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Just Another Day by Eve_ice
Chapter 4 : The Family Friend
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The rest of the week passed slowly. Hermione went to work at eight and came home at four thirty every night. There was nothing good going on in the Muggle world for Hermione to edit, just boring stories over bewitched cars and doors.

Fred went to work that Tuesday and Thursday, his brother, George, worked Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so he had those days off. George had thought of a new product during his working days, which helped Fred keep his mind off of Hermione and everything else going on.

The nights were very plain for Hermione and Fred. When they came home they both ate in silence and cleaned up the house, with magic of course. Then they would talk about the day’s events and once in a while Fred would try to bring up the note to see if Hermione would change her mind and tell the Ministry about the port key. Hermione was getting very sick of this and some nights she would go straight to her room and lay in bed before he even got a chance to ask. So he’d try to sneak it in conversations, but eventually she could spot it coming from a mile away. The week about over…

Friday night came rolling around, and Fred had tried to bring up the note, but before he even asked her to reconsider Hermione stormed off to her room and flung herself on the bed. I can’t take this anymore! She thought to herself. She walked up to her Muggle music CD’s that these collected during the summers at home.

“Mayday Parade… Cartel… Anberlin… Hmm.” Hermione said, contemplating on what she would blast throughout her room. “But first…” Hermione quickly put a charm on the room so no one would hear the music. She put the CD in and turned it up to maximum volume.

She let the music take over her body as she lied down on the bed. Her head was spinning with everything that has happened. The blasting music, however, was so loud it was pushing all the thoughts from her mind and putting the lyrics in their place. Hermione listened to one of Mayday Parade’s songs. The lyrics are so deep and the music filled with so many instruments that it could clear the mind of anyone. Soon the song was over and the thoughts immediately came rushing back, the next song came on but the thoughts stayed in her head.

Why did it have to be me? She thought, letting her mind search for reasons while shunning the lyrics from coming into her mind. What do they want from me? Who sent the letter? Maybe it’s the same person… No it can’t be… Who would send a port key and then tell me not to touch it? Hermione dubbed it to confusing and let the music seize her mind again. The bass was loud and blaring, but it sounded like soft thumps to Hermione and it eventually lulled to sleep.

Hermione felt a pain in her stomach as she became conscious. Her hair was blowing behind her and there was a cold wind blowing against the front of her body.

“What’s going on?” Hermione thought, trying to open her unwilling eyes. She tried moving her arms to feel around her, but something was keeping them bound to the sides of her body. She moved her legs and didn’t feel anything underneath her, she then tried to point her toes to try and feel the ground. Nothing.

Hermione willed her eyes to open and they obeyed her after a few moments. She looked around to see nothing but black. She looked towards the wind and saw the moon straight ahead. She then looked at the ground and saw little green trees and roads that looked like pathways.

Panic struck Hermione as she saw the broom she was sitting on and a hand on the broom handle in front of her. The arm had a glove that covered the end of a black sleeve. She saw the muscles tense in the arm. She remembered her arms being bound and looked down. And to her surprise the other arm of the man was wrapped tightly around her.

Hermione’s whole body became alert and she sensed that she was pressed tight against the man’s chest because of his hold. He tensed up more. “He must know I’m awake…” She thought quickly. Her panic subsided surprisingly.

“Who are you?” She asked softly, half hoping he wouldn’t hear her.

“That’s not important.” The man said back with a firm voice that made her shiver, it was so familiar.

“Where are you taking me?” She asked again, with more confidence.

“I can’t tell you.” The man replied with the same tone.

Hermione tried to release the hold on her torso, but the man sensed her trying to get out of his hold and tightened his grip. Hermione’s breath was pushed out of her and she breathed in short breaths to get it back. “How am I going to get out of this one?” She thought, the panic still staying at bay.

She sensed the man turn to look behind him; his body shook and tensed up. “Hold on.” He said.

“Mm… Okay.” Hermione said sarcastically. At this point she didn’t care what happened to her, she was hundreds of feet off the ground there wasn’t really anything she could do, especially if one arm can keep her arms bound. She heard the man give a laugh.

The man tilted the broom towards the ground, and they started to dive. Hermione held her breath, she hated flying for this reason. The man eased up on the dive and they entered the trees and eventually they reached the ground. He landed on his feet and lifted Hermione like she weighed nothing at all. The man readjusted his hold on Hermione and started to run towards what looked to be like a cave.

Hermione saw the cave and started to squirm, she didn’t like the dark. He sensed this and gave her a comforting squeeze that surprised Hermione. “Maybe this man doesn’t want to hurt me…” She thought hopefully.

He kept on running down the cave until it was too small to climb. He sat down and took Hermione and sat her right next him, his arm still around her torso.

“Why are we in a cave?” She asked bluntly.

“If you really must know we are hiding.” He said.

Hermione looked into his eyes, his eyes were amazing and she was temporarily stunned. He apparently noticed this and gave her a smile of white teeth. “Do I know you?” She asked carefully.

“Um… Hopefully not…” He said in a mocking tone, and a wide smile erupted across his face as he leaned in closer to Hermione.

Hermione was shocked to see that their noses were touching. “What are you doing?” She asked quickly, a little bit of panic in her voice.

“Just this.” He said with a smirk on his face and kissed her deeply.
Hermione woke up with a start, she tried to get up but couldn’t because something was holding her around her torso. Panic struck her as she remembered the man holding her in the dream. She turned around to get a look at what was holding her down.

“Fred…” She sighed.

Fred had his face buried in her hair and his arms wrapped tight around her in a death hold. Hermione saw that there were tear stains on his face and was struck with sadness. She attempted to turn around and face him, but his hold was too tight, however she eventually got it.

Waking him seemed the ideal thing for Hermione to do. She had to share the dream or nightmare she just had with someone, anyone at all. She sighed. Why do I keep having these weird dreams? She looked at Fred, Should I really put him through all of this?
Hermione laid her head on Fred’s chest and listened to him breathe, matching her breathing with his. Tears slid down her cheek. Why did this have to happen? She thought to herself. Hermione soon fell asleep again to the sound of Fred’s heartbeat. 

Fred was in the living room of Hermione’s apartment alone. Hermione was in her bedroom probably blaring music and laying on her bed. Why did I have to try to bring up the note again? Fred sighed. He was sick of this all, the port key, the notes, the other port key, the man who sent the notes. They just all needed to leave Hermione and him alone. She should of just told the Ministry, it’s to far out of her hands to be trying to deal with this situation alone.

Well, everyday holds something new. Fred laughed. His mom would always say something like that to him. He always thought it was stupid, those quotes she would say to him, but now he finally understands them.

Fred directed his mind toward the notes. Who would send Hermione, of all people, notes warning her about the port key? It could have been Harry or Ron possibly, but they would have addressed her personally, or told her it was them later that day, they wouldn’t leave her in the dark. Fred put his fingers to his temples and closed his eyes. What is going on?!? He thought with force.

Fred kept his mind on the subject for an hour before deciding to check on Hermione to see if she was alright. He quietly walked up to the door and twisted the knob. He opened the door and suddenly a wave of music made him take a couple of steps back. “Bloody hell!” He yelled as he quickly made his way over to the stereo and turned it off.

Fred looked over at the bed and saw Hermione laying there with a peaceful look on her face. He suddenly felt sad at the thought of what she was going through right now. He walked over to the bed smoothly edged his way over to Hermione. He wrapped his arms tightly around her and felt her squirm underneath, he responded by giving her a tight squeeze to calm her movement.

When she was still he relaxed his arms a little bit. He thought about everything. What was happening to them, their relationship, the mysterious man Hermione wants to trust, her family, the family friend? He frowned at this thought. He wasn’t going to lose Hermione to him, definitely not him. Then he started to cry, and Fred Weasley never cries, because he couldn’t think of a world without Hermione. And then he fell asleep with Hermione tightly enclosed in his arms.

Hermione woke up and looked up at Fred, who still had a tight hold on her torso, and smiled. She quickly spared a glance at her watch that read 6 o’clock in the morning. She shook him gently to wake him up. It was a Saturday, but she forgot to tell him that she had to visit her parents today, and they were expecting her at 10 o ‘clock sharp.

Fred tightened his hold on Hermione, leaving her breathless.

“Fred…Fred.” She said, trying to wake him up again. His eyes fluttered open and he beamed at Hermione who was beaming at him. “I have to go visit my parent’s today…” She said slowly.

Fred’s smile was replaced with a scowl and he quickly sat up on the edge of the bed and put his head in his hands.

“What’s wrong?” Hermione asked, genuinely confused by his reaction.

Fred realized that she could very well get angry with him for acting this way about a ‘family friend’… So he quickly thought of an excuse. “I forgot… I was hoping to spend the whole day with you.” He said softly.

“Oh.” She said, expecting an answer about the family friend. “We can spend all tonight together, and all of Sunday!” She exclaimed. Fred beamed at her for thinking up that solution.

“Alright…” He said. “I’ll try not to be too depressed while you’re gone.” Though Fred knows he will be constantly worrying, he knows Hermione would never do anything like that to him. It’s the ‘family friend’ that worries him. Hermione can handle herself though. The thought calmed him down. Plus there’s a fifty-fifty shot that the ‘family friend’ is a girl! This thought brought him back to Earth.

“What should I wear!?!” Hermione yelled.

Fred was pulled out of his mind at Hermione’s yell. “Um… How about a pair of jeans and a tee?” He asked.

“These are my parents Fred, but I might go with the jeans.” She smiled.

Fred was sitting on her bed watching her fly from one drawer to the other, closet to trunk. He was completely amazed that she knew where all of her clothes were, even if they weren’t organized. Hermione has changed. Not that it’s a bad thing. He thought while smiling at the Hermione who cared about her appearance. Her hair was always neat and frizz free, her face was always clear and bright, and her body was not too skinny, but what Fred called ‘just right’.

Fred smiled at himself for finding Hermione before anybody else got the chance to sweep her off of her feet. She really was a catch…

“How about this shirt?” Hermione asked, interrupting Fred’s thoughts.

He looked at her shirt. It was a black polo that had thin, white, horizontal stripes and its collar was white. “It’s perfect!” He exclaimed.

She beamed at him and glanced at the clock. “Hm… Nine-thirty… I’ve done everything to get ready wise.” She talked to herself while she paced back in forth in the room with a finger to her lips, patting them several times in a thinking fashion. “I don’t need to bring any food, or items of any sort.” She continued to think aloud.

Fred’s eyes followed her back and forth in the room. “I think your good ‘Mione.” He said, but she still paced back and forth.

“I feel like I’m forgetting something.” She said.

“I believe you are!” Fred said looking mockingly sad and depressed as he fell back onto the bed.

“Are you sure?” She asked seriously, not catching onto his game. “I think I have everything.”

Fred stood up realizing she was too deep in thought and closed the distance between them in two strides. He wrapped his arms around her and looked down into her hazel eyes. “Have you thought of what you’ve forgotten yet?” He asked mischievously.

“I believe I did.” She said as she closed the distance between her lips and Fred’s lips. She wrapped her arms around her neck and stood on her tiptoes and Fred immediately picked her up and spun around as they kissed. Hermione immediately deepened the kiss and Fred brought her over the bed where he let her kneel on so he didn’t have to hold her in the air. After a minute, however, Fred ended up on the bed on top of Hermione kissing her neck. Hermione brought his lips back up to hers and they continued to kiss.

Suddenly Hermione broke the kiss and looked at the time. “I’ve got to go!” She exclaimed as she gave Fred one more kiss. “I’ll see you tonight, I promise.” She said while giving him another kiss.

“I’ll be waiting for you, love.” Fred said and forced another kiss upon her before she started walking towards the mirror.

“I don’t look too disheveled now.” She observed, and tucked in a few loose hairs. “Goodbye Fred.” She said before she got ready to depart.

“Oh, Hermione?” He tried to get her attention.

“What?” She said hurriedly.

“Um… I love you.” He said smoothly and he beamed at her when he saw her face brighten up.

She ran over to him and tackled him to the bed and gave him another kiss. “I love you too, Fred.” And then she ran out of the room with a huge smile on her face.

Fred heard a loud crack and she was gone. Nothing can separate us now. Fred thought with such confidence and relief that he couldn’t stop smiling. 

Hermione apparated to the alleyway that was a couple of blocks down from her house. The alley was dark and damp and had an eerie feel about it. She started to walk towards the main road when she heard some footsteps. She jerked around to look behind her, but no one was there. Weird. She thought, I could have sworn I heard someone. Hermione tightened her grip on her bag and walked increasingly fast towards the main road, constantly stealing glances behind her.

As soon as she got to the main road there was a flash of light followed by a clap of thunder that sent her a good three feet into the air. She regained her balance and then focused on slowing her pounding heart. She looked behind her again, her eyes wide with panic. There’s that sound again. She thought. The rain started to come down immediately in sheets and she was drenched to the bone in a matter of seconds.

“Blasted weather!” Hermione screamed to the sky. Even though it was morning, anybody could have mistaken it for late evening. The flashes of light were happening often now and the thunder rolled almost constantly. Hermione wrapped her arms around herself in a failed attempt to keep herself from shivering. “Should have apparated closer.” She mumbled to herself as she walked down the road.

Hermione looked around at her old neighborhood. The trees were a brilliant green, some had flowers sprouting all over them. The lawns in front of the houses were deeper green that looked lush and soft. The houses were elegantly laid out with brick and wood and the landscaping designs of their owners. Flowerbeds held beautiful flowers with leaves that draped over the edge, hanging plants were equally the same.

She then became aware of the sound of somebody walking behind her and she stopped on a dime and jerked around.

“I’m sorry if I frightened you, miss.” The man said. “I just saw you out here all wet in this storm and thought you needed an umbrella.”

Hermione’s heart beat slowed. “It’s alright.” Hermione said, relief in her voice. “Oh, thank you…” She paused realizing she didn’t know the man’s name.

“Jonathan.” He said smoothly. “Here come underneath the umbrella so you don’t get even more wet.”

“Well, thank you Jonathan.” She said while she stepped underneath the umbrella with him, “But I only live a couple of blocks down this road, and I wouldn’t want to steal your umbrella from you.”

“Nonsense!” He said, “My mum told me never to let a lady walk in the pouring rain with out an umbrella or a coat!”

“No, no.” She debated. “Really I’m quite fine without either of those things, I’m wet already so it won’t help that much.”

“It’ll be alright, here just take my umbrella.” Jonathan said, “I’ll just get another.”

“I’ll be sure to get it back to you when the rain clears.” Hermione said, not wanting to take a stranger’s belongings. “Um… Where could I bring it back to you?”

“Well, truthfully I’m only going to be here for a week or so, I’m visiting my family.” He said, rubbing the back of his head. “So looks like you’ll just have to keep it.” He shrugged.

Hermione sighed. “Well, is there anyway I can just walk without the umbrella and you can have it back?” One last try to give back the umbrella.

“No, I told you, I’m not going to let a lady walk in the rain without an umbrella.” He said.

“Oh, alright.” She finally gave in. “Thanks so much Jonathan.”

“No problem…” He said, attempting to get her to say her name.

She smiled, oblivious to his attempt. “Well I’ll hopefully see you around then. Bye.”

His green eyes darkened. “Oh, see you then.”

Hermione turned around and started to walk down the street with the man’s umbrella in her hand. It felt so weird to have accepted it from somebody she barely knew, but if he hadn’t of been so stubborn. Hermione thought about his appearance. He had black hair and green eyes, like Harry, but they were so different then Harry’s looks. His black hair was short on the sides and a couple of inches longer on the top. It swayed in the wind of the storm, well not anymore since the rain soaked it through. The look suited him quite nicely, how nice it would be to bump into him again… Oh! Hermione! What are you thinking? His green eyes were so dark and captivating though. She continued to think about Jonathan until she was interrupted by a woman screaming her name.

“Hermione! Welcome home!” Mrs. Granger yelled at Hermione who looked surprised that she was already at her old home.

Guess I apparated closer than I thought. She shrugged. “Hello Mom.” She said quickly and gave her a hug.

“How’s your flat, deary?” Mrs. Granger asked.

“Amazing, Mom, you should come over and see it sometime!” Hermione exclaimed.

“I promise I will dear. Come say hello to your father. He’s in the kitchen talking to the family friend I said in the letter that was coming to visit!” Mrs. Granger said with genuine excitement on her face.

“First Mother, I would like for you to give me some background info on this so called ‘family friend’ because I do not remember anyone my age that I was hanging around when I was a kid.” Hermione said with her hands crossed over her chest.

“Oh alright. He’s a young lad, barely older than you. I believe he’s a wizard also, but he went to a different school than Hogwarts because of his parents. I’ll tell you the reasons later though. Now come on and get in! You’re soaked!” Mrs. Granger exclaimed as she realized the condition her daughter was in from the storm. “Go get changed really quick!”

Hermione shook out the umbrella, took off her shoes and ran upstairs. She ran into her empty room, and realized she didn’t bring any other clothes. Wait, I’ll just put a drying spell on the clothes I’m wearing now! She thought. As soon as she was dry she walked down stairs and into the kitchen.

“Hello Dad!” Hermione exclaimed and gave him a hug.

“Hello honey.” Her dad said beaming at her. “I want you to meet our family friend...”

Hermione caught sight of the man and her eyes widened. “Jonathan?!?!” 

A/N~ Hope you liked it!! Leave reviews!!! It helps to improve my writing! Peace

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