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Lies Told To Me by CrystalRain11
Chapter 19 : Different Indeed!
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Sorry for the long break.... Inspiration has hit though so chapters should pop up quickly here...i hope!

They stared at each other for a moment that dragged into an hour. Silence, just staring. One behind a desk and one hiding on the other side. Then the man hiding shuffled in his chair and sighed.

“Time’s up. I’m sorry Minister but you have to make your choice now,” Harry’s voice echoed through the office. The minister just stared at Harry for a long time and then he stood up and looked out his window.

“So this is why you asked me to turn off the spying orbs. So what deal did he make you? Is he bringing back your parents?” The minister’s wand lay on his table, a few deadly feet from where he stood.

“You know as well as I the Dark Lord will not wait forever. He wants your answer,” Harry’s voice was cold and uncaring. He didn’t let the ministers words even brush the surface of his emotions. The minister turned on his heels to stare Harry down. A deathly cold stare met it’s equal.

“So the rumors were indeed true. I expected better from you, Harry Potter.” The minister shook his head as he walked towards his desk towards his wand.

“Minister, I must asked that for your safety that you not take another step.” The minister laughed at Harry’s words but stopped.

“Aren’t you here to kill me? Aren’t those your orders? Why do you care about my safety?”

“He wasn’t sent to kill you. However, I was.” Draco’s cunning voice echoed through the room and his figure appeared in front of the door hold the wand that had seconds before been sitting on the table. “Minister, our time is short. You must not keep your guest waiting. They can become dangerously demanding. He wants an answer.”

The minister suddenly looked worried. His eyes shifted fretfully between the two. He sat back down at his desk.

“Can’t I get a few more days?” He asked looking up from his desk.

“No, you-“ Harry had began but Draco cut him off.

“You have three options minister. You can accept the deal, you can decline or you can fight for some more time.” Draco smirked at the minister and pointed the wand at the minister head. “But let me put that all into English for you. You can become a slave to the Dark Lord, die or run and end up dying painfully.”

“The choice is yours in the end.” Harry said. The minister didn’t take his eyes off the wand in Draco’s hand. His own wand would kill him, and he found that oddly ironic.

“How much of a head start do I get if I run?” The minister asked as calmly as he possible could.

“Depends how fast can you run,” Draco smirked, “I personally would advise you to run. It’s so much more fun for us.” The minister looked towards Harry.

“What would you suggest, Harry?” From Draco’s spot there came the horrid sound of splintering wood.

“You don’t have time for this minister. Give us your decision or die.” Draco growled throwing the broken wand to the floor. The minister stared angrily at his broken wand.

“My answer is no.” With the word no there was two flashes of green light. The body fell upon the ground. Harry ran over to it.

“Minister?” Harry asked watching the body. The eyes opened and stared, with clouds, at Harry.

“Tell me you have a plan,” the minister weak voice echoed up.

“The Dark Lord trusts me, and he will die by my hand. I have a plan.”

“Thank you Harry. The wizarding world will thank you one day.” With those words the light dimmed from the body of the Minister of Magic.

“You are so lame, Harry. You should have let him die in the misery of the truth.” Draco said cleaning up the wand remains. “Anyways it was your spell that hit him, otherwise he would have died right away. You know the story, that spell takes practice.”

“Don’t you have a fiancé to be pulling off my best friend?” Harry walked over to the fire place. “I will never take pride in this work, and you shouldn’t.”

“We are indeed different, Harry.”

I hope you all liked this certainly was not fun to right. I hate making Harry act like this...but i'm sure you will all love my ending, please stick around for it.

Updates are expected to come out once a week...but as life tends to hate me every other day...we'll see how that goes... Again Sorry for the long wait.

Thanks for reading and reviewing. You all rock!

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