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Dancing Meets Mr. Padfoot by CharliesDragon123
Chapter 1 : Dancing to the Music
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Disclaimer: I wished on a star last night and yet I still don't own Harry Potter. What a shame... *sniff* I own only the OC's like Dorinda. The Marauders are JK Rowling's, sadly not mine. Oh and the song "Dance Me If You Can" belongs to The Cheetah Girls. Thanks Disney! So, grab a seat or chair, some popcorn and enjoy the first chapter of "Dancing Meets Mr. Padfoot"...

It was a late November afternoon, students were relaxing in their Common Rooms and hoping to catch up with some homework. 

Okay, only Remus Lupin was doing his homework... But that's another story for another time.

We are here to focus on a young dancer... and now, she's practicing for a dance competition back in America. 

"Up, down, twist and flip!" a girl's voice sounded.

Dorinda Thomas or let's just call her Do, was in the Room of Requirement and dancing to a muggle CD. Her sapphire eyes sparkled as her hips swayed and twisted to the music's beats. 

Her wavy black locks fell past her shoulders and cascaded down her back. As the music pulled to a stop, Do froze into a pose and began to smile brightly. 

"Yes!" Do jumped up and down. Her best friends, Lily Evans and Vanessa Hendricks were clapping and cheering as their friend finished her song. 

"Nicely done Do!" Lily laughed. Vanessa nodded and stretched her arms and legs. Do turned back to her music and was ready for another round of her dance.

"Nice isn't good enough," Do replied to Lily. She slumped to the floor and held her head in her hands.

Lily walked up to her friend and placed a hand on her shoulder. Vanessa walked over as well and gave Do a hug. 

"Do, you gotta take a break," Vanessa ordered. Do shook her head and stood up from the stone floor.

"I gotta do it again, I messed up on the last verse," Do told her friends. 

Lily rolled her emerald eyes and flipped her flaming red hair. Vanessa grabbed one of her books from her leather bag and gathered her things.

Do turned back to her music player and summoned a bottle of water with her wand.

"I hope you're not making a mistake," Lily whispered. She gathered her things and placed everything in her bag.

"I'll be back soon," Do replied, starting to stretch again.

"Do, if you keep on dancing then you won't have enough strength," Lily complained.

"I'll be fine," Do replied, waving a careless free hand. Lily sighed and retrieved her bag from the bench she was sitting on. 

"Bye Do!" Vanessa waved.

"Besides, if I want to get into that collage for dancing then I better start stepin' up," Do explained to her red-headed friend. Lily rolled her eyes.

"See you back in a hour guys!" Do called back to her friends. Lily and Vanessa exited the Room of Requirement and walked back to the Common Room.

Okay Dorinda. Let's try it again, Do thought. She got into position and pressed play on her CD player.

At the beginning of the song, Do was inspired to dance an Indian kind of dance and then she started up with pop...

I know you think that you're in control
But watch and learn
'Cause this is how we roll
Work it just like this
Let's see you trying to do that
Do began to dance harder and was too wrapped up in her dancing. Little did she know, the infamous Sirius Black was walking down the same corridor and heard the music.

"What the hell is that?" He asked aloud. Sirius brushed a strand of his black hair from his grey eyes and walked towards the Room of Requirement.

What's the matter?
Can't you figure it out?
'Cause you look confuse, mixed up, no doubt
There's really no chance
That you can do our dance
On the inside, Do didn't realize Sirius was watching her from the other door. She kept on dancing and then began to sing along with the music.

Can't keep up
Can't keep up
"Holy crap, she's good," Sirius whispered in amazement.

Damn! Look at those legs! And those hips! Where did that come from!?

Try to keep up
Try to keep up
"Almost to the end," Do told herself.

Come on! Just a few more steps Do! Don't give up!

Can't keep up
Can't keep up
Sirius pushed the door further and was completely inside of the Room of Requirement. Smirking, he creep to a dark corner and watched Do finish her dance. 

Try to follow, watch me now
If you think that you know how
Then dance me 
Dance me if you can
Do stepped harder until her brain was overfilling with music notes, steps, and words of the music.

Get together or fall apart
If you think it's not that hard
Then dance me
Dance me if you can
Do finally stopped dancing and pressed paused on her CD player. Sighing, she knew would have a good night's rest.

"Oh my god, that hurt," Do complained, rubbing her thighs and legs. She wiped some of the sweat from her face and breathed in deeply.

But, she wasn't expecting this...

"Bravo," Sirius clapped. Do whipped her head around and gasped. Sirius was smirking and clapping. 

Embarrassed, Do ran towards the door but Sirius blocked her way. 

"How do you dance like that?" Sirius asked Do. She wiped her sweat from her forehead and blew a strand of her hair from her face.

"Practice, for seven long years," Do replied, answering Sirius' question. She smiled and turned away to retrieved her bag.

3... 2... 1... Do thought, counting down the seconds until Sirius would call her name again.

"Dorinda!" Sirius called before she left. She turned and smirked. 

"I wanna learn how to dance like that," Sirius compromised. Do smirked and knew there was a price.

"What's the price?" Do asked. 

"You and I have to dance... in front of the school," Sirius replied. Do was surprised, she would think he wanted her for a good snog or two. 

Well, this outta be good, Do thought with a laugh. Do stuck out her hand and shook Sirius' hand. 

"Fine, meet me here tomorrow morning at 5:30 AM, and DON'T be late," Do ordered, walking out the door. Sirius was speechless... but was hypnotized by Do's hips swaying back and forth.

Sirius Orion Black, what have you gotten yourself into? Sirius thought, while giving Do a wolf whistle. 

A/N: Okay, there's the first chapter! I hope you guys loved it! REVIEW PLEASE!

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