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So Far Away by EricaChristine
Chapter 11 : The Story Unfolds
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Chapter 10
The Story Unfolds

"What do you mean you are visiting Draco at The Three Broomsticks tomorrow night? Isn't that a little far to be meeting Draco Malfoy?" Fred asked Nilia as they lay on top of his bed going over the nights events. "Didn't you two see enough of eachother for the last seventeen or so months?"

She pinched his sides, "He is my friend. I think it is pretty urgent. Plus, I will be back. Not like I will run away with him."

He didn't laugh, or show any emotion. "Promise?"

Sitting up straight and sending a glare his way, she asked. "What do you think went on? I had a fling with Draco in our hidey-hole?"

"No, but I still think he has a thing for you." He said flatly.

Nilia breathed in and tried to contain her anger washing through her head right now. So the next thing she said had to be said between her teeth. "I would never choose him over you even if he did like me."

"He sure can offer you a lot more."

"What the hell is wrong with you tonight?" She accused.

Fred shrugged and sat up across from her. "Look, I am sorry. I am still a little weary of Malfoy. Look at his father!"

She shook her head and grabbed his hands in her own. "For one, he isn't his father. Two, he loves Pansy and has a child with her. He wouldn't get rid of that for the world." Placing a light kiss on his chin she added, "Just like I wouldn't get rid of you for the world."

A look of guilt swept over his face after he realized what had just happened and he blushed. "Nilly, I am sorry for being an arse. I just well, you know, love you and all so much."

"Love me and all so much?" She asked with a grin.

He nodded and kissed her, lingering for a few moments before he said. "I will kill him if he does anything stupid tomorrow night."

~_The Three Broomsticks_~

Nilia straightened her hair down in the window of The Three Broomsticks before she pulled the door open and stepped inside. Looking around she found several people lingering in the booths, sipping their butterbeers and laughing. "Now, where is the one git I know as Draco?" She asked herself outloud.

"I am hardly a git anymore." A voice said behind her.

She turned around and found Draco grinning at her, holding a white tulip in his hand. "For you."

Raising an eyebrow, she took it and found a booth in the back. "A flower? I didn't know you cared."

"I missed you, haven't seen you for a while." He answered playing with a napkin in front of him.

"Four days Draco. I think you'll be ok." She shot back and grabbed the napkin he had been tearing apart. "What did you want to talk about?"

"Nice to see you too." He muttered and started playing with the salt shaker. She had noticed that he was paler than usual, which took a lot. And there were dark circles under his grey eyes, making them even darker.

"It's great to see you, but I didn't expect an owl to come and find me at The Burrow with an urgent message."

"It was urgent, otherwise, why would I send an urgent owl?" Draco mocked her, oh yes, he still had it in him. He laughed at the irritated look on her face, then continued. "I have a bit of a problem."

First thing that came to Nilia's mind, "Pansy isn't pregnant again is she?"

The butterbeer he had been sipping on came right back out when he spit it out. "Oh no! That would be terrible." He set his mug down. "No, I think she is trying to kill me, or have someone kill me."

It was Nilia's turn to spit out her drink. "What the hell are you ranting about?"

"Pansy is trying to have me killed." He said as if he were bored.

She slammed her hand down on the table. "And that doesn't bother you in the least?"

Draco shrugged, "Wouldn't be the first time someone wanted me dead."

"Ok hotshot, so what am I doing here if you aren't concerned about it?" Her voice got louder.

"Shh, calm down." He stood up quickly and went to sit next to her on her bench. "I don't know what her motives are. But, yesterday while I was going to the store, someone in a black cloak was following me."

Nilia rolled her eyes, "Many wizards have cloaks, what is your point?"

"Believe me, he was following me. Anyways, I have this bad feeling." He watched her blank stare. "Pansy is never home anymore. She comes home reaking of another man." He winked, "If you know what I mean. But she has been on my arse about getting married lately, and you know that the Ministry is very strict about having children and not being married. I got a letter from them yesterday saying we had two weeks to get married."


"You aren't understanding this are you?" He asked, and got a shrug as a response. "She knows that I will inherit a lot of money when I marry."

"Inherit money, gotcha. Even if your father is in Azkaban?" She leaned back against the wall and motioned for him to continue.

Draco couldn't believe she was being so calm, the old Nilia would be ranting about now. "You know that in wizarding marriages, it is binding. Cannot be broken...And yes, half of his fortune goes to me when the marriage is complete"

"If you die, it all goes to her..." She responded, still confused about where he was going with this.

"I am going to just say this flat out. Pansy is seeing someone else, she wants to marry me to get the money. The only way she gets all of it is if I die after we are married. All of it will go to her automatically, no matter what." He took a breath. "I am still confused about why she is doing it. Her parents have plenty of money."

Nilia sat and pondered this for a moment before answering. "Were her parents in with Voldemort?"

Draco nodded and felt the lightbulb go off as well. "Her parents are in Azkaban?"

"From what I understand, her father is. Her mother went insane shortly after and is in St. Mungos." Nilia explained to him. She watched a confused look pass over his face and she grabbed his hand.

"Nilly, she told me that her parents are fine. She complains about me not visiting them." He buried his face in his hands. "What is going on?"

She squeezed his hand reassuraedly, "Maybe we need all of the information. Let's owl Hermione and ask her to meet us somewhere. She can bring information and we can figure it out."

Draco nodded absentmindedly and stood up. "What is going on?"

~_Snape Manor_~

Nilia had gone straight to the Owl Post and sent a message to Hermione to meet them in her fathers house. She instructed her to bring newspapers and documents about the arrests made, and any important headlines from the last few months.

They waited for her in her fathers library, staring into the fire. Draco spoke first. "I thought she loved me."

She put her arms around herself, "Draco, I know this is going to sound crude. But I saw it coming."

He kind of nodded and went back to staring at the fire. "She changed..."

"Hi guys!" A voice came from the fire and they found Hermione and Harry grinning from the fireplace, dusting soot off of themselves. "I brought the stuff and Harry here because he knows a lot of inside information."

Nilia held onto Draco's hand as she felt his body tremble from the thought of having Harry help them. Even after everything, he still couldn't get over the fact that Harry defeated the Dark Lord, or even leave there little fights from school behind. "If it isn't anyone's life today?"

"Apparently here to save yours Malfoy!" He spat back and sat down on the couch across from them.

Hermione planted herself next to him and dropped the pile of papers on the table between them. "Here is everything. You need to tell me what's going on though."

Draco wasn't paying attention, but still glaring at Harry for his little comment. Both of the girls could feel the tension in the room and decided to start talking to relieve it. "Tell her what happened Draco."

"Didn't know we were going to have an audience." He muttered and felt a nudge in the side from Nilia.

"He's only trying to help. Now tell them." She pleaded with him, adding another nudge in his side.

Draco sighed and started telling them what happened. "Long story short, Pansy has changed dramatically from the moment we started dating in our sixth year until now. She was sweet, and cared about other people." He caught Harry raising his eyebrow in confusion, she was never nice to him. "You know what I mean Potty, she was decent to me. We were in love even though I treated her like shit when I was after Nilia." He squeezed her hand as if to apologize. "But she looked past that and even understood when I told her about the Prophecy between Nilia and I."

Hermione nodded in understanding, but Harry didn't really know what to think. Malfoy was sitting here pouring his heart out, and he was supposed to trust him. Trust a guy who was horrible to them for six years, he had only gotten lucky to not have to deal with him in their seventh year. How Nilia put up with him was confusing. "Ok Malfoy, Pansy changed. People do that often, what is your problem?"

"Let me finish now will you?" Draco shot back and looked down at his hands, almost comforted when he saw Nilia's holding his. Hermione had taken notice of this and took note in her head to talk to Nilly about it. "Anyways, before I was interupted. When we went into hiding, she changed a bit. A little more snappy, and managed to piss everyone off at least a few times a day. We all thought it was because she was pregnant, right?" He looked at Nilia for confirmation.

She nodded, "Very moody. She would say horrible things to me and my father, and often put down Draco. But we all thought it was part of the hormone imbalance from pregnancy."

Draco continued. "So, once she had the child we assumed it would go away, and she would back to herself." He paused as if thinking. "We were wrong. She was mean, manipulative, and a flat out bitch. She made Nilia cry everyday, Severus would often snap at her, and I just had to sit back and take it because she is the mother of my child. We all decided, maybe, it was because she was cooped up in the hiding spot. We had all changed a bit in there. When we were released, I expected to live happily ever after."

Harry was staring at Malfoy, he was actually being emotional for once. "I take it it's not been peaches n' cream?"

"Hardly." He stood up and went to the window. "Not to get into details, but we haven't been intimate for months now. She barely speaks to me unless it is to bark an order, or tell me to shut up. She acts upset because her parents won't come to visit her. Gets owls from them all the time, but never once has seen them since we got back. Yesterday, she was gone from eight in the morning to ten at night. I didn't ask her what she was doing because she smelled like another man. I could almost tell who it is, but it has been so long since I have seen anyone else. Could be some random man."

"So your girl is shagging another guy?" Harry mocked as he put his hands behind his head. "It happens."

Hermione snapped her heads towards him, "Harry, watch what you are saying!"

Panic spread over his face as he realized what he had just said. "'Mione, I just meant..."

"Not now!" She yelled and turned back towards Draco. "Isn't her father in Azkaban with your father? And her mother in St. Mungos?"

He nodded, "We thought so, but Pansy acts like they aren't. Gets owls from them all the time apparrantly."

"No, look at this." Hermione sifted through the newspapers on the table and found one and folded it open. "It reads: Late Sunday night, two more Death Eaters were captured by Aurors. They were found hiding in a cellar beneath the house of a Death Eater affiliate. They were taken into custody and quickly sent to Azkaban without trial. Just as the others...The two Death Eaters mentioned are named, William Parkinson and Lawrence Higgs. Both of their wives have been questioned but not found to be involved with any Death Eater activity."

"That twit was lying to me!" Draco yelled and picked up a book, throwing it at the wall. "So, she is seeing someone behind my back. Obviously someone she was seeing before because she went straight for him after we got back. She will marry me, have me killed, take my son and money!"

Nilia watched a now angry Draco pace across the room fuming about his current situation. She can't say that is surprising, but she did have to do this with the father of her child? He adored Nicholas, and to take that away from him would cause him much suffering. "Draco, I will help you anyway I can."

Draco stopped dead in his tracks, "How? I am marrying her next week. She will have me killed."

Nilia couldn't answer, so Hermione did. "Draco, I will look into marriage laws and such. See if we can find a loophole, and I will have some others trying to figure out who she is seeing. Do you have any idea?"

Draco shook his head, "No idea."

Harry finally spoke up. "Why don't you use Veritaserum on her?"

"Well." Draco sat down on the couch and stared at Harry. "That is the smartest thing I have ever heard you say."

~_Severus' Study_~

"What do you mean you need some Veritaserum, I don't just hand that out Nilia." He spoke softly as he marked the paper he was working on with his quill. "It just doesn't fall out of the sky. It takes months to make, and it's illegal to use without permission."

"Father, I remember a certain person asking you for some and you let him use it." She said, hoping he would remember when he let Fred use some on her when he wanted to know whether or not she was telling the truth about Draco. It had been the only thing to save her from losing Fred. "Please Father."

"Oh yes, the time you threw up in the broom closet from it." He drawled and looked up at his daughter who had a puppy-dog look on her face. "I seemed to remember Dumbledore giving me a long lecture on allowing students to use it for such infantile purposes."

"You got in trouble!?" She asked, she never heard about his.

He nodded, "He found out shortly after. I promised I would only use it for good from now on."

"Only for good. It was for good. I got Fred." She stated proudly.

"Yes, but it was infantile compared to the last time I used it." He saw a questioning look on her face. "Barty Crouch Jr?"

"Ok, that was important. But so is this." She pleaded, he had to give in.

"Do you mind telling me why I need to supply you with it?" His fatherly eyes bore into her and she felt herself feeling very much like a twelve year old, he always did this to her.

"It's for Draco..." She told him the story from beginning to end, he nodded in all the right spots, and when she finished he stood up and went to the door.

"Father, are you upset that I am getting involved?" She asked wearily. He had this look...

"No, of course not. Draco is my godson as you know and I want to help him anyway possible." He pulled the door open and stuck his head out. "Draco, come here please."

Draco saunterned in seconds later because he was sitting on the floor waiting to see if she was going to be able to get the potion. "Sir." He said and sat down on the plush couch next to Nilia, glancing at her for any kind of reaction. She just stared straight ahead and waited for her father to give them the potion. But instead of going over to his cabinet to get it out, he sat down on the desk in front of them.

"Draco, I know what is going on from Nilia here." He motioned towards her. "But, I think I can help you out more than giving you the potion."

Nilia turned her head in confusion and waited for her father to continue, what was he up to?

"As you both know, I was once a Death Eater. As a Death Eater I knew what was going on with all of the families involved. And this did include the Parkinsons. So, let me tell you what the problem appears to be." He went around to the chair at his desk and sat, pulling out a flask from the drawer. Nilia knew it was vodka, he had sips of it hear and there.

After sipping a little bit, he put in back in the drawer and placed his hands out in front of him. "Shortly after you were born Draco, Pansy was brought into this world. At that time, her family and yours argued over whether or not you two should be wed. After arguing for what seemed like a year, your parents decided that you could choose a pureblood to marry, but Pansy's family said that they would choose for her, a betrothal." He glanced between Nilia and Draco who seemed on the edge of their seats. "Naturally, the two families didn't speak as well as before. So Draco, you were given the choice. I am correct in this?"

"At first I was, then they found out about Nilia. But it was too late to set up a betrothal then. My father didn't trust you as much, and didn't think you would be interested. He told me to make her fall in love with me." He said almost gloomy.

Nilia smacked him, "Don't sound so happy about it!"

He looked down at his hands, if only she knew how he felt.

"Alright. So, basically you got to choose." Severus interrupted the tension and continued. "As I was saying, Pansy's father William, and her mother Natalya searched within the ranks of the Death Eaters for another wealthy pureblood family. They had talked to the Goyles, Crabbes, and even the Lestrange family, but no one was interested in betrothal at that time. Then they came across another family who was only known for helping Death Eaters. They refused to actually participate because of their background."

"And this is who you think she is seeing?" Nilia interrupted before he would tell them the name. She still wasn't quite understanding everything.

Her father nodded, "I know for a fact this is who she is probably seeing."

Draco looked like he was about to scream, "WHO?"

"Calm down son." He waved his hand a bit and took another sip from his flask. "The family that they agreed upon were the Zabini's."

"That son-of-a-" Draco stood up and started to yell but Nilia pushed him back onto the seat with her hand.

"Let him finish." She whispered and felt Draco calm down under her hand.

"The Zabini's were somewhat hesitant at first and didn't want to force their son into something he didn't want. So they let the children spend summers together and WIlliam hoped his daughter would fall for the young man. Both families are very pureblood dating back centuries, and the wealth between them would have been unimaginable." He cleared his throat. "The first year of Hogwarts for them was different. You could tell there was a strong friendship there. Did you notice Draco?"

Draco thought for a moment and memories of them always being together appeared. "The first year they were inseparable."

"Exactly. I noticed this myself. The second year was the same, but it wasn't something they were ready for yet. Being twelve they don't think about marriage or bloodlines. You guys were too wrapped up in Quidditch and making certain Gryffindors lives miserable." He smiled thinking back to how many points he took away from Gryffindor because Draco had started something. "I noticed in your third year everyone started noticing eachother. And that is when you two," He nodded to Draco, "being you and Pansy started hanging out and Blaise was still around, but was more interested in terrorizing the first years. Throughout that year, I watched you and Pansy become closer and I knew it was going to cause a problem with Blaise."

"We were only friends in third year." Draco pointed out. "We didn't really get close until our fifth year, actually started dating in sixth"

"I understand, but I saw something there. In your fourth year I also took notice that you were following Nilia around a little too much. She would often complain about your snide little comments, and tripping her in the halls." An immediate glare went from Severus to Draco, and Nilia sat as far away on the couch from Draco as she could. Her face was red and she was mumbling thing about her father opening her big mouth.

"Nilia, grow up." Severus added and avoided the death-glare from his daughter. "I was completely and utterly confused. If Blaise and Pansy were supposed to marry, why weren't they together? The answer came in the third month of that year. I recieved a letter from his mother telling me that I needed to make sure Draco was not going after Pansy. That she was to marry Blaise. And she informed me that she assumed it was my duty to help the two be together. I ignored it at first because I became quite aware of your pining for my daughter, figured it would take the attention away. So I waited for the sparks to fly between Pansy and Blaise."

"Pining for me?" Nilia nudged Draco and watched him blush.

"Children, let me finish." Severus glared again. "I thought that from the lack of communication between the two that their wasn't anything going to transpire and that Pansy was just waiting for you to get over my daughter. But one night I caught them sneaking back into the common room together holding a blanket. This triggered me to notice little things even more, they would pass notes in the hall, brush up against eachother in the library. It was all obvious. So I was quite shocked when I heard of things happening between you and Pansy."

"She was cheating on me then?" Draco had the most obvious look of confusion on his face. "So, why wouldn't she just get rid of me in the beginning and go for Blaise. Why get pregnant and have me marry her?"

"Which brings me to my next part." Her father interjected. "In the summer before your fourth year or so, Lucias Malfoy found out some interesting information about the Zabini family. So, he bribed them, took all of their money. Leaving them almost as poor as the Weasley Family. True, William could earn the money back in no time, but that wasn't the point. Lucias Malfoy blackmailed them. And if anyone knows, you don't blackmail a pureblood family and get away with it."

Nilia rubbed her temples, "This is all payback because of what his father did?"

"And what did he find out?" Draco added.

Severus stood up and went to the window. "We don't know what he found out. That is why they payed him off, to not let the secret out. And yes, I believe to the fullest it is payback."

"To get back the money he took." Nilia said under her breath, trying to soak in all of the information.

"Ok, ok." Draco stood to pace the room. "Let me set this all out straight."

"Pansy and Blaise were seeing eachother the whole time we were at Hogwarts basically. Probably developed those feelings third year. But during that time, my father bribed Blaise's family. Creating a lot of tension between his family and mine. No wonder I got all those new things in my fourth year. And that is when Pansy agreed to go to the Yule Ball with me. But at the same time I was being pressured to go after Nilia. Pansy must have been asked to go after me to get back at me at the same time. We developed a good friendship and then it became more."

He stopped and looked at Nilia. "Why would Blaise, with those other trolls, go after you then? He was all about you marrying me and having my child?"

Nilia was starting to get a headache from all the thinking. And that was true? Why would he push for us if he was secretly seeing Pansy? Oh, it was all too much to grasp. She looked at her father for help, he smiled and clicked his tongue.

"It was all a show son. He knew that Fred and Nilia were serious and wouldn't go for it. And he had Pansy playing you so well, that it didn't matter what he used to itimidate her, it wouldn't work. He was putting on a pretty good show."

Draco's face was now red with anger, he had been crossed in so many ways and it was making him feel utterly ridiculous. He was usually the one crossing people in so many ways, Why the hell did it happen to him?

"Ok, so Blaise was just acting. Pansy must have gotten pregnant on purpose, she knew that we would get married if she did. And she wanted to go into our hiding spot with us as a shoe-in. I would have to marry her then. And it was ok for Blaise to know because his family would never help my father in anyway. Taking all my money...clever bunch aren't they?"

Nilia nodded and walked over to Draco, putting her arm on his shoulder. "You didn't know."

"My father ruined more then just my life." He fell silent. "Maybe I deserved it."

Without thinking, Nilia wrapped her arms around Draco's neck and held him there, whispering. "You don't deserve any of this. Pansy is the one who brought a child, your child, into this world just so she could get back at your father for her fiancees family. She ruined your life."

"But my son..." He whispered clinging onto Nilia.

"We'll figure something out Draco. She will not take your son and your money away." Nilia placed a soft kiss on his cheek, he was a close friend that she needed to desperately help.

~_Zabini Manor_~

"Hmm...I missed this so much." Pansy muttered against the chest she was laying on.

Blaise looked down at her and smiled. "Me too. Just remember, only a week or so and you'll be with me all the time."

"And that git doesn't suspect a thing." She chuckled to herself. "Little does he know."

He shifted underneath her and sat them both up. "Pansy, do you think this is a little extreme?"

Her cheeks turned red. "Probably, but we have to do what your mother wants. After all, he took all of your money."

"Lucias did, not Draco." He whispered finally letting the whole concept of it hit him. He never really liked Draco, but killing him over money?

"What about Nicholas?" Pansy questioned.

"My mother wants nothing to do with him."

She nodded slowly and held back the tears. "Drop him off at the orphanage?"

The look in his eyes were enough to tell her yes, and she cuddled up against him. "I despise Draco, but I wish there was an easier way."

"Me too dear, me too. But you know how my mother is?" They both nodded and fell asleep.

~_Weasley's Wizard Wheezes_~

"You're home late." George said as the fireplace went from pitch black to bright green as someone flooed in. He assumed it was Nilia.

"Didn't know it was home Weasley." Draco stood up against the wall and sneered at George as Hermione, Harry, and Nilia all flooed in after him.

"You." George answered with a frown on his face. "Wipe your feet, don't want you to contaminate anything."

"George! Lay off!" Hermione exclaimed and plopped down of the couch, setting her feet on the table in front of it. "Where's Fred?"

"Right here." He came into the room wiping his hair with a towel.

Nilia bounded over to him and planted a kiss on his lips. "Hey." He looked absolutely yummy in nothing but a pair of green pajama pants.

"Hmm." He answered back pulling her into a deeper kiss.

"Come on guys, get a room." Harry announced, forcing them to break apart, faces red. "We need your help with something."

Fred groaned as he broke away from his embrace with Nilia and glanced at his brother. "They need our help." He looked down at Nilia. "Whatever for?"

"Draco needs our help." She whispered and held his hand.

"Draco?" He asked, not letting his voice get too loud. "Why would I want to help him?"

"Please? Let us tell you what happened." She pleaded and he agreed just by the look on her face.

They all sat down after Hermione and Nilia made tea and Draco retold the story, his voice full of nervousness. Why were they telling the whole world about this? And how could these two possibly help?

"All right." George stood up and looked at his brother. "What do you need us for? Sounds like Hermione here needs to find a loophole in the marriage laws and then all is set."

Hermione sighed and stood up next to him. "It could be like that. Or, you two could sneak into the Zabini residence and get more information."

Fred laughed, "Sneak in there. Why not just use Extendable Ears?"

"It doesn't matter. Something!" Harry interrupted. "We need something. We may be able to petition for him to not get married. But we need proof."

Draco felt like laughing and crying at the same time. "How can two of the biggest goofs sneak into a house unsuspected? You guys are noisy enough just breathing."

George put his arms across his chest in anger. "You think you're funny huh? Well, if you didn't know, Fred and I have been offered jobs at the Ministry to work as spies. To gather up the last Death Eaters."

All eyes turned towards the Twins, this was the first they had heard of it. Nilia was the first to speak. "Fred, you never told me this! Why have you been keeping things from me?"

He looked down and felt his face turn red. He didn't want to tell her this right away, it was a dangerous job and if she knew just how much, she would be furious. He wanted her to have a perfect life. Marriage, children, and a long life together. And this kind of news would probably ruin a few of those, he would be in constant danger of being killed. As long as the Death Eaters were still out there.

"Nilly." He said, not really knowing what to say next. "I-well-I-I didn't want to scare you."

"SCARE ME?" She stood up fuming. "You have kept these important little secrets from me since the beginning. What is going to be next? You are going to be the Ministers bodyguard?"

George laughed at the wrong moment. "We actually thought about it but-"

Fred shot him a glare. "George you are not helping!"

Hermione decided to cool things down. "Guys, lets deal with one thing at a time." She turned towards the twins. "WIll you two try to help?"

They nodded and the room fell silent.

Nilia stood up and looked at Fred. "I am going back to my fathers house tonight."

"But, you said you'd stay here." A frown appeared on his face, hoping it would make her crumble and she'd stay.

"That was before I found out you had been keeping a secret from me once again." She bid her goodbyes to everyone and stood in front of the fireplace, throwing floo powder down. "Snape Manor!"

"Tsk-Tsk." Draco mocked and went to the fireplace. "You know her temper."

"Malfoy. Don't start with me!" Fred stood up to go ring Draco's neck.

"Snape Manor!" He said in the fireplace and vanished into a fume of green smoke before Fred could reach him.

Fred turned with a shocked look on his face. "Why would he be going there?"

Hermione wasn't quite sure either, and she saw Harry send her an uneasy glance. She would just have to cover until she found out what was going on. "He had to pick up some articles from Severus."

His shoulders sagged and he turned towards his bedroom. "Right. See you all in the morning."

~_Snape Manor_~

"Nilly, you alright?" Draco asked. She was sitting in a plush chair opposite from the fireplace, fingers on her temple. She wasn't responding. "Nilly?"

He broke her trance and she sat straight up, looking around. "What?" She saw Draco and smiled. "Hi. What are you doing back here?"

Draco shrugged as he sat on the arm of the chair she sat in. "I don't want to go back."

"I know. But you can't let her know that you know." Nilia explained.

He grabbed her hand and held it against his cheek. "I hate all of this."

Nilia yanked her hand back and looked up at Draco. "Are you ok?"

Was he ok? Draco thought, he knew what he wanted. It was in front of him the whole time, and he ruined it by listening to his father. He had told him to be forward and tell her exactly what he wanted. Well, he told her what his father wanted.

All he wanted was to be with Nilia, if only it had been that way. What was he thinking? Nilia didn't think of him that way. She was in love with Weasley...that pathetic Weasley. She could have a much better life with him, not that red headed idiot. But then again, she wouldn't be able to have children with would be able to bring back old Voldy. Damnit, what was wrong with him? Nilia would never be with him, ever!

"I am fine. Just tired really." He lied and stood up. "I should get back. She will be home in an hour. Said she was out with Millicent."

Nilia laughed, "They hated eachother."

Draco nodded and managed to smile. "Too bad it didn't work out between us Nilia."

He turned and went to the fireplace, leaving in green smoke, and her in the afterglow of what he just said, Too bad things didn't work out between us Nilia.

"Nilia?" Her father asked. He found her staring out the window hours after she got home. "Why aren't you with Fred?"

She didn't answer.

"Nilia? Dear, answer me." He said louder.

"He keeps secrets from me." She said so soft he couldn't hear.


She turned around abruptly, hands on her hips. "He doesn't tell me what's going on. He just does it. Even when it can cost him his life. He does it! Doesn't care if he'll get killed and leave me alone." Her face was red, "Oh no. Don't tell Nilia you joined the Order, and were in the final battle. Oh no! She would be hurt! But why not be a spy for the Ministry so I can prance around Death Eaters and dodge their curses. I only have a HUGE change of getting killed. But it's ok. Nilia won't mind!"

Severus stood rooted in his spot, he had no idea what to say to her at that moment. Not many times it happened that he was left speechless, he was a Snape, he had tons to say. "Nilia."

Her sobs filled the air and she sunk to the ground, head resting on the wall underneath the window. "Why am I so lame?"

He smiled as he sat next to her and wrapped his arms around her. "Lame? Did you just call yourself lame?"

She nodded and looked into his eyes. "Father. I want to be five again, no worries in the world. And I would have my mother and you, together."

Severus closed his eyes at the thought of Sevilla. Her lying in St. Mungos with no knowledge of her daughter, let alone anything. He would visit her often, praying she would wake from her never-ending slumber, but knew that would never happen. Her body was alive, her soul was dead.

Severus Snape was still in awe at how Voldemort managed to ruin so many lives.

"I want that too dear." He stroked her hair. "But you wouldn't be with Fred today if that was the case. You would have probably ended up with a slimy Slytherin." He forced a smile. "You are meant to be with Fred, believe me, I see it."

Nilia smiled at the thought of Fred. But boy, she was still angry with him. "Why would he keep things like that from me?"

"Same reason your mother didn't tell you about her past. Or what she was up to. She tried to keep you from horrible things. That is all Fred is doing, keeping you away from those bad things he is fighting for."

"He could die." It came out a sob.

"Right, but so could I. I am almost in the same position, and have been for many years."

Nilia let out a breath of air, she wasn't going to win this one even if she fought it for days. "Thanks father."

"It's nothing." He let out, after holding back the tears that boiled within him from talking about Sevilla. "Do you want to go see your mother tomorrow?"

The first words that came out of her mouth were, "I would love that."


Alright, I know that was VERY informational. But I had to let it all out. I tried to make everything fit together, but I often just wrote and didn't think. It is possible! You should read some of my english papers! Well, hope this holds you all out until I write the next chapter!

St. Mungos and maybe a little spying is in store!!!!!

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