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Just Another Girl Next Door by luvinpadfoot
Chapter 1 : Just Another Girl Next Door
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Disclaimer: I own neither Harry Potter nor the song. JKR owns Harry Potter and Taylor Swift owns the song.



She said, I was seven and you were nine

I looked at you like the stars that shined

In the sky, the pretty lights


Alice ran through the house. “Mama! Mama! Frank’s here!” The doorbell had rung and Alice had sat around excited all day waiting for the Longbottoms to arrive.


“Go out and tell them to come around front, Alice.” Alice hurriedly ran towards the door and let the Longbottoms in.


“Hello Alice!” Mr. Longbottom greeted Alice and smiled at her. “You look bigger than the last time I saw you.” Alice nodded and blushed.


“Mama said I’m growing a mile a minute!” Alice told the Longbottoms proudly. “Next week I’ll break four feet! I haven’t had a growth spurt since I was tiny.” Alice was still a small seven year old. “Anyways, Mama told me to tell you to come out to the front.” She grinned and motioned for the three to follow her. “She set out lawn chairs.”


The Longbottoms walked through the gate and into the yard. Mr. Longbottom and Mr. Wilson clapped each other on the back. They had been best friends at Hogwarts and had kept up with each other through the years.


“Hi Frank.” Alice looked up into the eyes of Frank Longbottom, the only son of Augusta and Samuel Longbottom. His eyes sparkled to her, like stars. Only, the stars were chocolate brown instead of silver.


“Hey.” Frank leaned up against the wall of the barn. He was a big nine year old and too old and cool to bother with people who were seven.


And our daddies used to joke about the two of us

Growing up and falling in love and our mamas smiled

And rolled their eyes and said oh my my my


Mr. Longbottom grinned at Mr. Wilson and said, “Next thing you know they’ll be grown up and married.” Mr. Wilson laughed along with his friend, but Mrs. Longbottom and Mrs. Wilson rolled their eyes at each other.


Alice hadn’t heard them because she was still staring at Frank. His eyes still shone to her and she wanted to watch them forever. “What’re you staring at, Pipsqueak?” Alice blinked and shook her head. Even at seven she knew not to tell him his eyes were shining.


“The two of them will grow up and fall in love, then we’ll really be related!” Mr. Wilson grinned at his friend and they both laughed. The two mothers gave each other an exasperated look and smiled.


Take me back to the house in the backyard tree

Said you'd beat me up, you were bigger than me

You never did, you never did


Alice had just turned ten that spring and Frank had been at Hogwarts all year. It was summer, and Frank had been home for two days before Alice dragged him to the tree house. “See Frank? A bird made a nest in tree!” Alice pointed excitedly to the bird’s nest. Frank just rolled his eyes at her. Twelve was much too old to care about bird’s nests.


“Aw, get over it. It’s just a nest.” Frank rolled his eyes. “Girls,” he scoffed. Feeling even more bored, Frank climbed down the ladder and looked up at Alice. “Hurry up and get down or I’ll beat you up!”


Alice’s eyes widened and she climbed down as fast as she could. Frank walked out to the front gate and looked around. There was no one within sight and Alice gulped visibly. “Come on. Let’s go do something fun.” He jumped over  the gate and Alice hurried to follow him. She stumbled on the gate, but got over it and ran after Frank.


Take me back when our world was one block wide

I dared you to kiss me and ran when you tried

Just two kids, you and I...

Oh my my my my


Alice was eleven and it was her last summer before Hogwarts. Frank was now thirteen and going into his third year of Hogwarts. Alice still followed Frank everywhere and copied him. “Dare you.” She said the words before thinking. Alice wanted Frank to think her grown up, so she said the only thing she could think of that would make her more mature in his eyes.


“Dare me to what?” Frank didn’t actually think Alice was going to dare him to do anything.


“Dare you to,” Alice paused and thought for a moment. She had no idea what to dare him to do. “Dare you to kiss me.” She said the words proudly and smirked at Frank. Alice was sure he wouldn’t actually kiss her.


Frank raised his eyebrows and leaned in. “Ok.” Alice shrieked and raced away from him and down the street to her own house. She checked behind her, just to make sure that Frank wasn’t coming. He was doubled over with laughter in front of his house and Alice looked down. She had acted like a little kid.


I was sixteen when suddenly

I wasn't that little girl you used to see

But your eyes still shined like pretty lights


Alice had turned sixteen and it was the summer before her sixth year at Hogwarts. Frank had completed Hogwarts just that past year and it was his first summer as an adult. He was cursing a practice dummy when Alice walked by. He looked up and his eyes widened. Alice hadn’t really grown that year, but he hadn’t really looked at her before.


“Hey Frank.” She sat on his porch and smiled at him. “Still training to be an Auror?” Alice knew perfectly well that it was Frank’s dream to be an Auror. She liked the idea of being an Auror, but what Alice wanted was to be a botanist. She loved working with magical and muggle plants.


“Yeah.” Frank was still staring at Alice and she giggled slightly. Looking into his eyes, Alice noticed that they still shone like they had almost ten years before. They sparkled and lit up like stars. “So… Doing anything Friday?” Alice giggled again and shook her head. She couldn’t believe that after so long, Frank was finally asking her out.


“Nothing, nothing at all.” Alice was blushing, but compared to Frank she was pale. Frank’s face was so red that it was all Alice could do to keep from laughing.


“Well, if you want we could go on a walk, hang out.” Frank stated it, but he asked it at the same time. Alice didn’t have the heart to turn him down, and even if she had, she wouldn’t have. She had liked him for years and this was her chance to go out with him.


“I’ve got nothing better to do. Just hanging out, like friends?” Alice was having a bit of fun with Frank. He wanted to be more than friends and that was obvious to her. She also wanted to be more than friends, but that information could wait until they kissed.


“Yeah, yeah, definitely.” Frank nodded quickly, but his eyes were kind of downcast when he said it. Alice took pity on  him.


“I’ve got a load of homework, so I’ll see you Friday, ok?” Frank nodded, not looking up from the ground. “Bye!” Alice almost skipped away. She had a date with Frank!


And our daddies used to joke about the two of us

They never believed we'd really fall in love

And our mamas smiled and rolled their eyes

And said oh my my my...


The doorbell rang and Alice ran to go get it. Frank was there along with his father and mother. “They didn’t believe I really had a date with you.” Frank blushed and Alice did too.


“I told you they’d get together, Sam. You can’t say I never told you.” In reality, Mr. Wilson hadn’t really thought the two kids would fall in love. In fact, Mr. Wilson hadn’t thought the kids would be friends. Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Longbottom gave each other knowing looks and rolled their eyes.

“Of course you did, dear,” Mrs. Wilson told her husband. “Now why don’t you let these kids go out on their date?”


Alice blushed and groaned. “Mama! It’s not a date, we’re just hanging out and taking a walk.” Alice paused before adding, “And we’re not kids. Frank’s eighteen and I’ll be of age in less than a year.” Alice glared at her mother who just nodded and ‘uh-hunhed’ in a very unconvincing way.


“That’s nice dear, now you and Frank go on your little date now.” Mrs. Wilson pushed Alice and Frank out the door.


“Mama!” Alice’s protests fell on deaf ears as the door shut.


Mrs. Longbottom looked at Mrs. Wilson and said, “They make such a nice couple, don’t they?”


Take me back to the creek beds we turned up

Two A.M. riding in your truck and all I need is you next to me


Alice rode in Frank’s truck with him. He was insanely proud of it, as his family was pureblood. Alice thought it was kind of odd. She looked at the clock on the dashboard and cringed. “Frank, we better head back. Mama and Daddy will be really mad. I didn’t mean to stay out this late.”


Frank checked the time and went pale. “Your parents are gonna kill me. More specifically, your father is gonna kill me.” Alice laughed and the pair headed back to her house. On the way back, Alice snuggled up beside Frank. He shifted uncomfortably, but didn’t move away.


Take me back to the time we had our very first fight

The slamming of doors instead of kissing goodnight

You stayed outside til the morning light

Oh my my my my


Alice turned to face Frank, her eyes wild. “You can’t go on that mission! It’s suicide!” She vaguely recalled Frank telling her that it wasn’t a suicide mission. “You’ll die! You can’t die!”


“Allie-” Frank started, but he stopped at the look on her face. “Allie, it’s not like that. I’m just the backup.” Frank was twenty and Alice was just out of school at eighteen. Frank was now an Auror and Alice was an Auror in Training.


“It doesn’t matter if you’re just the backup!” Alice was screaming at him and Frank cringed. “You’re raiding a Death Eater camp with at least fifteen Death Eaters! There’s only seven people on the mission!” Alice began rocking back and forth. She was afraid for Frank’s life and there was no way she was going to allow him to go on the mission.


“There are six veteran Aurors with me, and I only have to help them get away if they need to leave quickly.” Frank was trying to reason with Alice, but it wasn’t working very well.


“I forbid you to go.” She wasn’t shouting anymore, but her voice was deathly silent. “I forbid you to go on this mission.” Slice looked up into Frank’s eyes and blinked away her tears.


“You can’t forbid me to go!” Now it was Frank’s turn to shout. “This is my first real mission and if I chicken out I won’t get another.”


“You won’t get another mission regardless! You’re going to die! Don’t you understand that?” Frank opened his mouth to respond, but Alice glared at him. “Don’t bother.” She ran into her house and slammed the door in Frank’s face. She ran up to her room, ignoring both her parent’s questions. Bursting into tears, she cried herself to sleep.


When Alice woke up, it was still dark outside. The sun was going to rise soon, so she walked to her window to see it. Looking out, Alice saw something she hadn’t expected to see. “Frank!” Frank had his jacket around his shoulders and was slumped against the wall of her house. When she called his name, he looked up and grinned ruefully at her. “Were you out here all night?”


Frank stretched and nodded. “I tried throwing rocks at your window, ringing the doorbell, and climbing through your window. None of them worked so I decided to wait out here for you.” He blushed slightly, but didn’t look down. “I’m not gonna die, Allie. I’m just the backup.”


Alice nodded and smiled through the tears that were falling down her face. “I know, I was just… worried.” She the window wider and let him inside. She sat down on the bed and Frank put his arm around her. They sat there for a few minutes, just holding each other.


A few years had gone and come around

We were sitting at our favorite spot in town

And you looked at me, got down on one knee


Frank sat on the bench under the tree with Alice beside. They were sitting in silence, an unusual occurrence for them. Frank was too nervous about what he was about to do and Alice was just thinking. Frank was twenty-one and Alice was nineteen. She was going to take the exam in three months to become an Auror.


Frank looked at Alice and pulled a small box out of his pocket. He got down on one knee and looked up at Alice. “Will you marry me?”


Take me back to the time when we walked down the aisle

Our whole town came and our mamas cried

You said I do and I did too


Alice stood in the front of the church, not listening to the pastor. She stared at Frank and at the crowd of people who had come to see them get married. Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Longbottom were crying, tears of happiness running down their faces. Mr. Wilson and Mr. Longbottom grinned at each other.


“I do.” Alice looked up. Frank looked so handsome to her, his eyes shining and sparkling.


“And do you, Alice Sara Wilson, take this man as your lawfully wedded husband?”


Alice knew what she was supposed to say. What she wanted to say. “I do.” She looked up into Frank’s eyes and saw they shone brighter than they ever had before. They sparkled, more beautiful than any star Alice had ever seen before.


“I pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.” Frank leaned in and gave a Alice a sweet kiss on the lips.


Take me home where we met so many years before

We'll rock our babies on that very front porch

After all this time, you and I...


Alice was sitting on the front porch, rocking her first born son. “Daddy will be home soon, Neville. You-Know-Who is gone and we’re safe now.” Neville cooed softly and Alice smiled at him. She was married to Frank with one son and another on the way. “We’re taking you to Grandma’s house tonight so Daddy and I can have a night alone.”


Alice heard a pop as someone apparated. She jumped and pulled out her wand before she saw it was only Frank. She had learned to get ready whenever someone apparated nearby. “I got off early today. Shacklebolt called a hour holiday, You-Know-Who’s gone, but his Death Eaters are still at large.” Alice shivered. She had been an Auror, but mostly she handled simple things, not missions like Frank. She’d only been on one mission and that was when they needed extra people.


“I’ll feel better when they’re all in Azkaban.” Frank nodded and gave her a peck on the cheek. “I’m going to floo Neville to your mother’s house. Mama and Papa are still in America.” Alice pulled out the floo powder and said, “Longbottom Residence!” Leave it to Augusta Longbottom to choose an uninteresting name for her house.


When Alice got back, she heard several pops. “Frank?” She called out his name hesitantly. There was a cackle of laughter and Alice pulled out her wand. “Frank?” Frank dashed into the room. He had his wand out.


“There’s someone in the house,” He told her without moving his lips. “Stick close to me.” Alice didn’t budge from Frank’s side. There was more laughter and then several Death Eaters shot curses at them. The cruciatus curse hit Alice and fell to the floor in pain.


Frank hexed the woman who had thrown that curse and it was enough to make the curse stop. “Well if it isn’t the Longbottoms.” The woman sneered and Frank knew she was Bellatrix Lestrange. He had fought her enough times to recognize her voice.


“Bella.” Alice stood up from the floor, shaking. Frank put his arm around her and pointed his wand at Bellatrix. “Voldemort is gone, dead. Why are you here?”


Bellatrix hissed at him. “The Dark Lord is not dead! You know where he is and you will tell me.” She sent the cruciatus curse at Frank who fell to the floor writhing in pain. “Where is he?!”


“He’s dead! That’s all we know!” Alice screamed as another Death Eater hit her with the same curse Frank was under. The two screamed in pain and the Death Eaters laughed.


“Nice one, Barty.” Bellatrix sneered at the smallest Death Eater. “First time you’ve gotten the curse right?” Barty glared at her and held the curse on Alice. Alice could feel her mind numbing with the pain. She tried to block it out, but she failed.


Alice moaned and Frank tried to look at her. “Don’t hurt-” He trailed off as the pain was worse. “Her!” Bellatrix renewed the curse on Frank and he started to feel the same thing that Alice had. “Alice…” He moaned her name as though it was the last thing that he would ever say.


I'll be eighty-seven; you'll be eighty-nine

I'll still look at you like the stars that shine

In the sky, oh my my my...


Alice Longbottom was eighty-seven years old. Frank Longbottom was eighty-nine. They were in Saint Mungos for being put under the cruciatus curse until they were tortured to death. Alice no longer knew her name, age, or anything about herself.


“Alice! How nice to see you again.” Alice looked up at the voice. She didn’t know who it was or what it meant, but she could hear the voice. “Are you feeling any better?” Alice didn’t say anything,. She looked over at the other bed in the room where Frank slept. Of course, Alice didn’t know who Frank was.


“That’s Frank. Do you remember him?” Alice didn’t even acknowledge that she heard the person. She was staring at Frank. His eyes opened and Alice saw that his eyes sparkled. They shined like stars.



A/N: My first songfic!! This is an important moment for me. I will now take a moment  of silence to think about this wonderful moment. :p

If you have any questions check out my meet the author page. Or leave a review. Or both. Preferably both.

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