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The Time it All Began by Remus
Chapter 12 : The Mothers and Sons
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Yeah, I’ve not updated in a while. Ok fine, in more than a year and a half ago. I truly apologize. But if people are STILL interested, I will continue writing this story, which, in reality, is close to being finished. I think. This chapter is not long...and nothing much happens but it’ll lead up to a big discovery Harry will make. You have to remember that this story was written after Book 5! So this is now an AU. I will try to put some canon in but you’ll see where this will lead if you stick around. So please! Enjoy the 12th chapter of The Time it All Began!

P.S. I edited it as much as humanly possible I could before going to work. I’ll check back on it later when I have the time!


The Mothers and Sons


Harry looked from Morgain to Mordred and back again not fully knowing what to do or say that would make Morgain come out of her panic. Arthur, oblivious to Morgain’s discomfort approached Slytherin, Lady Andrea and Mordred with delight. “When Gryffindor arrived without you Sir,” he said to Slytherin as they shook hands “I believed you were not coming.” Harry heard Morgain whimper slightly as the three men and woman approached the spot where they were standing...waiting.

“Nay Sire” Harry heard Slytherin say while wearing a false smile across his face “I just had to go a different path than Gryffindor’s party. I hope I have not displeased your Majesty.”

“T’is fine Salazar, worry not,” Arthur said happily making Harry wondered how someone could believe a man like Slytherin. Then again, he thought, f he had not known whom Slytherin truly was he would have believed the wizard’s honesty without a problem as well. “Ah and I see why you arrived late” he added and bowed slightly to Lady Andrea “Is this your family?” the King asked while looking at Andrea and Mordred.

Harry stiffened a chuckle at the thought of Slytherin being capable of loving someone.

“Sire, I would like you to meet Lady Andrea, she’s a good friend of mine and agreed to come with me on this special day to your Majesty”

“And this young lad?” Arthur asked while giving Mordred a very inquisitive look.

“I am Mordred, milord” From what Harry could see from afar, Mordred was a proud young man with strong feature and a well built body. He resembled nothing to his father but Harry could see that most of his traits came from his mother. His dark eyes, Morgain’s eyes, left Arthur and landed on Morgain. A faint smile appeared on his lips before turning back to the king. “And nay, my father is not Slytherin, although I would not mind for I’ve never known who my father is” He paused for a moment and looked back at Morgain “Alas, I may not know who my father is but I have very clear who my mother is.” His smile broadened while looking at Morgain.

“Morgain?” Arthur asked, sheer astonishment in his voice “She’s your mother?”

“Aye, he’s my son,” said Morgain with a voice Harry did not recognize. “He’s a son of Avalon, that’s why he has no father.” Morgain added as if defying anyone willing to speak against her son. Mordred, as if taking it a cue from his mother, walked past Arthur towards Morgain, who was standing next to Harry, tall and proud

“Mother.” he said, his tone of voice dry and distant and for a second, Harry heard a hint of hatred in it as well. Mordred took a vow and kissed his mother’s hand. As he witnessed this greeting between Morgain and her son, Harry wondered how there could be such strangeness between mother and child. He thought of his own mother who would have never been so cold towards him or let alone leave him at the age of three with someone else to raise him while she went off to live life.

“How fares my aunt Morgause?” Morgain asked while taking in her son, for the last time she had seen him he had only been a child of three winters still following her everywhere she went. However, time had taken its course and he was a man of his own, full of Morgause’s teachings and ready to prove himself to be part of Arthur’s court whether he knew that the King was his father or not.

“The lady does well in Orkney,” responded Mordred “She has taken a liking in ruling the land as the only Queen”

“A woman ruling a country?” High Queen Guinevere chipped in after being ignored by everyone. “Morgause should have let her oldest son rule; God did not want women to rule but men. Lot would‘ve not approved-”

“Lot allowed Morgause to rule next to him as an equal when he was alive.” Arthur interrupted his wife. “I worry not, she is my aunt as well, and she is family just like this young man here! My nephew!” he exclaimed with delight, walked towards the dark youth and embraced him as he would a son. “My sister may have kept you in hiding but I’m glad you came. Now tell me, do you plan to join my court as a knight? You may have to prove yourself first, but being of my sister’s blood, I believe you are capable of doing so and more. What do you think Milady?” He asked Guinevere but she had stormed out of the courtyard when she could no longer hold her anger and hatred towards the heathen who was able to bare a child while she, a good Christian woman, had not.

“Well, it is getting late” Arthur announced, his face no longer as happy as it had been a few seconds before. “Let us go in and enjoy the feast!” The men roared with glee and hunger before marching up the stairs and towards the castle’s doors-Arthur and Mordred at the head whilst Morgain and Harry stayed hoping for a private word. “Are you alright?” whispered Harry.

“Yes, I’m fine Harry” she responded, “Right now I just wish to know what he’s doing with Slytherin. Nothing good will come out from that. You very well know how that man works. He is up to something, I can feel it. Morgause is as well...”

“How can you be so sure your aunt is aware of Slytherin’s plans?” Harry asked.

“I know Morgause. She’s ambitious...I have no doubt that she and Slytherin have had talks before regarding Mordred.” She paused and narrowed her eyes “He must know who Mordred’s father is”

“Wait. You can’t be sure of that.”

“I’ve got to find out.” Morgain said, ignoring Harry “I shall ride to Orkney as-”

“Sister!” Arthur’s voice came from the castle’s doors. King Arthur look stressed, Harry could tell, for his mood had changed when he noticed that his wife was gone from the courtyard. Not wanting to be in King Arthur’s bad side, he looked at Morgain, smiled, and offered his arm to lead her up to the castle. “We best go, Morgain,” he said and the woman took his arms and allowed herself to be lead to the warmth.


Camelot’s Great Hall was as big as the Great Hall at Hogwarts. The big difference was that instead of the four tables for each house, Arthur’s legendary round table took most of the hall‘s space, sitting more than thirty people, and each chair around the it had a named carved on the back. Morgain explained to Harry that Guinevere’s father, King Leodegrance, upon their wedding, gave the table to Arthur and that the names on the back of each chair were the name of a knight in the service of Arthur. Outside the area where the table was, smaller tables were placed for the many guests the King had that night

After persuading his Queen to leave the small church and eat, Arthur declared that he wanted his newly found nephew to sit to his left and seeing as the Queen was feeling “ill” and not coming down he wanted his adored sister to his right-the Queen‘s usual seat. The feast went on without Queen Guinevere, although Harry could hear the whispers behind him regarding the barren Queen or how the witch’s son could take the throne if the Queen did not give birth to a boy before the king’s death.

Some wondered why Arthur never left his Queen and married another woman that would give birth to the prince the land needed. The last thing some wanted, Harry could tell, was a man, son of a Priestess of Avalon and a witch to take a Christian throne. He moaned and wondered how can those people be any different that Voldemort. These people, he had accepted some time ago, would kill witches, wizards, and their children because they were afraid of their powers, and their “heathen” ways. Voldemort, on the other hand, killed muggles not from fear but because he felt superior to them and did it without any remorse.

He looked around at all the food and the small boy and his mother suddenly entered his mind. Because of the panic the priests spread around, those two, along with perhaps many others, had been shun from society. Harry looked at Morgain, who was talking to her cousin, Lancelot, and then to the King who was being entertained by Mordred’s stories; it was his chance to leave. This was his chance to make a difference for someone who needed it and without taking his leave from the King; Harry got up and headed towards the stables.

“Going somewhere sire?” A small boy no more than twelve asked.

“Yes,” Harry said while digging through his robes to find several gold coins. After a second or two he found two gold coins and gave them to the little boy

“You don’t have to pay me, Sir,” the boy said giving the coins back and looking around to see if anyone had seen him. “T’is me duty. I get paid two silver coins a week for this”

“Well then, go for my horse” Harry instructed. The little boy ran and after a minute, he came back with Harry’s horse. Like a skilled rider, Harry mounted his horse, took ten gold coins out and handed them to the child. “Merry Christmas” And before the boy could do or say anything about it, Harry rode towards the town looking for the mother and child.

No one dared to stop him, at least not the knights protecting the castle’s gates. The town on the other hand was deserted, no one to stop him nor to help him. It was dark and cold. He should have known that most of the people were in their homes by this hour of the night and that it would have been better to wait until morning. After strolling around in the cold for a while, Harry finally came across a man that had come out looking for his cat.

“I’m looking for a woman,” he said approaching the man.

“Sire my home is not a whore-house!” the man exclaimed.

“No!” Harry felt himself blush a little “no I’m looking for a mother and child. They were around here earlier today. If I am remembering correctly, she has red hair and green eyes. Her son has the same colour of hair. She called him David, the mother did” the man looked thoughtful for a while, that was until he seemed to recall such pair for his eyes widen in pure horror.

“Why would you be looking for a witch?” The man asked, panicked and then crossed himself.

“T’s none of your business, good sir.” Harry responded harshly. He was beginning to get irritated by the attitude some people had with the magical people.

“She’s a dangerous one, she is” the man stated, “so is her son! She slept with the devil and had that devil child!”

“Where does she live?” Harry asked again, his irritation building.

“Onella and her devil-child live in the town’s east outskirts. Best not deal with the devil though! However, if you do, don’t you dare come back! ” The man advised whilst backing away, his eyes full of fear, before entering his little house and shutting the door behind him.

Harry grumble under his breath before dashing east towards the house. Within ten minutes, Harry spotted a small cottage right where the man had said. Its door, Harry noticed, was hanging almost for dear life from a hinge while its ceiling, made of straw, looked as if it was about to be blown away by the strong winds. Harry knocked on the door gently afraid of breaking it. No answer. He knocked once again and waited.

“Go away!” he heard a woman say.

“Please, let me help!”

“No,” her voice was hysterical “Just leave us alone. We haven’t done anything bad. Please, just leave!”

Harry narrowed his eyes in thought. Should he just go in and explain who he is or wait until the morning and talk to her. Just when Harry was about to knock again, the door opened not by itself but by the little redheaded boy. “Hello” he said to Harry.

“Hi” Harry smiled.

“Lachlan no!” However, it was too late; Harry had already come in and closed the door behind him. He had to get them out of there, he thought. The cottage was tiny and cold. The only thing that was lighting and warming the tiny room was a pair of thick candles in the middle of a rickety table they had. The rest of the furniture was a tiny bed and an old fur blanket.

“Lachlan?” Harry asked the woman “I thought his name was David”

“I’m David outside” the boy explained before the mother could utter a word. “But me name’s Lachlan Peverell. But who are you?”

“Well, me name is Har-Godric. Godric Gryffindor.” he paused and looked at the mother who looked back at Harry terrified. “Please let me help you. If you really are a witch and your son is a wizard in the making, please let me help. I will give you a roof, food and warmth”

“Would we be away from them?” Lachlan asked.


“The townspeople” The mother responded “I call him David because it is a Christian name, but he is truly named after my father, a druid from the old Isle. They hate us here and everywhere we dare to go. A group of kids, not long ago, almost killed me boy when he accidentally levitated an apple. Nevertheless, how can you help us? ”

“Because I’m a wizard as well,” Harry explained. He took out his wand and with one small swish and flick; Harry levitated the candles from the table and brought them towards where he was standing. “If you please let me, your son will be able to study and be a great wizard himself.”

“And what would you want in return?” she asked. “I’m a barren woman so if you’re looking for bastard children you will not be getting any from me.”

“What? No!” Harry blushed once more and was glad that the room was dim, he didn‘t want the woman to see Godric Gryffindor blushing as red as an apple. “I just want to help someone. I want to feel like I’m doing something meaningful while I’m here” The woman looked at Harry with doubt and then looked at her son who was mesmerized by ‘Godric’ and his wand. She realized that in a few years her son would start developing his magic and if it was not controlled it could end in a horrible tragedy. She also knew that if they stayed in Camelot for a longer period, the townspeople would immediately blame her Lachlan if cattle died or a child disappeared, as he got older. She had to make a decision, she thought. Perhaps the Goddess was giving this answer her after all the prayers and small offerings.

“Very well” she finally answered. “We will go with you. But be warned, I may not have a wand like you, but I am a daughter of the Holy Isle, I know how to defend myself and my child”

Harry smiled. “Worry not, nothing will happen to you nor Lachlan” Harry opened the door and allowed the mother and child walk out the little house hand in hand. “But wait, you know who I am...what is your name, madam?”

“Onella Peverell” she answered and for the first time since Harry had seen her, she had smiled widely. Harry helped Onella mount his horse and after realizing how cold the night had gotten, Harry took his cloak off and wrapped the child with it before placing him in front of his mother. Within minutes, all three of them rode back towards the castle (Harry walking besides them) and whilst on their way, Harry saw that the man that had helped him was looking out his window and crossed himself when they all strolled by. After a few quiet minutes, Onella revealed to Harry that she did not know whom the father of Lachlan was considering the boy was conceived during the Beltane rites and that is why the town shunned her. It was difficult, she explained, to get a small job when everyone thought you as evil.

Talking, Harry realized, had made the travel seem less long but was glad to arrive the courtyard for it meant that soon he would take his boots off. Harry heaved Lachlan, who had fallen asleep under Harry’s cloak, off the horse and then handed him to his mother. His plan was to place his tired horse back in the stable and then head to castle and see if Morgain was still awake.

Just when Harry was about to lead his horse towards the stables, Harry saw a figure wobbling slowly towards them

“Worry not, Sire” He heard the man say, his voice raspy and somewhat familiar. After what seemed a great struggle, the man got to where Harry was standing, vowed awkwardly at him and then took the reins before talking back to the stables. Thanks to the torches around the courtyard, Harry was able to see the man’s features just before he turned to leave.

His heart could’ve stopped. On the other hand, perhaps he was mistaken.

However, how could he mistake those grey eyes, the long, black hair the sadness in his look?

“This can‘t’re dead!” where the only words Harry could utter at the stable keeper.


Somewhat of a cliff-hanger! Expect a two deaths in the future chapters! Which I TRULY plan on updating in a week or so. If people are still interested in the story that is. Please review. I begs you! *makes a puppy face* They are the fuel to my writing! :D

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