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Two Vampires = Lots of Trouble by harryfanZOG
Chapter 7 : Playboy bunny teacher.rock on.
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HI! All the credit goes to J.K.R!!!! well except for Woody and a new person......

"Bla Bla Bla bla bla.......bla." went Dumbledore as his boring speech carried on, and on, and on, in a matter of seconds his voice turned into annoying humming until.........," As the start of this year we shall have a new teacher and she will be my assistant and here she is Professor Zora Grean!"

Applause was made as the large wooden doors opened and the applause ended dead in its tracks when they saw the women that walked in. Holy crap. 

She looked a play boy bunny, sleek blond hair perfectly straightened around her heart shaped face, bright blue eyes and a body of a goddess. Once she walked up to Dumbledore and kissed him on the cheek which made Dumbledore blush slightly not to mention professor mcgonigal looking more like a cat ready to kill.

"Thank you guys and girls SO much for letting me come here to teach! Thanks to my good friend Dumbledore I can help Hogwarts in the one thing that they don't teach!"

Zora gave a dramatic pause to let the teens think on what on Earth Hogwarts was missing. After the whispering died down  Zora continued, "Femininity! I see none of it so I contacted you Head Master and he agreed quiet happily! This class is required  from all the girls no matter what the age!"

Girls broke into applause or utter surprise that something like THAT happened and Zora added, "Don't worry boys I have added a class for all 6Th years and up also! Present dance like, pop, lap dance, slow dance, ect!"

With that people just stared. No talking just staring. LAP DANCE? Finally a Slytherin started clapping like mad wooting and cheering at this.

"Oh my freaken Gosh."
thought Hermione her eyes as wide as saucers, "What the bloody hell did Professor Zora do to Dumbledore to make him agree to this?"

"Well I believe we may eat now and tomorrow you shall start your classes so get a excellent night sleep." said Dumbledore smiling kindly knowing most of the students would be gossiping all night long about the new events.

"I hope they enjoy their sup rise. Hogwarts needed a change......." thought Dumbledore as he ate his chicken and sending a I'm sorry look to professor mcgonigal who just glared and stared at her food.

                                          In Griffendor Commons

"OMG! I get to lap dance! Can you believe this is happening Mia?" squealed Ginny waving her hands like crazy in an happy dance.

"Don't get to excited yet you still don't know your partner. You may get stuck with Neville."

snapped Hermione who still didn't like anything about this.

"Mia! Stop being so depressing! I want to have some fun is this class! now that you gave us bad luck I AM going to get Neville and you are gonna get Ron!"

"OMG NO!!!!! He's gay! We better tell that to Professor Grean maybe he can be with Woody but we better NOT have to look at them......ew ok lets just stop!" said Hermione totally shocked by the possibility of THAT happening.

 "I am just worried that I am gonna look like a total dork cause I know NOTHING about lap dance! What am I going to do Mione?" asked Ginny her usually happy face covered with fear.

"I know some lap dancing things I can show you some things so that you can have a feeling on what is gonna happen." stuttered Hermione standing up, "But first get into comfy outfit cause you don't want to do this is a uniform."

"GREAT! You know what? I am so happy you are doing this for me that I won't even bug you how the hell you know lap dance.....well for  tonight that is!"

"Oh damn what I have I gotten myself into?" thought to Hermione as she walked up to her unpacked room. (Her room wasn't done yet!)

Changing quickly into a tank top and shorts Mia met Ginny down stairs to start with some moves. (i am NOT a lap dancer and I will never become one so I am trying to get this right. With a little research I think I got it right. So, if it isn't right or you don't think it is right please just chill and use your imagination! Sorry!)

"Ok the first thing I thing is important is that you have to move slowly, you know sexy. flip the hair." Instructed Hermione as Ginny and her tried it out in the empty commen room.

 "Also, you just can't walk like normal. This is how models walk, you try to put one foot directly in front of an another which makes your hips sway more which of COURSE looks great to the eye." instructed Hermione and she was surpised how well Ginny was at it.

Next I don't have time to put these moves into a dance that is what Professor Zora is for  but I will show you some ok?" asked Hermione as Ginny shook her head eagerly and Hermione explained.

 "ok put both hands on the middle of your legs just below your jeans and walk them down your legs gettting faster as your go. Once you are at your feet look right at the person and slide your hands back up but don't stop at your legs go all the way up even touching your boobs ok? Try it."

Just as they got to their chests what do you think happened?

huh?? What do you think?????


Draco walked in and his eyes bulged like balloons that were about to pop and stuttered, "Y- you need to c-c- ome with m-e I mean not for anything but but to our head rooms."

Draco quickly recovered and sneered turning on his heel and fleeing the room.


"DID YOU SEE HIS FACE?" laughed Ginny and Hermione burst out laughing to and said, "Well I got to find my room bye Gin."

The best friends hugged and Hermione had to sprint to catch up with him, "Why didn't you slow down because I have to find the Head's room to!"

Malfoy just smirked," With a body like that I thought that you would be able to catch up."

Hermine turned beet red in embarrestment and said," That you for noticing its seems you are doing that a lot lately. Are you on something?"

"I must be to look at you like that!" hissed Draco as Dumbledore was waiting for them at a wide entry with a horried women with a mans' face but with royal outfit and a gathering of warts on her boobs.


"Mr. Malfoy and Miss Granger I would like to show you your rooms if you two would please stop staring at the portait." said Dumbledore smiling slightly, "Now this is Duchess Margarete Maultasch now, what do you two want as your password?"

"Paris." answered Draco but only got a glare from Hermione who said, " Fresh start."

"Will you agree on that Mr. Malfoy?" asked the head master and Draco agreed and they both walked in a gasped.......

The Heads commen was amazing, it had a gold carved ceiling with light colored walls that made the room cheery. On one side was a long hand painted green desk that had flowers and others pictures on it which was for the both of them. The furniture in the room was green also with gold trim which brought Draco to a question,

"Why is everything green? I thought it was Slytherin and Griffendor."

 Dumbledore smiled and replied, "Or, you could chose a color and Ms. Granger as you could tell chose green."

Before Draco could say anything else  Dumbledore interupted, "Now, let me show you the rest."

The teenagers followed in silence and soon entered a large kitchen that had a small elf  standing over the stove stiring an astonding soup that could make anyones' mouth water.

"Now, this is your house elf Claire and she is your maid, cook anything as yes, Ms. Granger she is getting paid very well for this. Now, throught that door right there is your own small Room of Requirment but you two can use it later but right now lets go to your rooms."

Walking back to the beautiful commens room Hermione turned to the door that printed her name and walked in..........holy shit.

sorry for the shortness but I am so tired right now from  school I had to! I promise the next one will ne A LOT longer and better!





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