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Colour My World by marinahill
Chapter 6 : 6. Victoire
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I missed Teddy a lot in the run up to Christmas. My friends weren't nearly as much fun to take shopping as he was. There was nobody to don a Santa hat or wear a pair of antlers ((believe me I tried; that led to them wrestling the hat off me and marching me out the door). There was nobody to open Christmas cards with and reminisce about the good old days, prompted by a card from a long forgotten friend. Which was just as well really; there was one card I didn't want Teddy to see. I vaguely recognised the neat script on the front, but I couldn't place it. Opening it up curiously, a letter fell out.

Dear Victoire, (it read)
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family. I wish you all the happiness from the bottom of my heart.
On the subject of hearts, I haven't forgotten how you broke mine. I feel the same about you, though, Victoire. I still love you and I'm willing to put our past differences behind us. Will you give me another try?
All my love,

I honestly hadn't expected a card from him. What could I say? I never meant to break his heart. He was playing with mine, that's for sure.

Sam and Teddy... Well, they never really got on. Actually they hated each other. Neither of them could accept that I had another man in my life. Teddy couldn’t accept that I'd fallen in love with Sam (he has a very cynical view of love) and Sam wouldn't believe that there was nothing romantic going on between Teddy and I.

"I've seen the way he looks at you, Victoire. That man is jealous, I can tell."

We were together for eight months and we finally broke up in July after Sam asked me to choose between him or Teddy; needless to say I chose Teddy.

And now he'd sent me a letter asking to get back together... I wanted to, I thought. I was so lonely and I hadn't had a boyfriend since him. Nobody had measured up. He had made me laugh, made me feel safe and wanted. I barely wore lipstick when I had been with him. But he had been so protective of me. No man would go between me and my friends, and that counted for Teddy too. Sam couldn't understand that.

In his letter he had said he was willing to 'willing to put our past differences behind us'. Did he mean about Teddy? I supposed he did I took a week to reply; it was the day after my invitation to the Weasley Christmas party arrived, addressed to 'Victoire and guest'. If he could handle Christmas with my family then he was worthy of a relationship. I quickly scribbled a letter to him inviting him to the party and sent it off with by owl. He accepted.

And now he was standing on the threshold being eyed up and down by Teddy, who had drawn himself up to his tallest. I even noticed the back of his hair beginning to turn a darker shade if brown, almost black. Teddy was in fact a metamorphmagus, but he rarely used his natural ability and could keep it in check most of the time. I once
asked him why, and he said he didn't want to abuse the ability his mother gave to him.

"Teddy Lupin," Sam growled.

"Sam Kent," Teddy said through gritted teeth.

I laid a comforting hand on Teddy's arm and steered him away from the door. He tried to talk to me but I refused to meet his gaze. Instead, I turned my attention to Sam.
His cheeks were pink with cold and his fair hair had snow in it, making his hair look wet. I looked into his light green eyes and fell in love all over again.

"Merry Christmas, Sam," I said, kissing his cold cheek.

He stepped into the hall and shut the door behind him. He smiled weakly as his eyes fell on Teddy, who looked like he was about to murder somebody (probably Sam). I hadn't heard the last of this. He tried to smile back but only managed a grimace and stalked off. Sam and I stood in an uneasy silence as we watched his retreating

"Thanks so much for coming," I said gratefully. "I need all the support I can get here."

"Oh, no. Thank you for inviting me," Sam replied, finding my hand and holding it gently.

"I was so happy when I got your reply, Victoire. It made my Christmas."

"I'm glad," I said as I led him through into the kitchen to meet my family (again). "It's certainly made mine a lot brighter."

There was an awkward silence as those who didn't know Sam was coming to the party recognised him and covered their surprised faces. However, after that, they all warmed to him. I remembered what Auntie Ginny had said to me earlier; I knew when I saw him how much I still loved him. I'd made the right decision. Just before we sat down to eat, I excused myself in order to go to the bathroom. I made my way upstairs. The main bathroom was squeaky clean, but it told the tales of many years of use; I couldn't miss the chipped sink or the cracked mirror. I looked past the cracks and at my face. Still the same old me, small nose, big eyes and small round lips. Slightly bushy eyebrows. Small amount of fat on my cheekbones. Some things didn't change. But things with me and Teddy would.

The door flew open and Teddy joined me by the mirror. Why hadn't I locked it (the lock was broken and my wand was downstairs)?

"Ever heard of privacy?" I said grumpily, searching for my lipstick.

Teddy ignored my remark and handed me my new lipstick. "Looking for this?"

I took it grudgingly. "Thanks."

"Are you getting back with Sam?" Teddy asked quietly.


"After all this time?"

"Yes!" I said more forcefully.

"After what happened between us?"

I sighed and put my lipstick away. "That was a one night thing. You know that."

"Victoire," Teddy said desperately. "I think I lo-"

"No, Teddy," I interrupted. "Not now. Not ever." I made my way back downstairs, shaking slightly. I hadn't heard him try and use the word 'love' since he was ten years old. Maybe there was a slight chance he meant it...

Stop it, I told myself. I needed to focus on Sam now.

The Christmas turkeys on the dining table were fat and perfectly cooked; the smell made my stomach rumble loudly. I took my empty place next to Sam and opposite Teddy. Oh, boy was this going to be an uncomfortable meal.

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