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Two Vampires = Lots of Trouble by harryfanZOG
Chapter 8 : The Room, Swimming, and the Deal
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All credit goes to J.K.R! rock on!

Hermione was looking at the most beautiful room she had ever seen.

No...I am serious, it was AWESOME! INSANLY AMAZING! (Well.... I think it is!)


The room was as big as Hermione's house with a  lavender colored fountain in the middle that had differant colors shoot out every few minutes. (ROCK ON!) The ceiling had jewels that cast rainbows around the room making the wonderland glitter even more. Another desk that was purple had bookes, paper, pens, and another object that Hermione didn't recognise. (Wow Hermione not knowing something?)


"You are probaly wondering what is on your desk." said Dumbledore as if he read her mind," Just say aloud the song that you want and it will play it or a radio station muggle or wizard it doesn't  mattter."

Hermione knodded and kept looking around. Her huge green and purple bed was a circle and looked so soft Hermione almost felt sleepy but the excitment of the rest of the rooms were to much. Walking into the bathroom was a shocker itself...........guess what it had!


A WATER FALL! It lead into a huge bathtub with  bubbles and sented perfumes.


"Oh my gosh.........." gasped Hermione, "This is so cool!!!!!!!!!!"


"Well Ms. Granger you earned it so I decided to give you the best,  now I am going to leave you to see the rest." said Dumbledore his blue eyes twinkling happily as they always did.


Hermione didn't need to be asked twice. Leaving the bathroom she was greeted by a bright dance room with her guitars in one corner and a sky light ceiling. Heres the best part. (Well for me that is!)


The closet.


New clothes hung the many racks all from punk to preppy and to sult to upper class clothes. And the shoes. pumps, flats, boots, anything! What do you think Hermione did? She tried on a hot red  shirt that said Metallica Master of Puppets on it which was one of her favorite 80's bands over a black swim suite. ROCK ON!

                                                            Commons room


Draco was sitting in the common room when Hermione came out in a fresh shirt and black swim suite bottoms," What are you doing in a swim suite Granger?"  


"I am going to go swimming in the Room of Requirment." stated Hermione turning her back on him not knowing what a great view she gave him.


 Tan skinny legs  lead up to a curvy waist made Dracos mouth water, "Did I just check a mudblood out? Never mind."


But Draco did the exact oppasite of that, " Can I come and swim?"


Hermione stared at Draco like as if he was on fire, "Er.......Why?"


"I.....I....don't really know." said Draco, "Erm....I mean  I just want to try the room of requirment to and well I don't want you get angry like you do at Pot head and Weasel so just be happy I will be in your presense."


"ARE YOU ALWAYS A BRAT?" yelled Hermione but she quickly controlled her anger and said in a gentle tone, "Sorry, and I don't care if you swim but on one condition. You have to be polite no mudblood snotty crap ok?"


Draco knodded and silently went to go get his swim trunks thinking, "Why the bloody hell did I just say I wanted to go swimming with her? Am I just trying to get back at Pansy? Is this just lust? Draco, WILL YOU SHUT UP?"


                                                           Swimming time!

 Draco walked in and was soaked by Hermione with a huge water gun, "Also, sense you wanted to swim you have to get soaked by me first."


"Oh really?" said Draco and he to grabbed a water gun and the fight began.


Once they acutally got in the water they had a cannon ball contest just like they were kids. Both felt they had been friends forever and  the whole time they never really talked to eachother they just were trying to keep the moment going.


Breathing hard after doing a free stroke contest both teens got out and laid on the ground, "Granger what did we just do?"


"We were just civil to eachother for like three hours. Is that possible?"asked Hermione with a thoughtful look on her face.


"Ya......I think it is." whispered Draco who was trying not to look at Hermione in worry of the lust, or what he thought was lust flood back in."


"Dra Malfoy? Can I ask you something?" said Hermione who caught herself almost saying Draco.


This was getting hard for them.........I love doing that to charaters!

 "Ask away." replied Draco and Hermione said, "Why do you call me mudblood? I mean when you stopped calling me that and all that sneering we got along for like three hours. What is your real personality?"


Draco wasn't expecting this but then again Hermione could read some one like a open book, "Its what I have to say.  You didn't know my upbringing Granger and I don't want to talk about it. Final."


Hermine cringed at his coldness and snapped, "My childhood wasn't as great as you think Malfoy. You know that."


"Oh and I supposed to believe that? My mom wants to kill me? Come on Granger you know I am not THAT stupid." said Draco sneering.

Happy times over.




Draco knew that expression. She wanted to nail him right then and there for he knew that he hit a sore spot. Rolling his eyes he left and slammed the door and trudging back to his room.


"Why do I call her mudblood? I mean my mom had sex with a vampire so I am not even pure blood. Grangers' life can't be that bad could it? I mean she didn't get beat up when she got bad grades did she? I bet not. Stupid mud...git. Ya. git. HOW STUPID CAN I GET?"


                                                 Hermione's room




Draco heard yelling and throwing of things for hours, "How long does it take for that girl to cool off?"


Then there was silence. Not a sound was made from Hermione's room which made Draco worry.


"Why am I even worring?" ask Draco to himself but his legs had a different idea.


Walking up to her door Draco cracked it open to find Hermione standing still in her room before her mirror and Draco blurted, "Is that a fountain?"

Hermione whirled around and Draco had to blink at first to get a hold of himself. Hermione's body had turned back to vampire as the last of the affects of identity potion wore off.

 (OK just to let you know Hermione may have not taken the identity ingredient  on her last drink in london but  the ingredient was so strong it would last for awhile. So, with out knowing it she would turn back to her normal self then to vampire.  So still no one knows that she was biten of that she is changed. The last of the ingredient  wore off and now she'll have to face the music.)

 "I forgot...that Er.....nevermind." whispered Hermione a tear rolling down her pale cheek, "What do you want Ferret?"


"Well first you were making a lot of noise and when you suddenly stopped I got worried..or what ever."


"Well thanks but right now  I have to figure out a story to cover for this!" said Hermione, "Holy shit my eyes are blue!"

"You changed your eyes at the club and they must affect your eyes differantly then whole wizards. Wow they are like neon blue." said Draco but regetted it at the look on Hermione's face.




"Wait! I'm sorry but there's one more thing. I am sorry I was rude to you at the pool and I want to make a deal with you."


"What?" asked Hermione in a note of impatence.


"We be civil to eachother. No mudblood, no ferret, just Draco and Hermione. No sneering just civil. We have to spend a lot of time together and we need to make this work."


Hermione was utterly shocked that Draco would agree to that much less come up with it and just knodded and pulled out her wand saying, "Fine what ever but right now I have to fix my eyes. So good Draco."


"Ya. Good Night Hermione."

OK I am sorry if that wasn't a good chapter but I am going crazy with homework right now! So much crap and so little time! Well any way please review and I hope you like my story!


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