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Infidelity by dramione 4 ever
Chapter 1 : Of Confidences and Condolences
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Authors note : Before you begin reading this fic, there are a couple of things you people must know:
1. DH is disregarded.
2. Draco joined the Order at the end of sixth year, after Dumbledore’s death.
3. This fic is loosely based on an Hindi movie, “Kabhi Alvida Na kehna.” It is my favourite movie and so I have decided to write a fic based on it.
That’s it I guess! Enjoy!

The great war had come to an end a year ago. There were very few survivors left. After the death of the Dark Lord and Harry Potter, the entire wizard world had gone into a frenzy to kill the remaining death eaters. The followers of Voldemort were not to back out either, and so began a second war. A year full of slaughtering, killing and revenging the deaths of their beloved ones.

In the end, all the death eaters were killed, at the price of dozens of those from the light side. At the end of it all, their was no wizard world left, a few solitary wizards remained. All the kids had been killed in a mass attack to Hogwarts and Beaxbatons. The entire Weasley family was wiped out. Almost all the order members were killed as well. The only survivors of the order were Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy and Minerva McGonagall.

And the three of them were having a tensed conversation in Grimauld place. It was a forbidding atmosphere.

“Please Professor,” Hermione said in a low voice, “I’ll loose my mind if you don’t do this. I can’t live, I cant die, it’s not a life worth living this way.”

McGonagall stared at Hermione and then at Draco who nodded and said, “Please, do it, professor. You have to.”

The aged woman sighed and hung her head in frustration. “You both are sure, then? There’ll be no turning back.”

“Yes” came a collective reply from both the teenagers.

“Very well then, we’ll go according to our original plan.”

She came forward and hugged Hermione and whispered in her ear, “I’ll miss you.”

And turned towards Draco and said , “You too, Draco.”

She stepped back and both Hermione and Draco lay down in separate beds. They handed their wands to McGonagall which she snapped in half.

Concentrating very hard to achieve the magnitude of the spell she was about to perform she pointed her wand at Hermione first and shouted “Obliviate” and then turned to Draco and repeated the spell.

Both of them slumped into unconsciousness. McGonagall took out the fake identity cards they had produced in order for them to remember their names and ages and placed them in the respective person’s pocket.

And the she made arrangements for them to be found by muggles and be taken into muggle hospitals. Separate muggle hospitals.

                                              Seven years later

“Yes! Yes ! And the Game ends in 2:0! The black Heathrow’s have yet another spectacular win! The rock studs have lost to the best football team in New York!” the commentator was shouting to be heard amidst all the cheering and shouting. “Both the goals have been taken by none other than our very own….DRACO MALFOY!”

In the field, a blonde, handsome 27 year old man was being thrown up and down by his teammates. All his supporters were shouting madly, trying to congratulate the star football player of New York.

The man himself, Draco Malfoy was flashing around his arm, showing it to all the people present in the stadium. In his arm, tattooed black against his pale skin was a single word, “VICTORY”

The team carried it’s captain all the way back the changing rooms where they set him down and closed the doors on the faces of hundreds of fans and reporters.

The air was full of yells and shouts and everyone was trying to get to Draco. His teammates were jumping up and down shouting, “three cheers for Draco Malfoy” over and over again.

Draco was opening his locker to take out a bottle of water when he noticed his phone ringing.

The name flashing was Alexis. Adorning a huge grin he flipped it open and said “Hey, what’s up.”

A very girly tone squealed from the other end “Draco, guess what? I got the job!”

“Wow, Congrats, honey.”

“What’s all this noise?”

“Nothing much.” He replied, trying to keep his voice normal. “There was a small match, today. And we won it.” He tried to keep the sarcasm out of his voice.

A small scream right into his ear nearly had it blocked, “eeeeee, of course, the match. I’m so sorry, baby, I had completely forgotten about it.

Draco snorted and started removing his soiled socks, Throwing it down he said, “I’m your husband Alexis, Just don’t forget that”

“Shut up, Draco. Anyway, congratulations baby! Tell me, how was it?”

“Fantastic! My last goal, all the tension, excitement….Damn! You should have been here.”

“I know, baby, but what could I do? I had my interview today.”

“Yeah yeah, I know. Next time we’ll schedule our match according to your busy routine.” Draco said, getting more and more irritated by the minute.


He ignored his wife and continued on, eager to give the news he had been waiting for so long to just blur out, “And yes, if you have the time, take a look at my 5 million dollar contract.”

“5 million dollars?”

“Why, what happened? Jealous that I’m going to earn more than you?”

“Not jealous, baby, happy! Happy that your dream is going to be fulfilled!”

“Our dream, Alexis,” Draco said in a subdued voice. Wow, he thought, my wife needs to be reminded that we are both supposed to be one.

“Yeah, right” Alexis said quietly, “By the way, could you please pick up mom, on your way home? She’s in St.Agnes church, attending some marriage. I completely forgot about her.”

“What’s wrong, Alexis? Forgetting a lot of things, now- a days?”

He heard a sigh and his wife hung up with the last words, “Yeah, I am getting forgetful. And yes, Happy Anniversary, Draco.”

Shit, shit, shit, shit.

Two miles away, a beautiful young lady was getting ready for her marriage. Her long brown hair was in ringlets and her simple makeup made her look naturally stunning.
Looking into the mirror, she stared into her own brown eyes. The uncertainty was clearly visible. Sighing, she tried to smile naturally. All that cam out was a forced grimace.

Why was she behaving like this? She loved Robert didn’t she? Didn’t she? She had no answer for that. She stood up to analyze herself. The long white flannel gown looked amazing on her. The minimal jewelry that she adorned suited her and did not exaggerate her beauty.

She was a beautiful woman indeed. She hoped she could remember what her childhood had been, but she had no clue.

She turned away from the mirror and thought to herself. Why the hell am I brooding? I’m going to marry a man who loves me as much as possible, who will keep me happy and satisfied. I’m going to be married!

As soon as she thought this a small forbidding voice whispered at the back of her mind, then why am I not happy?

Hermione Granger sighed in frustration and started walking to the backyard garden of the church. She needed the fresh air.

“Mom,” Draco sighed, “How long?”

Alexis’ mother Jessica smiled and nodded towards the altar, “it’s not even started, Draco. You know how I love the vows! Why don’t you sit and watch as well?”

Draco laughed aloud and said “No way! I hate all these icky bicky vows. No one abides by them, no one.”

Jessica hit him on the arm and said, “You do say horrible things.”

“Okay, I’m going home. Call me when you want me to pick you up because by the looks of it, you are not going to be free before an hour.”

Jessica nodded in agreement and resumed her chat with her friends

Draco decided to go out from the back, in order to avoid the coming guests. If he met a friend he would have to stay for some time and talk, which he did not want to do now.

SO he walked out of the backdoor and into the garden. He was about to throw the chewing gum he was chewing for the past hour when a voice behind him shouted in anger, “Hey, what are you doing? It’s so clean, why do you have to spoil it?”

He turned back swiftly and there sitting in front of him on a bench was a beautiful girl, about his age, wearing a  bride’s gown. There was something familiar about her.

Draco looked into her eyes and grinned, “Why, are you the gardner?”

The girl rolled her eyes and snapped back, “What does it look like?”

“It looks like you are stealing the bride’s clothes and running away!” he said and popped the gum back into his mouth.

“Could you please leave me alone?”

“Of course” he replied and made to turn away “not.” He added and walked towards her. “You’re about to be married, why on earth are you sitting here alone?”

“What’s your problem?” she snapped and turned her face away from him, staring into the side bushes.

“Not directly.” He said as he sat down beside her “But as soon as you go inside my mom will be free to go home.”

Hermione was staring incredulously at him from the moment he had sat down beside him. Raising her hands in frustration she said, “How indecent are you? How could you sit down?”

“So, should I lie down and talk?” Draco said and mimicked lying down to make his point. “And anyways, fruitful conversations are done by sitting down, for your information.”

“Conversation?” Hermione asked in an amazed voice.

“Yes, conversation.” Draco said in a matter-of-fact tone “I know you have a problem. Come on, talk to me, tell me.

“Why should I discuss my problems with you?”

Draco laughed lightly and said, “Then this is decided that you do have a problem.”

She kept quiet.

He continued on his one-sided discussion, “By the way, it helps to talk to strangers.”

Hermione looked towards him and saw his wedding ring, “You’re married?”

Draco glanced at his ring and smiled, “Very intelligent huh? Were you the typed who always excelled in all classes?”

Hermione froze. She had no idea what she did in her classes so she kept quiet and smiled back. She had no idea why it seemed like she knew this man for a long time.

“Today, it’s our third anniversary. Wow from next year, you and I, have our anniversaries on the same day.”

Hermione changed the topic and swiftly asked, “What were you thinking when you got married?”

Draco smirked “Who thinks when they are getting married?”

The pair of them shared a soft laugh. He added almost as an afterthought , “Just kidding.”

Draco looked towards the sky and said, “Alexis and I met five years ago. We became very good friends. She had just lost her father. We married. Now we live with her mother, whom I treat as my own mother.”

Hermione smiled and he continued, “I thought back then, what could be better than spending one’s whole life with a friend?”

“Sometimes, love takes friendship’s place and then” Hermione stated “There’s no place left for love.”

Draco nodded his head in agreement. Then he asked, “By the way, the one who’s out there, is he your love or your friend?”

Hermione kept quiet not knowing what to answer.

After a minute Draco looked into her eyes and said in a low voice, “You can’t take so long.”

“Robert and I have known each other for seven years. After my parent’s death seven years back, Robert and his dad have taken great care of me.” Hermione said cautiously, a little truth and a whole lot of lies.

“Your parents died seven years ago?”

Hermione nodded, watching him, a bit wary, “why do you ask?”

“Nothing” Draco replied, “my parents died seven years ago as well.”

They both kept quiet for a few minutes, each lost in their own thought.

Then Draco spoke again, “But that’s not the answer to my question. Do you love him?”

Hermione took a long breath and said “Yes.”


“But not the love I imagined.”

“What did you imagine?

“I don’t know”

Draco shifted a bit and bent down a little, “True love does not exist. The sooner you realize that the better it is for you.”

Hermione looked up and said, “That means you don’t love your wife?”

Draco laughed loudly and said in a defeated voice, “We are happy. We have made our lives.”

“That’s not the answer to my question.”

Draco smiled and said, “Right now, my answer is not important. Yours is.”

Hermione stood up and so did Draco.

Extending her hand she said, “Hermione Granger.”

Taking her hand he replied, “Draco Malfoy.”

They didn’t let go of each others hands. It felt like they had met before. Long ago, in different circumstances, in a different world.

Hermione blinked and let go, “It was nice to talk to you.”

Draco smirked and said, “Mention not. Now go and get married. Be happy!”

They started to walk in opposite directions. She, to get married and he to go home to his wife.

He walked out of the back gate into the road when he realized he was still chewing the gum. Laughing, he pulled it out to throw it on the road. Then he stopped. Shaking his head he turned to look for a dustbin.

She was saying the vows. Her husband was looking happy beyond belief. She wished she could be as happy as him. The people looking at them were exclaiming what a perfect couple they made.

Just as the priest said, “I now pronounce you man and wife” making Hermione Granger, the wife of Robert Corday, half a mile away a speeding car came and hit
Draco sending him flying a few feet of the ground.

And as the newly wed couples kissed, Draco Malfoy was lying on the road, a tickle of blood oozing out of his forehead and his right leg bent in an obscene angle.

Author's note: Okay. Review please! I need to know how i am goin about this story.
love you guys!!

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