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The Age Of Innocence by flyaway
Chapter 1 : A Prologue of Sorts.
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So, inspiration hit me out of the blue and this is the product.  

disclaimer:  I do not own Harry Potter.

Chapter 1:  A Prologue of Sorts

It wasn’t fair!  None of it was fair!  How could they think I was to blame?  Me?  It wasn’t possible.  I was Rose Weasley for crying out loud!  Rose Weasley. 

I wondered if it was possible for the teachers to have lost their minds, to possibly put me on a par with him.  The stupid rat. 

I mean, all I did was call him that to his face, and they haul me off to bloody detention?  Over reaction much?  Well, all right, maybe I did hex him a little bit.  Ok, a lot. 

But whatever, I was going to be sitting in the stinking classroom for another three hours.  With him. 

He was trouble, that much I knew.  I had been warned, time after time that to carry the name Malfoy meant danger.  My Dad had always been pretty vocal about him being completely out of bounds.  I had to agree that this was for the best. 

Maybe if he had been, I don’t know, nicer to everyone I would have happily disobeyed my father.  They do say forbidden fruit is sweeter.  Why else would Eve get herself kicked out of the Garden of Eden? 

But as it was, I think I’d rather stay clear of him.  The blonde idiot. 

He’s so insufferable!  I walked round the corner into the Charms corridor to see him and some little Slytherin slut against the wall with his tongue down her throat.  Yeah, it made me gag too. 

Needless to say, I think I was justified in hexing them apart. 

Unfortunately, I did it just as Professor Chang was coming round the corner.  She saw me and, bada bing bada boom, I’m here.  She also told me she would ‘be sure to write home to my parents about this’.  Something tells me my dad won’t mind too much.  My mother?  Well, that’s a different story.  Just because she never got detention when she was at school, doesn’t mean I wont. 

The stupid snot had it coming anyway.  Who goes around snogging random girls in corridors at four in the afternoon?  Only freaks like Malfoy. 

In case you’re an idiot and have been under a rock for the last twenty-five years, my parents are Ron and Hermione Weasley, two thirds of the trio who defeated Voldemort.  This makes me pretty big news, if I do say so myself.  I’m not saying I enjoy having the whole world know my name, but it really does come in handy when, say, someone’s being unreasonable.  Out comes the ‘Do you know who I am?’ and out goes the resistance. 

Scorpius Malfoy, on the other hand, has the opposite effect.  Or rather, the ‘Malfoy’ bit has the opposite effect of ‘Weasley’.  The Malfoys were big Voldemort supporters apparently.  But whatever, I don’t care. 

I just hate him. 

He looks so smug, even in detention and with his back to me, with his messy blonde hair brushing the top of his collar.  I can almost feel him smirking that he got me in trouble. 

But if he dared say anything, I had the Potters on my side, who have never been afraid to hex someone.  James would be more likely to do it for fun, rather than for me because that was just what he was like.  Albus would do it because he’s my best friend and Lily, well she would do it just to prove she can beat sixth years in a duel. 

I’m not even sure what the purpose of this detention is.  Normally they have us scrubbing cauldrons or cleaning the trophies (Which are surprisingly dirty considering how often they are cleaned.  I think that Professor Chang re-dirties them afterwards) but this time we’re just sitting here in silence for four hours.  That’s 240 minutes.  Alone.  In a room.  With Malfoy. 


He shifted in his seat noisily, the chair legs scraping the stone floor.  I flinched.  I hate that noise.  It’s like nails on a blackboard to me. 

I found myself wondering what time it was.  Chang wont let you have watches in detention.  It makes time slow down.  I hate her. 

Then the door to the classroom opened and Malfoy and I turned round.  It’s Professor Digby, the young Astronomy teacher. 

“Alright,” She said, “you can leave.”

I was on my feet in a flash and out the door.  I heard Scorpius Malfoy mutter something that sounds a lot like ‘nutter’ but I don’t care.  I just wanted to get upstairs and get the smell of Slytherin off me. 

Up two flights of stairs, through a passageway hidden by a tapestry and onwards through a hidden corridor towards Gryffindor tower.  The fat lady is snoring as I arrive, panting and out of breath from the running I decided to do for some unfathomable reason. 

“Oi!” I said, but with no success.  She snored loudly “Excuse me!” 

With a snort and a cough she sat upright, looking as though she and Violet indulged in a little bit too much sherry. 

“Yes?” she hiccoughed.  I rolled my eyes. 

“Can you let me in please?” I asked boredly. 


“Sword of Gryffindor.” I said, trying not to go mad as she thinks about this for a second.  She really should see someone about this alcoholism she’s got going on. 

“Ok hic then, go o-hic-n inside.” She spluttered, swinging open. 

She was asleep again before she swung closed. 

The common room is perhaps my favourite room in the castle.  And there are a lot of rooms at Hogwarts.  It’s all cosy, with squishy red chairs and a roaring fire and red tapestries everywhere.  Usually I sit, throwing bits of parchment at Vix, Nix and Loz.  They’re my best friends by the way.  Vix, AKA Victoria Belby, Nix, as in Nicole Simmons and Loz, as in Lauren Gardener.  The nicknames are just for fun.  Vix, Nix, Loz and Rose.  The only one I actually use is ‘Vix’.  We’d been a quartet since first year.  Albus sometimes hung out with us too but he had his own friends. 

“Rose!” The shout came from over where my friends and I sit every day, on these armchairs in a little alcove in the quietest corner of the common room.  Well.  It’s pretty quiet when we aren’t there. 

I waved to my friends and walked over, weaving through the other gryffindors.  Some moved, saying ‘Hey Rose’ as they did so, but others I just walked around. 

I reached the corner and sank into one of the chairs.  Nicole, Vix, and Lauren looked up as I sat down. 

“We were beginning to think Chang’d had you killed.” Nicole said. 

“Nic, it’s highly unlikely that Professor Chang would have anyone killed.” Said Vix, pushing her glasses further up her nose. 

“Shut up Vixy,” Said Lauren playfully “you don’t know the lengths that old witch would go to.” 

“She’s hardly old, she’s the same age as my dad!” Nicole said. 

This was the norm in our group.  We bickered our hearts out but it was better that way.  Acquaintances were always polite.  Sisters said whatever they thought. 

“Anyway,” Vix said, changing the subject “what was Malfoy like?”

I scoffed “Quiet, as usual, and up his own arse, as usual.”

Lauren laughed out loud. 

The four of us were the only Gryffindor girls in our year, and had bonded over our shared hatred for that git, Colette Hardy who after our first Transfiguration lesson had insulted Nicole’s incompetence at spell casting.  We were all pretty awful, but Nix was the worst (something she admits) and therefore was a prime target for Colette and her band of bullies. 

Well, they were bullies.  Now they’re just sad. 

And not in the unhappy sense either. 

“Oh Rosie, did you hear?” Lauren said.  I glanced at her. 

“Hear what?” 

“Apparently good old Andy Keynes has the hots for our Vix.”  She said, leaning forward and grinning.  My gaze snapped to Vix, who was looking embarrassed. 

“Andy Keynes?  Beater?  Really strong?” I asked.  Vix nodded, smiling “Wow Vixy!”

“ I know!”

Andy Keynes was a Hufflepuff, and one of the nicest ones too.  He was tall with dark eyes and sandy hair and oh, he was gorgeous.  I had to congratulate Vix.  He was one hell of a catch. 

Vix leant back, running her fingers through her hair absent mindedly, probably while daydreaming about Andy.  Nicole was sitting in the chair beside Vix and the difference between them was suddenly very striking.  Normally it wasn’t so obvious, but when Nicole leant back, the dark black of her hair and the light blonde of Vix’s contrasted sharply.   Lauren and I were more similar: my hair was carrot red and her’s was reddish brown, like rosewood. 

We’re a good old match, my friends and I. 

“Rosie!” It was Albus.  I knew that before I looked at him. 

“Albie!” I replied.  He scowled. 

“Albie?  Really?”

I laughed at him.  He shook his head and continued. 

“I see you survived.”

“Well he was hardly going to kill me was he?” I said.  Why was everyone saying I’d survived?  Of course I had.  I was never not going to.  Al rolled his eyes at me. 

“You never know what idiots like him will do for kicks.” Said Lauren meaningfully.  Hang on.  Did she just agree with Albus?  Over me? 

“Too right Lozzy,” Al said, patting my friend on the back.  She blushed and a little wave of realisation hit me.  She was agreeing with him on purpose.  And Lozzy?  What? 

“I hate you.” I told her after he’d left.  Lauren laughed, knowing I wasn’t serious. 

“You just hate everyone don’t you?”


So how was it?  I dont know if it makes much sense to anyone but me, but whatever :P  if you liked it, leave a review.  If you didnt, leave a review.  

Thanks for reading loves,

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