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Discovering Fanfiction by ginny_malfoy22
Chapter 1 : Discovering Fanfiction
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Disclaimer: I'm sure you guys have read this enough times that you say it in your sleep. *snore*

“I think this goes here,” Harry said, sitting up, and banging his head on the desk. I laughed as the computer turned on.

“It must do. Look, it’s turning on. Oh, and there’s ice in the freezer. Oi! Ron! Computer’s working, thanks to Harry’s wonderful skills!” I called down the hallway, still laughing. Harry made a ‘hmph’ sound as he went over to the kitchen. Ron walked into the living room.

“Well, that would be good - if I knew what it was,” Ron said, touching the computer screen tentatively. Harry sighed, and came back in, ice on the top of his head. He sat down in the chair.

“All right. I’ll go on Google, so we can look up something. What should we look up? We’ll look up my name,” Harry said, quickly typing his name in the search box. I was sure he and well as I didn’t expect any results to come up, but they did.

“Fan fiction?” Harry asked curiously, and then he clicked on it. I leant forward and put my arms around Harry.

“I don’t think you should look at that, babe. I know what fan fiction is. You might not want to read some of it. You’ll find a story when you’re in love with -” I gulped, “Draco Malfoy.” Harry nodded, as he quickly took his hand away from the mouse.

“Even worse. You and - Dumbledore!” Harry cried. Ron and I both shuddered.

“And there’s me and…Ron,” Harry said. Ron cringed.

“That’s disgusting,” he said.

“Oooh, femslash. What’s that?” Harry asked. Ron and I both shrugged as Harry clicked on it.

“Girl on girl action. Hermione and Cho getting it on,” Ron said. Harry’s eyes widened with horror, and Ron pushed Harry off the chair. He had to be kidding.

’I love you so much Hermione,’ Cho said, ‘It’s not Harry I want, the reason I’m jealous of you is because I want you.’ Hermione shook her head, ‘Cho, it can’t happen, you know that. I’m with Harry, and I can’t hurt him like that. I love you too-’” Ron read out, when Harry cut him off.

“I think that’s enough,” he said. I pushed Ron off the chair, sat down. I looked through them until something caught my eye.

Hermione is in love with both Harry and Ron, but what happens when someone she’s known for a long time comes and takes her heart, breaking both Harry and Rons?

“No. Way. Draco Malfoy would never steal my heart,” I cried. Both boys looked quickly over at the screen.

“Malfoy? Urgh!” Harry said.

“It’s quite a popular ship, obviously,” I told them. They both frowned, and I sighed. I kept scrolling down until I found another that caught my eye.

“Ron and…me?” I asked. I was sure there was disgust on my face, but Harry laughed.

“What’s wrong with me?’ Ron asked.

“Nothing. It’s just…you’re more like my brother,” I told him. He shrugged, and then leant in. I proceeded onto the story with caution.

“Hermione! I was so worried about you! You nearly didn’t wake up!” Ron cried, wide-eyed, watching Hermione. Hermione blinked twice and then gazed up at Ron.

“Last I heard, you hated me,” Hermione snapped.

“Yeah, and then you fell down the stairs! I was so worried, I ran you to the hospital wing. I don’t hate you, Hermione, how could I, when I feel the way I do?” Ron asked, gazing down at her face, thinking how beautiful and perfect it was.

“How do you feel?” Hermione whispered. Ron smiled slightly, and leant closer to Hermione.

“I’ll show you,” Ron whispered back, as he closed the gap between them and -

I left it there knowing what was going to happen. Ron and Harry were reading it, completely absorbed, behind me.

“That person has no idea about either Ron or I. There’s no way Ron would do that, and there’s no way I’d let him - “ I stopped. Harry laughed slightly.

“Hermione. Why do they have fan fiction about us?” he asked. I paused. Why were Muggles writing fan fiction about a world they shouldn’t even know existed? I shrugged.

“I don’t know, Harry, I don’t know,” I said. I then got up off the chair, closed the window, and shut down the computer.

“Well, that was interesting. I’m going to have nightmares tonight. Good-night Ron. You coming to bed, Harry?” I said quickly. Harry nodded, following me down the hall. I knew Harry was thinking along the same lines as me.

We’ll have to read more the next day. 

AN~ Okay, so this is really just a bit of silliness, but whatever. I KNOW Ron and Hermione are together in the books, and Ron and Hermione ARE my favourite ship, but I thought putting Harry and Hermione together for this story would be so much more interesting!
The little bit of fanfics I added I made up on the spot, so I didn't steal any of that, either! YAY ME!
Thanks for reaidng, please review!



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