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Finster, Ella by Skylar
Chapter 8 : The Unlucky Four Leaf Clover
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A/N: Well so far no one has guessed the couple correctly so this should be highly entertaining to see your reactions. I’m sorry the last chapter took so long to come out but I had huge computer problems and no time to write. I adore this chapter as I feel it’s quite action packed and has a different tone to the rest – this will, therefore, probably mean its rubbish now.
Plus I know my spelling and grammar are atrocious but understand I write so unbelievably fast to get these chapters out on time that mistakes are made. Also have you seen how long this one is!
WARNINGS: Strong language, mild violence, mild scenes of a sexual nature
DISCLAIMER: The song Indy is singing is 'American Pie' by Don McLean.

The truth has many appeals, not the least of which is its power to shock. It caused a multitude of emotions, a heady feeling of confusion, dizziness and a wave of nausea to spring up the back of my throat as I opened and closed my mouth in disbelief.

I looked like a fish.

That was my second thought, as my mouth continued opening wide and closing in shock. Perhaps not the best or most fitting thought for such a moment, but it was one of the only coherent thoughts that managed to worm its way through my muddled mind at the time.

My first thought of course was ‘what the hell’.

I shook my head frantically from side to side. It couldn’t be; it was still the after shock from being attacked by a rubber duck, a quidditch player and a psycho librarian in quick succession.

I was just seeing things that was all, I tried to reassure myself and get my heartbeat to slow down a bit. It was just a figment of an overactive imagination that had been whizzing round more times in the past hour than a hamster wheel.

Madness creeps up on you when you least expect it, I remembered from the pamphlet Artemis had brought me (what a lovely step mother – note the sarcasm). Apparently the first stage of madness was admitting you were mad.

Ok I was mad and this was all in my head; that was it.

“Oh Billy,” I heard a passionate moan that made my eyes bug out of my head.

Um…ok perhaps I was just hearing things as well.

Nope, I thought as more moaning ensued and I plugged my fingers in my ears. This was real, this was not a nightmare, teenage mental breakdown or madness induced haze as I wished it to be.

This was real and my life was about to change. Not in a good way either.

“Oh Billy,” I heard the voice that I really wished I wasn’t hearing as I reluctantly unplugged my ears.

I was in a state of disbelief that made it impossible for my rational thoughts to process correctly. Her of all people! How….How? I mean it’s….her and him. The two people I least expected to see sharing an energetic game of tongue wrestling.

How the hell could she do this? How the effing hell could she of all people have wound up with that toad! “You’re such a brilliant kisser.”

“I know darling,” his sultry chuckle reached my ears and made my insides squirm in disgust. “I’m a love machine.”

The slimeball was oozing more than a slug did.

Yuck. Yuck. Yuckety. Yuck.

How the hell could this be happening? The apocalypse was obviously nearing tonight; he was the last man on earth and she’d been forced to date him in a bid to save the world from the slimy flesh eating aliens. There was no other explanation.

“I can’t believe you asked me to Hogsmeade tomorrow,” the high pitched girly voice said, followed by a small giggle. “Me of all people?”

Ok….maybe that was the explanation. Not a very good one though. It sounded as if she was engaged in the tonsil tennis willingly rather than at wand point like I’d imagined.

“I’ve had my eye on you for a long time,” Billy said smoothly and I could just picture that smug and sultry look that was guaranteed to make you melt.

“You’re my perfect woman.”

He’d used that same line on me; this just proves originality was not his strong point. Although then again I don’t think Billy had any redeeming strong points that could be mentioned in a polite conversation.

“Oh Billy it’s like a dream come true,” I heard the breathy sigh of the person. “I’ve liked you for so long; ever since you moved into the house round the corner from us.”

“I used to come and play at your house just to see you; your smile made my heart light up.”
The git; he’d said that to me too.

“I need to go now, get my beauty sleep,” the girly sweet voice oozed. “I’ll be dreaming of you.”
How pathetic could you get? This was like one of those unbelievably cheesy teenage romance films that Indy had dragged me to see a few times in this place with a really big screen. The dialogue could have been taken straight out of an eighties rom-com.

“Goodnight sweetheart,” Billy’s lecherous voice sent shivers of repulsion down my spine. “I can’t wait for tomorrow. Wear something hot.” The sound of more squelching followed by footsteps signalled their exits.

Continuing with my Oscar worthy fish impression, I slid down the wall as they departed; shocked, appalled and disgusted. The use of ‘Oh my God with Merlin’s bells on’ had never before been so needed.

Billy McGuiness and Katya....

This was not good.

“Bye bye miss American pie, drove my chevvy to the levy, but the levy was dry!” were the first words I heard upon waking up the next morning.

Lifting the edge of the duvet cover from over my head and cracking open one eye, I distinguished that the source of the racket was not, as I expected it to be, a cat being swung around by its’ tail. Instead it was the person that for some reason I called my best friend, singing.

“The good old boys were drinking whisky and rye,” she bounced around in circles, singing into her wand tip, “singing this’ll be the day that I die.”

“For the sake of the world’s sanity belt up!” I shrieked at her, falling back onto the bed and covering myself from the evil sunlight with my duvet.

“Well aren’t we a lovely ray of sunshine this morning,” she sang dancing over to me. “Shooting sunbeams all over the place.” She bent down and tugged the duvet cover off my face.

“Sod off.” I grumbled trying to pull it back.

“Now, now that’s not the right attitude for a lovely Saturday morning,” she patted me on the head as she began dancing again.

“I hate Saturdays,” I mumbled drowsily. “An entire day spent with people filled with happiness, coupley couples and cheery people singing. I hate happy people.”

“I wonder why anyone would think you weren’t a sociable or happy person,” Indy stared at me wide eyed. “It’s obvious to everyone with half a mind you’re the least cynical person in the world.”

“I wonder why people think you’re a mental case,” I said fakely cheerful. “It’s so obvious that prodding your grumpy best friend awake in the early hours on the day of her lie in is such a well thought out and intelligent thing to do,” I stuck my tongue out at her grin. “Now shove off.”

“Come on now, it’s my duty as your best friend to try and input some good will into you. Think of me as Tiny Tim to your Scrooge,” as she grabbed my ankle and gave me a vicious yank off the bed.

Tumbling to the floor in a tangle of bed clothes, my hands clawed at the mattress trying to seek purchase. My fingers merely sunk pathetically into the soft downiness and slipped free of whatever hold they make have had. I found myself sinking onto the floor at the side of my bed in a painful heap.

“I hate you,” was the only thought I could transfer into words.

“That’s what friends are for,” she smiled down at me far too cheerfully. If she could imagine the plots of revenge I had planned in my head I doubted she’d be smiling.

“To what do I owe this disruption,” I regarded her as haughtily as I could considering I was lying at an awkward angle on the floor, head lodged between the bed and the bedside cabinet and one leg still caught on the bed.

Needless to say the haughty attitude didn’t pay off.

“It’s Hogsmeade today. Surely even you can’t be miserable about going to Hogsmeade. There are sweets, butterbeer and you know you love the Shrieking Shack.” She reached down to pinch my cheeks but I merely swatted her hand away and placed a pillow over my face to save myself from further attack.

“Ewhhehugh,” I said incoherently. “You go boyfriend hunting in Hogsmeade. The number of times I’ve lost you in mid conversation because you start following what you term to be ‘a stud muffin’.

“I see a fine male specimen, it is my duty to the female population to follow it,” she shrugged as if it were common sense.

“Says a prime specimen for a future world leader,” I buried my head back under the pillow. “Just leave me be and let me go back to sleep.”

“No,” she prodded me with her foot. “You’re coming shopping with me. Now let go of that pillow.” She reached forward and began yanking on one end of the pillow that was hiding me from the world.

“Never,” I got a death grip on my protection.
What followed was a frantic tug of war over the pillow. Much pulling and hissing as we fought tooth and nail over the now ridiculously stretched and twisted white pillow. Feeling my hold beginning to loosen (she did after all have the advantage of being stood up) I sunk my poor bitten nails into the corners of the pillowcase and gave a vicious tug.

Shame that all that ended up doing was pulling the pillow cover from the pillow itself, leading to me hurtling backwards and knocking my head onto the floor.

“Damn.” I mumbled.

“Right, now seeing as though you’ve lost this wake up war in such spectacular fashion this morning,” Indy bent down and pulled me up from my tangle of sheets, “perhaps you would be as kind as to get ready so we can set off. Chop Chop.”

With quite bad grace (I had just been pulled from my lie in) I yanked the sheets from the floor.

“You’re in a worst mood than usual,” she commented helping to put my duvet and sheets back on the bed. “Did Wood piss you off more than usual? A run in with Jaz? Lessons have been cancelled and you’re upset?”

“I had a bad night last night,” I sniffed as all the painful memories from last night came rushing back, making my head ache from the trauma of it all.

“I had a run in with Fred and George for starters who have made me an honorary Weasley Twin. It was….traumatic,” I nodded my head as I searched for the right word. “Coincidentally they think you’re a ‘bird’.”

“Really,” Indy visibly blossomed with happiness under my eyes, her vision going glazed at this supposed compliment.

“Yeah and then Wood and me had a,” I glanced over at her and noticed her attention was still diverted by the fact that two boys in the year below had thought she was ‘a bird’. Never mind the fact it was a highly demeaning, derogative and pejorative term that was a prime example of what was wrong with our andocentric society.

But that wasn’t the point right now.

“Oi! Pay attention!” I poked her in the shoulder. She had, after all, woken me up from my blissful Saturday morning slumber and as such deserved the punishment of listening to my moaning session. Never mind that she did it all the time anyway, friendship meant you had to grin and bear it.

“Yeah yeah,” she muttered wiping the dazed image from her face and plastering an image of intense concentration their instead. “Hit me with it.”

“Wood and I had an argument,” Indy merely rolled her eyes at that as if to say ‘what’s new’. “Madam Pince got a bit ‘mad’ and started hitting us all with books and then I saw something I wished I’d never seen.” I finished the last part with a deep breath for a more dramatic effect.

“Malfoy getting waxed?” Indy suggested.

“Ew, no!” I felt sick.

“Yeah, not the prettiest sight in the world,” she nodded looking equally disgusted. “That’ll teach me to sneak into the boy’s toilets again.”

All I could do was stare at her in disbelief.
“Anyway,” I tried to steer the conversation in a better direction. “I walked in on a couple…er…canoodling.”

“Canoodling?” Indy raised her eyebrow.

“Yeah you know,” I tried to explain, “hanky panky, liaisons.”

“Can you please use lingo from this century?”

“Can you please stop interrupting my story?” I hissed. She promptly pretended to zip up her mouth and throw away the key. “I walked past a couple…’kissing’ although it looked more like two eels rubbing against each other.” I shuddered at the memory. “Anyway, you’ll never guess who it is?” I looked at her, expecting her to guess.

Instead she kept silent.

“This is part where you guess,” I nodded my head in encouragement.

She mimed towards her mouth and made a zipping motion like she had earlier. This, I guessed, was to remind me that I’d made her swear not to speak during the conversation.

“Oh,” I was a little nonplussed. “It was Billy and Katya.”

Predictably her eyes bulged a little in shock and mouth opened and closed repeatedly as she tried to draw in breath to help with the shock. Making frantic gestures and disbelieving faces, she managed to convey her disbelief quite well.

“You can speak now you know.”

“BLOODY HELL!” She exhaled loudly.

“Seconded,” I said wryly.

“Plus completely and utterly repulsive,” she screwed her face up with disgust. “Not to mention it goes against all the ethics of sisterhood.”

“It doesn’t count with step-sisters. Plus no one knows we went out apart from you and well…you know,” I was unwilling to mention their name.

“Yeah yeah,” she nodded acceptance. “Still makes my stomach churn is disgust at the thought of them too at it. Euh, imagine the kids.”

“Really really don’t want to,” I leant against the wall and banged my head against it repeatedly. “I can’t believe this. It’s like another nail in my already well nailed down coffin.”

“There there,” she consolingly patted my shoulder and pulled my head away from banging against the wall.

“I’ve had more bad luck than a single person should have endure!” I vented. “I need some good luck charm. Something that will bring me good luck for the rest of the day.”

“Wait a minute,” Indy said looking as though dawning realisation had just occurred. “I may have the very thing for you,” and so saying she dived in the direction of her bed, but which was really a mountain of clothes, shoes, bags, hats, jewellery and even the odd crisp packet. Wiggling underneath this assortment of colours and fabric, you could hear the faint grunts of pain and annoyance mixed with the rough shuffling of certain items from their perches. How could anybody own so much stuff? Was half of it even necessary? I possessed three pairs of jeans, four t-shirts, three jumpers, a coat and a pair of trainers; more than enough clothes for my simple needs. Why did most girls feel it necessary to buy all this rubbish about strappy tops, v-neck tops; as long as it covered up the important parts and protected me from the rain I was happy. Sometimes I wondered where my feminine genes had disappeared to – I could hardly be described as girly, especially when contrasted to Indy who made the colour pink seem masculine in comparison to her.

Eventually, after many minutes of a woman’s struggle against her wardrobe, she emerged a little tatty, tousled and wobbly.

“Here,” she thrust a small shiny object at me proudly. “This should work.”

Looking sceptically down into the palm of my hand, I studied the object I’d been given. A thin silver chain that moved like liquid draped over my fingers, whilst the pendent rested cool and heavy in the centre of my palm. Looking closer at the pendent, I determined it was a glass circle, about 2 cm in diameter and 5mm thick. In the centre, preserved in the glass lay a deep emerald four leaf clover; its leaves marred only slightly.

“Where did you get this from?” I asked curiously as I studied this good luck charm.

“I saved a Leprechaun from a band of Cornish pixies and then returned him to his companions when I was in London buying my school stuff,” she returned to the task of riffling through her clothes, as though it was no strange occurrence that she’d saved a Leprechaun.

“How, pray tell, did that situation come about?” I asked in disbelief when she didn’t elaborate.

“Funny thing really. I was just minding my own business following this really gorgeous guy down Diagon Alley, when all of a sudden I realised I’d lost my parents and I’d wandered into this really obscure and dark place. There were quite a few hags, vampires and even a Yeti I think. I was just having a lovely conversation with the vampire about the pros and cons of a bat as a pet when a small creature came barrelling into my legs and knocked me over. Looking down I saw this small green guy who was being followed by Cornish pixies and naturally I picked him up and helped him find his companions again. They looked very very happy to see him again and as a thank you he gave me this pendent that he said would bring me luck when I wore it. I haven’t needed to try it out yet because I’m so naturally wonderful nothing bad ever happens to me.”

“It could only happen to you,” I sighed jingling the charm in my hand. “Are you sure this will work?”

“Couldn’t hurt could it?”

“Oh how I have missed the pang of dread whenever you utter a phrase questioning the outcome of something,” I sighed deeply before putting it on my head, “because it usually ends up with me in the hospital wing.”

“That was only the one time,” Indy looked annoyed at the mention of that incident. “It wasn’t my fault.”

“It was your idea.”

“Look it wasn’t my fault some fifth year told me that the Giant Squid gave out free rides on its tentacles if you squirted a jet of water in its eye and danced around doing a fish dance, whilst wearing hypno specs and singing the Oompa Lumpa song,” she looked put out at the reminder of this incident.
I merely looked at her until she understood that I thought it was her fault.

“Ok….” She nodded her head slightly in acceptance, “there is the slightest chance it could have been my fault. Although I still maintain it was your fault you got hurt. You shouldn’t have chucked that twig at it.”

“I was trying to stop you being strangled!” I pointed out, “and let’s not forget the time you decide to go sleeping bag surfing down the stairs and fell through the trick step.”

“Look,” Indy placed a hand over my mouth to stop my rambling of her incidents. “I may have messed up in the past but this time I can guarantee that this is a one-hundred-percent-foolproof-cannot-go-wrong-plan.”

After a few seconds of deliberation whereby she looked at me imploringly, I reached up and removed her hand covering my mouth.

“Fine,” I sighed. “So what am I meant to do with the whole Billy and Katya situation oh wise one?”

“Don’t worry,” she said smugly glint in her eye that boarded on being termed manic. “I have the perfect plan.” 

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” I asked an hour later.

“Perfectly. It happens all the time on muggle films.” She straightened and looked at me. “Now straighten your sunglasses and scarf and we’ll be off.”

We were stood behind a shop putting on the items that Indy had deemed necessary for our espionage; black sunglasses (even though it was October and freezing), black scarf pulled over our mouth and black jumpers, coats and jeans.

We were going for a ‘Resevoir Dogs’ look, whoever these water loving dogs were.

“I really don’t think this is going to work,” I muttered.

“Course it will,” she replied peering out behind the shop corner. “We’re going to look inconspicuous.”

“Somehow I think not.” I tugged on the black scarf covering my mouth.

“We will. No one will ever suspect we’re undercover sleuths,” She looked smug again which usually meant it wasn’t going to work. Big headed Indy meant big problems.

“Ooh, they’re there!” She suddenly hissed and grabbing my arm dragged me from behind our corner and out into the teeming October crowds.

About three metres in front of us, strolling nonchalantly along was Billy McGuiness. I could just about make out his big blonde head bobbing along through the crowd, a heavy and expensive looking cape adorning his shoulders, his arm around-


Yuck, I thought as I growled in disgust. How dare that toad poach my step sister! Of all the girls in our school he could have had his wicked way with he chose Katya who had less brains than a flobberworm and would be easily influenced. It was like picking on a defenceless mushroom, ok, a mushroom with a mean streak and a penchant for hating and cursing me, but a mushroom all the same. Sure she may have hated my guts, shrieked many a time that she wished I’d been eaten by a dragon at birth and attempted to perform mean tricks on me (and failed because this was Katya after all, not the brightest crayon in the box). Yet she was still my step sister and even though I hated her as well she deserved better than being Billy McGuiness’s cuddle thing.

Um…that doesn’t really make any sense. It did in my head though.

“What’s the plan then?” I hissed as we inched along the walls of the shops, bending low to try and keep ourselves hidden. By now we’d attracted a fair few stares and much pointing from the onlookers, but right now that wasn’t my primary concern.

Killing Billy McGuiness had quickly become top of my to do list.

“Plan, what plan?” Indy hissed distractedly over her shoulder, still intent on pursuing her subject.

“The ‘perfect plan’ you assured me you had,” I muttered to her furiously as we navigated the streets.

“The foolproof, not going to fail plan! What is the damn plan!”

“Um….dressing up in black clothing and following Billy?” Indy looked round and smiled timidly at me.


“Because I look damn hot in black?” She ventured.

“And what happens after that?” I said slowly ignoring her narcissism.

“Um….” She looked a bit uncomfortable under my angry gaze. “I hadn’t…um…planned any further than that.” She looked down at her shoes and scuffed them against the rough ground to avoid my stare.

“So,” I said through gritted teeth. “Your grand plan isn’t actually that grand then? No revenge of any kind was planned into the agenda?”

“Well actually,” Indy looked up grinning, but seeing my grim expression she bowed her head again and looked sheepish. “Um….no…no there wasn’t.”

“What were you assuming would happen when we caught up with him?”

“No idea.” Indy ventured as we continued up the street after the target. “Thought it would come to me when it happened.”

“I really wish you’d thought further ahead. Eek!!!!!!” I shrieked, having inched along the wall too far and fallen backwards through an open shop door.

“Um, I don’t think that was part of the plan I had in mind,” Indy said looking down at me. “Not that I had one in mind of course, but if I had had one in mind I can assure you that that is not the ideal plan I would have had in mind.”

Lying back on the floor, with tens of chattering shoppers staring down at me after that dramatic display of falling into their shop, I merely gave Indy a narrowed glance.

“Shut up.”

“Ok,” she agreed quickly trying to placate hurricane Ella before it got out of control. Offering me a hand she helped to pull me up and away from the shell shocked shoppers. After all it wasn’t everyday a scrawny teenage girl dressed as a mafia wannabe fell through the open door.

“I think you broke our cover a bit back there,” Indy whispered to me as we continued up the street.

I sent her a withering look as I checked my body for broken bones.

“Ok, ok.” She held up her hands in surrender. “Just pointing out the obvious. Ooh look he’s over there!” She pointed a short distance in front of us where the McGuiness was indeed swaggering along. We quickly ducked behind the side of a building.

“Euh,” I felt like vomiting, “does he have to walk like he’s oozing coolness.”

“To be fair he possesses more coolness in his little finger than we do combined,” Indy said sadly. “It’s a sad and criminal fact but it’s true.”

“How can you say that-“ I began but her look and indication of our current situation and endeavour merely proved she was right. “Ok it’s true.”

Shaking my head wearily at her, I turned back to look round the side of the building to concentrate on our target once more.

He wasn’t there.

Oh sugary trouts.

“Indy,” I hissed. “Indy! I’ve lost sight of them!”

But I got no answer.

“Indy?” I queried, peering over my shoulder….

And seeing nothing.

Where the hell had she disappeared to, I thought straightening up and searching through the thick crowd for a glimpse of her. She’d been behind me just ten seconds ago. Honestly she was a liability; I couldn’t leave her alone for-

There she was, about ten feet in front of me; I visibly fumed as I glimpsed her through the crowd. I could see her head bopping along through the sea of people, quite oblivious to the plight of her best friend. I could well imagine her humming to herself, thinking the world was fine, completely ignorant of the fact trouble was lurking around the corner for me, the person she was meant to be helping.

“Indy,” I shouted loudly, causing some people nearby to turn round and stare at me as though I was mental. To be perfectly frank, by now I was beginning to think that as well.

“Indy,” I tried again, a little quiet considering our target was nearby. “Indy what the hell do you think you’re doing!” Obviously startled out of her daydream, she looked around confused before her sight caught me surveying her, hands on hips and emitting angry vibes.

“Carry on without me!” She waved cheerfully as she tripped through her way through the people who gave her looks of annoyance. “I’m pursuing another suspect,” she indicated the direction of a boy a few metres ahead of her and mouthed, “He’s fit.”

Oh. She was boy stalking again.

I would be lucky to see her for the rest of the week, let alone the rest of the day. Sighing resignedly to myself, I slipped the black sunglasses from my eyes and lowered the black scarf.

Espionage wasn’t working out too well it seemed; my partner has gone AWOL, we were more conspicuous than a cow in a hen shed and there was also the small fact that our target had disappeared.

“Why are you following me?” A voice whispered silkily into my ear as a hand gripped my arm.

Oh sugary ostriches.

Seemed I’d found my target.

“I’m not following you,” I bit off turning around slowly and looked Billy in the eye. “I’m merely following the same route that you seem to be embarking on.”

“That constitutes following in my book.” He leaned into me and his breath tickled the hair on my neck.

“Believe what you will, you’re not that important.” I tried to elbow past him, but instead the hand that held my arm began dragging me into one of the gaps between the shops.

“Wh-hey!” I shrieked when I realised what he was doing. “Let go! Somebody help me!” I tried to attract the attention of passers-by.

No one took any notice.

The miscreants.

Just wait until they needed help; Ella Finster would not don her bat cape for them!

The place Billy had dragged me to was a dingy, dark and smelly alleyway. Wrinkling my nose, I yanked my arm free and was dusting his touch from my skin as I surveyed him with a look of loathing.

“What was that for?” I wish he’d shrivel up and die. “Why did you drag me into here?”

“So…now it’s just you and me.” He placed me against a wall and leant in so close I feared I’d catch a horrendous disease from him.

“Invasion of personal space.” I placed a hand on his chest and pushed him back. “Back off.”

“You used to like it when I did something like this.” He placed an arm on my waist.

I kicked him in the shin.

“Well I blame that period of my past to the hideous mental disease I was suffering at the time,” I smiled sarcastically at him as he removed the arm from my waist reluctantly.

“I see your tongue has turned bitter with age,” he bent down to study me closer, “or is it because you’ve been missing me?

I spat on his shoe and grinned winningly.

“Fine,” he sent me a twisted look of repulsion. “Now why were you following me?”

I ignored the question and fixed him with a steely glare instead.

“Answer quickly; my time is quite precious you know. I have an urgent meeting with a very special girl,” he began to grow impatient and whilst I did not wish to acquiesce to his request his last comment provoked me to.

“Are you really going out with Katya?” I asked.

“Jealous are we?” He rubbed a finger tip down my cheek as I jerked back in disgust and slapped his hand away.

“Never,” I spat at him. “I just need to know are you just dating her to get back at me?”

“Maybe she’s helping me nurse the heart you broke,” he placed a hand to his heart and feigned a look of sadness.

“You don’t have a heart.” I pointed out.

“True, but if I did you’d have broken it with all those hideous names you called me,” feigning hurt he placed a hand on his heart and pretended to look sad.

“You’re the one who broke my heart you bastard!” I slapped him on the cheek. “You made me love you and then you threw me out when the job was done. Tell me? Do you have an accomplice this time too?”

“Me and Katya are having…‘fun’,” he smiled evilly at me.

“You’re a cold hearted dickhead.” I shook my head, disgusted at him. “I just hope she’ll get some sense and kick you out before it’s too late. Why did you have to choose her heart to break instead of some other girls? She’s too stupid and romantic minded to understand you’re a toad!”

“Well,” he moved in closer to me until his breath tickled my ear. “If I can’t have the Finster girl I want I guess I’ll just have to settle for another one. For now at least.” He leaned in closer.

“I hate you,” I hissed trying to wriggle away from him. “Castration and torture are only mild forms of the pain I want to cause you!”

“I’m sure you’d like to do something more amorous than that,” he leaned in until his lips were millimetres from mine and I could smell his foul breath. Trying to turn my head to the side away from his advancing face, I was stopped short as he placed a hand on my chin and forcefully

Screwing my eyes up in disgust at what was about to happen, and cursing my lack of strength compared to his, I placed me hand on his chest in an attempt to push him off and was just raising my knee to get him where it hurt when the sound of a throat clearing stopped me in my tracks.

And luckily diverted Billy enough for me to break free from his hold.

“What’s going on here?” a voice from behind us had me jumping away quickly from Billy.

I closed me eyes in a gesture of pain. Of all the people to stumble across this…

“I said, what’s going on here.” Wood repeated looking from my blushing face to Billy’s accosted look.

“She was just reassuring herself that my heart was in working order,” Billy commented referring to the hand I’d had placed over his heart, even though that had been to push him away rather than anything flirtatious. “What do you want Wood?”

“Katya wanted to know if you’re ready to head back?” He looked at me again with an expression I
couldn’t read. “She’s waiting up the street for you.”

“Sure,” Billy straightened his jumper and nodded to Wood. “I’m ready now. Bye Ella, it was fun.” He looked over at me and sent me a deep and penetrating look I avoided by staring at the wall instead as he passed by me.

Folding my arms around myself in a protective stance, I tried to clear my head

How could I ever have believed myself in love with that toad’s wart? How the hell could I have spent my nights crying over him? His display just then made me feel unclean and unprotected. I wanted to go home and curl up in bed to hide from it all.

But one obstacle still remained.

“Excuse me,” I said shakingly trying to move past Wood, but he merely stepped to the side and placed himself fully in my way.

“What was going on there?” He said in stiff tone.

“I don’t really think that’s any of your business,” I said with as much dignity as I could in the whirlwind of emotions going around inside me. I was hurt, scared and annoyed and right now I didn’t want any of these weaknesses being showcased in front of the one person who was liable to use them against me.

“I think considering that display it’s everyone’s business, as you were basically acting in view of everyone,” his tone became sharp.

“My actions do not concern you,” I said stiffly glancing staring off over his shoulder, instead of meeting his disappointed look.

How could I tell him my past when I could barely say it to myself? How could I stand more disappointed looks because of my past actions? How could I let him in on the biggest secret I possessed? I didn’t want him to know about my relationship with Billy because I was ashamed and ironically I didn’t want Wood to be ashamed of me as well.

I wasn’t going to tell him.

But, I can hear you wondering, why let him believe you are a two faced backstabber, why is that better? The answer; because it would be better for him to think I was a boyfriend stealing bimbo then let him learn of my true stupidity.

For that was something I would never tell.

“But surely your actions concern your sister?” He looked incredulous at the lack of emotion I was showing.

“Step-sister,” I reminded him far more calmly than I felt as I tried to side step him again and get away from this interrogation.

“Don’t you care that that was her boyfriend you were just messing around with?” He blocked my way again and grabbed my shoulders to try and shake some sense into me.

“I don’t have to answer to you and your moral attitudes,” I bit off, attempting to shake myself free or his hold and refusing to let him know the truth. “You aren’t allowed opinions; you’re dating the most evil backstabbing cockroach of them all.”

“It always boils down to the tension between you and your sisters doesn’t it? You’re trying to break up your other step sister’s relationship now? You weren’t happy enough with trying to destroy Jaz’s happiness you now have to move on to Katya’s?” Wood looked at me as though I was a speck of dirt on his shoe. “How pathetic can you get?”

“Well I still haven’t sunk to your depths yet so I’m not pitiable and useless just at the moment.” I snapped.

“How much of a bitch can one person be?” He looked at me in revulsion.

“Why don’t you go ask your girlfriend?” I smiled thinly at him. “She’s had so much first hand knowledge of what it’s like to be one.” I mentally gave myself a point in my head.

“You know I thought I could work with you, I thought maybe what Jaz has been saying about you was just sisterly tension and that maybe she’d blown it out of proportion. Now I can see that you are the liar, schemer and cruel bitch she said you were.” He looked disgusted with me. “How am I supposed to work with you when I can’t stand you?”

“Well don’t work with me then!” I shouted, the lease on my anger, sadness and frustration finally snapping. “Just quit. I don’t care if you fail everything, I don’t care if I don’t get the ‘pleasure’ or you’re company every evening. Give up and go; I don’t care!” Elbowing him harshly in the side, I stormed off down the street.

“Fine, I’m done with you!” He shouted at my retreating form. “No more working together!”

“Fine!” I shouted back.




“Oh sod off!” I shouted back at him.

Eugh….I hated boys.

Entering the Three Broomsticks in a sour mood I looked around for Indy, hoping beyond hope she was in here and that I could vent my anger at her. Noticing her sat wide eyed at a corner table, her eyes wide as she stared at the collection of boys in the vicinity, I made my way over and elbowed some people out the way for good measure.

“Hello,” Indy looked up at me, sucking on a sugar quill. “How was the rest of the mission.”

“Terrible.” I spat. “Terrible with hideously deformed knobs on.”

“That good hey,” she merely smiled at me and continued twirling the sugar quill around.

“Does your mind even process half of what I say?” I asked her bewildered.


“Great,” I smiled weakly. “So how was your boy stalking mission.”

“Not so good,” she shrugged sadly. “Turns out he had a girlfriend and then I tripped over and fell into a puddle.”

“Awesome then,” I replied cheerfully, mimicking her earlier bravado.

“You’re not funny you know,” she pulled her tongue out at me. “So didn’t the char work then?”

“This thing’s cursed,” I flung the necklace back at Indy. “I’ve had more bad luck today then I did yesterday.”

“Are you sure it’s not just you?”

“I’m sure!” I hissed. “I’ve had more bad luck today than a Friday 13th, cracked mirror and a man walking under a ladder combined. Plus Billy caught me following him and then Wood ran into us when Billy was trying on his charm and now thinks that I’m a boyfriend snatcher.” I sat down at the table and placed my head on the surface to mumble, “I hate my life.”

“Are you still sure it’s not just you?”

“I have two fingers here that really want to make a gesture in your direction right now,” I hissed into the wooden surface, “and a hand that is itching to slap some sense into your head.”

“Ok ok!” She held up her hands in self defence, before picking up the necklace from where it had landed when I’d thrown it down. “Jeez you ask one simple question.”

“And you get one simple answer.” I grimaced into the wooden surface.

“Hey there’s that really hot guy I was following earlier,” she elbowed me in the shoulder. “Look, he’s coming this way!” She began preening herself, as I merely raised my eyes from the wooden surface and glanced his way.

What I saw was a tall and muscular blonde boy, manoeuvring his way through the heaving crowd of the pub with two opened bottles of butterbeer sloshing about in his hands. He was indeed approaching our table and just for a minute, as he reached Indy’s side, I thought he was about to speak to her.

But…um…that wasn’t the case.

“Eeek!” Indy shrieked as cold butterbeer sloshed over her head.

“Oh god, I’m sorry!” The boy said, looking a bit shamefaced as he surveyed the now drenched girl in front of him. “Are you alright? Is there anything I can do?”

“Well actually,” she began but he’d already decided her half a second silence constituted an answer.

“Nothing. Ok then, have a good day.” Without a backward glance at the sodden Indy, he moved back to the bar to get another butterbeer.

Raising my head from the table a few inches, I merely stared at Indy who in turn was staring in disbelief at the four leaf clover necklace in her hand.

I didn’t say anything. She’d figure it out soon enough.

“Bloody Leprechaun,” she shook her fist at the sky as butterbeer streamed down her face. “I wondered why he was chuckling when he gave it to me. Last time I trust a short man in green.”

Ok – I guess quite a few of you hate me right now for what I’ve done with Wood and Ella. We’re back to square one with them. Ella and Wood hate each other again, Indy is still oblivious to most things, Billy is an evil cockroach (hands up who hates him) and Katya has fallen to the dark side. It’s like a bad TV soap.
Chapter 9 is in the very long works; this chapter has exhausted me and I really need to get started on my homework which will take ages. Just to keep you going I can reveal Tom Button will be back in the next chapter or so if any of you guys remember him and we’re fast approaching the first Quidditch match – yippee! Plus there may be some Wood POV in the next chapter so we’ll finally get to see what his feelings are! Should be good fun.
Anyways please review and leave comments to tell me what you think and if you like.
Thanks to everyone who has reviewed so far – means more than I can say.

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