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Like a Withering Rose by shimmy
Chapter 2 : Epilogue: The Full Circle
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Time passes quickly and although Sirius had promised he would never forget the mysterious girl, some things can not be helped.  Gradually, her presence in his mind diminished.  She appeared in his dreams and some passing half thoughts but that’s where she stayed.  When he did think of her, it hurt a little so eventually he locked Rose away in his subconscious.  

The world transformed.  His brother was murdered.  His best friend was murdered and Sirius was thrown in Azkaban as a result.  Surrounded by dementors day in and day out, she was almost completely forgotten by his tortured and ravaged mind.

He had lost all he had loved in the conflicts he had predicted to Rose.  He had lost all but Harry.  Harry was the one light left on in the dark ominous room.  Sirius was a fugitive, he had almost nothing but he had his godson.

When he first heard that Harry was in danger, he was one of the first to arrive at the department of mysteries.  Everywhere there was fighting.  Curses flew back and forth through the air as the teenagers desperately tried to defend themselves.  There was Lucius Malfoy, the man who corrupted his brother, attacking his godson.  Sirius screamed with rage and threw curse after curse at the startled man.  Harry stood by Sirius and together they took on the death eaters working as an impenetrable fighting team.  Sirius could not help but glance warmly towards Harry as they moved together flawlessly.

They blasted their death eaters against the back wall, as they heard a feminine scream.  They both turned quickly to discover Ginny, who had received a large gash.  Harry ran to her side quickly, stunning the death eater from behind.  He grabbed her and brought her under the cover of the dais they had stood on.  Sirius ran after him but was stopped in his tracks by another sound.  This was not a scream though, this was a subdued cry.  The girl was hurt but trying not to give her attacker the satisfaction of voicing her pain.

Her flipped around quickly and headed in search of the noise.  Curses flew back and forth around the room and he gladly noted that teenagers were taken care of.  He arrived at the other end of the room, where McNair was throwing violent curse after curse at a vigilant Hermione.  She held her ground well but he was faster than her.  He kept hitting her with great conjured balls of fire.

She tried to dodge them, as she shot stunning spells, but her arms were being increasingly scorched by the shooting burning orbs.  He laughed manically as she was forced to duck at a very large fireball and he quickly followed with a booming sectumsempra.

The curse caught her on the back, leaving a large and deep vertical slice all the way down her back.  She screamed with a combination of pain and anger.  Hermione took one step backwards and tripped over an offending rock.  Sirius heard a sickening snap as her foot broke and she fell backwards.  McNair stalked her like a predator stalks prey.

“Hello pretty little mudblood.  Did half my work for me I see,” he bellowed.  She spat at his feet and raised her wand.  In a most un-Hermione like motion, she fumbled it and it dropped.  The sound of the wood hitting the stone below triggered a memory in his head.

Rose.  The crying broken girl.  The bloodied, bruised mysterious and beautiful girl was and had always been Hermione.  The shock that registered on her face as her wand dropped was unmistakable.  How could he not have known when he had first seen her face two years ago?  It was uncanny.  She was wearing the same clothes and the same expression she had all those years ago.

Then she had lied to him all those years ago.

“I’m from another part of England.”  But she was from another part of England, just from a different time.

“No.  You don’t know me and I don’t attend Hogwarts with you.”  Back then he didn’t know her and she had never said she didn’t know him.  She definitely hadn’t attended Hogwarts with him.

“Well, I was dueling.”  She had been dueling when she injured herself.  She just didn’t specify the circumstances.

She hadn’t lied to him at all.  With the exception of her name, she had been entirely truthful.

Sirius roared and shot McNair in the back with a precise stunning spell.  He fell to the ground and Sirius rushed to her side.  She was looking surprised at the stunned body infront of her before she actually registered his face.

“Hermione!” he cried out to her.

“Sirius!” she yelled in reply.

“Hermione, listen to me very carefully.  Are there any time turners here?  Do you have one?  Do you know of anything else that could send you back in time?” he asked feverishly.

She looked at him with a perplexed expression but grasped a small hour glass that hung around her neck.  “I found it in one of the rooms here in the department on mysteries.  I thought it could be useful,” she explained.

“Hermione you need to-“ but before he could finish what he was going to say, Hermione screamed again.

“Sirius, watch out!” she screeched.  He whipped around quickly and was met with the maddened face of his cousin Bellatrix.  She approached him with a slow feline walk.

“Hello Bella,” he said raising his wand.  

She smiled malevolently at him.  “Dear cousin, what a surprise!”

Before Sirius was able to utter a reply, as she quickly and suddenly cryied “Avada Kedavra!”



“I had just seen one of my friends die.”




The curse hit him in the middle of his chest.  Sirius took several steps backwards before his body arched lifelessly backwards and disappeared into the veil behind him.  Harry, who was near by screamed with fury and ran after Sirius’s deranged cousin.  She cackled as she fled from the room

Initially, she was in a state of shock.  She said nothing as she watched his body fall.  Once he had disappeared, however, she broke.  Hermione lay on the floor crying and screaming for him to come back.  She begged for him to come back.  He couldn’t be gone.  Her injuries were temporarily forgotten as she whimpered mercilessly.

Her hand was still around the time turner.  She clutched it in her hand so tightly that it shattered.  The glass fragments crumbled in her hands as she cried.  Time turner sand mixed with blood and tears trickled lightly over her skin.

Suddenly, she felt the swift tightness of time travel envelop her.

A/N: So? Did you like it?

I wrote this on a whim and since my friends all liked it, I decided to share it with the HPFF community.  Do tell me what you think.

Mia xx

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