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So Far Away by EricaChristine
Chapter 16 : Epilogue
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A year later...

    "Hermione will be here any minute!" Nilia yelled from the bedroom.

    Fred sighed and continued to clean up the toys scattered all over the floor. His wife had been stressing out about the arrival of her best friend for a week now and they had cleaned the house everyday, but she still freaked. They had kids, it was going to get cluttered. "All done!"

    She rushed into the room red-faced. Little Arthur on one hip and a crying Nicholas on the other. "Can you take Nick? He has tummy ache and won't quit crying."

    "Ahh." Fred gently took him from her. "You'll be ok."

    Arthur realized he wasn't getting attention and started screaming. Nilia set him down in his high chair and put her hands on her hips. "You are fine little one." With that, Arthur quit crying and started playing with the cheerios she set down for him to eat. He watched his mommy and daddy pick more toys up and his cousin Nicholas run around the room throwing more toys on the floor. This of course, made him laugh.

    "I could hear you guys all the way down the street." Came a familiar voice from the door. They all towards the voice and beamed.

    Nilia plunged herself at Hermione and hugged her for what seemed like minutes. Then quickly noticed something different. Pulling her back she looked down and found a slightly protruding belly beneath her blouse.

    "Are you?" Nilia demanded.

    Hermione nodded and laughed. "Funny how that happens huh?"

    They all sat in the living room for hours catching up. Finding out that the child was actually Ron's. They had met up while she was training and rekindled their relationship since her and Harry were growing apart. They of course were upset that he had kept it from them but found out that she left for training in America shortly after and he still had no idea. She hadn't been able to talk to him for three months. She informed them that they were meeting up the next day and he would quickly find out. 

    "Did Draco ever come back?" She asked them both while Nicholas and Arthur were off playing.

    "Not yet." Nilia explained. "He wanted to straighten out his life. Maybe meet someone so he could give Nicholas a proper home." She turned and smiled at him.

    Fred continued. "His letter was very clear that he would come back, but wanted to make things right. He sends us money every month for expenses, which we are grateful. They both cost a bit of money. And sends Nicholas gifts on holidays. We show him pictures of Draco and he knows that it's his father. He is ready for when he does come and get him. But who knows when Draco will marry?"

    Nilia laughed, "As long as she is not Pansy."

    They all giggled at that and said goodnight to eachother.

    Nilia layed on Fred's chest. They were both pretty happy now. Fred still worked for the Order but spent less time with that and more at his Joke Shop. She had taken a few classes and now helped children find good homes. Her father got over the shock of the baby and spoiled him rotten like everyone else. And Nicholas turned more and more into his father everyday. His eyes bright blue and hair even brighter. Hermione was back from training and found a job and flat nearby. Life was alright.

    "Are you still happy?" Nilia murmured to Fred while sleep overtook both of them.

    "I better be, we have been through too much." He joked and she elbowed him.

    "No, seriously?" Her eyes started to droop.

    "Of course, I have been happy since I met you in the library at Hogwarts. Almost have loved you just as long." He said quietly, she could tell he was about ready to fall asleep too.

    "Good." She answered and sleep overcame them both.

    Minutes later Arthur started screaming. Fred groaned and sat up. "Can I take back being happy?"

    "You wish!" Nilia laughed and pushed him out of bed. "Your turn sweety."     

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