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Not So Obvious by elveriamoir
Chapter 2 : mismanaged affairs
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AN: wish I owned Harry Potter, but I don’t they all belong to JK Rowling.

Chapter Two-Mismanaged Affairs.

    James, had walked into the potions classroom headless of his appearance. Not realising he looked well and truly shagged. His dishevelled state was an unusual occurrence in itself, but when it was compared with the fact the good boy of the marauders had turned up late for a potions lesson and snapped at his closest friends was cause for a great deal of gossip. No-one was more interested in the reasons than his two friends and a dark haired boy sitting at the other side of the dark steamy room. This boy didn’t allow his gaze to linger on the other James however, as showing interest in the Gryffindors was unheard of from this side of the class. So determined to show his classmates how to behave, Severus turned his back on James and continued with his potion. This meant the class didn’t notice the grin flit across his features, nor how handsome it made him, preserving some of his reputation.

James himself was highly annoyed at the attention he was receiving. Being late for any class annoyed him, but he considered being late for potions unacceptable and he just wished to get one with his work, especially since it would take his mind of his ‘encounter.’ So ignoring his two closest friends, the rest of the class and the efforts of a red haired girl (he believed she was called Evans) to catch his attention, he turned his back, opened his battered and annotated text book to the correct chapter and let the soothing effect of creating a perfect potion wash over him. So involved was he in his work he forgot for a while his confrontation earlier and that the rest of the class was shooting sly glances at him and whispering. Unfortunately for him he also forgot Remus and Sirius had appeared highly annoyed at him

To soon for James the bell that signalled the end off classes rang. He sighed and putting the finishing touches to his potion looked up to find an empty class room. Well an empty class room apart from Severus Snape. Who was leaning back against his desk watching him with an unfathomable expression in his dark eyes. James, straightened feeling suddenly uncomfortable, and remembered with a slight flush the last interaction he'd had with a Slytherin. Then Severus did something that completely surprised him. The raven haired Slytherin walked calmly over to him, wisely ignoring James' flinch and stared down into the cauldron on the table. James turned to look too, wondering what was wrong with his potion, especially since Severus Snape was renowned as the best potions student the school had seen in a centaury and was rumoured to already have an apprenticeship with a potions master. He looked up at the boy next to him and was startled to see a large grin spread over his features. Severus turned to look directly at James with more than a glint of mischief in his eyes. He chuckled as he began to speak; "Well, Potter, seems like you've been hiding your light under a very heavy lead bucket, or do you just not want to appear clever than your friends?"

James growled at this, disliking the perceived dig at his friends and drew himself up to his full height, even so he had to raise his eyes to look Severus in the eye, Severus seemed to realise that he'd offended the smaller boy and so drawled out; "Relax will you Potter, t’was a joke. I was pulling your leg." He stopped for a second seeing the disbelieving expression on James' face then continued smoothly, "Yes well strange as that may seem coming from a Slytherin, we aren’t all poisonous snakes you know." He stopped again and shifted uncomfortably for a minute seeming to loose his cool. "Erm.. what I wanted to ask.. that is if you could bring.. oh sodd it Potter, work with me for the potions project please." Severus stammered out then rushed from the room, not waiting for a reply, leaving behind a very confused James Potter to ponder over how strange his day was becoming.

James walked slowly down to dinner, thinking of how for the second time in less than four hours he'd been left speechless by a Slytherin, 'well actually', he corrected himself with a grin,' left speechless by the two most fearful Slytherins being nice, mmmmm I wonder where Lucius is'. With this thought his grin grew dopey and he walked into the great hall looking like the cat that had got the cream and causing the rest of the school to start gossiping about him, rather than only his potions class.


Sirius and Remus sat through out the entirety of potions staring at James in disbelief leaving Peter to work on their potion by himself. Their sense of ill usage was written clearly across their features and occasionally one would twitch in an effort to control the need to prod James and demand an answer. Remus was grinding his teeth never fully having gained his legendary calm back after his nightmares and Sirius was repeatedly tapping his fingers on the work surface. To say they were annoyed was a very large understatement. Not only had he dragged them to potions, he'd then disappeared somewhere without them, turned up looking truly rumpled and then ignored them for nearly two hours. Silently they both agreed that this would not be allowed to pass and had left the classroom in a sulk neither noticing or caring that Peter had gone his own way. They watched James saunter into the great hall, with a stupid grin on his face. They were so annoyed that Sirius let out a Dog like growl that startled the poor first year sitting next to him. The young girl slid unobtrusively along the bench away from him, glancing at him nervously as she moved further towards his equally hot but less violent friend, unfortunately for her she would have been safer next to Sirius as for once, at least in public, Remus did not have control of the wolf. His anger pushed to breaking point, Remus pushed up from the bench, not controlling his strength, and sent a couple of third years to the floor as it crashed backwards. He stalked from the hall not noticing that his walk was that of a predator nor the worried look he received from Sirius, who at once forgot about interrogating James. Sirius couldn't imagine why this was annoying his normally relaxed friend so much, as he was normally so calm, in control and laid back.

Remus oblivious of the reaction of people in the hall, slammed out of the large heavy oaken front door of the castle, making it bounce loudly of the wall and nearly breaking its hinges. Once outside he began to run, till he reached an overhang of rock by the lake. Here he flopped to the ground like a rag doll whose strings had been cut out of breath and still considerably out of temper. His mind was racing as he seethed to himself. 'How dare he,' he fumed, 'he badgers me for hours to tell him what's bugging me, then when he finds out laughs at me, then holds it against me, and keeps making jokes, then he ruins my fun today to drag me to that godforsaken class, then argh........I hate him, what right does he have to keep a secret from me after that. We all tell each other everything.' He mental ranted conveniently ignoring just how much he had kept from his friends. ‘I mean he wonders why I didn’t tell him straight away. I mean come on if he teases me about this what would he have done had I mentioned that I think my wolf’s mate is somewhere in the castle and neither of us has a damn clue who it is. How would he have acted if I told him I am having interactive sodding nightmares. That I am interacting more with the wolf because of those stinking things. He wont even tell me who he currently likes but he expects us all to share our secrets with him. He’s not my alpha, nor is he my mate, he is my friend but that does not give him the right to be so two faced about secrets.’

Remus sprung to his feet and began pacing with angry jerky movements, so annoyed that he fails to see the dark haired, dark eyed boy watching him nor does he recognise that there's a throaty growl coming from deep with in his chest. He stops pacing, an angry knot still in his chest, and turning with inhuman speed slams his fist into the rock face behind him, heedless of the fractured knuckles he gains. He does this with the other hand before starting to run again, his strides long and rangy easily eating up the ground. The person in the shadows watches Remus' legendary loss of control, paralysed, partly with fear, partly with shock, to stop him spiralling into the dark depths he is heading. Then with Remus long gone gradually manages to shake off the paralysis and look round glad only he noticed this and not the other students. Realising he might be needed back at the hall he sets off at a run in the opposite direction from the extremely annoyed Gryffindor.

Sirius sits at the table in utter shock, his mind refusing to comprehend what just happened. He'd known Remus was mentally strong simply by how easy the other boy learnt things and the serious stubborn streak he could show, but how physically strong he was in human form, he'd never realised. It suddenly hit him that Remus had kept a lot from him over the years and so he too rose from the table and walked slowly as if in trance out of the hall and into the grounds of Hogwarts. Ignoring many people or in fact glaring right through them an action that caused many students and even professors to search their memories as to how they could have offended him and the rest simply got out of his way.

As it was by the end of Lunch Period the whole school was buzzing with the drama that was currently the Marauders. The gossip mill was so loud that even Slytherins were beginning to notice that there was discord with in this tightly knit group and many chuckled to them selves, some rejoiced, however two sat with a worried look on their faces. An ice blonde and slightly dishevelled midnight black head were bowed together in deep worried discussion and were overlooked by the rest of the hall, and so Lucius and Severus slipped out of the hall, leaving their dinner. Lucius looked over to the Gryffindor table as he left and registered that sometime in the melee James had disappeared.




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Not So Obvious: mismanaged affairs


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