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Getting the Girl by X_slytherianprincess_X
Chapter 2 : A Confrontation and a Talk
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"I'm telling you Rox!" I sobbed into my pillow that night after dinner. She rubbed my back comforting me.

"Awww, honey, I'm so sorry! But hell, at least you can go out with Scorpius now." she said comfortingly.

"Yeah and besides, Shawn was a dick," Dom said. "I hated him. His good looks have made him so up yourself, you know what I mean?"

I sat up, my hair wild, and my eyes bloodshot.

"That's the thing, you guys! I don't like Shawn! I never did! I only went out with him to make Scorpius jealous! And today, after we got off the train, he kinda flirted with me but then "Mandy dearest" came in! God! Why does that slag have to ruin everything!" I shouted hysterically.

"Whoa Rosie. Experiencing a little too much hysteria much?" Liza snorted. She was finally coming down from her sugar high. It always got her cranky except when she was with Al.

"Seriously, Rose what happened?" Liza said nicely regretting snapping at her friend in her "time of need".

"Well, when Mandy came in and I mean, you guys  you know how she is!" I whined. We all rolled our eyes. Oh yes, we knew exactly how she was. She was so pretty, she was ugly. Of course none of the guys thought that because she had such huge *ahem* assets after the summer of 4th year. I promise you, they have been enhanced.

"Anyways she came in, and was you know, sitting on Scores lap, shoving her boobs in his face, twirling with his hair, laughing hysterically the usual" I sighed. "He sat there, totally eating it all up."

I looked up nervously at my best friends and sadly whispered, "Guys, theres no way that he feels anything for me other than friend. I just know it. And it hurts so much. I just want to die."

Dom bit her lip. "C'mon Rose, you don't really mean that. You don't really want to die."

"Rose, don't ever say that again! I swear to God, don't you know? I'm positive Scorpius likes you! If you want, I'll ask Al." Liza said softly. Liza's mom had killed her self after Liza was born leaving only a note saying that she didn't want to take care of her and that she was a mistake. Liza's dad was the one to have found her and ever since then, he wasn't quite sorry.

"Oh my god! Lee, I'm so sorry! I'm being selfish." I cried out, throwing her arms out to hug Liza.

"Me too Lee!" Roxy said throwing her arms around me and Liza.

"Me THREE LEE-LEE!" Dom said, throwing herself on top of our pile.

"Thanks guys." Liza said wiping her eyes. "I'm sorry, its just today was the anniversary."

"God, I'm selfish and self-absorbed!" I said quietly.

Liza cracked up and said, "Nah your not. You're helping me now. C'mon classes tomorrow."

The next day, we all four woke up and went to breakfast together. Of course, it took about 80 million years because we all were so adjusted to summer time; aka wake up whenever the hell you felt like it time.

As I sat down to munch these awesome looking pancakes, I heard a voice. "Miss Weasley?" A deep voice behind me said.

I jumped about 10 feet in the air, turned around and squeaked out, "Yes?!" and turned around.  It was Scorpius. I felt my heart skip and pasted on a scowl. "You jerk! You scared the crap out of me!"

He sniggered, wrapped his arms around me and sat down with me on his lap. "Awww." He cooed. "Poor little Rosie was scaaaared."

I rolled my eyes, shoved him to the ground and cooed back, "Aww poor little Scorpius is such a loser, he's on the ground cause no one luves him!"

He smiled at me and said playfully, "Shut up! Let me look at your schedule." I pulled it out of my bad and he said, "Awesome! We have all the same classes. All right!"

All of a sudden the bell rang and Scorpius, Al, Roxy and I all walked down to Herbology. After a boring lesson we went back to the main common room for a free period. After the Battle of Hogwarts, Neville-Sorry Prof. Longbottom decided it would be a good idea to have a "Main Common Room for all 4 Houses to Study in or have a good social time in."

Unfortunately for me, Mandy had a free period  too. With her exceptionally stupider, even more annoying friend/adoring fans of Score. I still couldn't believe Score was actually playing with that slag who cheated with Shawn on me. Speaking of which, Shawn was here in my free too.

Once he saw me, Shawn smiled and walked over to sit by me. As Scorpius finally saw what was going on, he shoved off from his little fan club and came over to *finally* give me some support.

"Hey Rose, what's going on?" He asked, nodding his head to Shawn.

Turning to Shawn, I hissed, "I was about to ask that. Why the fuck are you here? I don't associate myself with cheaters who cheat with slags for some good fucks." Shawn's face hardened and said, "At least, I'm not afraid to give it up. You're never gonna get a boyfriend if you keep waiting Rosie dearest. God, honestly. You think the time on the train was the first time? It wasn't. I've fucked Mandy and a whole bunch of other girls. I only stuck with you because you were a Weasley and because I couldn't get Dom."

Looking really pissed at this, Scorpius jumped in. "Excuse me, Brown but I think Rose would probably appreciate it if you went back to fucking your little whores now, seeing as you have no other life."

Even having Scorpius stick up for me, didn't matter. That hurt. It didn't matter that it was from Shawn Brown; it just proved what I always thought. I wasn't good enough. I wasn't pretty enough, thin enough, smart enough, rich enough. I was only going to be mesured up to the rest of my family. So I ran. I ran like a bat out of hell to Myrtle's bathroom, the place I knew no one would be.

Sobbing like mad, I huddled in the corner just wishing to die. I wondered if everyone thought of me like that. Just because I was a virgin I was a horrible person? I didn't see how that worked out.

I knew it was stupid but I was waiting for Scoripius. For some stupid reason, when I was 13 I decided that he would be the boy I would lose my virginity too because he was the only boy I loved. Suddenly, I heard a knock and then right after, the door opened. It was Score. I sniffled and laughed a little. "Hey Score. Fancy meeting you here." He smiled and came to sit next to me. "Don't listen to that asshole."

"I know but it's just.....Does everyone think of me like that? The know-it-all-goody goody-virgin?" I said leaning into him. "No. Brown was just pulling that out of his ass. Jesus, Rose, your like, the most popular person in the school. Everyone loves you. They all worship you! See, I even worship you! See, watch." Then he got down and started bowing down to me. I laughed and stuck my tongue our at him.

Then I said a little brokenly, "I dunno, Score. Sometimes it seems like everyone is just after me for fame or money or sex. I know there's like, 4 people who don't. Who I know aren't. But it's just that, this one person? Well, this one guy. He knows and loves me as a friend but I don't think he likes me as much more than that. I've known him for a pretty long time and I think I'm in love with him."

I looked at him, trying to see if he got any indication of what I was trying to say; that I was totally talking about him. Scorpius didn't seem to get any indication at all.

Listening to me, Scoripius sighed and said, "Yeah. I get that. I'm kinda going through the same thing. Except with a girl." Hearing this, I felt a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Trying to act natural I asked, "Really? Who is it? I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours."

Avoiding my eyes, he mumbled, "Uhm, I'll uh, tell you er, later yeah?" I fake pouted while inside my heart was breaking. Did he not trust me?

"Hey Rose?" He said suddenly. "Yeah?" I said my heart picking up speed.

Maybe he would tell me. "Uh, we have to go to Defense but I was wondering if you would help me with something?"

My heart sunk a little. So he wasn't going to tell me. However, I still said, "Of course. Yeah, sure what is it?"

"Well, I was wondering if you would help me plan the perfect time or date for me to tell this girl how much I love her."  said Scorpius in a rush, blushing like crazy.

"Uh yeah." I swallowed hard. "Yes of course." Whatever amount of time I could spend with him, I would. Hopefully, in doing this, planning this date for whatever lucky bitch who had the heart of the boy-well man, now I had loved since that moment on the train going towards my second home, would let me have a lot more alone time with him to maybe let him see that I loved him. That I was the one for him. Because I just couldn't let him go without a fight. Never.

A/N-HAHAHAHA mk so its' pretty serious and its a little bit longer than usual. *Hopefully* I'll make it longer if its not cause yes I'm cool like that. Sorry about not updating in like, forever becuz ive been soooo busy with school starting. However I will try to you know, keep up. XOXO Addie ♥♥♥

A/N Edited

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