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A Subtle Touch Unseen by Hermione Potter452
Chapter 7 : "Are you seeing someone?"
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A/N: AHHH!!!! I'M BACK!!! oh, how i missed my computer! and hpff! and you guys!!! thank you so so so much for all the reviews for the last chapter! you really did make my vacation a whole hell of a lot more enjoyable! can we say "happy high?" ahhh! you guys rock! so, i got two chapters done on vacation. yay! haha. i know. i'm slow. well, i'm JUST about done chapter 8. though, once you're reading this, i'll surely be done with it. AH!!! i'm so excited to be back!!! i mean, my trip was very very fun, what with all the islands and cousins, but...HI!!! haha. alright. THANK YOU!!!: hmm...who helped with this chapter? well, i still keep azn_dichi, keys_701, and SiRiUsGuRl4Evr_ in mind at all times, but since school's out, and i've been on vacation, they haven't really had much time to help me out with this chapter. but i still love 'em, anyway!!! and. oh, my host. mi anfitrión. my jaylyn. adds. Molly Raesly. what would i do without you? i don't think i'd be sane, without your daily emails. THANK YOU for your help, your choosing of this chapter title, your making up Travis's unbeatable nickname, and for being my host. please please PLEASE help her get to her goal of 1000 reviews on her story Sweet! and read her other stories coming out, too!!! she's amazing! and also, PLEASE read my previous three's stories! show 'em some love!

and now, what you've all been waiting for (WHY? i haven't a clue. haha! clue. okay. bye.) and, below, is the real title of the chapter. haha. yeah. enjoy!:


Chapter 7: “Do you have a fetish with my arse, Jenyse?”

Yelling. At ten o’clock in the morning. During Christmas break. Not cool.

I got up out of bed, attempted to fix my hair, a tiny bit, before showing myself in public, and opened the door. The yelling had travelled up the girls’ dormitory stairs. I slugged down them, and into the common room, expecting to find the big mouth from which the obnoxious sounds were protruding. But, no. The source of the noise wasn’t in here. It was coming from up the boys’ staircase. Presumably the seventh year boys’ dormitory. I groaned, and slowly made my way up there. On my way up, I passed a sixth year boy who gave me a look that said, “THANK YOU!” Aw. I’m counted on!

On entering the room, I found: an annoyed and tired looking Remus at his desk, with his elbow propped up on the surface, and his head in his hand; a frightened looking Peter sitting at the corner of his bed; and our dear Sirius. Oh, not doing nothing, no. Sirius was doing anything but nothing.

Sirius was jumping up and down on his bed, yelling, “YES! Yes, yes, YES! Finally!” over, and over again.

I slammed the door shut, catching all of their attention. I looked around, and supposed the rest of the guys had run away.

“You do realize that your yelling from this roomwoke me up, in the girls’ dormitory?!” I was grouchy, and I didn’t bother hiding it.

Sirius, who had momentarily stopped bouncing and proclaiming to the world, stared at me for one second, then started up again. I marched over and grabbed his leg on a jump, making him land with an, “oof!” on the bed.

“Silence!” I ordered, looking down at him.

He narrowed his eyes and pouted up at me. In one swift motion, Sirius grabbed the hand I was pointing at him with, and pulled me down, onto the bed next to him.


“You started it!”

“Padfoot, just tell us what finally happened,” Remus stopped our childish argument, exasperatedly.

Sirius excitedly sat up and pulled me up, too. “Okay! You know Prongs and Evans?!”

Peter cut him off, demanding, “You woke up the whole school, because you finally realized James loves Ev-”

“Do you want to know what I found out, or what?” Sirius asked, impatiently and childishly testy.

“Spill it, I said quickly, as Remus said, “Immediately,” and Peter said, “Yes!” simultaneously.

“Good. Well, first of all, I did not wake the whole castle up; some people were already up, eating breakfast. Including,” he continued forcefully, before any of us could interrupt, pointing out how slow he was being at getting to the point, “James and Evans. You see…this morning I went down to the Great Hall, and saw the two of them…eating breakfast…together. Side by side. Holding hands.” He stopped, waiting for our reactions.

None of us could speak. Until I swallowed, still very shocked, and idiotically said, “But, how did they manage to use a fork for their breakfast? They’re both right handed!”

Sirius rolled his eyes. “Jenyse!”

A few more minutes passed. At last, Remus’s, Peter’s, and my eyes grew wide as we finally decided to accept the truth. But, I’d like to say that I take the cake for the widest eyes, because of my own recent events…

“No way!” the three of us yelled.

And then, all hell broke loose. Sirius’s original yells increased in volume by four. I wouldn’t have been surprised if the whole of Hogsmeade could hear our celebrating.

Two minutes into our excitement, the door swung open, and in stepped the celebrant. We all jumped up, ran to him, and engulfed him in a big group hug.

“Congratulations, James!”

“Yeah, Prongs!”

“I knew it would happen! Someday!”

“I’m brilliant! I knew I could bring you two together! I should run for Minister of Magic! I can see my slogan now…’Don’t be whack; vote Black!’” said…Sirius.

All congratulations stopped. “Um…” I broke the silence, “don’t you think people will misunderstand, and think it racist?”

“…Ugh, yeah. Damn. I was sure that’d capture everyone’s vote!”

We all laughed at Sirius’s stupidity, and broke apart, going back to our original spots, with James happily lounging on his bed.

So, how does it feel, James?” I asked.

“Amazing. Finally! And this morning?! We kissed! And, I just can’t explain it! It was if my –”

“–heart was flying?” I supplied, not really meaning to.

James looked at me, with an eyebrow raised. “…Exactly! How’d you…?” he trailed off.

I blushed and shrugged. “Just a guess.” I looked down. Okay, awkward. Time to go. “Um, well, congrats, James! I’m gonna go…get food. See you!”

I left, hurriedly, to my dorm to get change, receiving strange, disappointed, and betrayed looks from the people in the common room, and went to the Room of Requirement.

Great. Now they’re all going to be suspicious. My stupid mouth. I just had to finish his sentence, didn’t I? Argh! Ah, oh well. None of them are smart enough to figure anything out. Except maybe Remus. Oh, Merlin. If he did find out. I couldn’t tell him about Alec!

Ah, Alec. Mmm. That night was pure heaven. After we broke apart, for the second time, he had chuckled, and said, “Merry Christmas, Jenyse!” in a manner that applied that the kiss was his Christmas gift to me. Throughout the rest of the night, he wouldn’t – couldn’t – stop touching me. We had gone to the Room of Requirement to sit on a couch. He had pulled me close to his chest and made my head rest against it. One of his arms had wrapped around me, and his fingers drew indistinguishable pictures on my palm. His other hand had played with my hair. Occasionally, he would kiss me on some part of my head, in between comfortable silences.

We had talked about random, unimportant things. It was great. When I had left, for the night, he had pulled me close, in the hallway, and took my breath away with a long kiss. I couldn’t have asked for a better goodbye.

The past two days were the same. Though, his clues were a lot less deep: his favorite Quidditch team was Puddlemere United, too, and he sleeps with a baby blanket that was passed down to him when he was little, from his mother. I find that absolutely adorable!

The door appeared, and as I reached for the knob, a bigger hand grabbed it before I could. I looked up, into the eyes of Alec, with a smile. He opened the door, made a small, sarcastic bow, and politely said, “After you.”

I obeyed, and plopped onto the couch, with a cup of coffee.

“Coffee again?” Alec sat, then, turning, lay down, resting his head on my lap.

I shrugged, grinning. “I said no to drugs, but they just wouldn’t listen.” I took another sip as he rolled his eyes, smiling. “Clue, please.”

He reached up and grabbed my hand. He pulled it down, to his stomach and played with it, again. “Sure.” He thought of one.

I waited. Impatient, I joked, “Oh, I know. You have a teddy bear, too! Don’t you?” in a voice one would use when talking to a one-year-old.

His hands stopped moving, and he glared up at me. I snorted into my cup. Ah, attractive, Jenyse. “Do you really want me to answer that, for your clue?” I laughed even harder. “Well, for your information, no, I don’t.”

“Aw. That’s sad. Doesn’t Blanky get lonely?”

His hand came up and hit me lightly on the head. But instead of retracting his hand back down, he cupped my face and brought it half-way down. He craned his neck up to meet my lips with his. It was a soft, short kiss, but made me sigh, all the same.

“You get your pick, today.” I opened my mouth, but he cut me off. “And you know what questions are off-limits.”

I stuck out my tongue at him, and he smiled innocently. “You’re no fun.” I thought of a good question. “Do you really play Quidditch? Because, I am positive that I haven’t seen or played against you.”

He laughed. “Yes, I play Quidditch, but not here. In my home town, we have Quidditch ‘CYO,’ of sorts. It’s really fun. I’m a keeper. I used to play here, but stopped two years ago….” He took a small pause. “I still root for Ravenclaw, though. Don’t think you can change my mind. Just because I’m yours…” His crooked smile lit up his face.

He said he was mine. Sigh. How could I have ever doubted any feelings for him?

“And you’re very lucky that I’m yours,” he bragged. He brought my hand up to his lips and kissed my palm.

“Yeah, I know.” I sighed, content with the situation. “Oh, and by the way….Ravens may soar, but lions don’t get sucked into jet engines.” Ah. I do Gryffindor proud.


“Guys, stop it!” I demanded, in between fits of laughter. “Merlin, you guys sweat more during the winter than in the spring!” I tried to squirm away from James’s, Sirius’s, and Remus’s hands and sweaty heads. We were on our way back to dinner in the Great Hall from an hour of flying around the Quidditch Pitch. Peter – not as skilled on a broom as the three of us were (snigger-snort!) – had stayed in the stands, sheering us on, taking pictures with my camera on my request, and occasionally hitting us with snowballs. “Peter! Help!”

“Sorry, Jenyse,” he said with a smirk and an amused look, “you’re on your own this time.”

James, Sirius, and Remus laughed at me and continued shoving their perspiring heads into my stomach, sides, back, and arms, playfully. They found it amusing and entertaining. I found it gross. Not only were they wiping all their sweat on me, but they were tickling me in the process.

They finally decided they were rid of all their sweat when we walked into the Entrance Hall. I unzipped my sweater and pulled on the front of my shirt to stop it from sticking to my stomach even more.

I must have had a disgusted face on, because the four of them began laughing even louder. Remus slinged his arm over my shoulders as we entered the Great Hall. I glared up at him. He just shrugged with a smile.

We saw Lily – I’d decided to make James happy by making an effort of calling her Lily – waving us down, and walked over. The Great Hall was quite empty because of break. It seemed like mostly seventh years had stayed. Hah! See? I’m not the only dork, Jarron! James sat next to Lily and the rest of us filled in around them.

“Did you enjoy yourselves out there? Weren’t you cold?” Lily asked, concerned.

“Yeah, it was fun! And it wasn’t that cold,” James answered for all of us.

Lily held up their entwined hands. “Your hands say otherwise. They’re freezing!”

Aw! How cute! James had sacrificed his right hand, to hold Lily’s left hand! How chivalrous!

I heard an odd noise from James’s left. I looked across the table at Peter, devouring the little feast put out for us. “Merlin, Peter! You eat like a pig!” Remus reprimanded him, from beside me.

“Oh, Remus, he does not eat like a pig!” I lightly hit him with the back of my hand. “He suffers from reverse bulimia, is all.” I smiled as Remus rolled his eyes at my joke. “Hey, Sirius, pass th-” I turned to my left and stopped short, amused. Sirius was looking at me curiously, with his mouth full and a bit of sauce on the corner of his mouth. I laughed. “Apparently, so does Sirius.” Everyone looked over and joined my laughter.

“Wuh?” Sirius asked, with his mouth still full.

“And here we have proof that age doesn’t always come with wisdom,” James preached, mock serious.

“Hey! I resent that!”

“And that sometimes age just comes alone,” I continued, ignoring Sirius, and copying James’s tone.

After he finished his dessert, James stood up. “I’m gonna take a shower.”

I took the last bite of my pie and joined him. “Yeah, me too.”

Lily swallowed a bite and taunted James, saying, “Take your best shot, but some dirt just doesn’t wash off.” Hah. Nice one, Lily! That was surprising.

James leaned down towards her and said, “Why don’t you come help me?” with a smirk. Lily turned her head to him and gave him a playful dirty look. James chuckled then kissed her on the cheek. Aw, they’re adorable together! I’m so happy for them! Finally, they’re together. It only took – what? Seven years? “See you guys later!”

After I showered, I decided it was time to catch up with Travis, before going to find Alec. Travis was in the common room, dozing off in an arm chair by the fire. I skipped over to him, plopping down, onto the arm of his chair.

“Hi, Trav!” I greeted him, loudly.

Travis jumped, making his head slip off of his hand, which was being propped up by his elbow on the other arm of the chair, and groaned. He looked around for the culprit of waking him up. When he found me, he glowered at my grin.

“Hey, Trav-Trav the asexual lad! How’s it going?” I said in a loud, annoying, chipper voice, to annoy him.

He moaned and dragged his hands down his face. “Hey, Jenyse.” His voice was all scratchy from just waking up. He turned in his chair so he could lean his head on my leg.

I swirled the hair on the top of his head with my finger. “What’s the dealio, Sleeping Beauty?”

“I don’t really know. Just tired.” He smiled up at me. He looked like a little boy.

“Why don’t you go up to your bed?”

He chuckled at my motherliness. “That’d be a good idea, I suppose. Sorry, Jenyse. You probably wanted to hang out with a conscious me, huh?”

“Nah, it’s all good. No worries, Trav. We’ll hang out tomorrow.”

“Mm,” he murmured. I hope he doesn’t drool.

I sighed. “Come on, Trav. Let’s get you to bed.” I lifted his head off of my leg, gently, and got up. He grunted as I pulled him off of the chair and put his arm around my neck. I dragged him up the boys’ stairs and tucked him into his bed. “Night, Travis.” I smoothed his curly hair back and kissed him on the head, just like a real mother would, before I left for Alec.

I crawled out of the portrait hole and went on my merry way through the mostly empty hallways and corridors of the castle. I didn’t really feel like staying put, today. Corridors it is, then! Today would only be the second walking day, after we…hooked up. Eh. That’s not quite the right phrase. I don’t exactly know what phrase would be right. Well, you know what I mean.

I couldn’t wait to roam the halls with my hand in his – his drawing pictures, and sometimes even words, on mine. Walking was my favorite. The only thing that would make it better would be a to-go coffee cup in my free hand. Alec liked sitting in the Room. Our Room. He hadn’t really given me a straight answer as to why, but I liked to flatter myself, convincing myself that it was easier to have a lot of physical contact, while stationary. And Alec didn’t hesitate to take advantage of that.

Alec. Huh. I hadn’t really thought much about the name I called him, lately. It just came naturally, now. Sometimes I even forgot that Alec wasn’t even his real name. To me, It was as if it was his real name. I didn’t even mind that he never told me his birth name. Alec just fit him so well.

I loved the fact that I could think about Alec as I pleased, without being embarrassed at myself or feeling awkward. For instance, I could freely have thoughts pertaining to: how hot he was, his captivating hazel-green eyes always staring into my plain dark green ones, his crooked smile, how he always had a way to make me smile or laugh, his perfectly sculpted face, his perfectly chiseled muscles from playing Keeper in Quidditch, his chest, his–

“OH!” The word escaped from my surprised mouth.

As I had gone to take a step around the corner I was approaching, two big, strong arms had grabbed me around the waist and thrown me over the shoulder to which the arms were attached, with a playful growl. I was unable to see the face of my kidnapper, for it happened so fast. I looked down my attacker’s back and immediately knew who it was. My hand came up and smacked him upside the head.

“Ouch!” he said, laughing.

“Alec!” Alec laughed even harder, which resulted in me bobbing up and down on his right shoulder. I started pounding my fists on his back, not quite seeing the humor in the situation. “Alec! Put me down!”

“Make me,” he challenged in a low, cunning voice. I could only imagine the smirk I was certain was on his full lips.

“I would, if I could,” I said, pouting.

He seemed to know the path my brain was going. His hands went to my legs and pulled them down gently. He let me slide down his front, but made my legs wrap around his waist, so that I still wasn’t touching the ground. One of his arms supported me, under my bottom, while his other went around my waist, pulling me as close as he could get me.

I smirked at my own antics, then lowered my mouth to his. After a while, Alec smiled into the kiss, then pulled back.

“Hey,” he said, still smiling.

“Hey, yourself.” He finally let me slide down, all the way, so that I was safely on the floor. Not that I wasn’t safe in his arms. During the kiss, he hadn’t let his arms go slack, one bit. It only made me trust him more. I suddenly recalled why he was carrying me, in the first place. I hit his arm that was still resting on my hip.

He mock-cringed-in-pain and dramatically rubbed the spot I hit. “Hey! What was that for, Jenyse?”

“For attacking me, Alec! If it weren’t for your huge arse I saw below me, I would’ve started screaming bloody murder!”

“My arse, eh?” He had an amused look on his face. He leaned in closer to me. “Do you have a fetish with my arse, Jenyse?”

I raised an eyebrow – I’d like to say seductively – and leaned in close to his ear, whispering, “And if I do? What’s it to you?” I playfully pushed his chest back, away from me, and walked away from him, flirtingly.

As expected, Alec ran up to me, with a sort of a dazed mix between a smile and a smirk. “Oh, no you don’t!” He grabbed me from behind and hugged me to his chest, burying his face into the crook of my neck. I felt him kiss my neck, and smiled. He moved to my side, still holding me close, and we started our walk around the deserted hallways of Hogwarts Castle. “So…I saw you on the Pitch today. And, I have to say…you looked pretty hot out there.” I snorted with laughter. Right…Jenyse Baccari…hot? I think not. “The way you out-flew your friends. Man,” he said, appreciatively.

“What can I say? Girls kick arse. Says so on the t-shirt.”

He laughed and ruffled up my hair. "Right. I bet I could out-fly you, any day."

Suddenly, an idea sprung into my mind. I jumped, excited. "Oh! I- Ow!" My jumping slightly away from Alec caused his fingers, which had been absent mindedly playing with my hair, get caught in a knot. He apologized and kissed my head, before I continued. "Let's go out to the Pitch! Tomorrow!" I watched as he blanched. "Oh, please, it's not that cold out!"

"Um, Jenyse, I'm sorry, but I don't think that's a good idea."

"Aw, come on! I won't beat you that bad!"

He half-smiled. "That's not exactly the thing I'm worried about. Don't you remember what I told you the first night we met?"

Was he trying to change the subject? That was kind of out of no where. What could he have said that night that could pertain to this conversation? I looked up at his face and saw the same completely apologetic expression fixed on his face. Okay, so, he's serious. Let's see. What had Alec said that night? Well, there's that first line he used to hit on me...and the clues....

"One a day?" I tried. I had no idea what he was getting at.

He took my hand. "Close, but not quite. One a day, only if....?" His voice trailed off, asking me to continue.

"Oh. Right. Only if I don't tell anybody. About us."

Alec nodded slowly, watching my reaction. I didn't know what reaction he was watching for until it sank in. He didn't want anyone to know about us. He didn't want anyone to know about us.

Upset. I was upset. But I tried not to show it to Alec. He didn't need to see me upset about something so ridiculous. But was it? Ridiculous, I mean? Oh, no.

I couldn't look at his face, so I settled on looking at our hands held together. Before I could stop myself, I blurted out, "Are you seeing someone?"

To say he was taken aback would be the understatement of the millennium. "Um, I think so." His voice was just as surprised as his eyes. He tucked back a brown curl behind my ear. I looked up at his smirk, sadly. "I believe I'm seeing a young lady by the name of Jenyse Syl Baccari, who happens to be - not only one of, but - the hottest girl in the school, who also happens to play Quidditch, which also happens to make her even hotter."

He kissed me, still smiling. When he pulled back, I realized I was blushing. Can you believe it? Jenyse Baccari blushing? Ugh, Merlin. Alec makes me so girly. It's more than embarrassing.

"Oh! Right. Of course! I mean, I didn't expect anything else," I yapped. Boy, I've got to get that mouth of mine under control.

Alec chuckled and wrapped an arm around me. "Of course!" He started us walking, again, at our usual slow pace.

"So, is it a popularity thing? Some, 'Ew, I don't want anyone seeing me with a Gryffindor,' thing? If it is, that's okay. I'm not mad." Argh! Again, with the mouth!

"Jenyse, you know I don't have any friends other than you. And I don't care about any of that stupid stuff. Even with Slytherins." I looked at him incredulously. "Alright, alright, so, most of them are bloody jerks, but some of them are bound to be decent." I told him I guessed so, with a shrug. "And don't worry about it." I knew what he was talking about. "I like you. A lot. But I can't explain why people can't know about us meeting. Not right now. Much to my dislike, you'll probably find out someday. What with my luck..." he said, darkly. Then he suddenly turned cheerful.

I knew what time it was. Clue time. "Why are you so excited about today's clue?"

He just smiled and said, "Freebie!"

Again? Okay! Hmm.... What to ask? What to ask? He waited patiently, playing with a strand of my hair. Let's go on a different track today. "Why do you like me?" I knew perfectly well that I could have asked him this, any time, but I was so sincerely curious that I was willing to give up a clue for the answer.

His eyebrows shot up as he looked down at me. After the shock died off, my favorite crooked smile graced his face. "Let's just say you're the only one I see in this way, and you're the only one who sees me."


A/N: yeah. i know. you're like, "ANOTHER author's note?! wasn't the first long enough?!" oh, silence. haha. sooo, what'd you guys think?? worth the wait? probably not. haha. thank you thank you thank you for all your support! i'm glad to be back! now, please review!!! (sorry for the long long wait! this chapter got rejected. all fixed. yay!!! i'm back!)

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A Subtle Touch Unseen: "Are you seeing someone?"


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