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Harry Potter and the Heart of Eternity by Lopie
Chapter 17 : Part 1 of Chapter 17
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Chapter 17
Facing Forward


Harry had been pacing for an hour. He’d heard everything that had been planned and none of it sounded right. He could walk through the holes in the plan. This didn’t set well with him at all. He especially didn’t like it when he heard it.




Two Hours Earlier


Harry looked around the table and saw what he wasn’t expecting. No one looked confident and well prepared. Instead he saw that everyone wore nervous looks and kept stealing glances at one another. This did nothing to settle his worries but managed to lower his self confidence as he thought they were worried he would have another breakdown.


“Look everyone, I’m sorry for what happened last time. I didn’t know it was going to be like and I promise you all that it won’t happen again.”


Kei nodded. “I understand Harry. We knew it wasn’t easy on you but we also know that you handled yourself well considering. Don’t worry about that.”


“Yeah, if we were worried about that we’d just ask Tonks to leave you out of it.” Rena said. “We’re worried about something bigger.”


Harry looked curious. “What is it?”


“The death eaters are trying to build an army.” Jen said. “We don’t have any more time to wait. If we take any longer things will get out of hand. We’ve got to do this soon.”


“What makes that so bad?” Harry asked.


“That we are all waiting to hear Kei’s brilliant plan and we hope it’s better than anything we’ve thought up.” Jen said.


“Then we’ve got nothing to worry about.” Harry said. “Spit it out Kei, the suspense is killing them.”


“You’re not going to like it Harry.” Kei said.


“Why not?”


“Because I can’t come up with anything good.” Kei said. “I have no information that could help. I have no idea how many people are there, where they are, or where most of them gather at. I wish we could send you to check it out but there are so many guards there we can’t get anyone close enough to find out without letting them know we’re looking.”


Harry bit the corner of his bottom lip as he thought. “What do you have for us Kei?”


“Four entry points so I figure four groups of ten ought to be able to do it, but we should have four more groups to back us up if necessary.”




“That’s it Harry.” Kei said.


“That’s it? No, there has to be more than that. We’ve had better plans with no information at all.”


“But we’ve always pulled out more information as we went along.” Kei said.


“So the basic part of the plan is to make it up as we go along?” Harry said.


“I’m sorry Harry.” Kei said. “I can’t think of anything else.”


“This is just bloody great!” Harry said and pounded his fists on the table. Then he sighed and took a deep breath. “Okay, so all we’ve got is that. Let’s make the plan a bit stronger then.”


“How?” Jen asked.


“The backup teams help us take out the guards then hold back and wait for the order to come in. We’ll go in apart from the other four teams to try and figure things out and hopefully come up with something of an idea before they do.”


“Okay, so that’s our great plan?” Rena asked.


“It’s the best we’ve got.” Harry said.


“We’re boned.” Jen said.


“Yup.” Rena said. “Hope we make it through this one.”


“We will.” Harry said. “That is not optional.”

A/N: Man, I have one little heart attack and I forget an entire story. I'm sorry but I really did stress myself into one. Since then I've had 20 different stories going through my head. Still trying to make sense of everything thats going on. I'm still trying to write this. Hope you like this part. Give me a little time and the rest shall follow.

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