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Changing The Past, Rewriting The Future by GryffindorBabexhott
Chapter 7 : 7: Flower Power & Revenge ... this cant be good
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Those three days had flown by as Harry was introduced as James’ second cousin. Ron and Ginny were my lost cousins and Hermione was a visitor. Everyone accepted the new students as they were always there. Of course, not everything was easy. 

Harry, Ron and Hermione filled Ginny in, who was still unhappy about the fact she was being left here, while they went on their adventures. The four of them together sold the story to James, Sirius, Remus and I. But being in the year 1977 had more effects on the newcomers. For example, let me take you back to their first day in our time.
Day 1

“So basically everything is the same, except for different teachers, head of houses and classmates.” I finished as we all walked into the Great Hall.

“LILY!” I heard five girls shriek.

I turned around to see my crew running towards me. I screamed as I threw my arms around my co-leader, Rose. Next I hugged Bell, then Lavender, then Marigold and lastly Daisy.

 We all met either on the train, opening feast, common room. Dormitories or classes. We find it cool how all of our names are based on flowers. We use the term ‘flower power’. 

 Rose and Bell are in Gryffindor like me. I met Rose on the train and Bell after she was sorted into Gryffindor. The three of us met Lavender and Daisy in our Herbology class. They’re Hufflepuff’s. We all worked on our plants together and BA BOOM- we became BFFs. 

 And lastly I met Marigold in Transfiguration. I introduced her to the crew before dinner and we were a team. She’s a Ravenclaw. We spend days on the lake, work in the library, attend Hogsmeade visits and go to Quidditch matches.

 They were all their to knock me out of depression. Only them know why I spent six months is total depression. And they only know why I didn’t eat four a month, which ended up with me being sent to St. Mungo’s.

“Where have you been!!?” Rose squealed.
“We missed you!” Lavender added.
“You missed Flower Night!” Bell, Marigold and Daisy screamed together.
“I know. Im sorry. I had to go visit my realities because uh, my third cousin got married. And I brought two of my cousins back! Look. GINNY!” I screamed the end as Ginny was giving Harry a kiss.

“WHAT?” she asked in a loud annoyed voice.
“Stop snogging and get over here.” I said as my friends giggled.
“No.” Ginny replied before she kissed Harry again.
“One moment girls.” I said holding up one finger.

I walked over to Ginny and pulled her apart from my future son. That was an odd sentence. I then grabbed the back of her shirt and pulled her over.

“Who is that?” Rose asked pointing at Harry.
“He looks like a replica of James Potter. Oh we could use another James Potter,” Bell sighed.
“That’s Harry Potter. James’ cousin. You can clearly see the family resemblance.” I said.
“Oh yes we can.” Marigold giggled.
“Back off he’s my boyfriend.” Ginny snapped.
“I should just dye my hair red. Then maybe I can get a guy.” Daisy said.
“At least I can get my guy. Now excuse me.” Rose said and ran over to….Sirius Black.

One minute later Rose came back running away from….Sirius Black. Tears in her eyes, she started talking. 

“He – broke – up – with – ME! ME! ME! ROSE MCKINNON! NO – ONE – BREAKS – UP – WITH – ROSE – MCKINNON!” she screamed. 

Ginny looked confused. She looked at me. I gave her a nod and she got it. I pulled her aside as my crew went after Sirius.

“Sirius sure breaks hearts.” Ginny muttered.
“Yup. He’s going to die. Right now. But hey – you’re gonna be popular. You’re dating James Potter’s cousin. Be prepared to fight off angry girls.” I smirked.
“I grew up with six older brothers. Lemme at em.” Ginny replied forming a fist.
“Excuse me while I go kill Black.” I said before walking away.

Ginny walked up next to Harry and whispered in his ear.

“Watch this.”

The six flowers walked up to Sirius before they smacked him in the head in turn. Then on both arms. Then kicked him in the legs. And punched him. Harry began to laugh, Ginny followed with James, Remus and Ron. But then there was one more laugh.

 The laugh of Peter Pettigrew. Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione stopped laughing immediately. Harry stared at the man who had ruined his life. Sure, Voldemort killed everyone but if Pettigrew hadn’t sold his parents to Voldemort then he never would have become the boy who lived.

His eyes became dark as he stared at Pettigrew. James, Remus and Peter were still laughing until they noticed the sudden silence. The boys looked at them and noticed how they were staring at Peter.

I knew something was wrong.  Ginny had grasped Harry’s sleeve as he tried to walk forward. Ron’s eyes were cold and Hermione looked like a balloon that was pinched by a needle.

“Filthy little traitor!” Harry muttered loudly.
“Are you ok Harry?” I asked.
“Scum bag.” Ron added.
“Seriously, what is wrong?” James asked staring at everyone.
“I dispese you! You little rat!” Hermione began to yell.

Oh, but Ginny had to be the worst. She took her wand out, launched at Peter, and put the wand tip in his face. 

 “You unworthy git, what this boy had to deal with thanks to you. You should be lucky for everything he ever did to you!” Ginny said in such a scary tone that I got goose bumps.
Day 2

The next day we all went into Hogsmeade. Not much to say. We looked around the shops and ate lunch together. Peter wasn’t with us though, either terrified of Ginny or doing something else. That boy always was odd.

Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny told us about the shop that was going to be joining Hogsmeade. There were two shops being built. Thos happened to be Madam Puddifoots and Zonkos. And trust me; you will never see James Potter and Sirius Black more excited when they heard a joke shop was being built.

By the looks of the shops, they were almost finished. This only increased the excitement inside the nutcases. 

Eventually we all went back to the castle before Hermione and I got everyone to work. Sirius mentioned ‘One Lily is enough, I don’t need two’

And of course James did his work because he couldn’t resist me. Yes, here I am using my charm on James Potter.

Sirius mentioned something like the word ‘whipped’. He certainly got hurt for that comment.
Day 3

Ah. Monday. Don’t you love Mondays? I do! Another day of education. I packed my bag and set off to breakfast with my crew. We always sat near each at one table. Today everyone sat at Gryffindor. I tried my best to get the girls to talk to Ginny and Hermione.  

Now. Let me explain why these people probably would not fit together oh so perfectly. Let’s start with ROSE! Rose Saradelli, the spunky Gryffindor. Her short brown hair made her attractive. As did her robin blue eyes. She was a mix of your average tomboy and glamour queen. But I love her to death.

Bell White.  My little sweet butterfly. I won’t lie. When she was eleven…she was no prom princess. But puberty kicked in and did wonders. No joke people. Her soft pin straight blonde hair going down to the middle of her back. Her soft dark green eyes did wonders on her. Every guy liked her. But as you can see, she refused Sirius so he took the next best thing which was Rose.

 Lavender Summers. The devious Hufflepuff. She may be loyal but it’s her loyalty that gets you in trouble. Her black wavy hair that goes to the shoulders. Her dark brown eyes which seems to be misty at times. But man do I love her. She was loyal to me the entire time I went through the ‘Potter-May-Be-Cute-But-He’s-An-Arrogant-it’ phase. 

Daisy Summers. The Good Twin out of Lavender and Daisy. Let me cut these short, identical twins. Daisy – good. Lavender – bad (at times) 

Marigold Williams. She is a beater on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. She’s very good. She has short red hair but lighters than mine. She has brown eyes that can see like a hawk. She is amazing at work. I go to HER for help when I don’t know what I’m doing. She’s such a loving person but when she’s playing Quidditch, watch out. She can be pretty aggressive.

So my friends are a variety where we all can stand each other. But fitting Ginny and Hermione in was going to take some work. But Hermione was leaving tomorrow. But I had to think of some way to get Ginny to feel welcome in the group.

Harry, Ron, James and Sirius were laughing at something. James had introduced Harry and Ron to the Quidditch Team….OH YEAH!

I quickly stopped listening to Rose, which is hard to do May I add, and looked at Ginny. I was smiling wildly as she looked at me like I got hit with a bludger.

 “Are you ok Lily?” Ginny asked me.
“Perfect!” I beamed at them
“Lily, no more about how happy you are that you are dating James Potter!” Bell exclaimed.
“Not that. Ginny, try out for Quidditch! Marigold told me yesterday Gryffindor needs a new Chaser!” Lily squealed.
“Yeah. That would be great!” Bell replied.
“Gryffindor could use the help.” Daisy added.
“And James Potter, THE JAMES POTTER, would be your captain.” Lavender added.
“And we’ll have something to talk about” Marigold replied,
“Ok. I’ll do it.” Ginny said and then turned towards James. “Oi! James!” she shouted.

James looked up and saw me – not Ginny. He got up and walked over to me. He leaned down and whispered in my ear something that made me blush. We began to snog.

“Since Prongs is unavailable, how may I help you? Or you can help me.” Sirius said wiggling his eyebrows.

Harry slapped the back of Sirius’ head.

“I wanna try out for Chaser.” Ginny said.
“Tryouts are next Saturday.” Remus said.
“I could have told her that!” Sirius cried upset.
“But you would say something stupid and then Harry would hit you again.” Remus explained.
Our first class was Defense against the Dark Arts with…Slytherins. We saw Snape. Eh. I felt like my breakfast was itching its way up my throat as I passed him. He was nice, now he’s down right creepy. CREPPY I TELL YOU!

Harry sat down next to James. Remus and Sirius. Ron and Hermione. I got Rose. And Bell was with…..not important. We began our lesson as we revised. N.E.W.T.s were coming up. Very important, for they affect our life choices, jobs, income and where you can live.

As the lesson finished everyone began to pack up. The bell rang and the Slytherins raced towards the door. Not saying a word. Very weird behavior. But all of them were clutching their left arm. 

We finished are packing as we headed towards the door. But then, I turned around. I had heard a CLUNK! Harry was on the ground. Clutching his scar. Ginny, Ron and Hermione dropped their bags and ran towards him. I looked frantically to James, Sirius and Remus. 

We ran to his side. His eyes were red. Bright red. He looked….possessed. Hermione tried to put her hand on his cheek.

“Stay away mudblood.” Harry spat.
“We need Dumbledore.” Ginny said quietly.
I looked at James who nudged Remus. Remus went running. We looked back at Harry. Ginny was sobbing quietly. Harry looked vicious. Dumbledore came running. He bent by Harry’s side.

 “It’s happening again.” Ron whispered.
“Tom. I need you to let him go.” Dumbledore said.

Tom? Who is Tom? 

“Not this time Dumbledore” Harry spoke again in his snake like voice.
“What’s going on?” I asked.
“Ahh. Miss Evans and Mr. Potter. Oh and Mr. Black and Mr. Lupin. How lovely to see you again.” Harry said.
“That sounds like Voldemort.” James whispered.
“Tom. Give me the boy.” Dumbledore commanded.
“Dumbledore. No!” Harry snarled.

Harry then began to what it seemed like, speak to himself.

“So Potter, you are reunited with your dear mudblood mother and arrogant father. But Im coming for you Harry Potter. And you better be ready. Because Im ending this before it ever begins.”

And then he passed out.
Oh, bugger.


a/n: heyy! heres another chapter! please review! i am re-editing so please stick with me!! lizzie<3

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