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The line between light and dark by satans_spawn
Chapter 3 : The hogwarts express
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Disclamer- i own nothing but the plot and brian.

I arrived at the platform and looked around to see other students saying there farewells to there familys. I quickly with inhuman reflexes got on to the train. I entered the heads compartment and got out my guitar and played for a while.

As i played the last note i heard clapping and whiped around to see Draco Malfoy leaning against the door frame. "Really nice mudblood." malfoy said with his infamouse smirk. In seconds i had gotten up and had him pinned against the wall. "If you ever call me that again i will torture you so bad it will make what your little master does look pathetic." i said with venom. "Ok" draco managed to splutter. I reliesed my grip on his neck and he fell into a heep on the floor.

We sat in silence until draco said "When did you grow a back bone granger?" "When i vowed for revenge against your father." i said in a cold voice. "Whatd my father do to you?" he asked. "He killed my parents and 3 mounth old sister then raped me." i said not understanding why i was telling him this. "Im sorry" he said almost so quietly i didnt hear him but i did because of my hightened sences. "Did the Draco Malfoy death eater son extrordanair just say sorry to a mudblood?" i asked him. "Im sorry for what my father did to you. It was cruel and evil and i can assure you im nothing like my father."

we said nothing to each other the rest off the ride. I got out my guitar and started playing again.After that it was time to get off the train and draco helped me by taking my luggage down from the rack above our heads. We walked together to the heads carrage and he helped me in. I turned my head to look out the window when draco suddenly said "Whats that......       

"Whats that on your neck." "Its a scar whats it to you" i replied coldly. "Thats a vampire bite mark. I know hat they look like."he replied. "Tell any one about this and ill kill you in the most painfull way possible. " i snaped at him. "Dont worry hermione i wont." draco replied sencerly. "You called me hermione."i whispered. "Thats your name isnt it." draco asks with a smirk. "yea"i said quietly.

Suddenly the carrage hits a bumb as i stand to adjust my skirt and i fall onto draco. Slowly i look up into his eyes and we just stare at each other neather of us moving a muscle when we both move closer until our lips meet. The kiss start of innocent but turns more passionate as draco slids his toung across my bottem lip asking for entrance witch i gladly give him. I then broke the kiss as we pulled to a halt at the door to the skool.

"See you around draco." i said as i left the carrage and darted past all the other students striat to the front door where mogonagle was standing. As all the students arrived at the door we were led into the great hall. Once we entered the great hall i sat at the dark end of the griffendore table where no one sits. I leaned against the wall and proped up my feet on the bench.

I looked around the great hall and saw every one eating and talking to friends. Then i saw draco alone at the end of the slytherin table and i started to wonder why he was alone. He suddenly looked up an dour eyes met. He then got up and came and sat down next to me at the GRIFFENDORE table. Every one gasped at that but some even screamed as they saw it was me griffendore mudblood/bookworm extrordanare.

I saw ron and harry at the other end turn red and storm down to us. They got right up to my face and ron yelled "Why the hell are you sitting with a deatheater slytherin. You know what i dont even care for your excuses your nothing but a mudblood to us." Then he slaped me and harry punched me in the stumach. Draco went to get up to defend but i pushed him down and then kneed harry in the groin and punched ron in the face.

They were both on the ground and i pulled out my wand and crucioed then tell they were almost unconsious. I then said "I could avada you both now but thatd be a waste of majik to use on such fools but trust me you will wish your dead by the end of this year." Dumbledore then came up to me and said "Miss Granger youve broke sevral ministy laws." I retorted 

"No i havnt. Law states that if any one harms me physically or pulls a wepon on me i have the right to kill them if i so wish." "yes miss granger but that only applys to vampires." dumbledore said with a grimse. I then smirked and showed him my fangs and everyone him encluded gasped in shock.


sorry its so short butt tell me if you like it hate it...I donk care just please review. - satans_spawn


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The line between light and dark: The hogwarts express


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