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Trouble With the Centaurs by ShadowFawkes
Chapter 18 : Overly Protective
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Severus stalked up the stairs to Albus’s office. He had heard the conversation between his son and his friend. No wonder the boy always insisted to go with Severus or to be with him. Why had he never told him that? Severus would have made sure the boy was not alone. Perhaps he would think him ‘overly protective’.

Severus wondered how Draco knew that his father used to listen at his door to make sure he was sleeping soundly and that he would come in and sit by the bed, when he was not. That was not, exactly, the biggest thing on his mind though.

He would need to discipline the child for lying to him or at least have a very long chat with him. Well, the boy did not really lie, he just did not tell him about it. Just like Albus.

Severus was so agitated when he walked up to the gargoyle that he had not even waited for it to ask for the password. He had wandlessly moved the statue out of the way. Now he was climbing the stairs and came right up to Albus’s door. He knocked on the door rather loudly, before Albus’s voice rang from inside the room. He heard curiosity in his voice as well as alarm. Albus was notified when someone came up, when they gave the password.

Severus walked in hastily. “Severus, I should have known it was you. You were the only one who was able to do that.” Albus quickly assessed the reason Severus was glaring at him. “I see you have found out. I trust you have not informed Draco yet?”

Severus was only more irritated at the Headmaster’s question. “No, Albus. I was not the one to inform my son. He informed me.”

“What?” Albus asked alarmed.

“You knew. You had to have known. Yet you didn’t bother to tell me that the man my son is most afraid of can just stroll through the castle…” Severus paused at that. He had not thought about that before now. He slumped down into a chair. “Gods, he can just take Draco and I would not even know about it.”

“Severus, you know-”

“Albus, the man was able to come up on Draco when he was walking in the hall with Cherise after the Quidditch Match. Now that he is a governor, he can just waltz in, whenever he wants. He sent Draco a letter and a paper. I never even knew until he told me about it just before.”

Albus nodded his head slowly. “I will put up extra protection for him. I am sure that you could even cast some spells on your son that would protect him.”

Severus nodded quickly. “About him being a governor, the reason I never told you was because I assumed you already knew. I myself did not find out until recently.” Albus said as he handed Severus the Daily Prophet. Lucius must have sent this paper to his son.

“Obviously you did not read the paper this morning?”

“No, I usually do, but Draco had a nightmare early this morning. He has been having more nightmares lately, now that Lucius is back. I am sure they will get even worse based on this new development.”

“You cannot blame your son for that.”

“Of course I don’t! It is the fact that I must be awakened by either his screaming or crying, not his coming for comfort or protection. I have had him come down to the dungeons.” Severus said as an explanation.

Albus looked ready to say something, but Severus cut him off. “I will not let my son go through his nightmares alone, as much as he tries to. Besides, although he is training his fire element and the training is…going along even better than I thought it would; the fact remains that he has outbursts during nightmares and his nightmares were getting worse and more frequent. I cannot believe you would want him to be in his dorm when that happened.”

“Does it seem that the nightmares are ceasing at all?”

Severus sat more back in his chair. “I thought they were, but now I believe they will come back with full force. I need to get him comfortable enough with the situation, before they will begin to diminish again. I do not know what to do.”

“I am sure you will think of something. I will personally look into something to keep Lucius away from Draco. If he is as distressed as you say, then you should not be away from him for long periods of time. Do you think there will be need to have someone follow him?”


Severus got back into his quarters later that night. It was late and he was tired, but he had to make sure the children were in bed. They should have been anyway. He opened the door to the study to see Cherise asleep on the daybed. He walked in and pulled the covers more around her. He then went into his son’s bedroom. Draco was not there.

Where was the boy? He looked around until he decided to check his bedroom. It was either there or the Founder’s Hall. He opened his door to see a figure lying on the small couch next to the fireplace in his room. It was apparent that Draco had sat waiting for him to return. He walked into his room and picked Draco up from the couch. He brought him back to his own room and placed him gently on the bed; taking off his school robes and putting him into his nightclothes. As he put Draco’s feet under the blankets, Draco woke up.


Severus looked over at him and brought the blankets up around him. He tucked the bedcovers underneath his son’s body to make sure Draco was kept warm.

“Father, when did you get back?”

“Just now. Were you trying to wait up for me?” Severus asked as he smoothed his son’s hair down.

“I didn’t know where you went. I figured it was to talk with the Headmaster.”

“Why would you think that?”

Draco looked down before locking his eyes on his father. “I know you cast a ‘hear all’ spell on the room.”

“What? Are you serious?”

Draco nodded. “I felt it, when I was about to leave in the beginning.”

“You knew I was listening and you still told her all that stuff and how…he is a governor now?”

“I wanted to tell you, but I couldn’t tell it to you. As I said, it gets me scared. So, I knew you would be listening and I could still tell Cherise.”

“Are you scared, Draco?”

“I think I am more scared for you, Father. I just…what would I do if he comes up to me. I mean I know what to do if he comes up in private, but what if it’s in public?”

Once again, Severus had not thought of that. His only thoughts were about Draco walking the halls by himself and Lucius abducting him.

“I will talk to your friends. I do not want them to leave you alone, especially if he comes. You will get to your classes quickly and again with your friends. If you need to go to the library or the kitchens, I will either escort you there or call for a house-elf. Both Albus and I will place charms on you that should withstand normal hexes, spells or curses. I am going to be ordering a small charm from Diagon Alley tomorrow. It is usually used with small children. It is used to make sure the children could be tracked if they get lost and I will have them add an emergency portkey, just in case. If he does come up to you in public…you will need to act normal, but make sure that he does not take you anywhere. I do not believe he will try anything though; there would be too many people around. I will not give him any opportunities, however. I promised you he would not get you and I will keep it. You must come to me even if you feel the slightest discomfort.”

Draco listened to his father. He had been angry somewhat when his father had mentioned the small charm. He was not a child, but he had calmed down as he heard his father explain what it would do. At least he was telling him what he would do for him. Draco nodded his head and Severus smiled slightly at his son. Severus bent down and kissed his son goodnight, before spelling the torches down and closing the door behind him.

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Trouble With the Centaurs: Overly Protective


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