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Breaking Hearts Has Never Looked So Cool by thebakerwhowouldntcook
Chapter 7 : VII.
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Oh, Gen was pissed. Pissed as hell. Emmeline had convinced her to stay after explaining her dilemma and she never went back for McGonagall’s rage. According to her, lines would have been her only punishment for disrupting class. But since she left the scene of the crime, she was now to serve detentions every Friday and Saturday for the next month. Now, this was just as much Gen’s fault as it was Emmeline’s, but it was easier to blame Em, even if she hated to.

Gen stomped through the giant castle doors and out onto the grounds. It was a surprise for the sun to be out this late in October. It blinded her momentarily before she focused in on Emmeline, Caradoc, and Sturgis all sitting under a tree and doing homework, or something. Not like she gave a damn.

“You!” Gen snarled and darted towards Emmeline. All three heads turned to look at her in surprise, as well as the others’ sitting nearby. Stu caught her in his arms just before she pounced on Emmeline and held the raging girl away from the other.

“Sturgis, you stupid turd, let me go!”

“Why don’t you calm down and explain why you want to kill her and if it’s a good enough reason I’ll let you go, alright?”

“Hey!” Emmeline protested, but was ignored.

“Oh, I don’t just want to kill her! I want to chop her up into little pieces, fold her into a sandwich and feed her to-“

“Whoa, getting a little graphic there, Gen,” Caradoc soothed. “Let’s just take a deep breath,” he spoke as if she were mentally unhinged, which was a possibility, “and breathe.”

“She’s the reason I can’t go to Hogsmeade with you!” Gen whined, scowling.

“It’s fine, we can go another time,” he assured.

“Wait, why?” Emmeline asked, upset for her friend.

“Because YOU made me STAY to play EXPLODING SNAP with you! If I had just stayed put McGonagall would’ve just given me lines but now I’ve got detention every weekend for a month!”

“Oh Gen, I’m so sorry, sincerely,” said Emmeline. Stu had loosened his grip as she calmed down and she was able to shake off his hold on her. “Are we still friends?”

“Of course we’re still friends, dummy.”

Emmeline smiled and Stu muttered something that sounded like “unnecessary drama.”

“What was that Stuey?”

“Nothing,” he grinned.

And later when the weekend rolled around Gen felt a small pang of jealousy as all the other girls in her dorm woke up and began to get dressed in pretty clothes and talk in hushed, excited tones about the day ahead of them. Gen, on the other hand, woke up, put her hair in a ponytail, and trudged down to McGonagall’s office for her punishment.

She should’ve known that McGonagall would have better things to do than sit around with a trouble maker all day so instead Gen was sent down to Argus Filch’s office for babysitting. McGonagall’s instructions were just for her to sit there and do nothing, thus learning how to “stay put.” As soon as McGonagall had left, however, Filch (being the sick bastard of a care-taker that he was) put a full Body-Bind Curse on her before leaving to do Merlin-knows-what.

Three hours. Three hours since Filch had left. Three hours since Gen had last moved. She was extremely uncomfortable; both of her feet and fallen asleep, her eyes burned from not being able to blink, her wand was stuffed in her back pocket and sitting on it for that long was sure to leave a mark, and the backing of the wooden chair was digging into her back.

For the first two hours, Gen's mind bounced all around, from thinking of Caradoc to thinking of Sirius (which Emmeline had banned her from doing, but couldn't really help) to thinking of how she was going to spend the Christmas holiday. She was slowly dying of boredom when she started playing games, such as "Count The Bricks" and "99 Bottles Of Firewhiskey".

She was already down to 21 Bottles of Firewhiskey when she a brilliant strokes a genius. Actually, it was more of a "wow, I am an utter idiot" moment. She now had a theory that the 'Common Sense' part of a person's brain completely shuts down when under duress.

"Framovita, framovita, framovita, framovita."

Gen began to furiously concentrate as attempted to perform the non verbal counter-curse that just might save her ass.

"Framovita, framovita, framovita, wow I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner -- no! Focus! Framovita, framovita, framovita!"

She tried to wiggle her fingers. Nothing.

"Damn," she cursed. It took her a minute to realize she cursed aloud. She repeated herself and still unconvinced, she closed her jaw down on her tongue.

"Fuck!" Haha! She had felt the pain and cursed it aloud! Success! Well, kind of.


She could move! “About bloody time.” She tried to stand but her knees buckled since both her feet were asleep. She attempted standing again only to grab her wand out from under her. She sat back down and blinked her eyes furiously numerous times and then just sat in peace for about five minutes with them closed, the burning slowly going away.

She opened her eyes and started working on reviving her feet. She wiggled her toes, sending unpleasant tingles up her leg. She then put pressure on her left foot and held onto the chair for support as she began to stand. She stumbled around the cramped office, trying to walk off the strange feeling.

Once she had regained the use of all her limbs she head for the door. She cracked it open and stuck her head out. The coast was clear. She stepped out of the tiny room and out into the wide corridor. She caught a glance of the staircase just in time to see Filch walking down them, heading in the direction of his office.

Gen's eyes widened in fear and she made a beeline back to the office door, which she yanked opened and threw herself into the room. She stumbled, tripping over something on the messy floor, and fell on her face. She picked herself up and brushed off in a hurry. She darted to the door and closed it quietly before jumping back to her seat.

She took deep breaths and fanned her face, trying to reduce the pink in her cheeks. She heard shuffling footsteps outside and snapped back into the position she had been frozen in. Filch stepped in muttering something and went straight to his desk, taking no notice of Gen. He turned to walk out again and caught sight of the girl doing her best to sit perfectly still.

"Oh," he grunted, "forgot you were in 'ere." He seemed to sense something was awry. He sauntered over to Gen and bent down to look her right in the eye.

"Don't blink, don't blink, don't you fucking blink," Gen repeatedly ordered to herself.

The staring contest went on for ten more seconds before Filch stood back up, grunted again, and exited the room. Gen let out a sigh and her body relaxed, sinking low into the chair. She was guessed it would be another three hours before he returned which meant Gen had three hours to get to Hogsmeade and back (and she was definitely coming back).

Gen had worked her way up to the third floor and was now circling the rather creepy statue of the one-eyed witch, surveying it closely. So far, she had tried almost everything, Alohomora, Bombarda (in an attempt to blast it open), and even 'Open Sesame', yet nothing happened. She had waste ten precious minutes trying to access what seemed to be the most fool proof passage to Hogsmeade. It was definitely this statue, Gen was sure. She tried thinking back to the night when Sirius and she had hidden in the statue and he clearly had said it led to Honeydukes. He had muttered something...what did he say?

"Dissendium," said a voice from behind her. Gen turned around in surprise, her wand out just in case.

"Tap the statue and say 'Dissendium'. That's how you get in," said the portrait of a young woman, looking down on Gen. Gen eyed her suspiciously before taping the statue with her wand and saying in a cautious voice, "Dissendium." The hump opened, revealing the passage. Gen looked up at the portrait.

"Thanks," she said sincerely, smiling at the woman and climbed into the dark tunnel. Gen soon realized as she moved farther down the passage that the entire passage was not as wide as it had been when she first entered.

Her wand illuminated, Gen traveled further down the tunnel, shaving off another ten minutes as she hurried along down the dark, cold tunnel. She eventually reached a set of stairs, which she climbed, and climbed, and climbed until she was practically thrown back down them as her head crashed into something above her. It appeared to be a trapdoor. Gen pushed it open and what she saw was such a shock she stumbled backwards and slipped off the last step.

"Merlin, Sirius! What the bloody hell is your problem!" Gen cursed as she scrambled to grab a hold of a ledge to keep her from falling to her death.

"You have to promise not to tell," Sirius said.

“Excuse me?”

“Promise me!”

"You're completely insane! Help me up!" Gen said, her hand slipping.

"Shhh," he said hushing her. "Promise that you're not going to tell anyone about the passage or that I told you where it was," he said. Merlin, how old was he? Five?

"I promise, I promise! Now help me up, dammit!" Gen yelled as she clung to the ledge for dear life. Literally. Sirius, however, held out a tan hand and Gen grab onto it as he pulled her up, out of the passage.

"Thank you, goddamn," Gen breathed, brushing herself off and putting the trapdoor back, making a mental note of its location. "How did you know I was using the passage?"

"Not important," he said with a smirk. "Come on," he said and started heading toward the stairs. Gen followed was half-way up the stairs when a box caught her eye and she jumped off the stairs to get a closer look.

She approached the dusty box and read the label, her eyes lighting up as she did so. Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum. Wait, say it slow, baby. Say it slow. Droooooooooooooobles.

She had hit the jackpot! She opened the box and began stuffing a few packs of her favorite candy in her pockets.

"Gen," Sirius called from the steps.

She sighed and placed a galleon on the box. "Happy now, mum?"

"Actually I was going to ask if you to toss me a few, but it's good to know that I am instilling good morals in others," Sirius replied from the bottom step. Gen rolled her eyes and threw one straight at Sirius' face, who caught it at the last second.

"Nice throw," Sirius said, pocketing it.

"Thanks," Gen said and walked ahead of him, making a beeline to the door.

"Well aren't you going to say nice catch? It's only polite!"

Gen barely caught Sirius' cheeky reply as she exited the buzzing sweet shop that was Honeydukes. Keeping an eye out for McGonagall, she maneuvered through the hoard of students and out into the streets of Hogsmeade.

She had butterflies in her stomach and a smile on her face as she walked towards The Three Broomsticks. Hogsmeade was one of her favorite places and the cutest little town. Gen just wanted to give it a giant hug as she inhaled the sweet smell of the crisp, late October air that smelled faintly of pumpkin pie. Gen pushed open the door and her face was immediately blasted with the heat radiating from within. She pulled on the hood of her robe to keep her appearance somewhat hidden, after all, The Three Broomsticks was not only the favorite pub amongst students of Hogwarts, but also the staff.

Caradoc was easy to locate. He was sitting with a few of his seventh year friends, sipping on a Butterbeer. Gen crept over to him, careful to keep her head down incase McGonagall was nearby. She snuck up behind him and covered his eyes with her hands.

"Guess who?" she teased, a smile creeping onto her face. Caradoc shook off her hands and turned to face her.

"Gen?!" he asked, astonished that she had made it. Gen grinned and put a finger to her lips.

"Shhh, I'm not supposed to be here, remember?" Caradoc grinned and stood up, nodding to his friends who nodded back in understanding.

"How did you get here?" he asked as the two exited the pub. Caradoc guided her through the crowds of people in the streets as she kept her head down and under her hood.

"Sirius helped me," Gen said brushing the subject off as she clutched to his arm, an excited grin on her face.

"So where would you like to go, Little Miss I Can't Stay Put," Caradoc said to her, grinning.

"Well Mister I Think I'm So Bloody Brilliant Because I'm Allowed To Be Here, I would like to go wherever McGonagall is the least likely to be," Gen replied shooting a quick glance at him.

"That would be Zonkos," Caradoc said and yanked Gen's arm as the two made a hard left, into the noisy shop. Gen shook off her hood and looked around the familiar store.

"I can't stay long though, only about two hours," Gen said to Caradoc, doing the math in her head. She really had three hours. But it took around half hour to get there, and it will take her a half hour to get back. That's one hour round trip minus the three hours she had was two hours. Thank Merlin for simple math!

"That's fine," he said, walking over to inspect some rubber beaters' bats. Gen had begun to walk aimlessly around the store when she bumped into someone.

"Sorry," Gen said, apologizing to the blonde girl she had run into.

"It's okay!" said the blonde in a perky voice. Gen wasn't sure of the blonde's name, but she seemed like one of those girl's whose name was something like Bertha, but then dyed their hair blonde, put on way too much make-up, and re-named themselves Candy.

"Hey love, fi -- oh hello Gen," Sirius said waltzing over to the blonde and giving her a kiss, holding it a little longer than normal.

"You two know each other?" the blonde asked after breaking the kiss.

"Oh yes, me and Gen go way back," Sirius said with a smirk, wrapping his arm around the blonde.

"Hey, what's going on?" Caradoc asked as he came up behind Gen.

"Oh, nothing. I was just talking to Sirius" Gen trailed off, unaware of the blonde's name.

"Oh, my name is Summer!" the blonde -- Summer -- said.

"Sure Bertha. Sure." Gen thought, trying to hide her smile. She loved being right.

"Well we better get going," Caradoc said and smiled, "Nice meeting you."

"You too!" Summer said, with as much enthusiasm as if she was wishing them a happy Christmas. Caradoc and Gen made their purchases and exited the shop, Gen hunched over once more.

"Where to Sir Caradoc?"

"Well, Lady Gen -- uh, come on Grandma, let's get a present for Jimmy," Caradoc said quickly and steered Gen into a shop. Once safely inside Gen whipped off her hood.

"What the fuck?" Gen asked, completely confused.

"McGonagall," hebreathed, stealing a glance out the window, "I saw just now. I think she is heading back to the school."

"Damn," Gen cursed and head toward the door. "Wait," she said stopping and turning to look at him, "do you think I look like a grandma?"

"The way you were hunched over? A bit, yes," he joked and Gen slapped him playfully on his arm.

"I supposed I better get going then, if I'm going to have to beat McGonagall," she said regretfully.

"Stay," Caradoc said and Gen couldn't help but seriously consider his plea when she looked into his warm, brown eyes. He saw her considering the option and his eyes grew wide.

"No, I’m joking. Go," he said and pushed her out the door.

"But I wasn't even here for that long," Gen whined as Caradoc pulled her hood up for her.

"Hey, at least you tried. Now leave, please," he said. Gen grumbled something in reply and hurried down the street, not bothering to hunch herself over.

"Gen, wait a minute!" he called from behind her. She turned around and before she could even blink she felt his warm, soft lips brushing against hers.

"You're making it really hard to leave, you know that?" Gen said when they broke apart. He smirked.

"I'll see you later, then?" Caradoc asked and Gen nodded, before running full speed toward Honeydukes, and back down the passage from which she came.

A/N: And there we go. I’m not sure if I liked the last three chapters or so because I got a bit lazy, so please let me know what you think! xxx

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