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In Search of the Truth by never_too_old
Chapter 6 : Close Ties
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Scorpius paced in the Slytherin common room, furious that his father never told him. He then started wondering if perhaps his father didn’t even know the truth. He heard the portrait door open and turned to see who entered.

“You don’t look well,” Trey said, staring at the pale boy in front of him.

Scorpius shook his head, as he rubbed his forehead. “I need to talk to my grandfather,” he suddenly announced.

Trey nodded, although he was still confused. “Okay, well, I’m sure the school will allow you to owl him,” he said, before seeing his friend hurry up the stairs, toward his bedroom.

He sat on his bed, with two pieces of parchment below. He didn’t even know where to begin. How was he even to address the issue? He suddenly got an idea, as he quickly wrote to his grandfather first.


I know this is an odd request, but I was hoping you could do me a favor and send me a sample of your blood, as well as grandmother’s. I’m doing this experiment at school, but it will only work if I use pure blood. I’m also writing to father and mother, asking them to send samples, too. I’ll tell you more about the experiment, after it’s finished.


He looked over the letter and smiled. He was rather impressed by this smart idea of his, wondering where it could have possibly come from. He quickly wrote a similar letter to his father, before running out of the common room and toward the Owlery.

Scorpius was standing in front of the sinks in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom, nervously putting his experiments together. He decided to test his grandfather’s blood first, wanting to get that one out of the way. He knew he could have just tested his parents’ blood, but he was a little intrigued about his grandparents. When he saw blue, he sighed in relief. His grandfather was extremely proud of his heritage, and if he were to realize it was all a lie, Scorpius didn’t know how he would react. He then did his grandmother’s and became excited when he saw it was blue, too. He started to wonder if perhaps his own test was tainted somehow.

He grabbed his father’s vial, knowing full well it would have to turn blue. He stared at the mixture and took a deep breath, as he saw the liquid turn to blue. He was suddenly more hopeful now, seeing the Malfoy name was still pure. 

He then picked up the last vial, which held his mother’s blood. She was the last one. What would happen if it turns out she’s not who she said she was? Would his father hate her for lying? Then again, perhaps she didn’t even know herself. He slowly ran the flame underneath the vial, trembling to know the outcome.

His eyes opened wide, as he stared at the contents inside: blue. He furrowed his eyebrows, as he looked at all four vials. He scratched his head, not sure what to believe anymore. He then pricked his finger, dropping his blood in the last vial. He had to see for himself if the first test was done correctly.

As he placed the flame below, he carefully studied the liquid. He smiled when he started to see it turn a darker shade, but then suddenly, it began to lighten. His body shook in anger, as he stared at the pink contents inside. “No!” he screamed, as he threw the vial across the bathroom, letting it shatter on the wall.

“He’s been in his room all day,” Trey said to Goyle.

Goyle shook his head, as he magically moved his knight across the chessboard. “What do you think happened?” he wondered.

Trey shrugged, as he moved his rook. “I don’t know, but he hasn’t been the same since he got back from his study group with Weasley and Potter. Perhaps they did something to him.”

Rose was talking with a few Slytherin girls in the corner of the room, when she overheard the two boys talking. She bit her lower lip, knowing it was her fault he was hiding from everyone. She enjoyed the quietness, but a part of her felt sad for him. She sighed, knowing what she had to do. She excused herself from the huddle, as she slowly made her way to his bedroom.

She stood at his door, contemplating if she should really do this. She played it through her mind, knowing she had to do something. The guilt was eating away at her. She softly knocked on his door and leaned in, waiting to hear him speak.

“Go away,” he yelled from inside.

She huffed, as she knocked louder on his door. He was not going to dismiss her that easily. “Malfoy, open up.”

“Piss off, Weasley.”

“Come on, Malfoy. I know you want to talk about this and since I’m the only one who knows what’s going on, you might as well let me in,” she tried again.

She heard a loud thump and smiled, realizing he was walking toward the door. The door flung open and he quickly grabbed her shoulders, pulling her inside. “You want to announce it to the whole bloody world?” he screamed, as he let go of her shoulders and marched toward his bed.

“Malfoy,” she softly began, “I’m sorry.”

He shook his head, as he turned toward his window. “I did a test,” he started, “and both my parents are pure.”

She furrowed her eyebrows, “That’s not possible.”

He laughed, as he turned toward her. “Don’t you think I know that?” he snapped.

“You must’ve done it wrong. Or, perhaps we did it wrong,” she said, trying to come up with a plausible explanation.

“I did the test again,” he stated. “And it came out the same as the first time. I’m not a pure-blood, Weasley. Truth is, I don’t even know if I’m a Malfoy.”

“Of course you are,” she responded. “Just look at you. You look exactly like your father.”

He looked over at the mirror on his wall and nodded, knowing she was right. There was no mistaking the fact that he was his father’s child. “Then that just leaves one other option,” he said, turning toward her. “She’s not my real mother.”

Rose fell silent. She knew he had to be right, but she still couldn’t believe it. She didn’t even know what shocked him more: that his parents lied, or that his father slept with a non-pure-blood.

“Grandfather is going to be livid when he finds out,” he stated, breaking her away from her thoughts.

“Forget your grandfather. What about you?” she angrily asked, feeling frustrated for him.

“Father has a lot of explaining,” he growled, feeling his anger rise again.

“Do you have any idea who it could be?” she suddenly asked.

He turned toward her, shaking his head, before he started studying her face. He was suddenly reminded of what the hat told him in the beginning of the school year when he got sorted. Everything was finally starting to make some sense now.

“How strange, how strange,” the hat began, once it was placed on top of Scorpius’ head. 

“What’s strange?” Scorpius asked, feeling a bit nervous.

“This is the first time a Malfoy has sat underneath me, where my immediate reaction is not to place them in Slytherin,” the hat continued. “What is this other trait I’m sensing from you? Ravenclaw perhaps? Gryffindor?”

“If you sort me into anything but Slytherin, I swear I’ll be the last student you ever sort,” Scorpius quietly threatened the hat.

“Ah, there’s the Malfoy trait I know,” the hat responded. “Too bad. I think you would have done well in Gryffindor. Oh well. SLYTHERIN!” 

Scorpius released himself from his thoughts, as he stared over at her. He furrowed his eyebrows, as he examined her eyes more thoroughly. “Your eyes,” he suddenly said, realizing for the first time since seeing her that they were actually blue.

“What about them?”

“I’ve never really noticed them before,” he replied, “but they look a lot like,” he stopped, as he turned away. “Nevermind.”

“Malfoy, what about my eyes?” she eagerly asked.

She was surprised to hear him say that. Throughout her life, she has always wondered where her blue eyes came from, since her mother and father both had brown. Her mother had repeatedly explained to her that blue eyes run in the Granger side of the family, but every time she would look at various pictures, not once did she ever find a family member with eyes like hers.

Scorprius sighed, as he turned back toward her, staring again at her eyes. “They look a lot like mine,” he whispered.

She chuckled, as she turned toward the mirror. There was no way they looked like his. She studied her eyes in the mirror, before turning back around. Her jaw dropped, when she looked over at him. Okay, it was definitely true; they both had very similar eyes. “How can that be?” she softly asked.

He quickly stood up and moved to his trunk. He opened it up and began rummaging through it. “There’s no way,” he mumbled to himself. “No bloody way.”

She curiously watched him, not sure what he was trying to find. “What are you looking for?” she asked.

“My father’s letter,” he answered, as he continued to search. “The night we came back to school, I wrote to him about you.”

“You did?”

“Don’t get too excited. I was just making fun of you,” he smirked up at her.

She rolled her eyes, before he returned to his trunk. He finally found the letter and pulled it out, reading it once more. He shook his head, as he looked over at her. “It all makes sense now,” he hesitated.

“What does?”

“Here,” he said, handing her the letter, as he sat back down on his bed.

She quickly read through it, not seeing what he was talking about. She looked over at him and shrugged. “Yeah, so? He wanted you to treat me nicely,” she said.

“Read between the lines, Weasley,” he impatiently told her. “In the last paragraph.”

She looked over at the letter again, studying his words in the last paragraph.

That is rather interesting news about Miss Weasley. I’m sure her mother is probably a bit livid at the thought. Not that it surprises me much. However, I want you to remember that she is still a Slytherin. I’m not saying you need to become the best of friends, but just remember you two come from the same house.

“Not that it surprises him much?” she quietly said, looking over at Malfoy.

He nodded, knowing she would eventually get there. She was still a Granger after all. “Rather weird for him to say that, isn’t it?”

She nodded, as she glanced down at the letter one more time. “Remember you two come from the same house,” she slowly read. Suddenly, her eyes opened wide, as she dropped the letter and quickly ran out of his room.

He watched her leave, not sure where she was going. He grabbed the letter off the floor, as he stared over at his bedroom door that was left open. He was about to go shut it, when he saw Rose running back toward him.

She was panting heavily, as she handed her letter over to Malfoy. He furrowed his eyebrows, as he reached for the letter and read it.

Don’t you ever feel ashamed about who you are. I couldn’t be prouder of you, even if you have been sorted into Slytherin. And I know your father will be proud, too. Not all Slytherins are bad, despite what you have been told. And I’m sure it will be hard not being with your cousins, but don’t let that stop you from making new friends.

Don’t be discouraged, Rose. Those qualities you have are a part of you, even if you can’t see it yet. You belong in that house, and you should never be ashamed of where you belong. 

“She was proud you were a Slytherin?” he asked in amusement.

She nodded, still breathing heavily from her run.

“Your father will be proud?” he laughed. “Highly doubt that.”

“Exactly,” she breathed. “Unless-”

“She wasn’t talking about Weasley?” he thought out loud, looking over at her in wonderment.

She nodded, as her breathing was starting to calm down a bit. “Read the last part again.”

He nodded, as he returned his attention to the last part of the letter. “You belong in that house,” he gulped, nervously looking over at her.

“You two come from the same house. You belong in that house,” she summarized. “Malfoy, I don’t think they’re really talking about the Slytherin house.”

He nodded, understanding immediately what she was saying. Perhaps the hat was right in thinking to sort him into Ravenclaw. “I just can’t believe this,” he whispered. “Hermione Granger…is my mother.”

“And Draco Malfoy,” she swallowed, feeling her throat very dry, “is my father.”

The two paled, as they stared over at each other. Neither could move, for they were frozen in shock.

“Then wouldn’t that make us-” Scorpius hesitated.

“Twins,” she finished for him.

A/N:  :)  I'm sure you had all guessed it by now, but the truth has finally come out!!  Woo hoo!  Oh, so I'm sure some of you may be sitting there, saying that Ron has blue eyes, not brown, and although I was trying to keep this as close to canon as possible, I did change that one little fact.  Some people believe they were brown, whereas others say they're blue.  Oh, I guess also about Draco's eye color, too.  Apparently, some say he has gray, and others say blue.  So, I hope you can forgive me on this one little fact.  :) 

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