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The Funeral by Chhilt
Chapter 2 : Sirius's Point Of View
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Author's Note: One more to go. ;)

I clutched the cold iron bars of my prison cell. A feeling over hopelessness and despair washed over me. This could be probably be due to the fact that the Dementors were near me, but for some reason, they didn’t have much of an effect on me. My heart constricted as I thought of James and Lily. The whole world believed I had betrayed them…. even Remus. If only there was a way for me to tell Remus that I never handed James and Lily over to Voldemort. At least, if Remus knew, my conscience would be clear. Though how could it be, when I was the one who had persuaded James and Lily to make Peter Secret-Keeper in the first place, instead of myself?

My insides bubbled with anger as I thought of Peter; the person James, Remus and I had been best friends with, the person we had helped out of any difficulty he might have had, the person whom we’d protected from mean Slytherins…. and the person who, in the end, had betrayed his best friend, in order to save his own filthy skin. I smashed my fist against the prison door in rage. Now, in addition to every painful feeling in my heart, I also had a throbbing hand. I thought back to the day I had cornered Peter…


We were standing in the middle of a Muggle street, yelling at each other. “You betrayed Lily and James, Sirius! You betrayed them!” Peter hollered, hysterically.

“I never betrayed them you filthy piece of scum! It was you who did that!” I yelled back, rage overpowering every other emotion I possessed. I raised my wand and pointed it at Peter,

“No! You’re going to kill me now! Just like you killed James and Lily!” Peter shrieked. What happened next was something that I will never forget for the rest of my life. Peter raised his wand slightly, pointed it behind his back and killed each and every person who was within twenty feet of himself and then transformed into his Animagus form. He then sped down into the sewer with the other rats and disappeared, leaving me to take the blame of killing thirteen Muggles and Peter Pettigrew. The Aurors arrived at that moment and without allowing me a trial, threw me straight into a protected cell in Azkaban.

End of Flashback
I was devastated beyond expression but for some odd reason, tears would not come into my eyes. My heart felt as if it would break with the loss of Lily and James and the knowledge that the whole world, including one of my best friends, Remus, thought me to be a supporter of the Dark wizard I loathed the most. I thought of my godson, Harry. He would grow up knowing that his godfather had betrayed his parents, which had led to their early demise. It was all too much to bear. I paced back and forth in my prison cell, vowing that one day I would escape from Azkaban, clear my name, hunt down Pettigrew and either kill him then and there or throw him to the Dementors. I believed in all this because apart from Voldemort and his supporters (including Peter), I was the only person in the world who knew that Sirius Black was innocent.

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