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The Burn-Out Heart by Rose Wilts
Chapter 10 : Chapter 10- The Halloween Party
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A/N: Just a warning for everyone. There IS a man-on-man kiss in this chapter. They ARE under the influence, but for anyone who would prefer not to read it, sorry. You have been warned.

Ever since I had heard about this ‘Halloween Party’ the Marauders put on I’d had visions in my head. They usually involved a large body of raunchily dancing students, flashing lights, loud music, drunks and masses upon masses of kissing couples. However the room looked nothing like that, and frankly, I much preferred it. The marauders were geniuses. 

The room had expanded so there was a large cleared space in the middle fan dancing. And people did dance, but not the kind I had in mind. It was calm, friendly. I liked it. It was dimly lit by coloured lanterns that floated on the ceiling, and fairy lights that wound their way up columns on the side of the room. Balloons and streamers were draped artfully across the high ceiling and bubbles drifted around the room from some unseen place. 

The music blared loudly, but not too loudly from somewhere I couldn’t see but I recognized the sound to be one of ‘Magical Elements’ latest hits. Although I didn’t know the words I hummed along, and quite well thank you very much. The thirty or so people that lined the walls and spread out across the floor chatted and swayed in time to the beat. 

On the far side of the room, next to darker corner with couches and drinks tables there was a small, and I suspected, illegally stocked bar. No one much hung around there though. I spotted Anna, Elise, Lucy and Greta. They waved me over, and I danced with them for a while. We tried to chat, but it was hard to hear over the mixture of other conversations and music. Besides, we were all too preoccupied looking for other people. After a while I excused myself and walked over to the bar. 

My own personal party was in full swing when Lily Evans appeared by my side. 

“Hey there.” She said looking a little uncertainly at me as I downed a shot of fire whiskey. “You weren’t at lunch today. Were you feeling okay?” 

I nodded and smiled widely before thanking her for her concern and asking whether James’s suit was to her liking. I could see him ordering a drink a little further down the bar, and I had to admit, next to Sirius he was probably the next most attractive male here tonight. 

“Oh.” She chuckled happily. “Yes, it’s lovely. Actually, it’s very nice.” She blushed a little but continued to smile happily. “Sirius doesn’t look too bad either, have you seen him yet?” I rose to my feet smiling and liking Lily Evans more and more. 

“Well, no, not yet. But I might, later…maybe.” Lily grinned again, her happiness was almost contagious. 

“Would you like a drink?” she offered looking at my empty glass. “I’ll buy one if you like.” 

I shook my head vigorously. “I don’t think if would be wise for me to drink anything other than water for now.” Lily laughed happily, nodding her understanding. We stood in silence, but only for a short moment. I had just fixed my eyes on another group of dancing students; Remus, Peter, James, Jasper and Sirius. Lily followed my gaze. 

“Do you want to come and dance with us?” She asked hopefully. I looked at her and smiled my biggest smile yet. 

“Sure. I’d love to.” 

Together we bounded over to the small group who weren’t really dancing at all. 

“Ah, come to see masters at work have you?” James said smugly. “I could give you a few tips if you’d like.” 

Lily screwed up her nose. 

“No thanks, I remember last time you tried to give me dancing advice.” 

Sirius let out a loud bark of pleasant laughter. I started at him startled. I’d never heard him laugh like that before. It was always more of a sneer or a smirk. His eyes flickered briefly to mine. He gave me a cautious sort of smile, his eyes alight with anxiety. I smiled slightly, letting him know he was forgiven and he winked. Then his expression hardened. Something over my shoulder had caught his eye. 

“Earth to Lulah.” 

I snapped back to reality. Remus was tugging lightly at my arm. Jasper and James were grinning wickedly. I knew they had something to do with this. 

“Want to dance?” He didn’t seem embarrassed, but a bit resigned. I smiled back kindly. 

“Sure thing.” 

We sort of swayed on the spot keeping time with the music. We weren’t really dancing together, just near each other. Still, I liked it this way. We stayed together until the song was over. I beamed at him and touched his shoulder. 

“Thanks Remus.” I’m sure he felt the heat flow through my fingers. 

“Ah, don’t worry about it.” He was smiling again. He was looking even paler and gaunter then usual this evening. Sick almost. I wondered to myself if he was alright. My thoughts were interrupted as he spoke again. 

“Do you want a drink?” He was ever so polite. 

“No thanks.” I knew it was shrewd of me to refuse. “Thanks for the offer.” He smiled again and went across to the bar. 

I stood staring after him for a few minutes until I felt a presence behind me. I didn’t turn around. 

“I was hoping you’d be here tonight.” 

I felt a strong surge of delight. I knew that voice, that low, silken voice. I struggled to compose my face before I whipped around. 

“Sirius,” I muttered apparently indifferent. It was taking every ounce of my self-control to not grin. All traces of my past anger towards him had ceased to exist. I looked up into his wide, grey eyes. I was surprised to see they held hesitancy but my heart fluttered all the same. 

“That is what they call me.” He murmured back. I was surprised by how close he was standing to me. 

“So it is Remus is it?” He asked casually, though I could see a flicker of his former irritation return to his eyes under the smile. 

“It’s not Remus.” I said. “That was an obligation on his part, or so I’m assuming.” 

Sirius chuckled darkly. 

“Silly, foolish Lulah.” 

I struggled for a moment to comprehend his words. His glorious face was so close to mine. 

“You mean he wasn’t put up to it by James and Jasper?” I asked skeptically, doubting my words even as I said them. 

“Maybe that’s exactly what I mean.” 

I felt my jaw open slightly. I refused to believe him. He was probably just saying it to annoy me. He seemed to like that. 

“I don’t trust your judgment.” I challenged stubbornly, flashing my eyes at his. Sirius remained unfazed. As I watched him, something behind his eyes set. A determination. He leaned forward very slowly so that his cheek almost touched mine and whispered in my ear. 

“Oh, it’s not judgment.” He cast me a heart-breakingly devious smile and turned on his heel. 

I remained frozen for the next minute or so, wondering what he could mean. It was only after Lily invited me back over again that I really started to enjoy the night. 


“So I said to her,” James slurred wrapping his arm tightly around Lily’s waist. “You’re the prettiest, woman-girl, I ever saw and I want to kiss you.” He plunked the bottle he was holding down onto the counter and enveloped Lily in a kiss. 

So I had been wrong about there not being any drunks at this party. There was, and I was one of them. The ten or so of us who still remained cheered raucously. I could feel the heat at my face, only this time it was not brought on by my being a Duaaon; all credit was due to the vast amount of alcohol I had consumed this evening. 

One of Lily’s friends, Georgia, I think her name was stood over by the magical jukebox that I now realized as the source of the music. She turned it up louder than it had been all night and began to dance. A couple of people joined in. I sat at the bar, watching her and smiling. I tapped my feet in time with the up-tempo song, only just restraining myself from standing on the bar and dancing, even though there were already a few people doing it. 

James and Lily flitted along behind me, pressed up against each other dancing sexily. I watched them curiously; there were a couple of eyes doing the same. 

My friend Anna was dancing with Jasper, but I knew that neither of them would recall it in the morning. I could see Lucy, Elise and Greta performing a routine further along, giggling at my brother; the handsome boy who didn’t have a clue. 

Remus and Peter bopped along to the music too. I chuckled to myself. Everyone was so drunk it wasn’t funny... except for the fact that it was. If tomorrow wasn’t Saturday tomorrow I don’t know what would’ve saved us. 

After almost a whole minute of fighting the urge I at last got to my feet. I walked in amongst my friends, joining in with Lucy, Greta and Elise’s Macarena-esque dance routine for a while, and at one stage having quite a sexy moment with the captain of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team Matt Wright. One which would be forgotten by all by the time the next morning arose. 

People laughed and called wildly out to one another, jostling and hugging. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Georgia, who Jasper now danced with sliding her arms around his waist. I couldn’t conceal the smirk, he was so naïve. Jasper bent his head slightly, but Georgia had other plans. She pulled away quickly and called loud enough for everyone to hear. 

“This is the part where we all kiss!” 

There were a few loud cries of laughter and puzzlement. I stopped dancing, with my body still entwined with Matt’s to frown my confusion at her. She rolled her eyes playfully. 

“You know, like in muggle movies, where everyone starts kissing?” 

I remembered vaguely that Georgia was half-blood. 

Georgia laughed a loud attractive laugh and pulled Jasper towards her and pressed her lips to his. It took a moment for a reaction from the crowd but before long everyone was kissing, too under the influence to protest or know better. 

So I kissed Matt and before long found myself in the arms of Remus, who planted a tender, but short kiss on my jaw before releasing me. I laughed crazily and spun away. Random people, people I did not know pulled me towards them and kissed my hair, cheek even on the odd occasion mouth. 

I loped crookedly across to where James and Lily were standing. Lily skipped closer and fixed a kiss on both my cheeks. James drew me in and kissed me hard on the mouth. I was a little worried for a moment that Lily would be angry, but when I looked at her she was shaking with uncontrollable laughter. 

“Now a big man kiss!” 

All eyes in the room turned to where Georgia was standing. I had a sneaking suspicion that she was the drunkest of all of us. She had odd red patches on her cheeks and her shirt was slipping off her shoulder. However I swayed slightly on my feet as I thought this, and new that I could possibly be just as drunk as her. 

“What?” Someone bellowed at her, too intoxicated to bother with volume control. 

“A man kiss!” She insisted, and before they could do anything about it she grabbed the two closest males by the scruff of the shirt. I realized with a pang on surprise it was Sirius and Jasper. I wondered how this would go down, I wasn’t sure if Jasper liked Sirius very much or vice versa. But to my surprise he was laughing as Sirius leaned in the peck him on the mouth. 

Everyone roared with laughter and cheered out encouragement but Georgia was shaking her head, her hair looking like a bird’s nest. 

“What d’you call that?” She slurred mockingly. “Certainly not a kiss.” 

Sirius and Jasper stared at each other in shock. I couldn’t tell what they were thinking and was pretty sure neither one of them had a clue what they were doing either. I smiled fondly at the expression of complete helplessness on Sirius’s face. It was not one I saw often. Judging by the size of his pupils, he was just as drunk as the rest of us. Could any teenager ever honestly be trusted in a room with unrestricted, unsupervised access to alcohol? 

“A real kiss!” Georgia commanded, earning the loudest cheer yet from the dozen or so who remained. 

So with a shrug Jasper leaned forward and Sirius put a hand gingerly on his waist. Their lips met in the middle. I cheered just as loudly as everyone else. Surely that kiss would satisfy Georgia. And apparently it did. She didn’t call for another. 

I laughed hysterically as they both pulled away looked revolted with themselves but surprisingly sheepish. Jasper wiped his mouth and Sirius scrubbed his hands furiously on his shirt. 

I was never going to let Jasper live this one down if I remembered it. 

After that grand finale there wasn’t really any more kissing. I danced for a while, once with James and another time with a Hufflepuff called Tom. All the while I had a feeling someone was watching me. 

It was almost three O’clock in the morning when only Jasper, Elise, Sirius, Lily, James and I remained. We sat around talking aimlessly, and drinking, always drinking. It was another half-hour before I decided it was time I went to bed. Grudgingly everyone agreed and started to gather up their things. 

I walked alone over to the alcove where I knew I had placed my bag earlier. I rummaged through the chip packets and empty plastic cups until I found it buried beneath the rubble on the ground. 

When I turned around to leave, a gasp escaped my lips. Sirius Black was blocking my way. 

He had a curious expression of his face. His inhumanely beautiful face. 

His black locks hung disheveled and slightly damp on top of his head, his grey eyes oozed allure. His rosy lips parted slightly as he smiled. I tried my best not to touch him. 

“Excuse me.” I huffed, trying to brush past him. He wouldn’t allow it. He grasped my arm gently, but I new it would be pointless to try to escape. Dangerous at the least. 

“Yes?” I tried to seem impatience, but it wasn’t really working. He smiled a soft smile once more, with more appeal that I’m sure he’d intended. My temperature rose a little. 

He shifted his footing and took a step closer to me, so that I was now against the wall and he but an inch from me. I could feel his warm breath on my face. With a steady hand he reached to stroke my jaw. I went up another two degrees. 

“You know,” He murmured almost into my hair. “I think you’re the only girl I really wanted to kiss tonight, but no matter where I looked I couldn’t find you.” 

My breath caught. 


“Well,” He started tracing a finger over my lips now. “I’ve been wondering now, for a while what it’d feel like. I wanted to try.” 

Did he know that I had been wondering how his lips would feel on mine also? Did he know that my mind was always with him? Did his know that I was barely restraining from proclaiming my love for him right there and then? 

“Well then,” I breathed a slight smile gracing my lips. “I guess I could let you try. You know, just once.” 

He breathed in my face. “Thanks.” 

He was closing the gap between us now, however little it was. I was almost impatient with him. He was prolonging the moment. His lips made a line from my cheek to my jaw, to the edge of my mouth. I uttered a soft sigh and he chuckled, just as softly. 

“Are you sure?” He asked. I was surprised he was giving me the choice. 


His lips brushed so lightly against mine, it might as well not have happened at all. He never got the chance to deepen the kiss because at that moment James Potter skidded into sight. 

“Ah! There you are Padfoot, c’mon, we’re going.” 

Amazing, he was completely and utterly oblivious to what he had just interrupted.
Sirius froze. 

“Sure, coming.” He sighed heavily throwing me a surprisingly torn look. After tracing the outline of my lips with his fingers one more time he turned on his heel and followed after James. 

The sheets of my bed were cool and I slid beneath them. Anna, Lucy, Greta and Elise had been asleep a while now. 

I sighed and wrapped a pillow over my head, trying to block out the almost full moon. I didn’t feel so well. My head was beginning to throb and my stomach was churning. I was going to pay for this even more in the morning. There was still the bitter taste of the alcohol in my mouth, on my lips. I was faintly disappointed. I would’ve much preferred if the only thing I could taste were Sirius Black. 

I sighed once more; only this time it was an exasperated, but dreamy sigh. Exasperated because I shouldn’t have been allowing myself to think such things and dreamy because I was. 

I’d come so close to kissing him tonight. So close. But I was going to, one day. Of that I was sure. 

A/N: WOO! Lulah/Sirius action at last. Who here is a Lulah/Sirius shipper? HAHA. I AM! Well, that chapter had a heap of crap to edit out too. I hope you enjoyed it :)

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