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The Age Of Innocence by flyaway
Chapter 2 : Monday, Thy Name is Woe.
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 And it's Chapter two everyone!  I'll try to be snappy with the updates this time round.  

Anway, here it is!

Mondays are shit. 

I would have thought this was common knowledge, because I can’t see why anyone would actually like Mondays. 

Apparently Lauren didn’t get the memo. 

“Wake up my loves!” She sang, as she danced about getting dressed.  I buried my face in my pillow as Vix groaned.  Nicole swore very loudly and told Lauren to shut up. 

“What are you so happy about?” I asked from underneath my duvet. 

“It’s Monday for chrissake!” snapped Vix, in a groggy fashion. 

Lauren just laughed and continued to dance about. 

I swung my feet out of bed and stumbled towards the bathroom, narrowly avoiding hitting my head on Vix’s bedpost.  Ugh.  I hate mornings. 

After a long, long hot shower (the only kind that wakes me up) I got out of the shower, almost slipped on the bath mat and very nearly fell over.  Instead I twisted my ankle and only managed to stay upright because I was clutching at the damn sink for dear life. 


When I finally stumbled from the bathroom, and I use the term ‘stumbled’ literally, I was in a foul mood.  Lauren took one look at my frazzled appearance and told me that she would save me a seat at the table.  Vix had already left, and Nicole, I assumed, with her. 

Somehow I managed to pull my uniform on without mishap and viewed myself in the mirror.  I sighed frustrated at the state of my hair.  Curse my mother.  It is completely her fault my hair looks like a haystack.  I brushed it feebly, and ended up using my wand to flatten it a bit.  When I thought it looked presentable, I finished up, grabbed my school bag and ran off after my friends. 

Albus caught up with me just as I was climbing out of the portrait hole. 

“Hey Rosie,” He said, slinging an arm over my shoulders.  The thing about Al Potter is his massive ego.  Not one to beat around the bush, that’s me.  He’s a nice kid and honestly, sometimes I wish he were my brother instead of Hugo but seriously, the ‘Harry Potter is my dad’ thing has gone to his head.  Im surprised the boy can fit his head through the portrait hole at all. 

“Allie.” I said, nudging him with my elbow in greeting. 

“Honestly Rosie, if you’re going to call me a nickname I much prefer Al.” he said, the smirk that makes all the girls swoon on his face.  I scowled at his hypocrisy. 

“Then don’t call me Rosie.  Only my Dad’s allowed to call my Rosie.” I told him.  He just laughed, smiling at a couple of Hufflepuff girls as we pass them.  I rolled my eyes. 

“You’re such a man slut Al, you know that?” I said indignantly.  Even though I was perfectly serious, he found this absolutely hilarious and held me up for a few minutes until he was coherent enough to speak again. 

“Jeez Rosie, just because I have admirers.”  He said, winking at one of the said admirers as she passed. 


That just made him laugh more. 

* *

 I rushed breakfast.  Lauren, Vix and Nic laughed at me as I stuffed a croissant in my mouth, looking thoroughly undignified, and rushed out again, hurrying to get to Professor Digby.  Wait, I sound like a complete teachers pet.  Oh wait, I am. 

In my defence, Digby had given me an extension on the stupid homework, and I had to hand it in before class, lest she remove more precious house points. 

So, just as I was running down the charms corridor towards Digby’s classroom, my hand raking about in my bag looking for the stinking bit of parchment, trying not to trip on anything and thud, im on the floor and all my books are on it with me. 

Yeah, I ran into someone and fell over.  Smooth, Rosie, really smooth. 

And if that weren’t bad enough, guess who it was. 

Bet you can’t. 

“Weasley?” Malfoy asked, sounding amused.  I think what was left of my dignity might have shrivelled and died at that point.  I looked up into surprisingly brown eyes for such a pale person.  He held out his hand, and after considering the possibility that he was just doing it so he could yank it back and yell ‘HA’ at me, I took it.  He tightened his grip on my hand and pulled, yanking me upright.  Then he gave me a really strange look that pretty much screamed ‘FREAK’ and walked off with a sort of icy cool smugness that made my blood boil. 

Oh kill me now universe, kill me now. 

“Miss Weasley?” Professor Digby was sticking her too-pretty-for-a-teacher head out of the door to her office with a confused look on her face. 

Crap.  I was probably staring. 

“Oh!” I cried “Sorry, I…I uh fell over and uh…”

“The paper, Rose?” She said, sounding very bored. 

I blushed and handed it over.  She looked at the crumpled sheet of parchment. 

“It’s uh, three thousand words…just like you asked for.” I said.  Digby looked at me, sighed and nodded at me to go.  I blushed again, and she closed the door.  I picked up my scattered books as fast as I could and got the hell out of there.  I’m lucky I’m so smart, or all my teachers would totally hate me. 

I had no time to go back to the Great Hall, and barely any to get to Transfiguration where I was certain to be strung up by my thumbs in the dungeons if I was late. 

I rushed, literally as fast as I could damn well manage with six very thick books in my satchel and succeeded in getting there with pretty much no time to spare. 

Transfiguration is one of my favourite subjects, probably because I can manage it.  Professor Chang teaches it, and even though she likes me, she has never liked Al very much. 

Dunno why. 

Don’t really care come to think of it. 

Anyway, I got to the class without being late and took my seat at the back next to Lauren, Vix and Nic.  Lauren gives me a funny look, which I think is because I’m out of breath and bright red after running up the past three floors.  I waved my hands, which says ‘I’ll explain later’ and turned to face Professor Chang. 

She’s a small lady, with incredibly strong arms.  Al knew this because she dragged him to her office forcibly last year and there wasn’t much he could do about it.  my Mum doesn’t like her very much but my Auntie Ginny hates her.  I’m not entirely sure why though.  I think I might ask next time I go home. 

“Miss Weasley, are you listening?” I jerked back from dreamland at Chang’s loud bark.  I nodded, embarrassed, to snickers from the Slytherins at the other side of the classroom “As I was saying,” she continues, addressing the whole class now “Human transfiguration is a very difficult subject to attempt.  Few of you will manage it on your first try.  You must be very careful when casting these sorts of spells as they can be very dangerous.” 

My mind starts to wander.  I know I shouldn’t let it, but hey, I’m talking about my mind like it’s a separate entity here, which it is not.  Plus, I’ve heard all this from my mum.  I thought back to the look on Malfoy’s face after he helped me off the floor.  Try as I might, I couldn’t actually fathom what he was thinking.  Usually it’s quite easy to tell what people are thinking by the look on their faces.  For example I can tell when Albus is thinking about what girl he should chat up next, his eyes glaze over.  When Lauren is thinking about beating one of her enemies round the head with her beaters’ bat (something that I think she would like to do scarily often), she looks slightly demented.  But in a happy way, if that’s even possible. 

“Oi, Rozzy.” Lauren hissed in my ear, once again crashing my train of thought. 

“Yes Lozzy?” I replied.  Rozzy is my nickname.  No one uses it, except when they feel like mucking about.  Plus, it sort of goes with the funky nickname thing we have going on.  Vix, Nix, Lozzy and Rozzy. 

That sounds quite ridiculous doesn’t it? 

Anyway, Lauren rolled her eyes. 

“Day dreaming again?” she asked, her eyebrows up and a grin on her face.  I rolled my eyes. 

“Gardener! Weasley!” Professor Chang barked, “Pay attention!” 

More snickers from the Slytherins as Chang turned back around. 

“For fucks sake,” Lauren hissed and raised her wand “muffliato!”

“That’s better.” I said, leaning forward.  My mum would kill me if she knew what I was doing.  It was entirely Uncle Harry’s fault I even know the spell.  Through James that is. 

“So why were you almost late?” Lauren asked, jumping straight to the point.  I blinked. 

“Well, I had to go and hand in my essay.” I said quickly.  Lauren looked me in the eye and I knew she knew that I wasn’t telling the whole truth.  I sighed. 

“Spill Weasley.” She said. 

“Fine.  But this isn’t going to sound nearly as interesting as you think.”  And I told her everything that happened in the corridor.  Every last boring detail. 

When I was done, Lauren was close to tears of laughter. 

“You walked into him?” She spluttered.  I nodded “And he helped you up?” I nodded again. 

Why, oh why did I tell her?  Why?


“So…what, he just smirked and walked off?” Nicole asked as we sat in the Common room that night after dinner.  I nodded again, wishing for the millionth time I had not told Lauren. 

“He’s such a git,” Vix said, pulling her knees to her chest. 

The four of us were sitting in our usual armchairs, supposed to be concentrating on homework but as usual, failing.  It had been some kind of miracle to pass those N.E.W.T.s. 

The portrait hole opened across the room and a crowd of people came pushing through.  Lauren groaned in the chair beside mine as my cousin Albus walked over to us.  “Hey ladies,” he said in his usual smug voice. 

“Allie,” I said, pretending to be engrossed in my book. 

“How is my favourite cousin doing then?” He asked, slouching onto the arm of my chair.  He didn’t wait for an answer before continuing, “You will never guess what that git Malfoy said to me.  He told me I was big headed and stupid so I hexed him.”

All four of us look at him in surprise. 

“Seriously?  He called you bigheaded?  No way!” Lauren said, her voice dripping with sarcasm, which unfortunately, Albus missed. 

“I know!  It’s ridiculous!” He said, perfectly seriously “but yeah, he’s off somewhere with a beard down to his knees.” 

“You gave him a beard?” Vix asked “a beard?  Really?” 

He shrugged.  “All I could come up with.”

“Who’s your Dad again?” Lauren asked sarcastically. 

He shot her a look, ruffled my hair and walked off, saying hello to a pair of fifth year girls as he did so.  Lauren made a noise that sounded a lot like a growl. 

“He is SO freaking egotistical!  Jesus, does he NOT realise how stupid he sounds?” She exploded.  Nicole, Vix and I looked at her in astonishment.  Lauren never shouted, ever, mostly because she was so good at keeping calm.  When it came to Albus, however, she got so worked up I suppose it was hard to keep control “I mean, have you seen who he’s going out with?”

I nodded.  I had seen, and I was just as confused as everyone else.  Marianne De Witt sounded like she belonged in a history novel.  The stupid girl was a female version of Al; big headed and completely oblivious.  She thought the world revolved around her stupid blonde head. 

“I swear, if she even tries to talk to me I’ll hex her so bad she’ll grow antlers.” Lauren muttered darkly.  And from the way her face was dead set straight, I wouldn’t have dared doubt her.  Vix and Nicole shared a pointed look and both proclaimed that they were giving up on homework and going to bed. 

I decided to join them.  I wanted to get to bed as soon as possible and put an end to this horrible Monday. 

“Mondays really are shit, aren’t they?” said Vix as she climbed the stairs ahead of me. 

“I think shit would be an understatement.”

So what did you think?  Reviews are much appreciated.  Please, tell me whatever you think about my story, even if it's criticism!  

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