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A Web Of Lies, Love and Confusion by HurtfulEyes
Chapter 21 : Shouting, Punches and a bit of a kiss
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Here's the next chaper :D

“Ginny, I’m home.” Harry Potter shouted to his wife as he walked through the front door of his house after a long days work.

“I’m in the kitchen”

Harry put his coat away and walked into the kitchen to find Ginny chopping carrots with such force that he thought the knife was about to break.

“Are you alright honey?” Harry asked, knowing not to get her annoyed at him when she was like this.

“Fine. Just friggin fine.” Ginny said, chopping the last piece of carrot so hard that the cutting board shook.

“Did… uh… anything interesting happen today?” Harry asked, carefully walking around her and getting a glass of juice out of the fridge as Ginny picked another carrot roughly out of a bowl.

“Oh, you know the usual. I dropped Sirius at school, got the housework done and then went to visit Hermione.” Ginny said, chopping with brute force on every syllable of Hermione’s name.

“Oh… and how was that?”

“Great. I went over there, we talked a bit and, Oh yeah! She slapped me!” Ginny said, waving the knife around dangerously.

“She slapped you?” Harry asked incredulously.

“Yeah…” Ginny said, stopping her chopping rampage and turning around to look at Harry with tears in her eyes, “We had a little fight, where Hermione was totally wrong, and she just slapped me.”

“Let me see.” Harry said, walking over to his wife, taking the knife away and turning her head with his hand, where he could see a faint red mark on her cheek. “Jesus. What was the fight was about?”

“Something stupid.” Ginny said, sighing.

”Ok, I’m going to go over there and sort this out. Okay honey?” Harry asked, kissing her on her forehead before walking out of the kitchen and apparating to Hogwarts.


Ron Weasley stood in a hallway in Hogwarts, taking a deep breath before he knocked on the door to Hermione’s quarters, after a couple of seconds, Hermione opened the door and looked at him with a questioning stare.

“Hi Hermione, I was just wondering if Tom was in. I was thinking, I could give him his first Quidditch lesson today.” Ron said, giving her a smile.

”He’s out with Charlie but I’m sure he’ll come in soon. Come on in.” Hermione said, opening the door wider to let Ron in.

“Are you alright? You seem sort of quiet…” Ron said, after walking in and sitting down on the couch with her.

“Sorry, I just had the strangest argument with Ginny.” Hermione said, rubbing her eyes with the palms of her hands before taking them away and giving Ron a small smile.

“A fight? What do you mean?” Ron asked, worried.

“It was the strangest thing, she came in here like normal and then we started talking and she started having a go at me for leaving! In the matter of ten minutes, she basically said that I was a selfish cow and then accused me of cheating on you when we were together and insinuating that Tom wasn’t yours, that he was Draco Malfoy’s!” Hermione said, with a slightly shrill voice.

“What?! You must have heard her wrong!” Ron said, shocked.

“Nope, she said all that. And that’s when I kinda… slapped her and kicked her out.” Hermione said, putting her head in her hands and sighing loudly.

“You… slapped her?” Ron asked.

“Yeah, I did. I don’t know what came over me! One minute I’m sitting down, the next I was standing up and slapping her. This is such a mess.” Hermione said, her voice cracking. A sign that Ron knew all to well. Hermione was trying not to cry. Ron quickly moved over on the couch and put his arms around her, letting her rest her head on his shoulder.

“I’m sure Ginny didn’t mean it… she must be having a bad day, that’s all… she’s probably at home right now regretting her actions just like you.” Ron said in his soothing voice. He could feel Hermione’s shoulders shake in silent sobs and he pulled her closer into a hug and kissed her forehead. Her hair smelled the exact same as it used to, a mixture of coconut and vanilla. An intoxicating scent that made his heart skip a beat.


Harry apparated outside of Hogwarts gates and started walking towards the castle. He couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that Hermione and Ginny got into a fight, let alone the fact that Hermione slapped her. Ginny was so happy when she found out that Hermione was home, she practically killed herself while making the homecoming dinner, and Hermione seemed just as happy when she saw Ginny. ‘How could they be fighting?’ Harry thought to himself ‘I can’t remember one time when we were growing up that Ginny and Hermione had fallen out… Sure, they both had their tempers, but how could Hermione resort to violence? Hermione had certainly changed since she had left… I wonder how much of the change happened because of Nate… there’s something about that guy that gives me the creeps…’ Harry continued wondering about Nate as he walked up the corridor to Hermione’s common room. He stood in front of the door, clearing his thoughts before he knocked.


Ron and Hermione were still hugging on the couch when someone knocked on the door. Hermione pulled away quickly and wiped the tears away. It had been so nice being in the arms of Ron again, in a way it felt like home. He still had that musty smell that made her heart race. Hermione gave an awkward smile to Ron before she got up and walked to the door.

When she opened it, she was surprised to see Harry standing there, clearly trying to hide anger. Hermione immediately knew that he had talked to Ginny and wasn’t happy.

“Hey Harry.” Hermione said, smiling softly.

“What happened with you and Ginny today?” Harry asked before he could stop himself.

“Come on in…” Hermione said, opening the door wider, bracing herself for what was coming next.

“Hey mate.” Ron said, as soon as Harry came in.

“Ron.” Harry said, nodding before turning to Hermione again, “Well?”

“Look Harry, I know you came for answers but I don’t think I have any....” Hermione said, sighing and sitting next to him.

“What do you mean you ‘don’t think you have any’? Look, all I know is that she’s at home right now with a red mark on her cheek from where she says you slapped her. Is that true? You slapped her?” Harry asked, trying his hardest to hold his anger in.

“Well, technically yes. It’s true, I slapped her. But it’s only because of what she was saying!” Hermione added quickly as Harry opened his mouth.

“What do you mean?” Harry asked. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Ron get up and walk towards them. He slowly walked between them, as though he thought they might duel.

“She was saying all kinds of mean things about my kids and about when Ron went missing.” Hermione said, nodding her head at Ron when she mentioned him.

“Ginny wouldn’t do that.” Harry said.

“You weren’t there.” Hermione said, looking away angrily.

“Harry mate, I don’t think she’s lying…” Ron said, trying to reason with him.

“Stay out of this Ron.” Harry said, glaring at Ron before turning back to Hermione. “I don’t care if I wasn’t there; I know Ginny would never do such a thing. You must have heard her wrong.”

“Of course! I heard her wrong! That must be it! I must of heard wrong when she accused me of sleeping with Draco and cheating on Ron. Ok, thanks Harry for clearing that up.” Hermione snapped at him.

“Don’t get sarcastic on me Hermione, this is serious!” Harry half yelled.

“I’m being serious but of course, you don’t believe me do you? You think I’d make this all up! I thought you knew me better than that. Have things changed that much?” Hermione asked, her voice softening slight at the end.

“That’s the thing, I don’t know you anymore do I? I mean, you run off 16 years ago without so much of a goodbye, and then you come back with a new family, a new fiancé and new best friends to boot! How do I know you, really? For all I know, you could be a death eater just screwing with our heads!” Harry shouted back. He regretted it immediately after saying it but he was pissed off and too stubborn to take it back.

Hermione gasped and reached into her pocket for her wand, but she was too slow. Before she knew it, Ron (who had totally forgotten about his wand) had punched Harry in the nose. Harry doubled over, holding his nose, and Ron looked down at his hand shocked. Before anything else could happen, Hermione cast a spell over everyone to calm them down and rushed over to Harry. She led him to the couch and knelt down on the floor to get a better look at his nose. Ron walked over and sat down next to Harry, looking anxious.

“Harry…are you alright?” Hermione asked, worried that he hadn’t said anything yet.

“I dink de brode dy dose” Harry said, still clutching his nose.

“Shit, Harry. I’m sorry. It’s just you called Hermione a Death Eater!” Ron said, looking at his best friend with guilt all over his face.

“Harry. Look at me.” Hermione instructed, putting her hand under his chin and lifting his face up so he looked at her. She took her other hand and gently moved his hand that was covering his nose away. Harry’s nose was clearly broken, halfway down it went crooked. Hermione put her hands on either side of his face and told him to brace himself. She gently put her thumbs against each side of his nose and quickly put pressure on it, making the nose move back into place while emitting a sickening crackling sound. Hermione then took out her wand and fixed it permanently.

“Is that better?” Hermione asked, looking anxiously at Harry’s face.

“You healing me doesn’t change anything, Hermione. I’ve finally gotten my priorities straight. We’re not kids anymore, we can’t just fight and make up and everything be all right. You’ve really upset Ginny, and you’ve really upset me. Yeah, Hermione things have changed that much, maybe enough that we can’t go back to the way things were.” Harry said before getting up and walking out.

Hermione sat frozen, her hands still reaching out as if to touch Harry’s face, her mind still reeling from his harsh words. ‘I’ve never seen that expression on his face before’ Hermione thought to herself, still in shock ‘he was so angry, so bitter, so… not Harry. Where was the boy with the glasses that were held together with tape, who was excited by a simple ride on his broom and a glass of Butterbeer with his friends… where did his trust go? I guess that’s what Ginny meant. I took that when I left.’

Ron hesitantly put a comforting hand on Hermione’s shoulder, startling her from her thoughts. She looked at him but didn’t quite see him. “Is he right?” she whispered, almost to herself, her eyes searching for the answers in Ron’s eyes, “have things changed that much? Because I don’t know who that man was, who could hurt me so easily without thinking twice. When did Harry turn into him?”

“Shhh, Hermione.” Ron said, lifting her up onto the couch and hugging her, “You have to understand, things changed when we disappeared. When I left, there was a part of his heart that was torn and the only thing that was keeping him together was you and Ginny, when you left Ginny tried so hard to keep Harry sane, but a big part of the Harry we knew died with us. I know he’s still there, and with both of us here, we can try to put the pieces together again. It’ll just take time.”

“Everything’s changed, Ron. Everything’s changed.” Hermione said, slightly hysterical.

“Not everything has to change Hermione. Not us.” Ron whispered, he put his fingers under her chin and forced her eyes to meet his and slowly leaned in to kiss her.


“FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!” A large crowd chanted near the Quidditch Pitch that Alli was walking past, she walked over and caught a quick glimpse of James getting punched before the gap in the crowd closed. Alli quickly pushed her way through the crowd and was shocked to see James on top on Dom, punching him before Dom flipped him over and started punching him back.

“What’s going on?” Alli asked a girl who was standing next to her, who had a slightly worried look on her face.

“Well, apparently their fighting about a prank Potter did, but I heard that it’s actually about… well… you.” The girl said when she noticed who Alli was.

“What do you mean me?” Alli asked, surprised.

“Well, Potter’s been saying how you guys are practically dating now and he heard Godfry talk about how hot you were and how you and him were flirting yesterday. Well, long story short, they started beating the crap out of each other about ten minutes ago. The bad thing is that neither of them are willing to back down and they are about the same strength, so until someone stops them, they’re going to kill each other.” The girl said, the worried look appearing on her face again.

“Why don’t they just use their wands?” Alli shouted over the crowd.

“They agreed not to, something about finding out who’s the bigger man without casting spells.” The girl screamed back.

“This is ridiculous!” Alli screamed before taking out her wand and walking into the middle of the circle, where the boys were rolling around in the grass, punching each other.

“ENOUGH!” Alli shouted before magically pulling the boys apart. They both had black eyes and James nose was bleeding while Dom’s lip was cut and his cheek was bruised. They both stopped and looked at the furious Alli.

“What the hell is wrong with both of you? Did you really think that after this ignorant display of caveman like machismo I’d want either of you?” Alli screamed at the boys, who were both looking down, ashamed.

“But Alli…” James started.

”No buts. This is ridiculous! Look at both of you! You’ve beaten the crap out of each other for what? To see who’s the better man? Well the better man would be someone who didn’t fight at all. I hate fighting.” Alli said before turning around and walking back towards the castle with a frown on her face. She had went for a walk to clear her mind, not to clutter it with thoughts of fighting. Alli slowly made her way back through the castle to the portrait hole of where she was staying. She opened the door and looked around in surprise.

“What are you doing?” She asked, shock apparent in her voice.

There FINIALLY there's another chapter! Jeeze, this took me forever!
It's not my fault! 
I went to canada for the summer and I couldnt get on the computer!
but I'm back in Jolly old England now, and I'm back in school (ewwwww!)
So basically, instead of homework, I plopped myself down infront of the comuter and told myself that I'm not allowed to get off until i finish my chapter. It's now 1:56 in the morning and I'm finially done :)
Big thanks to my sis Ani, who Co-wrote this chapter (basically all the paragraphs that you were like "this doesnt sound like her style of writing" were writen my both me and my sis :) )
Please review! 
ps 500 REVIEWS!! Omg thanks guys for reviewing so much! I mean 500! :D

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