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Mix by mayhem101
Chapter 1 : letters
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Ok, this is my first story(second try) so please bare with me. Please just look through it and tell me what you think. And the rest of the story will take place in the Marauders 6/7th years. Enjoy!
Sophie: Harrys fourth year

“And here’s your mocha latte.” The waitress says placing our drinks on the table. I smile weakly at John, thinking it will never be like what I had with Ian. Reprimanding myself for going back to the thought of Ian, my late husband and only true love, I sigh. John is so sweet and always knows when something’s wrong. So it didn’t surprise me when he asked me out to coffee to discuss what happened with Ian. It’s just I don’t know where to start, should I start with when I first met him in first year, or when he saved me from the monster I call Sophie? Instead I find myself starting from the beginning, the very beginning.


Mrs. Black hated this job, going to dirty families telling them their dirty child has gotten accepted to a magical school, when really they shouldn’t have been because magic obviously didn’t run in their family.  Not only that, but she had to pay for these two children to go to Hogwarts, along with her son.  Really, why should these dirty children have the fortunate opportunity to be schooled with her perfect, pure, son? 

Ok, well maybe Mrs. Black was having a bad day. She was going to go to lunch with a very good friend of hers, but had to cancel because in the last minute, the school board rung her up and asked her to give these two children (the letters said Ms. Lucille Marietta and Mr. Ian Mathias  ) their acceptance letters. And it didn’t look like the day was going to get any better either.

Double checking the address to make sure she was in the right place, she started up the path. The house was made up of wooden gray boards, falling off from age; it had two stories, located at the top of a hill that was surrounded by a dead looking wheat field.   She could hear children screaming and took a deep breath in preparation. The door ring (or was it bell?) seemed to shake the old home, and running could be heard from inside. A very skinny girl with very little hair opened the door.

“Hullo, are you Lucille?” she asked the malnourished child.

“nu’ ah… my name is Mia.”

“Well Mia, is your mummy home?” she asked trying to be polite. The girl just shook her head. “How about your daddy?”, Mia thought for a second. Surely, when playing house, Ian counted as her daddy, Mia thought.

“I’ll be right back” she said will screaming: “IIIUUUUNNN!”  More running could be heard, then a black haired boy about the age of ten came to the door, the little girl (Maya was it?) peering out from behind him.

“Hello Ms, my name is Ian. Can I help you?” the black haired boy asked incredibly politely.

“Yes, is your mother home? I need to talk to her about…a Ms. Lucille Cecilia and a Mr. Ian Mathias” she asked the boy, still somewhat shocked this is the child the school board gave the scholarship to; his dirtiness would muck up her pureblood son’s decorum for sure.

“Yes, yes, she is, come inside, I’ll go call her.” The muggle looking boy said while shaking off the little girl from his waist. If it was possible, the inside of the house was worse than the outside. Children were running around like fly’s swarming a bowl of fruit; some were screaming, some were laughing. One of the older boys was telling off two kids for fighting, and a group of girls were sitting off to the side playing with dolls. One little boy was reading a book, one was just watching the other children play from the shadows, and one girl had her hands on the wall in the corner. The boy came up to her, a woman trying to calm down a screaming baby, following behind him.

“Hello, I am Emily, can I help you?” asked the tired looking woman.

“Yes, I need to speak to the mother of Lucille Sophia and Ian Mathias.” She said hastily

“Oh dear, what did they do now? Don’t tell me they blew up your house.” Mrs. Black looked at her in shock. “Err…right, then. Just follow me in here.” The woman said handing the screaming child to an older boy and leading Mrs. Black into the kitchen, closing the door behind her. As if on cue, all the children lined up next to the wall, trying to hear what the two women were talking about.

“what are they saying?”

“is Lucille and Ian in trouble, again?”

“I can’t hear them, move over!” the children started pushing and shoving each other.

“ Emily is saying that Lucille finds trouble all the time, but Ian usually st..stable..stablizesss her.” One boy announced

“WHAT! I do, no such thing! Teachers just hate me.” A girl in the corner whispered harshly

“Now she’s explaining why we are all here.” A second boy announced steering clear of the fact that they were living in a foster house.

“Shut up you guys, I can’t hear anything with all of you whispering and shoving each other!” the first boy said, but the truth was, nobody could hear what was happening on the other side of the door any ways because Mrs. Black had put a silencing charm on the door. Finally, after a few more minutes of pushing and shoving, Emily came out.

“Lucille and Ian come in here please.” Emily said as the black haired boy who opened the door and the girl who was standing in the corner followed her into the kitchen.

“Am I not in trouble anymore?” the girl asked hopefully. Really, when your ‘time out’ is standing in a corner not talking for an hour or two, while the other kids play, you really wish you had not gotten into trouble. So, Lucille was more than happy, her time out had ended a half hour early.

“Of course you are, we’ll talk about your punishment later.” As, Lucille took a seat sulkily, Mrs. Black started.

“Both of you have been given a scholarship to a private boarding school, called Hogwarts.” The two children, who looked too much alike, glanced at each other fully surprised. They hadn’t applied to any schools, let alone a private, boarding school. “These are your acceptance letters.” The twins (which they happened to be) opened their letters explaining that they were wizards.

Lucille, the first to recover, started laughing.

“ This is no laughing matter Ms. Lucille.” Mrs. Black said sternly

“ Okay, so why are you really here? You’ve had your laugh, but there is no such thing as magic.”

“Really? Because this here is my wand, and I’m going to turn your chair into a tree, I suggest you move.” But Lucille did not even flinch. Suddenly, she was now sitting in a tree, looking completely astonished.

“Okay, okay, I believe you.” Lucille said nervously, hoping, she wouldn’t be turned into a tree. Mrs. Black transformed the tree back into a chair and started explaining the magical world to the two children and their foster mother (“Whatever that is,” Mrs. Black thought).

“Mrs. Black will take you into the magical community next weekend to buy your supplies, with her sons, who happen to be your age.” Even though, it was required for the scholarship children to be taken into Diagon ally by a board member, Mrs. Black was not prepared for her two sons’ blood to be spoilt over two dirty children.

“How about offers? I’m assuming we’ll be gone till we’re eighteen, there won’t be a chance of adoption at all.” Ian suddenly asked

“ Don’t worry, if there are offers, we will bring you home for an interview.” Emily responded, knowing full well, that even with all her efforts, the chance of adoption of two grown kids was rare.

            When, the group left the kitchen, all the children were still crowding around, trying to hear what was going on inside. The, only sound was the baby still screeching. Lucille snatched the baby out of the older boy’s arms, and started to calm her down, successfully. Emily looked at her in shock, it was impossible to get the crack baby quiet. Mrs. Black, tried to say good evening as politely as possible, which was not very polite at all. While closing the door, she could hear in the background, Emily screeching.

            “Lucille, what did I tell you about pulling down other kids pants? Time out, two hours this time! “ 

What an interesting child the school board had let into their school; the school would be in shambles by October.
If you get this far, is it really that much harder to review? and for reading, you get a brownie! THANKS

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