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Snape's lost child by malfoychild
Chapter 22 : Chapter 22
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A/N Hi. I'm back. The story is almost over. Enjoy.

Hermione gasped and looked up into the eyes of her savior. 

She looked up into glistening green eyes. "Harry!" Hermione screamed as she embraced him tightly. 

Harry pulled Hermione in close to him. "Oh Hermione. We thought that we'd never see you again." 

"I never thought that I'd see you again either. Thank you so mu-." She looked up curiosly at him. "We?" 

"Hermione!" "Hermione!" "Hermione!" 

Three sets of arms latched themselves aroung Harry and Hermione and squeezed. 

Hermione smiled at the feeling of her friends squeezing her tigtly. Then she felt a slight discomfort. "Um, you guys. Oxygen seriously becoming an issue." She gasped. 

"Oh." Said four different voices. All the bodies that were just previously holding her disappeared. Hermione's legs, which had stiffened from all the previous abuse and pain, gave out from underneath her and she crumbled to the ground. 

"Hermione!" Four voices screamed. Harry, Ron, Rupert, and Ginny all kneeled on the floor next to her. 

"Are you okay?" "What's wrong?" "How can we help?" "Tell us." 

"You guys!" Hermione yelled. "I'm fine. Just a little sore." 

"Are you sure Hermione?" Rupert asked, resting his hand on her shoulder. 

Hermione turned and smiled at her Uncle. "Yeah. I'm fit as an old beat up fiddle." 

Everyone laughed at her small joke. 

Then Ron looked around. "I knew it." Everyone looked at him.

"You knew what Ron?" Hermione asked, slightly confused. 

"I knew that the arsehole Malfoy would never be able to take care of you. So where is the cowerdly bouncing ferret? Hiding like usual no doubt, stupid little- what's wrong Hermione?" Ron finally noticed that tears were streaming down Hermione's face.

"Hermione?" He asked gently as he reached toward her. 

Hermione sniffled, trying to hold back the tears. But finally she couldn't hold it in any longer. "DRACO!" She wailed. She hung her head and started to sob into her hands. 

Ginny gasped and smacked Ron on the head. "You idiot. Everytime you open your mouth you say something stupid or hurtfull." She then looked at Hermione and gently placed a hand on her best friends back. "Hermione." Ginny gently rumbed soothing circles on Hermione's back. "Hermione, please, what happened to Draco?"

"He's dead." 

Everyone but Hermione looked up to see Blaise walking toward them. The platinum blonde in question lay limply in his arms. 

Blaise walked up to the group and kneeled. He gently placed Draco's limp form on the floor. He sat down next to his old friend, and put his head down. 

Ginny saw a singular tear fall down Blaise's face. She crawled over to him and rested her head on his shoulder. "I'm sorry Blaise." 

Blaise's hands clenched. "He was my greatest friend. We did everything together. We knew each other's secrets, each other's pains. We were best friends. And now he's GONE!!" Blaise screamed. 

Silence fell over the group as they grieved for their fallen friend.

Hermione, although still filled with grief, stood. "Let's get James restrained and take him upstairs. Then we can have him taken away to Azkaban."

"Yes, lets." Rupert said as he stood up too. Everyone else stood as well. 

"You should have decided to do that earlier. Accio wands!"  Everyone's wands flew from their hands and went to James. He easily caught them in his left hand and he pointed his wand at the group. 

He walked toward the group, making them back up and over Draco's corpse. 

James kept backing them up, enjoying the way they flinshed when he purposly stepped on Draco's body. "You know I'm really enjoying this. The drama is just so much fun. Now, step away from Hermione." 

Ron stepped in front of her. "Now way." Rupert stood beside Ron. "You want to get to my niece you have to get through me." "And me." Harry said stepping foreward. "Me too." Blaise snarled. "Don't forget me." Ginny said, stepping foreward.

James smirked. "Fine. I don't like leaving loose ends anyway. But I'll finish you off after I take care of Hermione. Expelliarmus!"  They all flew backwards, hitting the floor and walls hard enough to cause serious injuries.

"James, please don't do this." Hermione pleaded as he stepped foreward. "Kill me but let them go. Please." 

James' expression softened. "I'm sorry my love, but this is just the way that things have to be. If I can't  have you then no one can. And your friends know far too much. The only way they could live is if you agree to marry me."

Hermione stared hatefully at him, but he just smirked. "Think carefully Hermione.  All of your friends are here, none of them has a wand, and they're all hurt. No one is going to save you. You have two choices, one; marry me and your friends live. Or two; you refuse and all of you die. Choose wisely."

Hermione looked at her friends, her family. 'I can't let them die for me.' She sighed. "I'll mar-" 

"Don't do it Hermone." Rupert coughed from the floor. "Don't you dare marry him." 

"Your uncle's right." Blaise siad softly from his slumped possision on the floor. "Don't give that asshole what he wants." 

"Don't do it Hermione." Harry said.

"Don't worry about us Hermione." Ron wheezed from the floor. 

"Yeah don't worry about us." Ginny said through bloody teeth. "He probably will kill us once you agree, or after you marry him. You can't trust him." 

Hermione looked at all of them, tears gathering at the corners of her eyes. She hung her head down and whispered, "Please forgive me you guys." She looked up at James and stared defiantly at him. "I will never marry you. Go to hell." 

James' face contorted in anger. "Fine then you bitch! Die! Avada Kedav-"
Someone tapped james on the shoulder and he turned. When he saw who it was his face turned into one of pure horrer. 

Draco glared at him. He then pulled his arm back and snapped his fist foreward. His fist collided with James' jaw causing him to reel backwards. "Don't you ever call my fiance a bitch again, you arsehole." 

A/N Well I'm going to leave it off there. I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. I think the next chapter will be the last one if you want to know. Chao.

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