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Castle on a Cloud by Lil lily71
Chapter 1 : Castle on a Cloud
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There is a castle on a cloud,
I like to go there in my sleep,
Aren't any floors for me to sweep,
Not in my castle on a cloud.



Hermione sat eating her lunch miserably, he had left, when she need him the most. Ron and Harry watched Hermione pick at her food for 5 minutes before Harry spoke,



“Hermione, you have to move on. Malfoy is gone and I say good riddance to the ferret. You surely are smart enough to know that he is a Death eater and a player.”



Hermione looked up from her food and stared angrily at Harry and Ron,



“You would never forgive him! It is your entire fault he left!”



Hermione stormed out of the great hall, while Ron and Harry sat red faced at the Gryffindor table. She ran up the staircase and yelled the password to the poor portrait. When Hermione entered the Heads common room and flopped onto the couch, she heard his voice.






She sat up on the couch and looked around, the room was dark and she couldn’t see anybody.






She felt a cold hand on her shoulder.



Hermione quickly turned around and was face to face with his blue/grey eyes that she loved so much. She instantly hugged him.



“I have missed you so much, Draco.”



“I have missed you to, Hermione.”



There lips met and in the dark of night they kissed. When they finally broke apart she asked him,



“Draco, where have you been? I’ve been so worried about you.”



Draco pushed away a strand of her hair that had fallen onto her eye. Their was a long

Silence between them before he replied,






He tried to kiss her again but she moved off the couch and stood in front of him.



“Working as what, Draco?”



Draco moved off the couch and stood opposite her, he reached out to hold her hand.



“I had no choice, Hermione. You know my father.”



Hermione gasped she was so shocked,



“You mean you’re a………a…….DEATH EATER!”


There is a room that's full of toys,
There are a hundred boys and girls,
Nobody shouts or talks too loud,
Not in my castle on a cloud.

Hermione ran away from him. Draco chased after her.



“It doesn’t change how I feel about you, Hermione.”

“Get away from me now! You bastered!”



She kept running from him, until he caught up to her and held both her hands.



“Hermione, I’m so sorry.” He sobbed.



Hermione pulled up his sleeve and brought it near the fire light. The dark mark stared back at her.



“Listen Hermione, I ran away from my father. I came back to be with you.”



Hermione pulled his sleeve down and lent into him. He wrapped his arms around her tightly.



“I love you Hermione.”



She smelt his scent and breathed it in deeply, listening to his heart beat fast. Hermione raised her head and kissed him passionately on the lips.



“Thank you for coming back for me.”

“You knew I always would, Hermione. I promised.”



They kissed again, passionately, which got rather heated, they moved to the couch.




Hermione lay on his bare chest; listening to his heart beat rapidly.



“I love you, Draco.”



Draco smiled and kissed her head in an affectionate manor.



“I don’t know how long before my father will find me, Hermione. You do know he’ll kill me when he does.”



There is a lady all in white,
Holds me and sings a lullaby,
She's nice to see and she's soft to touch,
She says "Cosette, I love you very much."



“Let’s not think about that now.”



Draco respected her wishes and moved her off him. Standing in front of her in his boxers, he pulled Hermione off the couch and they began to dance.



Hermione laughed at this gesture by Draco,



“There is no music.”



Draco flicked his wand at the record player on the table on the other side of the room. A slow muggle song began to play and they dance to the beat, in perfect time.



They danced in absolute silence, until the music stopped.



“Thank you, Draco. That was exactly what I needed.” He held her hands.



“No problem. Has Potter and Weasley been at you again about me.”



Hermione nodded her head and replied,



“They just don’t understand. Although Harry was right, you are a Death Eater.”



“Hermione, I was a Death Eater.”



She glanced up at him happily; he always knew what to say.



Hermione eye’s opened as she shivered in the cold. She had run away from Hogwarts in search of him. Taking in her surroundings, she realised that it had all been a dream. She was sitting in a small ally. Snow fell around her. She wrapped the thick blankets around herself tighter.  Hermione stayed like this for an hour before slowly drifting off to sleep. The coldness had eaten away at her and as her soul left her body, a young death eater appareated to the ally. He took off his hood and sighed, he was too late.



I know a place where no one's lost,
I know a place where no one cries,
Crying at all is not allowed,
Not in my castle on a cloud.




A/N please review the song featured is called “Castle on a Cloud” from the musical  Les Miserables.

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