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Harry Potter and the Muggle-born Uprising by witowsmp
Chapter 15 : Remus and Tonks
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AN: Massive apologise for the lengthy wait for this chapter. I wanted this to focus on Remus and Tonks, especially her reaction to her parents’ death. I’d got most of the way through the storyline of this chapter, then suddenly, thieves sabotaged the phone system in the local area, disabling the phones for over 2,200 homes in our area and of course, without the phone lines, there was no Internet. Luckily, the local library still had their internet (on a network IIRC) so I could inform witowsmp that I would be unable to send him anything for a while – it took two weeks before we had it back.

For once, there is no violence in this chapter, but there is violence implied and referred too.

As usual, we don’t own Harry Potter, the excellent JK Rowling does. The only thing we do own is the plot, Heinzl and his followers.

Harry Potter and the Muggle-Born Uprising
Chapter Fifteen
Remus and Tonks

Harry and Hermione were sitting in the dining room at Potter Manor wearing a black suit and dress. They were sitting in the room with Sirius and Adrianna while waiting for Remus and Tonks to come in before heading to the funeral of Tonks’ parents. On the table was a copy of the Potter Press.


It was announced yesterday that pureblood witch Andromeda Tonks (formerly Black) was found murdered along with her husband – Muggle-born wizard Theodore Tonks. They were found by their daughter Nymphadora, a former Auror who had arrived at the house for dinner that night.

It is thought that Pureblood witches or wizards committed this crime, a note which was left at the scene hints as much. Mrs. Tonks was discredited by the Pureblood world when she, a member of the Black family, married Mr. Tonks, a Muggle-born. Because of her marriage, the then Head of the Black family Walburga Black disowned her from the family. She was one of three sisters. Narcissa, who was only two years younger than her, later married Lucius Malfoy while Bellatrix, a full ten years younger, married Lestrange. Both these marriages were praised by Walburga Black as being ‘lovely pure-blood marriages’ while Andromeda’s was declared ‘a disgrace to the name of Black.’

Mr. & Mrs. Tonks only had one child – Nymphadora (21) who used to work for the Auror office before being sacked earlier this year along with Muggle-born Aurors. Mr. Tonks gained a few enemies in the Ministry when it was discovered that during Nymphadora’s seventh year at Hogwarts, the Ministry tried to declare Metamorphmagus the property of the Department of Mysteries. As a Metamorphmagus, the Ministry tried to remove Nymphadora from Hogwarts. But Mr. Tonks spoke out about the plans on the wireless and they were scrapped.


Remus and Tonks entered the room minutes later. Tonks was not her usual bubbly self, her hair was a sad brown type colour. The group left the Manor where a car was waiting for them. It drove them to a Muggle cemetery in Liverpool. Ted Tonks was being buried with his ancestors while it was decided to bury Andromeda with him, it being decided that it was not safe to bury her in a wizard cemetery.

Remus held onto Tonks who had burst into tears as the vicar read out the service. Harry held onto Hermione, who was also crying. The two had not known Andromeda and Ted much, but in a way, thanks to Sirius, the two were practically part of the family.


Tonks was withdrawn for weeks after her parents’ funeral. She barely ate or did anything. She spent most of her time locked up in her room, barely speaking to anyone, including Remus. The only time she left her room was when she had to attend her parents’ will reading. Despite being disowned by the Black family when she married Ted, an uncle of hers (who supported her choices) had given her a nice inheritance and there was still a large amount left. Asides from some donations to charity and the opening of a trust fund for their unborn grandchild, they left everything to Tonks.


“No!” Amelia Bones said, “I will not sign a law ordering the execution of Muggle-borns and Squibs.”

She was in a meeting with Henry Reekon, the father of the Azkaban prison guard who helped the Malfoy’s break out.

“But Minister, the Muggle-born problem is getting out of hand thanks to that ghost Heinzl and steps must be taken to stop it before it goes too far. I suggest taking a hit squad into that Heinzl House at Hogwarts and wiping out the whole lot of them!”

“You want to execute children just because of their heritage?”

Mr. Reekon said nothing.

“Henry, I’ve already sacked all the Muggle-born Aurors on your suggestion that they might take the law into their own hands, you’ve already suggested sacking all Muggle-born Ministry workers but cold blooded murder is taking things way too far.”


One day, three weeks later, Tonks was walking to the bathroom when she began bleeding. She fell to the ground clutching her stomach. Remus found her as he entered their chambers and carried her to the hospital wing. He placed her on a bed as Madam Pomfrey scanned her with her wand.

“I’m sorry, Professor,” she began, “But I’m afraid Miss Tonks here has suffered a miscarriage. The stress from her parents’ deaths, along with the fact she has barely eaten, is the main cause of the miscarriage. The fact that the child has a combination of your werewolf cells and her Metamorphmagus cells also contributed to this.”

“Why hasn’t anyone told us about this before?” demanded Remus.

“A child has not been conceived with a combination of cells like the two of you have so there is no frame of reference,” Madam Pomfrey said, “I will have to remove the fetus soon but I’ll allow you some time.”

She left the room, allowing Remus to walk over to a sobbing Tonks.

“It’s time,” Madam Pomfrey began but had seemed to freeze. Everyone else in the room was also frozen. Only Remus and Tonks were still moving. Suddenly, the air seemed to shimmer and moments later, Heinzl appeared. He walked over to the sobbing couple.

“I’m very sorry to hear about your parents, Miss Tonks,” he began.

“Why would you care about my mother?” Tonks asked, “She was a pureblood.”

“Maybe, but she was a good pureblood. Like your cousin Sirius Black, she didn’t give a damn what the rest of the pureblood fanatics thought. Her death was a source of great sorrow.”

“Why are you here?” Remus asked.

“I know your parents were killed by the purebloods over her choices. I know your father fought against the administration when they wanted to study you in that fancy Department of Mysteries.”

The couple looked on as Heinzl continued.

“I need someone to be the head of my army. Remus Lupin, I am giving you the chance to be this General. I am also giving you a chance to join my cause and help exterminate the pureblood fanatics! Think of what you have suffered because of it.”

Remus and Tonks pondered on what was being said. Finally, Remus spoke up. “Heinzl, while I’m not too keen on the Purebloods over the way they have treated me, violence is not the way to get rights for Muggle-borns. If these actions continue, then the Ministry will introduce legislation ordering the execution of all the Muggle-borns, including children. I cannot join your army, but if you like, I can try and effect some changes from behind the scenes, in a non-violent way.”

Tonks stepped in. “I appreciate the offer, Heinzl. But I’m tired of violence. As a former Auror, I saw plenty of violence and now I’m sick of it. I cannot join your army.”

“Very well. The offer will remain open but remember this – I will tell you this like I told other people – when the fighting begins, be sure of the side you choose because you will only get one chance.”

Heinzl turned to leave but extended his hand over Tonks’ protruding belly. It started to glow. He then gave a potion to Remus.

“Drink this and it will deal with your most hated problem.” Remus looked wary. “Do not worry – it is not poison – it is something that I discovered in my time.” Remus then drank the potion.

“What does it do?” asked Remus, suspecting the answer.

“You will see. This is a sign of my good-will. I hope you will not fight me. Remember what I have given you, I can also take away.” Moments later, he vanished. Everyone was unfrozen. Madam Pomfrey walked over to the couple. She waved her wand over Tonks again in preparation to remove the baby.

“That’s strange – the baby’s heart is beating again.” She did a more detailed scan. “That’s very weird – your baby looks like she’s been brought back to life, as if nothing happened. I would normally say that nothing happened, but it looks like certain cells have been removed.”

The couple looked at each other. “So that was his gift – he gave the gift of life to our child.” They thought nothing of the potion Heinzl gave Remus.


Remus thought more of the potion when it came for him to collect the Wolfsbane Potion. He stopped by the hospital wing and asked Madam Pomfrey to scan him. She did so.

“That’s very weird – according to these scans, you no longer have your lychanthropy.”

Remus’ face lit up at that news. Thanking Madam Pomfrey, he left the room. It was proved right during the next week as during the full moon, he didn’t transform into a werewolf.


Tonks was beginning to get more back to normal afterwards. To help take her mind off things, she agreed to help Remus with his teaching. They arranged duels in the class, although Remus refused to let her participate in them.

On Friday evening, Remus came up to her.

“Nym, I think we should get married as soon as possible. Now my lycanthropy has gone, I will be seen as an equal considering I’m a pureblood and it will be considered an ultimate sin if we have this child out of wedlock,” he told her.

“Of course we’ll get married as soon as possible, Remus!” she said. Remus had proposed to her not long after she had announced she was pregnant.


With that, the couple slipped away the next day and came back to Hogwarts later that day with the news that they had eloped.


Over the next few days, many Muggle-born students came to her, wanting to tell her that they were being bullied by the Purebloods but were afraid to tell teachers or Prefects for fear of retaliation. They told how the bullies boasted that the Muggle-borns couldn’t do anything about it otherwise they would face either prison or execution.

This talk outraged Tonks. She felt no love lost against the Purebloods, especially the way they had treated her mother over her marriage. Other students had also gone to Remus - they knew that despite being a Pureblood, other people in that class despised him for his lycanthropy.

As the couple listened to each complaint about the behaviour of the Purebloods, they wished they had taken up Heinzl on his offer. They wondered how they could get in contact with him and tell him that they would help him with his cause but in a non-violent way.

When the two returned to their quarters, they each told each other of their regrets in not taking Heinzl up on his offer. Remus then left the room and found Harry on patrol using the Marauders’ map.

“What a novel way of using this,” he said. “I never thought of using this on duty and James would have died laughing if I had suggested it when he was Head Boy. He would be laughing right now if he knew his son was using this for official Prefect duties rather than pranking. Anyhow, can I have a quick look, please.”

“Sure.” Harry passed the map over. Remus looked at it and found what he was looking for and passed it back over.

“Thanks for that, Harry,” Remus finished. “For your sake, I won’t tell Sirius that you’re using this for your Prefect duties – you’ll never hear the end of it from him. He’d say and I quote – ‘a prime piece of pranking material used for Prefect duty – oh the shame of it all’ unquote.”

“Thanks, Remus,” Harry said.

Remus went away and found Fred and George Weasley experimenting with a few items in an empty classroom.

“What can we do for you, Professor?” Fred asked.

“Next time you talk to your master, tell him Remus Lupin wants to talk to him.”

“Will do, Prof,” George said. Remus left the room, not wanting to know what the twins were up to.


An hour later, while Remus and Tonks were discussing baby names, there was the familiar shimmer and Heinzl appeared.

“It has come to my attention that you wish to speak with me,” he said in his booming voice.

“Yes we do – Heinzl, we pledge our allegiance to your cause to deal with the Purebloods although in a non-violent way,” Remus said.

“Very well – I can tell that you both are sincere in this pledge. I accept your offer. You will know when to begin.” And with that, he shimmered and vanished.

“Wait a moment – thank you for what you’ve done for us,” Tonks shouted.

“You’re welcome,” Heinzl’s deep disembodied voice said.


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AN (zeropolis79): The other reason for the delay in this chapter was writing the scene of Tonks’ apparent miscarriage. This is a painful thing to write – in between the birth of our first daughter and our third, my wife suffered many miscarriages.

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