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The Birth Of A Hero by TyrannicFeenix
Chapter 17 : Dreams
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Chapter 17 – Dreams.

Binns rummaged through the deep trunk trying to find the right book. He was busy preparing the new class work now that Rowena was well enough for them to continue classes. He was so far in the chest that his feet were no longer touching the floor. His legs were flailing in the air as he found the book he was searching for. He tried to extract himself from the chest but found he couldn’t move. Too much of his body was in the chest and he couldn’t get enough momentum to get back out.

“Ah is anybody there? I need some help please.” Binns called still trying to get himself out.

Two pairs of hands grasped his legs and pulled him up while another two grabbed him around the waist and pulled him out of the chest. When his feet touched the ground he turned to thank the trio for pulling him out and found himself face to face with Salazar. Binns dropped the book and immediately went for his wand but could feel a hand at his waist and he realised someone had just taken it. He spun around to see who was with Salazar and found Helga and Rowena laughing at his reaction while Godric held his wand out to him.

“We need your help Professor.” Godric stated as Binns took his wand back and turned back to Salazar.

Godric jumped in between the two and shook his head. “It’s alright Professor. He is on our side now.”

Binns eyed Salazar warily and looked at Godric trying to work out what enchantment Salazar had cast on the young man. “What do you need Godric.”

“We need you to teach us all the offensive spells that you know. And we aren’t leaving here until we have mastered them.” Godric said matter-of-factly.

“What.” Binns stumbled. “Why do you need to know them? We aren’t supposed to do offensive magic for months yet.”

“Because I’m sick of always being on the back foot around here. We finally have some idea of what Thomas is planning and now we need to stop him. The sooner we can do so the better.”

“But a lot of these spells are highly dangerous.”

“Then teach us carefully.” Godric replied making the others laugh as Binns watched him closely.

Godric wasn’t laughing with the girls. In fact he was just standing there, a steely resolve in his eyes. Binns knew immediately that he wasn’t going to talk them out of this.

“Alright then. Everybody outside for a minute.” Binns said as he marched them all out of the room.

He closed the door and they watched it recede into the wall again. Binns put his wand on the wall and thought of the room they would need to practise these spells and the door reappeared. He opened it up to gasps from the kids as they looked into the cavernous space inside. They all walked in and he swung the door shut behind himself as he followed them. The room had a huge ceiling well out of normal reach and there were targets all around the walls. The floor was soft and spongy and there was a bookshelf in the corner with all sorts of books about offensive magic and how to defend yourself. In the very centre of the room was a set of dummies that could be enchanted to move about for moving target practise.

“Now most of these spells are only designed for temporary disarming or stunning nothing more.” He said taking on a very serious air as he drew his wand again. “However you must still be extremely careful, especially in here. We don’t want to go hurting anyone. Now are you ready?’

They all nodded and drew their own wands and faced the targets on the walls.


The door swung outwards and the four teens poured out the door like water through a clenched fist. They were completely exhausted having been in the Room of Requirement for three straight days. Alexandria had brought them food several times and expressed her concern that this wasn’t good for them all but they had ignored her and pressed on regardless. All of them had surpassed Binns in casting the spells and towards the end he had even begun instructing them on how to use non-verbal spells as had been his original intention for the next lesson.

“Well that was certainly a lot of fun. Thank you very much for that highly traumatic experience Godric.” Salazar said sarcastically as they used the wall to support themselves as they walked back to their rooms.

“At least we are kind of prepared now.” Helga defended.

“Yeah but I doubt any of those spells are going to be very useful against undead skeletons. I mean can you even stun a skeleton?” Godric commented.

“I doubt it. I came across something in a book I was reading the other day. Maybe there is some more stuff in there we can use.” Rowena said nearly out of breath.

“Maybe. But it can wait until tomorrow.” Helga stated as Godric’s eyes lit up.

“Sounds good to me.” Salazar said. “Now where am I sleeping in this place?”

“I’ll show you.” Helga said as she took his hand. “Goodnight you two. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Night.” Godric and Rowena chimed at the same time as the other two walked off.

Rowena suddenly slid down the wall and Godric rushed over to help her up.

“Are you alright Rowena?” He asked looking really concerned.

“I’m fine. I just need to get a little rest. I’m still not a hundred percent just yet.” She smiled back at him.

“Alright, lean on me and let’s get you to your room.” Godric said taking her weight even though he felt like he was going to fall over himself.

It took them nearly half an hour to walk back to Rowena’s room but they made it. Godric laid her gently into bed and went back to the doorway and closed the door before returning and helping her into bed properly.

“Godric.” Rowena said her eyes fluttering closed as she yawned.

“Yes.” He said gently stroking her hair again.

“Do you wanna stay with me tonight? I feel like some company.”

Godric just smiled as he leant down and kissed her. “Of course I will sweetie.” He said as he threw his top on the floor and climbed in beside her gently feeding his arms around her and pulling her close.

“Goodnight Godric.” She whispered as she snuggled up against him.

“Goodnight Rowena.” He replied watching as she silently drifted off to sleep before closing his eyes and falling asleep himself.


The trees around him roared with flame. Godric stumbled over a rock on the ground as he pushed forward down the path as he searched for his friends. The heat beat at him like a drunken troll and the sound of the flames roared in his ears almost overpowering his own voice as he yelled for his friends.

“ROWENA! HELGA! SALAZAR!” He yelled into the forest. “Anybody? Are you guys there?”

He got no response and pushed on forward feeling that there was something ahead he needed to do. He saw a clearing ahead and hoped it might be a little cooler if he could get away from the trees a bit. As he entered the clearing he saw all three of his friends fighting a throng of skeletons and they were one by one, disarmed and knocked to the ground. Helga hit her head on a rock and was knocked out cold as Salazar held her away from the fire and shielded her from the skeletons. Godric drew his sword and charged the skeletons as they advanced on Rowena who was casting spells at them left and right until something disarmed her, her wand flew away into the burning trees.

“Godric! Help us please.” She begged as she saw him fighting with the skeletons.

“I’m trying. Check on Helga.” He yelled as he severed arms and legs.

The skeletons continued after him in single minded pursuit. Nothing seemed to stop them except removing all their limbs and knocking their heads off. And even then stray limbs would chase after him. Suddenly an arrow pierced Godric’s left arm and he dropped his sword and retreated from the enemy. As he approached his friends he snapped the head off the arrow and slowly pulled it from his arm, sending jolts of pain through him. He once again positioned himself between the skeletons and his friends. He drew his wand and started cursing the skeletons, blowing arms and legs away as he slowly blasted a hole in their ranks. But for everyone he killed three more pushed up and took its place. Godric looked around and saw Thomas behind the skeletons laughing at his predicament as his friends yelled at him from behind.

Godric felt helplessness start to grip at his heart. He didn’t know any spells that were strong enough to take out all the skeletons. Another arrow soared through the air heading straight for Rowena. Godric watched in horror, too far a way to do anything to stop it. Suddenly Salazar threw himself in front of the arrow and it hit him right in the stomach.

REDUCTO!” Godric shot the archer, blasting it to pieces.

He shuffled over to where Rowena was nursing Salazar in her arms.

“Don’t let those monsters get them Godric. I know you can do it.” Salazar said as he passed out from shock.

Godric looked at his friends body in shock as well as he glanced over at Helga. He had failed again. He looked up and locked eyes with Rowena.

“I believe in you Godric. You can do it.” She said softly.

Godric felt a great swell in his heart as he remembered all the times he had spent with his friends and he refused to let it end like that. He turned back to the skeletons and pointed his wand at them. They all laughed at his feeble attempt to fend them off. Godric ignored the cold laughter and focused on his friends. He looked right at Thomas and smiled.

Expecto Patronum.” He said calmly as a huge ghostly lion roared from his wand landing between them and the skeletons and roared viciously at them.

The skeletons pulled back as the lion advanced on them and Thomas laughed at Godrics last effort. The lion leapt into the middle of the skeletons who immediately started slashing at it with their weapons which just passed right through it knocking one another’s heads off left and right. Godric smiled at their terror. As he did the lion grew even bigger and started tearing the skeletons apart until they were nothing but piles of bones littering the ground of the clearing. Thomas looked at his army horrified before he turned tail and ran off. He cast one final spell over his shoulder as Godric’s lion disappeared. A great green flash sped across the clearing headed for Rowena but Godric dived in front of it and remembered no more as he fell to the ground.


He suddenly woke up covered from head to toe in sweat, breathing like he had just run around the lake. He glanced around the room unsure of where he was when he heard someone moan. He looked down at the bed and remembered instantly where he was when he saw Rowena there snuggling closer to him in her sleep. Godric smiled at her as she reached around him and pulled him closer again. Godric just lay there watching her sleep before kissing her gently on the lips.

“I think I found our secret weapon Rowena.” Rowena smiled in her sleep and held him tighter. Godric just smiled again. “Don’t worry honey. I’m not going to let anything get you.”

He just lay there watching her for ages before he closed his eyes again and drifted into a euphoric sleep.


Rowena rolled over as she felt the sun’s rays pressing against her face. She opened her eyes and she realised she was alone again.

“Godric? Where are you?” She asked as she climbed out of bed and walked around the room.

She looked on the floor and noticed that all his clothing was still there from the night before and wondered where he went to. She put on some fresh clothes and walked back to the Room of Requirement expecting that, being Godric, he was merely practising some more. When she arrived she saw the door was already present in the wall and opened it up screaming loudly as a gigantic silvery-white lion leapt through the door at her roaring.

It slowly disappeared as she watched revealing Godric standing in the Room of Requirement wearing just a pair of pants and smiling brightly at her.

“Good morning Rowena. What do you think?” He asked as he walked out the door and hugged her tightly. “I’m sorry if I scared you.”

“What in the world was that Godric?” She asked looking up at him.

“That is a little something that is going to help us stop Thomas. I had a dream about it last night and when I woke up this morning I had to try it out. It took me ages to get the lion to look like it did in my dream though. I call it a patronus. Isn’t it cool?”

“Definitely.” She smiled as she kissed him, loving the feeling of his arms wrapped around her. “Can you show me how to do it?”

“Sure.” He said as he ushered her into the Room of Requirement.

Godric closed the door and moved into the middle of the room as Rowena followed him over.

“Take out your wand.” He instructed as he brought up his own. “Now it’s a fairly simple spell to cast and it gets stronger depending on how happy you are. What you need to do is think of a really happy memory, which I hope you can find at least one from your time here.”

“Stop it Godric.” Rowena chastised playfully as he started laughing.

“Ok. Think of a really happy memory, and then just wave your wand in front of you and say Expecto Patronum.”

As soon as the words had left his mouth the lion roared to life from the end of his wand once more and started to stalk around the wall snapping at the targets on the walls making Rowena laugh at it.

Rowena thought hard back through her memory looking for something extremely happy. She tried the one she had made the night before when Godric spent the night with her.

Expecto Patronum.”

A large burst of white mist fired out of the end of her wand hovering in front of Godric’s lion causing the lion to turn its head as it looked at this strange new thing. Rowena frowned as she looked at her cloud and started to get depressed. Suddenly the cloud disappeared and she began to feel really bad. Godric walked over to her still smiling broadly as he took her into his arms once more. As if he knew she was feeling bad.

“It’s ok Rowena. That’s all that happens at first. It takes a lot of practise to get a fully formed shape like him.” He said pointing at the lion which had begun circling the room looking all about as though it were searching for Rowena’s missing patronus.

The pair started laughing as they watched his strange behaviour and Rowena saw how it became more distinct the happier Godric became.

“We just need to keep practising. Then you’ll get it. I promise.” He said as he kissed her again.

He stood behind her and held her tightly as she looked further back for a stronger happy memory. She remembered the day that Godric took her to meet the unicorns. She couldn’t remember ever feeling as happy as she had been that day.

“Got one?” Godric whispered into her ear.

Rowena just nodded and waved her wand out in front of her again. “Expecto Patronum.”

The cloud burst from her wand again but this time I seemed to move with some form of shape as it moved about the room getting fuller as Rowena smiled at her achievement in only a few minutes.

“See. Told you that it just takes practise. Especially for someone as incredible as you.” He said as he gently nibbled on her neck making her laugh again.

Godric’s lion walked right up to her and growled softly as her own patronus flew down and sat next to it.

“Why don’t you try again? This time really focus hard on that memory.” Godric said as he ran his fingers softly down her arm and gently gripped around her wrist.

Rowena focused as hard as she could on that same memory again. “Expecto Patronum!”

This time a great silvery griffin burst from her wand and soared up to the enormous ceiling making Rowena gasp as she watched it.

Godric smiled at her. “See. And every time you practise it it will get even clearer and more powerful.”

Rowena watched her patronus in awe as it landed next to the lion and the two sized each other up. She smiled and spun around and kissed Godric deeply. They were so occupied they didn’t notice when Binns opened the door until Godric’s lion roared loudly scaring Binns who ran back out the door leaving it wide open and the pair just laughed.


“Helga. Wake up.” Rowena said as she shook her friend.

Helga groaned as she opened her eyes looking at her friend with every intention of cursing her for waking her. “What is it?” She moaned as she rubbed her eyes and sat up.

“I was going to go for a walk and see the unicorns. I thought you might like to come too.” She replied, smiling.

“And this couldn’t wait why?” Helga grumbled as she got up and started changing her clothes.

“I dunno. I just felt like going now.”

“You are so lucky I’m too tired or I’d curse you right now.” Helga said as Rowena laughed at her.

They both wandered slowly through the halls as the sun crept a little higher over the hills in the distance, flooding the corridors with light. Helga yawned loudly as they walked across the dewy grass feeling the moisture slowly seeping into their clothing waking them further.

It didn’t take them very long to reach the unicorn’s glade and when they arrived they found the unicorns all sleeping softly, the children tucked up against their parents, slowly rising and falling with their parents breathing. Rowena walked over to them and gently stroked Wrentu’s mane watching as the beautiful creature slowly opened her eyes and looked at Rowena. Helga joined her and soon the children had awakened as well and were trotting around the glade showing off to their friends.

“Hey Helga.” Rowena prompted nudging her friend softly. “Wanna see something cool?”

Helga merely nodded as Rowena smiled widely, pulling her wand from her pocket. She focused for a minute before whispering. “Expecto Patronum.”

The griffin burst forth once more, even more distinctly than last time and soared up into the air before gliding back down and prancing about with the amused foals Helga sat upright and just stared speechlessly at the silvery beast running about the glade.

“What is that?” She finally managed as the griffin walked towards the girls.

“It’s a patronus. Godric showed me how to do it. Isn’t it beautiful?” Rowena stated as he reached out and ran her hand along the outside of the spell.

“Can you teach me how to do it?” Helga buzzed, now fully awake as she watched the creature dance about the glade once more.

“I guess I could, but I think I should let Godric teach you, he is way better at it than I am. His is fully corporeal.” She replied.

“What on earth is corporeal?” Helga questioned finally tearing her gaze from the patronus.

“It means you can reach out and touch it like a real animal. You can actually pat his.”

“Pat his what?” Godric asked as he walked up behind the girls scaring them as Rowena’s patronus vanished.

“Don’t scare me like that.” Rowena said as she hit him playfully as he pulled her into his arms.

“But it’s just so much fun.” He teased as Helga just rolled her eyes at the pair.

“You two are pathetic.” She muttered as he got up off the ground. “So Godric, Rowena tells me you can teach me this patronus thing.”

Godric looked at Rowena as though they had agreed not to tell anyone. “Yes, I suppose I could.” He replied. “But it won’t be perfect to begin with. It’ll take you a while to get the hang of it.”

“Oh Godric.” Rowena scaled as she hit him again. “Just show her.”

The girls laughed as Godric pulled back acting hurt.

“No fair, no ganging up.” He said smiling. “Ok, has Rowena shown you hers?”

“Yes. It’s amazing. How do I do it?”

“It’s really simple to do, but complex to master. Just grab your wand. Think of a really happy memory, and wave your wand and say Expecto Patronum.” He said as his lion burst out and landed squarely in the middle of the glade startling the unicorns who gathered together facing this new creature.

“Wow.” Helga said as the lion stalked towards her. She stretched out her hand as it came closer and felt its hair run softly through her fingers warming her spirit much like phoenix song did. “It’s incredible.” She whispered.

“Hey Helga.” Godric called drawing her attention from the patronus. “You gonna give it a try?” He asked as he and Rowena watched her giggling.

Helga just poked out her tongue before drawing her wand and thinking back searching for the happiest memory she had. She just stood there for ages thinking hard sifting through her memories one by one until she came across the perfect one. She fixes her mind on the day that Godric and her had saved Galfur from the wolf and she opened her eyes to see Godric and Rowena still staring at her.

Expecto Patronum.” She said as she waved her wand in front of her drawing a small cloud of silvery dust in the air in front of her.

“Well done.” Godric said as the cloud started to dissipate. “With practise it will get more and more distinct each time until you can touch it like mine.”

Helga felt a little better at Godric’s reassurance and the cloud grew denser again. She lowered her wand and the cloud dissipated completely as she smiled at her friends who were kissing again.

“Oh you two really are pathetic.” She said as she turned away and tried the spell again.


It was nearly nightfall by the time Helga had produce a recognisable patronus. It was in the form of a unicorn and the foals were delighting in playing with it as they pranced all over the glade as the trio watched happily.

“You know we should really head back up to the castle. I don’t think it’s a very good idea to stay out too late at the moment.” Rowena said as Helga ended the spell and the trio laughed as the unicorns tried to work out where it had gone.

“Ok. Let’s go.” Godric said, as he helped the girls up.

The trio traipsed back through the forest chatting quietly until they reached the edge of the forest. They looked up at the castle in the distance and noticed several bright flashes coming from Max’s office.

“Oh no.” Godric whispers as a dark thought settled into his mind. “Grab my hands.” He orders the girls as Pyre flew up behind him and grabbed his shirt lifting them into the air before disappearing in his usual bright flash.

The trio touched down in Max’s office as Salazar was disarmed, his wand flying past Godric’s head as he ducked to the side. Max looked furious and was brandishing his wand at Salazar menacingly, but hesitated as the others approached. Without warning, Max moved to curse Helga and Godric drew his wand.

EXPECTO PATRONUM!” He yelled as his lion leaps forth.

The lion knocked Max to the floor, flinging his wand across the room as he cowered away from the roaring beast.

“Helga, go and get Binns, now.” Godric instructed as he advanced on Max keeping him pinned with his patronus, a roaring fire burning in his eyes.

Helga quickly ducked out the door and ran down the hall hoping that Binns was in his office and that he could help them. She wasn’t paying attention to where she was going and ran headlong into someone knocking herself to the floor and winding herself.

“Now, now Helga, you need to be more careful.” Binns said as he picked her up of the floor.

“Professor.” Helga whispered as she tried to breathe. “We need your help, in my dad’s office.” She managed as she glanced up at Binns.


Binns rushed into the room with his wand drawn but stopped short at the scene in front of him. Salazar and Rowena were standing behind Godric looking fearfully at Max as Godric glanced at Binns before stepping back allowing the mighty lion to step back from Max.

Incarcerous.” Binns breathed, pointing his wand at Max as he skirted the lion which growled softly as he passed and knelt next to Max.

He looked at Max trying to find what had happened to his friend as Max struggled against the ropes binding him to the chair.

“Let me go!” He roared, but he quickly cowered back as Godric’s patronus roared fiercely advancing on him slightly.

Max cowered in his seat staring unblinkingly at the lion when Binns looked at his eyes and saw they were clouded over. He pointed his wand and Max and muttered something under his breath and a soft orange glow covered Max, and then disappeared just as quickly.

“How do you feel?” He asked as he looked.

Max said nothing as his gaze darted about the room taking everything in as though he had been asleep through the whole thing. His eyes widened as he noticed the patronus and he looked about fearfully when he realised his arms were tied.

“What’s going on?” He asked looking from one person to the next searching for the answer. “And what is that?”

Godric lowered his wand and the lion slowly dissipated as a breeze blew in from the window causing the lion to blow gently away as it vanished. Max glanced about fearfully as they all looked back at him strangely.

“Will someone please tell me what is going on?” Max asked still glancing from one person to the next. “And what the hell was that thing?”

“We walked in just before and you were about to attack Salazar. You looked like you had gone crazy.” Helga said as she took a step towards her father looking concerned.

“Why would I attack him? I may not like that he is here but for some reason Godric seems to trust him, and I trust Godric enough to know he wouldn’t be here if he didn’t have good reason to believe him.” Max replied as Binns released him from the bindings.

“Then what just happened?” Godric asked, still keeping a firm grip on his wand.

“I don’t know. I remember Salazar walking into my office to speak with me, and then I woke up here, tied up.” Max replied. “But I remember feeling extremely angry at Salazar the moment I saw him. It was like I was possessed or something.”

Binns watched Max closely as he recited his story, trying to find any sign that he was lying. “Maybe Max really was possessed. We know that Thomas has found some really powerful dark magic. And the Max we know would never have attacked Salazar. Not without being provoked first. Was there anything else you can remember?”

Max looked as though he was thinking very hard before responding. “Actually I started to feel a little strange before Salazar came in. I was reading over some of the scrolls he brought.”

Binns walked over to the desk and quickly scanned the top scroll. “Ah I thought as much. This scroll is about controlling the minds of others to do your bidding. Reading it must have opened your mind to Thomas, who exploited it to get at us.”

The children looked relieved at this news and Godric finally put away his wand.

“Now I have answered your questions,” Max stated, “so can someone please tell me what on earth that thing was?”

Godric smiled. “It’s a spell I learned the other day. I call it a patronus. Comes in very handy.”

“You mean that you invented that spell?” Max asked in disbelief.

“Well I had a dream about it and then I practised it until I got it to work the same way it did in the dream.” Godric replied.

Max and Binns looked at each other understanding what this meant. “Well I guess I’m just glad you are on our side.” Max said finally, breaking the silence that had developed in the room. “And thank you all for helping me out here.” Max smiled.

“Anytime.” Godric said as he turned and left the room. The others followed, helping Salazar out the door.

“Did you know about this new spell?” Max asked Binns once the others had gone.

“I have seen it once but I didn’t know he had invented it. Seems he may be further along than we thought.” Binns replied looking a little worried.

“Maybe.” Max said as he turned and looked out the window thoughtfully. “Maybe they can actually win this.”

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