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Blind Love by Samhria
Chapter 17 : Giving In
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A/N: Sorry for the late post. School started about a week ago for me and I have loads of work to do. I was still working on this chapter, but I was uncertain in some areas. Still, let me know what you think. Oh, and to most of you that have the question “When is Draco going to find out that Jean is Hermione?” My answer is that I don’t want to spoil it for you (or anyone else for that matter), so be patient and you’ll see when Draco finds out. I promise you that it’ll be worth the wait. Thanks for reading and please review! :)

(The ending to last chapter…)
“Yes, I would,” Hermione responded as her face turned just as red as her heart fluttered in her chest. Merlin, I’d love to!

Draco held out his hand for Hermione. She reached out her right hand for his, but immediately felt hot water burn her skin.

Hermione gasped, turning the water faucet off. She had been daydreaming while washing the dishes. She smiled as she wiped her wet hands on a hand cloth.

As she headed into the living room, she heard distant noises coming from upstairs. She followed the racket and made her way to Draco’s room.

Hermione found Draco rummaging through his suitcase, tossing out random things to the floor, murmuring to himself.

“Er—Draco?” Hermione asked as she entered his room perplexed. “What are you searching for?”

Draco kept his face down as he continued to shuffle his hands through his jeans’ pockets. “I can’t seem to –uh, find my broomstick.”

Hermione felt a thick lump form in her throat. “Wh-what?” She choked.

“I shrunk it last night and placed it in my pocket, but I can’t find it.”

A sudden idea popped in Hermione’s mind. “Why don’t you just cast an Accio spell?”

Draco frowned. “That won’t work.”

Now it was Hermione’s turn to frown. “Why not?”

Draco sighed. “I—I sort of placed an anti-Accio charm on my broomstick.”

Hermione looked incredulous. “What? Why on earth would you do something like?”

“Well,” Draco brushed his hair back, “it was a very expensive broom; one of the best I had. I didn’t want someone to steal it.”

Hermione threw her hands up in the air. “Well, now what are we—“ she stopped herself before she could say anything else.

“What were you going to say?” Draco asked a smirk forming on his lips. 

Hermione bit her bottom lip and fell to her knees right away on the floorboard checking underneath the bed. “Let me help you try to find it,” she said hoping to change subjects.

“It’s going to be hard to find since it’s shrunken,” Draco said.

“Like finding a needle in a haystack,” Hermione murmured.

After thirty minutes searching the room, staircase, and living room, Hermione pretty much felt the urge to give up. It was utterly hopeless. The broom was lost and they weren’t going for another romantic ride.

Hermione sighed sadly as she plopped down on the sofa, rubbing her temples. Draco came into the living room a few minutes later looking just as pooped.

“No luck,” he said sitting down on the sofa next to her, but since he couldn’t see, he nearly sat down on top of an exhausted Hermione. She managed to scoot over, but since she was already at the end of the sofa, there wasn’t much room.

Luckily enough, Draco barely missed her right arm and leg. “Sorry,” he said, embarrassed.

“That’s okay,” Hermione replied, feeling butterflies rise in her stomach with Draco’s left side of his body pressed against her right side.

“So…” Draco said, turning his face sideways toward her.

Hermione turned to look at him and found herself staring at his lips. She could feel his warm breath on her nose.

“So…” Hermione said. Without knowing what she was doing, she felt herself inching forward to close the gap between her mouth and Draco’s.

Draco seemed to be doing the same, somewhat confident about what direction he was headed in.

Hermione was centimeters away from Draco’s lips when the grandfather clock struck loudly.

“I guess I should get lunch ready,” Hermione whispered, her face just where she left it.

“I’m not that hungry,” Draco responded, raising his eyebrow in intimidation.

Hermione furrowed her brows together. “I still have to cook for you whether you like it or not.” She stood up and grinned. “After all, I am your nurse.”

Draco smirked mischievously as he listened to Hermione’s footsteps fade into the kitchen.


Luna watched amusedly as Ron paced back and forth on the green blooming grass. She munched noisily on a piece of potato chip.

“Ron, you’re going to make yourself dizzy,” Luna said. “Best you take a rest.”

Ron frowned at her suggestion. “I’m going to get those two back for what they did.”

“Who two did what-what?” Luna asked taking out another chip and examining it.

Ron sighed in frustration and turned in the direction of his house. Not too far away, the Weasley twins were working on their latest prank projects. He glared at them. “Doesn’t it bother you that Fred and George—um, you know—“He paused to glance at Luna. She was eating another chip, watching him closely now. “—well, you know—they embarrassed us.”

Luna stopped eating her chips, staring at him obliviously. “What do you mean?”

Ron felt like pulling out his hair at that moment. He didn’t want to explain it all over again. It was already enough painful the first time around, “About…ahem…when I choked on pie.”

Luna smiled and stood up now. She handed him the empty chips bag, brushing her hands on her violet jeans. She stared up at him, her smile glowing on her pale face. “You needn’t feel embarrassed about something that isn’t true.”

Ron didn’t look convinced. “Yeah, but—“

Luna pressed her index finger to Ron’s lips. “No buts. Besides, I know someone as cute as you wouldn’t be caught snogging with someone as weird as me.”

Ron looked as if he had been punched in the stomach. “Come on now, Luna. You’re a-a great girl. You’re funny. Um—attractive. Very attractive and a good catch. And you’re…”

“Not Hermione,” Luna added. Her expression was unreadable and Ron found himself staring at her face, trying to find something, anything that could tell him what her reaction was. “You love Hermione, not me.”

Ron was speechless. He opened his mouth and closed it unable to find the right words to say.

Luna gave him another smile, but a sheepish one. “I’m not mad, Ron. It’s obvious you love her. And I could never be her.”

“Luna—I,” Ron started.

“Please, Ron.” Luna interrupted. “Don’t say anything else. It will only make you look like a flobberworm.”

Ron was taken aback by Luna’s sudden humor in a talk like this, but after all, she was referred to as ‘loony’.

She took a few steps away from Ron, her eyes in the direction of the Burrow. “Just remember, Ron, you can give your heart to someone, but you may not receive theirs in return.” She focused on the ground now. Ron noticed a teardrop fall down her cheek as she Disapparted into thin air with a ‘crack’.


A few hours had passed after lunch for the duo. With no broomstick, they didn’t have anything to keep them entertained, well that was until Draco came up with an idea.

“How about I make myself invisible and you try to find me?” He suggested.

Hermione didn’t think it was the greatest past time in the world, but since she would be spending time with him, it was worth a try. “Okay.”

Ten whole minutes had passed by and Hermione hadn’t been able to spot where Draco was.

He would often give her clues, but it was no use. For a blind guy, he was pretty quick.

“You’re getting close,” Draco said in a mocking voice. “I can hear your shoes squishing in the mud ground.”

Hermione thought she heard his voice come from beside the tree. She slowly walked there, holding up her hands in front of her to feel for Draco’s invisible body, but he wasn’t there.

It was her shoes that were causing Draco to figure out where she was. She sat down on the floor and removed her sneakers, tossing them aside.

Draco heard her shoes far away and spoke up confidently. “Looks like you’re heading in the wrong direction.” He waited at the edge of the lake for Jean to speak up, but instead quietness filled the air. “Jean?” He asked worried why she didn’t say anything. “Did you leave—oof!”

Hermione had successfully tackled an invisible Draco into the lake. They both gasped and gagged for air, before standing up right.

Hermione laughed gaily at the sight of Draco. His wet hair was draped over half his face, making him look utterly ridiculous.

Draco brushed his hair back with his hand. He frowned. “That wasn’t funny.”

“Yes—that--was!” Hermione gasped between her fits of laughter.

“I’ll show you funny,” Draco said making a jump for her, but he missed and landed in the deep side of the lake.

Hermione brushed away her tears of laughter, waiting for Draco to come up to the surface, but he never did. Her heart skipped a beat. She held her breath and went down into the water, but she didn’t spot him anywhere. When she came back up to the surface for air, she saw Draco’s body floating on the water not too far away. She gasped, rushing toward him. “Draco?” She said, turning him over. She patted his flushed cheek. “Draco?” She said again eagerly. Immediately a frightening thought ran through her mind. “Oh, Merlin!” She cried. “Oh, dear—“

Suddenly, Draco burst out laughing. He stood up in the water now, grasping his chest. He laughed so hard that his face was turning pink. Hermione took a few steps away in the water, gaping at him as if he were some horrifying monster. “You’re—“

“I-I wish—I wish I could’ve seen your face!” Draco stuttered in the same laughing manner Hermione did before.

Hermione wrapped her arms around herself securely, her eyes filling with tears. She covered her mouth from letting a sob escape, but unfortunately for her, Draco heard it.

He immediately stopped laughing and his expression turned serious. “Jean?” He asked tentatively holding out his arms for her.

“Damn it, Draco.” Hermione said, her voice cracking. “That really wasn’t—funny.” She collided into Draco’s arms, sobbing in the side of his neck.

Draco patted her soaking back. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, his lips hovering just above her damp hair. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

Hermione’s sobs slowed down to an end. She still had her head pressed against Draco’s wet t-shirt.

“Are you okay now?” Draco asked, holding her by her shoulders.

Hermione bit her bottom lip. “Yes,” she barely whispered. Her eyes trailed along Draco’s face; from his lovely blue eyes to his pink, parted lips.

She found herself aching for those wet lips. She stood up on her tiptoes in the water, her breaths becoming more ragged. She pressed her lips against his in a gentle kiss. Immediately, Draco responded to her kiss. It was something he had been waiting for for a long time. He tightened his grip around Jean’s back, one hand around her waist.

Hermione responded to his touch. She slid her hands from his chest to the back of his neck, into his damp, blonde locks. Their kiss became intense by the minute. Draco slid his tongue hungrily across her bottom lip and Hermione opened her mouth, giving him full permission to explore.

Draco smirked inwardly when he heard a moan escape from the back of Jean’s throat. He was enjoying this. He loved hearing her feel satisfied by his touch.

Hermione felt Draco’s hands slide up and down her back as they kissed. She shivered when his wet hands slid onto her bare back.

Draco thought she might freak out, but this time, she wanted him more. She chewed playfully on his bottom lip, causing a loud groan to escape Draco’s mouth. She smiled mischievously.

After a few minutes chewing, sucking and exploring each other’s mouth, they eventually pulled away from the lack of oxygen. They pressed their foreheads against one another, breathing heavily; a grin plastered on both of their faces.

“How about we take this some place else?” Draco suggested seductively.

“I’m game if you are.” Hermione replied, giving him lustful kiss.

Draco scooped up Hermione in his arms from the water and walked out of the lake, onto the grass, their lips still glued together.

They managed to get to the back door, but not without crashing into it at first. Both managed to find the humor in this and laughed it off like a silly little joke.

They created a pathway of puddles from the kitchen all the way up stairs to Draco’s room, but they didn’t seem to care. Only one thing was on their minds at that time.

Draco gently placed Hermione on his bed, pressing his lips against hers once more. Their kiss became heated in a matter of seconds. Hermione slid her arms underneath Draco’s shirt, pulling it off. Draco did the same with her shirt.

Soon, there were in only undergarments, tossing and turning on the bed like two animals fighting over a piece of meat; well, in this case, for the top position.

Hermione finally got it. She sat on top of Draco’s stomach, her legs on the either side of him. She had him pinned down by the arms. He was obviously grinning like a schoolboy.

Hermione’s face was a few inches away from him when she whispered, “Gotcha.” She slammed her lips down on his, immediately slithering her tongue inside his mouth.

Draco tossed Jean to her side while kissing and changed their position. He was just above her now, mocking her like his prey.

He lowered his head and kissed on the first part of Jean that reached his lips. (It was her neck.) He placed loving kisses from her neck down her body, hearing her shudder pleasurably. His hands reached her shoulders where he felt her bra straps still on. He slid them off, as if it were some fragile piece of clothing, and followed with his lips to her tender spots.

In a split minute, Hermione’s undergarments were on the floor, and Draco’s boxers were on the edge of the bed.

“Are you sure?” Draco asked hesitantly, hoping she was entirely sure and didn’t fall into regret the next morning.

Hermione slid her leg against Draco’s thigh, her hands on his back, pressing his body tightly against her own. “Yes,” Hermione whispered so quietly that it was almost inaudible to Draco.

There was no going back now. She couldn’t fight the urge any longer. She wanted this. She wanted him.

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