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The Age Of Innocence by flyaway
Chapter 3 : You Drive me Witless.
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“Rose, have you seen Nicole?” Vix asked me, sitting down across from me at breakfast.  I shook my head; I hadn’t. 

“Have you asked Lauren?” I suggested, taking a bite from a nice pain au chocolat. 

“No need,” said the woman herself, sitting down on the bench with her back to the table “I’m here and I haven’t seen her.” 

It was unusual for Nicole to miss breakfast.  I’m not one to judge because I do too, but Merlin the girl loves her food. 

“Well whatever, I say we head back upstairs.  Free period first thing, and I want the good chairs!” Lauren announces, standing up.  Vix nodded in agreement, swivelling around awkwardly so she could get up.  Now, I’m all for Hogwarts, love and giggles all round, but honestly, what the founders or whoever were thinking when they put in the stupid benches, well I would like to know how they expected skirt-wearing females to stand up without giving the world a view of their knickers. 

“Oh speed up Rosie,” Lauren muttered, as I was trying to carefully navigate the stupid, stupid bench without showing the world my knickers. 

“Hey, I’m not wearing tights today!” I protested. 

“Lovely,” Said Lauren, raising her left eyebrow perfectly.  I scowled.  No matter how hard I tried, unless I held the other one down I couldn’t raise my eyebrows separately. 

When I had finally managed to stand up, I followed Lauren and Vix out of the Great Hall.  The three of us walked quickly.  I was mulling over the events of the previous day in my mind as Vix and Lauren bickered good-naturedly over something that had happened when I wasn’t there. 

Someone laughed.  Well, it wasn’t much of a laugh.  More of a cackle.  It had come from somewhere in the distance, and we could only hear it because it echoed off the stonewalls.  We all stopped in our tracks, because we all knew that cackle. 

It had come from the mouth of Flavia Goyle.  An uglier name I had yet to find.  Who could possibly combine a name as pretty as Flavia with Goyle?  But anyway, Flavia was the most vindictive, repulsive, ignorant girl in Hogwarts.  She was a Slytherin sixth year and I had fortunately been spared her company in most of my classes this year.  About time and all; five years of Flavia and I was ready to kill myself. 

Lauren frowned as we heard what sounded a lot like a whimper. 

“C’mon guys, let’s sort this out.” Said Vix, hurrying towards the sound of Flavia Goyle’s laughter.  It felt wrong to be running towards it.  Normally, Flavia is the sort of person you run away from but apparently today we had to go against nature. 

“Aw come on you bitch, you can fight back!” We heard her sneer as we rounded the corner to the corridor where she was. 

Then all three of us froze.  Because crouching against the wall, as if willing it to fall in just so she could escape, was Nicole. 

“OI!” the joint bellow that escaped us was loud.  Probably loud enough to wake the portrait of Dumbledore snoozing in the Heads office. 

Flavia spun round, furious at the interruption.  Nicole’s face dropped with relief. 

“Oh, hello Weasel.” She sneered at me.  I gripped my wand.  Bitch, “I was just telling your fat friend here that if she doesn’t fight back, I’m going to end up hexing her.” 

At the word ‘fat’, Nic’s face…she looked like she’d just been kicked, and hard, in the stomach. 

“Oh piss off,” Lauren spat.  Flavia cackled, and her gang of girls joined in. 

“Think you’re so hard Weeds?”  She hissed at us, her pug-like face puckered up.  ‘Weeds’ was Flavia’s favourite name for Lauren, probably something to do with her last name being Gardener. 

“Oh I don’t think so.  I know so.” Lauren said, pulling her wand from her pocket. 

Flavia was livid with rage by this point and pulled her own and pointed it straight at Lauren. 

“I don’t think so Goyle!” I hissed, pointing my wand at her.  She looked at me. 

“Shut it Ginger!” she screeched.  And in a fraction of a second, all four of her followers had their stupid wands in my face too.  Vix had cleverly slipped past them and picked Nicole up by then too. 

“Fuck off, pug face!” I shouted, “Aguamenti!”  A jet of clear water shot from the end of my wand, hitting Flavia square in the chest and soaking her through.  She stared at her ruined uniform, an expression of horror on her face. 

“Eat shit, you stupid weasel!” she said, her head snapping up and her wand snapping forward “Densaugeo!”

Knowing that this spell would most likely make my teeth reach my knees, I ducked instinctively.  Watching the red jet of light soar over my head, as time seemed to slow down, I noticed a suit of armour directly behind us against the wall.  I raised my wand and whispered “Locomotor armour.”  The suit of armour rose an inch from the ground and drifted into the middle of the corridor, right into the spells line of fire. 

With a clang, it bounced off the shiny breastplate, shot back at Flavia, who ducked with a squeal and hit one of her goons square in the face. 

The poor girl screamed, and felt for her face, only to find two very long teeth hanging below her chin.  She screamed again and dashed off back in the direction of the Hospital Wing, shrieking. 

“Julia!” Another one of them cried, rushing after her friend, who was looking very walrus like. 


Everyone froze.  The voice was icy calm, and horribly familiar.  Flavia’s face creased into an expression of delight.  I already knew who it was, so as Lauren turned round, I didn’t need to. 

I knew it was Scorpius Malfoy standing there. 

He walked past us, towards Flavia, who was looking like a five year old at Christmas.  Just the sight of his arrogant swagger made me want to curse his brains out. 

“Get lost Malfoy.” I hissed.  He raised his thin eyebrows at me.  I glared at him. 

“Touchy Rose, wake up on the wrong side of the bed did you?” He sneered, looking perfectly calm.  This, however, just made me angrier. 

“Piss off!” I shrieked, “You can’t just walk into an argument and take over.  Oh, but I suppose Mr ‘I’m-so-perfect’ Malfoy can do anything!”

“Oh, and I suppose you’re just peachy perfect yourself?  Do you even look at yourself in the mirror Weasley?” He snapped, losing some of his clam. 

“Why, do you?” I yelled “but I don’t suppose you need to, what with the crowds of dependant slags just waiting to be on your arm next.”

It didn’t occur to me until later, but by this point, most of Flavia’s gang, along with Flavia herself had sort of backed away.  Lauren had slipped past and joined Nicole and Vix, who were waiting a little way up the corridor. 

“What about you Weasley, aren’t you just as ‘into’ boys?  Don’t you wait around until your latest walks past, then fawn all afternoon while replaying the near-non-existent attention he gave you?” Scorpius had almost completely lost all pretence of his once calm exterior.  He looked about as annoyed as I felt. 

I was furious.  I could feel my face burning with rage. 

“WEASLEY!  MALFOY!” we froze, both still livid with the other, as Professor McGonagall, our Head Mistress and very fearsome elderly teacher.  I glared at him.  It was entirely his fault and I was just about to place the blame squarely on his broad shoulders when she bellowed “DETENTION!”



“I can’t believe it!” Vix was near screeching as she paced back and forth in our dormitory, where we had retreated for an emergency meeting “So, she just pulls you to one side then starts calling you fat?!”

“It’s no big deal,” Nicole said, looking at the floor and sounding very much as though she wished she were dead. 

“No big deal?” Lauren hissed, “Nic, that pug faced bitch was completely out of line!”

“She couldn’t even see the line, she was so far out of it!” Vix cried. 

“But surely, she was right!  So…” Nicole trailed off.  We stared at her in horror. 

“Right?  Nic, that twat was so far from right it’s not possible!  She only says stuff like that to make herself feel important, because she has the self respect of a cockroach.”  I told her. 

“But you didn’t have to get yourself into trouble Rose!” She cried, looking desperate. 

“Nic, you’d have done the same for us.”  Lauren said softly, kneeling down beside Nicole. 

“And anyway, I shouldn’t have shouted at Malfoy.” I admitted, “He deserved everything I said, but it wasn’t the time nor the place.”  I was lying.  I would never regret screaming at Malfoy.  Never! 

“Did you see the way he lost it?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him anything other than calm!”  Nicole said, a smile on her face now. 

“You must have had one hell of an effect on him Rosie,” Lauren added proudly.  I couldn’t help from grinning.  I had made Malfoy lose his temper.  That was an achievement. 

And a good one at that. 




The rest of the day was interesting, to say the least.  But not for reasons you might expect.  For one thing, Flavia and the Goons didn’t show their faces all day, Malfoy kept away as well, still seething.  By Lunch everyone had heard about the incident in the corridor and every so often someone would high five Lauren, and slap me on the back in congratulations. 

By the time Potions, our last class of the day, rolled around, Lauren and I were buzzing.  Unfortunately, Potions was the only class of the day that we shared with Malfoy. 

The git. 

“I can’t believe it!” Albus exclaimed “Unbelievable Rosie, unbelievable!” 

I cringed at the volume of his voice, but then again Slughorn would never give the son of his favourite favourite into trouble. 

“Shush Al,” I hissed, stirring the potion he and I were working on together. 

“Why?” He blinked, his pretty green eyes looking straight at me. 

“Because Malfoy is already angry enough to want to strangle me.  No need to make it worse.” I hissed.  Albus, to my surprise, did not react in the way I expected.  He laughed. 

“Rosie, you already gave him one hell of a talking to today.  I don’t think he’s going to try anything.  Especially since you mastered the bat bogey hex my mum loves so much.” He told me.  Surprisingly, he made sense.  Or maybe I just hoped it did. 

“So what about you and De Witt?” I asked, changing the subject. 

Albus didn’t reply.  I took this as a bad sign. 

“What, Witless driving you mad?” I asked, sprinkling crushed beetles into the cauldron. 

“I’m at my wits end!” He said, before bursting into fits of laughter at his own joke “Geddit?  Wits?  De Witt?” 

“Yes Al, I get it.  So not all peachy then?”

“No.  I’m going to dump her tonight.” He said, entirely matter of factly.  I rolled my eyes.  I may not have been Marianne De Witt’s biggest fan, but she did really like Albus and I could tell that his plan was not going to go smoothly. 

When our potion had turned bright orange, the colour the textbook said it should be, Albus corked a vial-full and handed it to Slughorn. 

The old teacher, who really should retire looked at Albus and beamed a toothless grin. 

“Well done Mr Potter!  Miss Weasley!  That’s an O for definite!”



It was about eleven o’ clock when we made it to our dormitory and all I wanted to do by then was curl up on my bed with my very worn out copy of Jane Eyre.  I had already read it three times and I was just at the bit where Mr Rochester admits that he is still married and cannot marry Jane.  It’s my favourite book. 

“I’ve never understood why you like that trash.” Lauren said, walking past my bed to hers. 

“It’s not trash!” I said, scandalised “It’s classic literature!” 

“I tried to read Wuthering Heights,” Nicole said, looking up from a copy of ‘The Quibbler’, which, come to think of it, was probably mine.  Auntie Luna sends me one for free every month “But it got so damn complicated!”

“S’alright once you’ve read it once.” I told her. 

“What the fuck is that?” Lauren muttered, standing up. 

“What?” I asked

“Listen…” She said.  I did, and sure enough, I heard what she was talking about.  A horrible wailing noise drifting up from one of the dormitories below ours.  I groaned. 

“It’s De Witt.” I explained, as Lauren, Vix and Nicole turned to look at me “Al chucked her.” 

It was as if a light had been switched on.  Lauren’s face brightened instantly. 

“Oh, in that case,” She said happily, kicking the door shut behind her.  Vix and I exchanged a confused glance. 

“Whatever,” Nicole said “I’m going to bed.” 

That sounded like an excellent plan.  

Hello lovelys!

So that was chapter 3 of the story.  i hope you like it.  

Please, please Review!!


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