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Lily and James-The Real Story by NikkiRadcliffe
Chapter 6 : Snogging,Jelously, and Gowns
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Author's note: At the end there is details for my contest and the prize the winner's receive. Please read and review, hopefully with a review *wink, wink* REMEMBER REVIEWS GIVE ME IDEAS AND HELP ME WRITE MORE!!!

Disclaimer: I don't own HArry Potter!Just my own characters!


Mia Leroux apparted in the Potter’s home expecting her friend Lily to be there, waiting to greet her. Yet, to her dismay Lily was not the person standing in the very room as she was in. Instead it was Black, obviously waiting to torture her, or something like that. Amusement glittered behind his gray eyes and a smirk appeared upon his face.

”Sapphire, how lovely of you to come, Lily’s upstairs snogging James right now. But, don’t worry I’m sure she’ll be happy to see you,” Sirius said with a smirk on his face. Much as Mia hated to think it he looked good. Extremely good!

”WHAT THE BLOODY HELL, ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! THERE’S, NO WAY, LILY WOULD BE KISSING POTTER,” Mia screaming her eyes turning flickering red for a second.

 “Jeez Sapphire, calm down,” Sirius said, chuckling a little at Mia’s tone. Mia glared daggers at him before she said,

 “No I will not calm down! You just said my best friend was off sno…” but she was cut off by Sirius’s lips crashing onto hers. Before she knew it, she was kissing him back. Suddenly, she came to her senses and pushed him off of her.

 “What was that for,” Mia asked angrily, wiping her lips.

“You mean this?’” Sirius exclaimed crashing his lips down on Mia’s once more. This time her senses completely left her allowing a passionate kiss. She moaned deeply, receiving the best kiss in her lifetime.

 Sirius smiled against her lips. Meaning to infuriate he had discover a passion that had ceased to exist.

 Jerking to her senses Mia pulled away and slapped Sirius in the face. “How dare you kiss me!!! Besides you didn’t do it right it’s more like this,” Mia exclaimed crashing her lips against Sirius’.

 At that precise moment Lily and James walked into the room. James had a look of glee on his face as if it were his birthday, while Lily had….umm let’s just say if looks could kill everyone would be dead.

 “Upstairs…now,” Lily muttered through her teeth, glaring daggers at them. She grabbed Mia’s wrist and dragged her up to her room.

 “Ow, Lily. That hurts,” Mia complained. Lily didn’t pay any attention, just shoved Mia into her room and slammed the door behind her.

 “How. Could. You. Kiss. Sirius,” Lily asked, clenching her hands into fists and closing her eyes.

 “It wasn’t my fault, he did it first! I had to show him how it was done,” Mia said defensively. Though she said the wrong thing at the wrong time.

 “Wait, you kissed him,” Lily asked in disbelieve. Mia didn’t say anything, just looked at her feet, “Mia I can’t believe you!”

 “What’s the big deal, so what if I like him,” Mia said, and then she realized what she had said. She gasped and covered her mouth. Lily looked at her in astonishment.

 “You like him,”

 “I—er---I didn’t mean that,” Mia said, trying to cover up her mistake.

 “Well, I heard he likes Eliza,” Lily said, relaxing a bit. A few seconds later, a brunette and a blond walked into the room.

 “Did I hear my name,” the brunette, Eliza, asked. Mia, who was now full of jealousy, glared at her.

 “You are interrupting a private conversation Eliza,” Mia spat venomously.

 “Jeez, Mia. If looks could kill we would all be goners,” the blond, Veronica, joked. Mia just glared harder.

 “We were having a private conversation, just because you heard your name doesn’t mean you have the right to intervene,” Mia crossed her arms across her chest and removed her glare from Eliza.

 “What’s her problem,” Eliza asked Lily. Lily smirked.

 “I think someone’s jealous,”

 “I AM NOT,” Mia yelled. Lily arched an eyebrow and Mia glared at her.

 “Whatever,” Veronica said, stepping between the two and grabbing their wrists, “come on we have to go shopping!”

Then together the girls walked downstairs, thankfully able to avoid the boys, and headed to find the perfect dresses.


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­“OMG! Eliza that gown is perfect for you,” Veronica squealed as Eliza came out of the dressing room adorning a light gold gown. The bodice was accentuated with golden jewels and the bottom cascading around her was covered with sparkles shimmering with each step. It was strapless, and Eliza pulled off the look perfectly.

 “I know, but the price is not perfect,” Eliza said referring to the 160 galleons it cost.

 “Eliza how many times do I have to tell you, Mrs. Potter told all of your parents she would pay,” Lily said.

 “It just doesn’t seem right to spend this much money,” though with a simple twirl and glimpse in the mirror the decision was made.” On other thought I have tried on over twenty gowns and this is the only one that seems to complement me. What do you think Mia?”

 “It looks FINE!,” Mia snapped. There was no way Eliza was going to look better than her, no she would just have to find a dress that outshined Eliza’s. Yet, she had looked everywhere in the store and still she didn’t have a gown. Lily already had her gown at the manor; even Veronica had found a gown, though Veronica wouldn’t show the girls until before the ball. “Listen can we go to Glamorous Gowns now, I want to look there for my gown.”

 “Yeah sure,” Lily stated her smirking stating the fact, looks like someone’s jealous. “ Waving her wand Eliza’s gown was packed and she was dressed. She paid for the gowns using the card Mrs. Potter had given her and quickly ushered her friends to the next store.



“Are you alright in there Mia,” Lily asked concerned for her friend. She had disappeared in the dressing room over half an hour ago, two dozen dresses with her.

 “Yeah! Just had to find the perfect gown, I’ll be out in a sec,” a voice claimed.

 “Didn’t she say that fifteen minutes ago,” Veronica whined. “ She better mean it!!!!”

 “SHUT UP!!!,” Mia screamed coming out of the dressing room in a flash. Everyone got quiet as they looked at the dress she had decided on. It was a stunning sapphire blue, matching her eyes beautifully. And the design, oh it was amazing. Dozen of ruffles poured around the bottom, each pinned with a diamond, the same diamonds in the top. There was no other way to describe Mia, besides as a spectacle, she was sure to catch a guy’s eye the following night.

 “So what do you think, is this the gown for me?”

 It was Eliza who spoke for the others, “Mia you look like an angel. You may have a temper, but everyone will think of you as an angel. I personally don’t think there is a better dress for you.”

 “Thank you Eliza, and sorry for the snapping at you earlier, “Just let me ring this up girls and we can go back to the manor. Besides we have to help decide who Lily’s date is going to be.”

“Yes you do,” Lily said smiling, and he shall be perfect.

"Lily are you going to show us your gown," Veronica asked looking at the other's sitting on the floor in Lily's room.

"OMG, I totally forgot. Hang on a second while I go and get it," Lily said walking into her closet.

Seconds later she returned with one of the gowns she had gotten with her mother. It was mint green in color and while the bottom was rather simple the top was anything but. It adorned thousands a jewels and was finished with a simple bow.

"OMG! All the guys will be drooling Lily," Mia gasped.

"Thanks Mia but,how do you know???You haven't seen it on yet and won't until tomorrow  night."

"She can just tell, as can Eliza and I," Veronica squealed.

"Thanks but we shall see at the ball."


Author's note: Thank you for reading, now please be sure to review. Now for the contest. As a special treat you, the readers, get to create a character. They must be a dat efor either James, sirius, or Lily. Please describe them, their personality'sand if you want for the girl's the dress. Oh and be sure to create a name. While I can create names i would love for you to do this. the purpose of the contest is for you to have fun. The three winners shall receive reviews for any stories they have written, and if they haven't created any yet the one's they do create. So enter as this is your last chance. I need more entries.

  Udate: I have picked sirius' date, still need one for James and Lily. PLEASE LEAVE ONE of the TWo. I lost almost all entries with the server crash. The sooner I find the other winners the sooner the next chapter








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