go faster!" Al said clapping his hands! Then, I noticed that Rose had her broom with her. Oh well if she's playing...that totally changes things if you know what I mean. Following where my eyes were, Al smirked and said, "Yes Scorp, Rose and Lee are playing with us. They couldn't wake up Rox and Dom.  Does this change things for you guys to play?" looking at Rose too. Rose blushed bright red and smacked him.

"Al, shut up. You just want a chance to snog Lee senseless and you don't want Score to be staring at you two. Which, by the way, I gotta go get some food I'm starved So come on, get your lazy asses up already!"

Rose, apparently, won't admit she likes me just yet. I mean, she does like me. I hope. God, I really hope so. After our talk in the bathroom, I pulled her up and we went to dinner. Still, I saw her face when I asked her about the lessons. She was crushed. And it was my fault. Damn. I wish I could just straight up tell her, "I love you" but what if she rejected me?

"SCORIPUS! LET'S GO MATE!"Al screamed, already at the end of the staircase. I guess he walked there while I was musing.

We walked out of the Gryffindor Common Room. Of course, no one was there because it was like six o'clock in the morning (Al has an insane obsession with Quidditch. To be fair, so do I.)  Shocker right to think of a Malfoy in Slytherin? It's really not. After the War, all the House Hater just kind of melted away. Not saying that Mr. Weasley was too pleased about his daughter being friends with me but that opinion changed when Rose brought in the highest grades ever and claimed that I was the one who helped her. I mean really, some of those grades were even higher than her Mum's. I keep telling her they need to invent a new grade, just for her but she just rolls her eyes at me.

I widened my eyes when I saw Liza with all the food. Boxes and Boxes of Pastry and of course, Reeces Penut Butter Cups. I shook my head playfully. "I'm assuming that Rox and Dom are still  sleeping, correct?" I asked Rose on the way down to the pitch munching on a raspberry tart. 

She wrinkled her nose and nodded. Looking at my face, she quickly looked away. In a quiet voice she said, "Score, I was wondering if I could talk to you." I gulped.

Jesus, if she told me she hated me or that she was dating or liked another guy I think I would kill myself. Honest to God.

"What did you mean, will I  give give lessons on how to get that girl you like so much?" She continued kind of sadly I noticed. Ah man! I didn't want her to get sad! I want her to be happy and like me!

Trying to think of a good explanation that wouldn't totally give me away to her, I stammered and finally blurted out, "Well, I kinda love her! I've known her forever but never in that way you know? And I really want to! I want it to be romantic and since you're a girl and also a really romantic person, I was hoping you would help me?"

Rose blushed again, this time a pale pink instead of fire engine red as per usual. Shit, I hope I didn't really upset her. "That's really sweet of you, Score but are you sure I'm the right one? I mean, there are a ton more romantics out there. I mean, geez, your still really good friends with Gabby right? She could probably help you. Hell, Score why are you even asking someone? You've been with how many girls since 2 year?!"

I nodded shamefaced and whispered, "I know Rose, but this girl, she's speical. Like I said, I think I love her. A lot."

She nodded looking slightly hurt and said, "Of course, Score. Your my best friend.I want all my best friends to be happy. Like Dom and Parker or Rox and Devin."

Not knowing that I liked her, she probably felt horrible, that out of all our friends, she was the only one that didn't have her happy ending. That conversation last week didn't help much and Shawn Fucking Brown probably also didn't help. I worried about her. I really didn't want her to die. Two years ago, in 3rd year, she had gotten so overwhelmed that she cut her wrists so deep that she was almost dead when I found her sprawled on the stairs when she should have been in Charms.

I immediately put on a tourniquet and carried her to the Hospital Wing. That was what really  turned her dad into trusting me. I "saved his baby girl" and was forever deemed the "perfect boy" in his eyes.  After that, Rose and I were insuperable. At least as best friends.

"All right slowpokes is there anyway you could slightly SPEED IT UP?!" shouted Al. Rose looked forward concentrically and shouted, "Oh go snog Lee until we get there!" Looking at me impishly, she whispered, "Let's scare them!" Nodding evilly back at her, I said, "Got it Capitan!"

Using a trick we learned in 3 year, where we didn't put our whole weight in our steps, we were able to sneak up on Liza and Al snogging like there was no tomorrow. "BOO!!" Rose and I shouted  loudly. "AHHHHHHHh" the screamed back at us. Then, seeing who it was, quickly shot some hexes at us, which we were able to deflect and cursed us out. Rose and I fell on the pitch laughing hysterically.

God, that's one of the reasons why I love her. The fact that we can literally do the most insane stuff ever and just have so much fun together.

"Ok ok get up! We have to practice. P-R-A-C-T-I-C-E!!!!! Do you two understand that word?! SERIOUSLY! WE HAVE TO START TRAINING." Liza said hysterically. That's pretty much how Liza and Al met. Over their insane Quidditch fascination. Don't get me wrong, it's amazing but this is a literal obsession.  Still chuckling, Rose and I mounted our brooms and began playing a pick up game.

"Rose over here!" I shouted. It was Rose/Me vs Al/Lee. "Pass me the goddamned Quaffle!" I yelled. She smiled at me, and threw it over her head without looking.

I caught it and put it in the hoop with ease. "Amazing how you do that." I muttered under my breath to her while looking for the golf ball we had transformed to act like a Snitch. Her cheeks, already stained pinkish redish from the cold, went even more red.

"Thanks, Score." She smirked at me. "Oi!" Al suddenly shouted out. "Would you lot please stop flirting and put your head in the freaken game!"

Rose and I, still looking at each other, shouted in unison, "Oh go stick your head by the squid!"

As breakfast ended, and procactrian began, many people began to join. Giving up any idea of actual doing anything productive, we began horsing around.

"Hey Score!" My ex-girlfriend Gabby Zabini shouted towards me. It was never anything serious; pretty much it was our parents shoving the two of us "pureblood" children together. It didn't work out and she ended up dumping me for her current boyfriend, a Muggleborn in Slytherin by the name of Jack Templeton. We were pretty good friends but we had kind of drifted once I got sorted into Gryffindor.

 "What up homie!" She said playfully. I grinned at her smiling. "Ha, nothing much. How bout you? Are you dating Jack still?"

She pretended to swoon and said, "Hells yes! Hes gaw-goeus! Haven't you seen him?!" I smirked at her and said, "Uh sorry Gabs, I don't work that way. I love girls."

Staring at me, she said softly, "You mean girl. As in, just one." I jerked around and demanded, "What?!"

She smiled and said, "C'mon Score. Don't pretend with me. You love Rose Weasley. As more than a friend. You could never fully deny it, even when you were with all those girls. So, only two years left. What are you gonna do about it." I sighed and looked up from my broomstick.  "I never could keep anything from you could I?"

She laughed and said, "Nah, I'm just really perceptive. And before you ask, no it's really not that obvious. Like I said, I just happen to notice a lot. Like that everyone is trying to steal Jack from me but I don't really care about that because we love each other. Anyways, seriously. What are you going to do about it. Do you need my help cause I'll totally give it to you. You and Rose deserve it. You need each other.  Hell, even Jack can see it and we all know he's not exactly the most um...picking up things kinda guy haha."

I laughed with her and said, "Yeah, actually, I do have a plan. Al helped me with it. It's basically that I'm getting "lessons" on the perfect date and that Rose helps me and then, when its time, I'll ask her to help me "set up" and present her with 13 roses. 12 will be real and 1 won't." Tipping her head to the side, Gabby asked, "Why won't there be 13 real ones?"

I bowed to her and said, "Ah young grasshopper! You ask good questions! Good good! There will be one fake one because, I'll tell her that "I'll stop loving her when the petals of that rose fall off."

"Awwww!!!" Gabby cooed. "That's so sweet , romantic and adorable!" I smiled and said, "Thanks Gabs. You're a great listener." She smiled back at me and said, "Thank you Score for being such a good friend. To me and everyone else, even after we broke up. I head what you did for Rose the other day when Shawn was being a fucktard."

I scowled. Shawn. God, what a freaken douche. I couldn't help what I said. Normally, I don't like to get into confrontations like that but what he said about Rosie. That she was a goody goody virgin afraid to give it up? Psh! Only because he was such a jerk towards her. I never understood why she never saw that. Then again, a part of me always thought that she was just trying to make me jealous like me with her.

See everyone thinks I'm, you know, a womanizer and a non-virgin many times over but actually, that's really not the truth. In some twisted way, in that one moment when I first met her, I somehow saw and knew that Rose Weasley was the one. Not only the girl I would go all the way with but also the girl who owned my heart. Who had it under lock and key. The girl who I would marry and be happy with for the rest of my life. I mean, how could I not? She was perfect. The princess to my Prince. Seriously, could I get any sappier?

No one actually knows or knew really that I intended to marry Rosie. Except when I abstinently let it slip last year during a walk around the lake with Al, talking about Lee. Well, taking a walk would be stretching it. Pretty much, he was stalking her and I was covertly stalking Rose. That was when I came clean to him about liking Rose.

***Flash Back***

"So you really like this girl Al?" I said walking around the lake. Looking at the Quidditch practice where Rose, Roxy, Dom and Liza were goofing off, praticing for the next game and Al's eyes just went soft.

"Yeah. I mean, I kinda have for a long time." It was 4th year and the annual Ball was coming up. "

So you're not just asking her for the sake of asking her to just have a date to go the Ball then?" I asked hesitantly. Al had kind of a temper (not nearly as bad as Rose) but it got pretty bad when people insulted his friends, girlfriends, pets etc. Basically the things he loved. However, Al was too much in like too really notice.

I thought to myself, "Damn this girl really does have him in a snare." Al was quick, smart, ambitious, proud and an amazing friend. He was a good catch for Liza. Suddenly, he was brought back to Earth.

"Scorp." He asked slowly.

"Yeah...."I said rather dreamily because I was staring at the way Rose's hair was streaming behind her. It was amazing looking. I was surprised no one really seamed to notice except for me. It was nice to see her happy again. I was so worried about her, after she tried to kill herself. It was killing me watching her be so miserable.

"Who do you like?" Al continued skeptically, like he already knew the answer to the question.

"Uh....." I had never told Al or anyone really who I liked. I was too scared. Of course, it would be kind of a problem when I would come to explain to Rose that, oh yes! By the way, we're getting married! After all, we' were best friends and I didn't want to end that friendship at all. God, no it was the last thing I wanted. With Al too. So I gulped, not knowing how to answer.

" one?"  I said hoping he would buy it. Of course, I'm not really that lucky.

His eyes narrowing, he said, "Wrong Answer mate!" and preceded to tackle me behind a bush while stimulatingly pulling out his wand. In a rather chatty tone, Al asked, "So, Scoripius, oh chum of mine since that moment when we all met you. Tell me: who do you like." 

Staring fearfully at the wand, (he could so some real damage with that thing!) I relented. "Damn you!" I said to him. He smirked at me and then glared

"Fine! I like your cousin!" I muttered.

"You what?" He stared at me shocked. "which one?!"

"Erm...Rose," I muttered.

"Since when?!!!!!" Al exclaimed looking dumbstruck.

"Since I first met her! Ever since then,  I knew I would marry her ok?! She's the love of my life Al!"  I was freaking out. I thought for sure he was going to murder me.

He smiled at me, and said, "I know Score. I was just wondering when you would tell me."

Suddenly, interrupting my thoughts, there was a high pitched scream. I looked and saw Mandy (how the hell did she get on a broomstick?) push Rose off her broom and cackled.

"No!" I gasped.

As her body flew through the air, all I could think of was, "Not Rose. never Rosie. Fuck this, I don't have the fastest goddamn racing broom for nothing. " and sped forward to catch her in my arms. "Rose." I whispered. Her eyes were huge and scared. "Score...." She whispered faintly. And then, ladies and gents, the love of my life, Rose Weasley fainted dead away.

"Oh my god, we have to get to the Hospital Wing!" I shouted to Liza and Al but by the time I said it, I was already speeding towards the ground, Rose in my arms.

"Take her, Scorpius," said Al fearfully. "I'll find Hugo, Rox and Dom."

"You do that Al," spat Liza. "And I'm going to deal with this bitch here!" pointing to Mandy, still laughing hysterically.

Not caring what was going to happen, I began running to the Hospital Wing, to get my Rose to safety.

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