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Anglophobia: A Story Of A Death Eater by noraxslytherin
Chapter 12 : The Black Envelope
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Let’s fast forward a few months to the beautiful June.  The day after Final Exams but before we got to go home.  In that single day, I changed so much that sometimes I think how stupid I was to be around Tom when my life was taking a major turn.

Tom had not done anything to Nat, claiming that Nat claiming that everyone got mad once in a while.  At this little announcement, we all stared, surprised at Tom.  I thought he was surely about to go mad himself, but he just walked away…


Tick Tick Tick
I turned around in bed and slowly opened my eyes.  Lucretia was sleeping soundly and Rebecca’s bed was still vacant.  What had woken me up?  I got up and searched under all the beds, but still nothing.  After about ten minutes, I looked at the serpent clock which read 3:39 AM.  Breakfast would start in a couple of hours.  Summer vacation was about to start in a week.  Oh the joy of going to boarding school.  I walked to the window and looked outside.  There was barely any sun- the smallest rays were still lighting up the distant mountain.  The sky looked half dark and half light.

That’s when I noticed Boron, Melanie’s little black owl, seated on the windowpane with a little black envelope in his beak.  The shock of seeing this owl was so big that I actually let out a little yelp.  I quickly looked at Lucretia, who stirred and murmured: “Oh Nat, you have such a way with chickens…”

As quietly as I could, I opened up the window and took the envelope from him.  He cocked his head then flew away to eat with the other Hogwarts owls.  I stared down at the envelope.  Melanie must be mad- I had promised to write her but I hadn’t.  We’re best friends and I couldn’t even keep a little promise to her.  Well that is if we are friends.  I couldn’t handle her anger right now.  I went to go get dressed and tucked the envelope into my robes.


“Belle!” I turned around at the sound of my name and instantly Lucretia was next to me.  She looked absolutely thrilled.  “Guess what?”

“What?” I asked unenthusiastically.  The arrival of the envelope and the fact I got up so early had put me in a bad mood.

“Rebecca’s leaving the hospital wing after dinner!” She said this so loudly that several people looked over curiously.

“Does Tom know?” I asked distracted.  This seemed too good to be true.

“Yeah!  Although, Tom’s called a meeting for later on.” She said this quietly, and gave me a knowing look.  “I think it might be about Rebecca but I’m not sure ‘cause he told me to fetch her too.”

“Okay, I’ll come with you then.” I said.  I stopped talking as soon as Professor Dumbledore passed by.  That guy was not to be trusted.

The day went so slow that I was sure the professors had stopped time or something.  They all talked about one thing that day: the upcoming Hogsmeade trip which was scheduled for this Saturday before Christmas vacation.  There was to be a ball before that.

But I hardly cared at that moment because I’d developed a horrible headache.  As a result, I accompanied Lucretia to the Hospital Wing to get Rebecca. 

“Oh isn’t it exciting?” Lucretia was saying.  “Let’s keep this between us- who do you want to go with?”

“Um” I closed my eyes, because the headache was hurting so much.  “I don’t know.”

When we got to the hospital wing, Madam Pomfrey shoved some liquid into my throat after checking my signs and when I opened my eyes, I felt loads better.  

“Thanks so much.” I smiled up at her.

“Oh it’s no problem dear.” She said gently.  “But take it easy.  That wasn’t a normal headache.  It was more of a hormone ache.  See, we wizards and witch’s have a special hormone that acts rather dangerously when something’s about to happen that might change the person we are inside.  It’s just one of the many things that separates us from muggles.”

“Wow.” Was all I could say.  Lucretia’s eyes, however, were wide.

“Let’s hope its something good.” She said.   Madam Pomfrey nodded then retreated back to her office.

“Hey guys.” Lucretia and I turned around.  

Rebecca was standing there.  She’d changed so much that I couldn’t believe it was her.  Now, her face was a pale color, her hair was messy and untamed.  She was wearing a simple Slytherin uniform, with no added accessories.

“You alright?” Lucretia asked, studying her best friend.  Rebecca nodded gravely then began to walk towards the door.  As we left she held me and Lucretia’s hands, and the feel of her cold hands mixed with Madam Pomfrey’s words.

“Alright, everyone, I have a new proposition.” Tom was standing with his hands behind his back. 

We were in Tom’s dorm again.  “We” meaning Lucretria, Rebecca, Nat, Celsus, and I.  The room was dim and we sat on the floor, staring up at Tom with curious expressions.

“As you know, I forgave Nat for his little outburst some months back.” Tom paused and his dark eyes seemed to be examining us each in turn.  “But maybe I will not be so lenient next time.”  

“Thank you, Tom.” Nat said quietly.  Tom waved his hand then conjured up a stool into which he sat, towering above us all.

Again, he looked at us all, but his gaze hesitated on me and he looked very distracted.  “Belle, what is that sticking out of your robes?”

I looked down and saw the stupid black envelope.  “Oh, heh, its nothing.  It’s just something from my best friend from Salemandra.”

”What does it say?” He asked curiously.  Everyone’s eyes were on me now.

“I don’t know.” I said.

Tom continued to look at me before finally saying something.  “Read it out loud.”

I didn’t want everyone to know how horrible I acted to my old friends, but I couldn’t break Tom’s demand.  He wouldn’t be lenient anymore.  I took the envelope out of my pocket but suddenly it floated to Tom who touched it with his wand and made the letter jump out.  Then he did some more wand work and this time the letter was enlarged so that everyone could read it.  I grimaced at Tom for his nosiness but began to read.

My dear Belle,

I’m so sorry.  I want to be sorry a billion, no, infinity times sorry.  I hate to be the one to give you such horrid news but I must because we’re best friends, right?

Last night, there was an explosion from your house that was heard and felt by all of Massachusetts.  Your house burst into flames and everything was destroyed.  No living thing survived- your house elves and mother are all dead.  The only person that survived was your father.  He admitted to the aurors that it was he who had done this and his excuse was that your mother was “an old and useless wench.”  When asked about the house elves he laughed and said “the only person that would miss those pieces of *explicit* is my little wretch of a daughter Belle.  She’ll get what’s coming for her one day too!”

Don’t worry, though, sweetie.  He’s locked up and he’s facing decades in the Salem Prison.  He’ll never be able to touch you.  Right now, daddy’s trying to get your father to bequeath all the Ivory fortune and estates to you.  So far, you only have access to your mother’s bank account.

Summer Vacation starts next week and I want to invite you to come stay with my family.  I know this must be a huge shock and I want my shoulder to be the one you cry on.  I’m so sorry, my dear.

Best friends for ever and ever,

Melanie Celestine 
As soon as I was done with the letter, I noticed I was laughing softly.  The others were staring at me, alarmed. 

“Belle…” Lucretia began, resting one hand on mine, but I shook it off and got up, still laughing.

“Don’t you see?!” I said shrilly, laughing like there was no tomorrow.  “My childhood paradise has been blown up, literally!  And by my own father!”

I looked at Tom who was studying my every move with those dark eyes.  He cocked his head to one side, watching and waiting for my next explanation.  The way that his eyes reflected the shining sun outside suddenly got my choked up.  Before I knew it, my laughing turned into one sob, then another, and another until I was crumpled up on the floor crying harder than ever.

I could feel the hands of the others on me, could hear their murmured apologies, but I couldn’t talk.  It was as if my voice had been sucked away and all I got in return was this huge burden.  And to think a few minutes ago I was worried about whether Melanie was mad at me or not.  When I felt as if I had no more liquid in my body I sat up and wiped my eyes.  I could see Rebecca and Lucretia had been crying too.

“M-my mom…” I began, before clearing my throat and continuing.  “My mom wasn’t the best but she just wanted what was right for me.  When I was sad, she used to send me up some chocolates and roses but she never gave them to me herself because she was never the lovey-dovey kind of mother.  And my house elves were really sweet.  They always filled that void that my mom and dad never filled.”

The others looked sympathetic.  I chanced a look up at Tom, but his eyes were still searching me.  Finally, he spoke.

“And what about your father?”

I punched the floor with my fist.  Anger was building up inside of me like a monster.  “I HATE THAT SON OF A-”

“What do you want to do with him then?” Tom interrupted in a low voice.

And that’s when I finally spoke the truth to Tom.  “I want to kill him.”

“Nothing’s impossible, Belle.” Tom got up and pulled me to my feet.  His face was a few inches away and I could smell his cinnamon breath as he spoke.  “And I’ll help you.”

“Nothing’s impossible, Belle.” Tom got up and pulled me to my feet.  His face was a few inches away and I could smell his cinnamon breath as he spoke.  “And I’ll help you.”
“K-kill my father?” I asked, smirking.  At that moment, I couldn’t think of anything better.  I had to avenge my mother.  I looked into Tom’s eyes which were a few millimeters away from mine.  “Please do.” 

He pulled my hair away from my face with one single cold hand and then he moved closer and closer before suddenly pulling back.  Seeing the surprised look on everyone’s faces, he let out a soft laugh.   

“Maybe someday.” He said, winking at me.

It was the day of the Ball and Tom, Nat, Cel, Lucretia, Rebecca, and I were all at Hogsmeade.  After I found out about my mothers death, all the teachers had been extremely kind to me, excusing me from a lot of homework.  Right now, though, while everyone else was shopping for the Ball, the rest of us were scheming in the Three Broomsticks, so we wouldn’t be conspicuous.

“Alright, so remember, Belle and I are going to go pack early then practice a little.  You lot go on to the ball.” Tom said, cupping his hands around the 3rd round of free drinks we’d had.  Tom really could charm anyone.

“But what if someone asks about you or Belle?” Cel asked.

Tom suddenly smirked.  “Well what do people normally do before or during a Ball?  Tell them we’re busy.”

Everyone laughed and I blushed a deep red.  

“Okay, so the second the Ball’s over me and Belle will go down to the Great Hall so the professors’ll know we’re not up to any real trouble.  Tomorrow morning, we’ll both leave for America.” Tom looked over at me.  “Is that okay?”

“Yea, only one things wrong.  Where do we go from there?” I looked down at my butter beer.  “We can’t go to Melanie’s house.  Do you mind if we stay at an inn?”

“No.” He answered.  “It’s fine.  Is that it?”

“Well, not really.” I glared at the table.  “I don’t have any money.  You guys took it all from me that day at the Hogs Head.”

“We didn’t take any money.” Nat said then he narrowed his eyes.  “Bet you anything it was that bartender.”

“It doesn’t matter.” I said finally looking up at them.  “I’m broke until I can get to the bank in America.”

Rebecca rummaged in her purse then pulled out a 10 galleons.  “Here, take these.”

“And here’s some more.” Lucretia dug into her purse too and pulled out a handful of sickles and galleons.

Nat and Cel were doing the same thing and then pretty soon the table was filled with 58 galleons and 38 sickles.

“Thanks.” Tom and I said to them at the same time.  They all smiled in return.

“Tom, how are your parents?” I asked.  I was sitting in Tom’s dormitory and he was getting the mice we were to kill out.  He turned around to look at me.

“I never knew them.  I’ve lived with muggles my whole life.” Tom said this with such finality that I knew he didn’t want to talk about it.

We spent the next hour killing off every mouse and practicing the other two unforgivable curses on some spiders.  When we finally finished I sank back into the bed while Tom vanished all the mice and spiders.  Get rid of the evidence.

Suddenly I felt hot.  The window was shut and the fire was roaring unmercifully.  I took off my jacket and rolled up my white sleeves.  Then I loosened my tie and looked at Tom.  He was laughing.

“What?” I asked, hurt.  “It’s hot.”

“Because I put a heat charm up.” He said, smiling.


“Just wanted to see how far you’d go if you were hot.”

I laughed.  “Not far, as you can see.”

“Too bad.” He got up and sat next to me, taking the charm away.  He opened the window a bit, exposing the sunrise lightening up the sky one last time before the moon took over.  The music from the Ball drifted down towards us.  It was a slow and beautiful song.  He sat staring out the window.

“It’s weird how such a beautiful song can have such a bad meaning.” He said, finally.

“What do you mean?” I asked.   “The songs about love.”

“Yes.” He turned towards me.  “The worst thing a person can feel.”

“Not necessarily.” I said.

Tom looked out the window again.  “It is.  If you didn’t love your mother, would you be killing your father?”

“I don’t know.” I put my jacket back on and smoothed my skirt.  “If I didn’t love our group, would I even be here with you planning how to kill my father?”

“That’s not love.” Tom argued.  “You just feel passion for our cause.”

“Sure.” I said, laughing and taking him by surprise.  He smiled and shook his head.

“Someday you’ll see.”

I looked into his dark eyes and tried not to grin.  “Or not.”

“What took you guys so long?” Nat asked; angrily as Tom and I ran into the Great Hall so all the professors saw us.

“Oooh Belle you look so flushed.” Lucretia giggled.  She was gorgeous tonight, wearing an emerald dress and matching jewelry.

“Oh man.” Cel laughed.  “Wow oh wow.  The Tom-anators on high gear tonight.  How many did you kill tonight?”

Rebecca laughed along.  If Lucretia was gorgeous then Rebecca was extra-gorgeous.  She was wearing a sparkling black dress with green stitches but even this simple dress made her look queen like.  It covered up her sickliness in a way.

Tom didn’t look the least bit pleased.  “What Belle and I did is none of your businesses.  Anyway, we’re all packed and tomorrow we go.”

They all nodded, stifling their laughter, as we all headed upstairs.

That night was the only night that I truly felt Tom was human- not because of his nonsense about “passion” but because he felt something that normal 15 year olds feel albeit he tried to hide it.  Although I still wasn’t totally sure he meant it because I knew with Tom, everything was a trick within a trick.  A lie within a lie.  A deception within a deception.  And although he probably took me as stupid, I knew the cause of his actions tonight was because he was afraid…afraid that I would chicken out just when he was planning a kill.  And the kill was exactly what would set me on the right course.  From mice and spiders, to a human.  I was about to make real progress.

I was a puppet set out to murder.  And I liked it.

A/N: Okay :D next chapter they go to America- woo!  Leave reviews please!  

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