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Two Vampires = Lots of Trouble by harryfanZOG
Chapter 6 : The gay train ride. (Well not ALL of it!)
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"Oi! Mione!" called a familiar voice a few yards back from Hermione was walking at the crowded platform nine and three quarters.

Hermione quickly turned around and saw Harry, with his hair messy as ever, pushing his trolley up to her smiling gladly, "Can you believe that it is our last year?"

Hermione couldn't. She looked around and saw parents who already had wet eyes hugging their first years and nervous young witches and wizards looking around in excitement and awe that they were finally going to go to the school that they had heard so much about.

"I feels like one year ago I was one of those little kids." answered Hermione sadly gazing Harry who was nodding in agreement, "I wonder how my dad is..."

Hermione has tried to call but she couldn't get a hold of him at all but sense he was pretty much escaping from his wife Hermione could understand that he wouldn't be able to talk much, "but still....."

"Where's Ron?" asked harry changing the subject knowing Hermione didn't need stressing.

"I don't know probably late." sighed Hermione as she heaved her luggage on the  shinning train.

"There! I think I see him!" yelled Harry, "But he is talking to.....erm......I don't know how he is talking to but the dude is crying....and wearing pink.....what the bloody hell why is Ron taking to a gay dude of Hogwarts?"

"It isn't weird to have a gay friend ok Harry? I have a gay muggle friend and it works out just fine so please just leave Ron alone I don't really want to start the LAST year of Hogwarts with you to bickering alright?" lectured Hermione as she found Ginny and got Harry's mind off the gay dude.

"So how was your summer Mione?" asked Ginny as she finished showing Hermione her new owl that she got for her birthday. (i don't know Ginny's birthday so please just go with the flow and let her birthday be a week before school!!!!!! thank you!)

"It was.....the same." muttered Hermione who was trying to avoid the subject which even more secrets lay, "Um.....hey I think Ron is coming look."

Everyone turned to Ron and thought in the back of their heads, "WHAT THE BLOODY HELL HAPPENED TO HIM??"

Ron was wearing pink. Not guy pink but hot, hot, abnormal hot pink that was alittle to tight for a guy to wear. 

Once everyone around him got past the pink shirt they noticed the man jewelry that included a ring, (what color do you think the jewel was?) a necklace that matched the  ring and bejeweled flip flops. (Ok I think you guys get the point.)

Now, you are probaly thinking what the hell is Ron thinking well here it is as well as some memory.



"well, there's dear Harry. Wow look at those cute muselces he's got! Finally I can let Harry know how I feel this year! No more girls and their crazy demands! I got guys now like Woody and Harry."

          (Memory of Ron talking to gay dude of Hogwarts)

"I'm sorry honey pla....." begged Ron but Woody cut him off.


(Woody but a charm on them so that no one could hear them just to let you know
! Not to mention that Woody is gay.)


"SO WHAT ABOUT ME HMM RON? WHAT WAS I? A TOY??????? ITS OVER RONALD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                            Memory ended and back to thought

"Well Woody wasn't a toy I really liked him........" and the little voice in the back of Ron's  got in its say,


no harry wants me.......he loves me I know it!


YES HE DOES!!" and with that Ron threw his conceince in the corner of his mind and ignored it.

                                                  thought ended

"Hi everybody!" laughed Ron even though it sounded more like a giggle.

"Ah.....erm....Hi Ron?" stammered Harry starring at Ron in odd horror secretly hoping this was a joke.

"HI!!!!!" squeaked Ron pulling Harry and everyone into a hug and the group found that Ron was wearing perfume that smelled like flowers and valnilla which creeped them out even more.

"So Ron..... How was you summer?" asked Hermione who was trying her very best, which was alot, to act normal.

"OMG! I can't wait to tell you!! But I think I should totally tell you in the train! So much to tell ya!" said Ronald

 "OK. Ron I have has enough of this! What the bloody hell happened to you!  You AND look like a gay guy!!!!!!!! This better be a joke!" gasped Ginny who had been visting most of the summer taking classes at Hogwarts so she could be in the 7th year with Harry and Hermione so Ginny was just as shocked to see this.

With Ron looking hurt and confused Harry stepped forward to  question him, "Really mate, you aren't gay.....are...y- you?" stammpered Harry who wasn't liking this one bit.

Ron opened his sort of now pinkish lips but the train was about to leave so to everyone's relief they gathered on the train. on the door was a note that the head boy and girl were to sort people into compartments sense last year there was a fight.

"Ready Granger?" whispered a cool voice millimeters from Hermiones' tingling ear.

"Only if you are ferret." spat Hermione glaring at Draco who only gave her a sexy smirk.

"When had his smirk become so charming? Or those eyes? Even his THE HELL?????"

Hermione rolled her eyes and and shouted in a commanding voice "alright two lines everyone!!"

Just as she said this everyone even Slytherin obeyed or they would have to deal with Hermione's wand.

"Alright this line closest to me this way! Unless you want a mudblood leading you." shouted Draco as many people snickered and moved lines, "Well if you want a snotty ferret to lead you then go right ahead but be careful! He was rabies!!!"

Almost everyone laughed and moved to Hermione's line except for a few that were faithfull to Draco Malfoy, "Alright lets get going!" said Hermione as she gave her own smirk to Draco and walked down the rows of compartments pointing to which people sat where.

"Damn! Why does she always have to have combacks? But I do admit.....she got a body when she doesn't wear those Hogwarts robes. OK DRACO SHUT UP ANYTHING THAT HAPPENED IN PARIS STAYS IN PARIS. JUST DROP IT YOU ARE JUST ANNOYING HER LIKE EVERY YEAR......right? YES RIGHT!!!!

In the end Harry, Ginny, Blaize, Ron, and Pansy got stuck in the same compartment which of course didn't go well.

 (ok just to make this story weird and crazy like me here are the crushes, Harry likes Ginny and Blaizes also likes Ginny and she isn't sure that she likes Harry yet so Blaize is trying to squeeze in and seperate them. Also, Pansy likes Harry but Harry has no idea that she does also, Ron of course likes Harry and no one likes Pansy. Sorry but I thought you wanted to know that!)

 "so........Ginny you are in Griffendor right?" asked Blaize who's pure black hair hung in his eyes giving him a cute sexy look. 

"Yum........ya." said Ginny smiling unsurely at the hot slytherin.

"Ginny! Hey I was wondering if you could come to Hogsmeade with me?" asked Harry glaring at Blaize.

" Harry? I always go to Hogsmeade with you and Hermione." said Ginny rolling her eyes at the stupid question which made Blaize snort at harry.

Mean while Pansy and Ron kept silent and stole glances at Harry with lustful eyes.

Ok. This is going to be a weird ride so now we are at Draco and Hermione!

                                                    Heads Compartment

Tick tock Tick tock was all that could be heard from the heads compartment in the weird silence. Neither had seen eachother sense the bar and it showed.

Finally Draco sighed annoyingly and said, "Could you do something interesting? It is SO boring looking at you while you read. Very cute though."

Hermione looked at him in shock. Did he just say that she was cute? Draco hadn't plained to say it either but it came out anyway. Was it because he didn't want to hurt her feelings? Draco shut out any thought like that.

"Entertain yourself." muttered Hermione rolling her eyes and getting back to her book.

"Are you sure you want to say that Granger?" teased Draco almost....nicely then whispered in a husky tone, "Cause I would love to entertain myself and you."

Hermione became more shock and blurted out, "STOP FLIRTING WITH ME!"

With that Draco just smirked loving to see Hermione crack then flush like a ripe beet. The rest of the trip continued in weird silence as they ate and changed into their unaforms. Draco staring at Hermione a small smile playing on his lips every time Hermione glared at him. After a few times of hiding a real non-Malfoy grin a insane thought cept back in his head.

                                                    Battle in Draco's head

"Draco this is more than just annoying her? Why has she changed so much? And, for that matter for the better!"

"Oh shut up! She is just a filfy Mudblood and nothing more! She is below me and NOT"

"Oh yes she is!!!!"


"Oh stop denying yourself!"

"Ok ok OK! she is REALLY! and MAYBE I have a crush on her! But she is NOTHING more than that!"

"Oh sure keep saying that if helps you sleep at night.......!"


 (ok I am sorry that I am not good at the whole thoughts arguement thing but pretty much  Draco has a crush on Hermione and doesn't want to admit it. Total guy. No offense!)

"Malfoy!" yelled Hermione as Draco realised that someone was talking to him, "Come on its time to get off! We have to help the first years!"

Draco just his eyes and smirked saying, "Alright Alright Keep your shirt off I mean on."

Pleased with Hermione's stunned anger Malfoy excited the room and started yelling at first years to get their butts moving.

                                                   Harry's compartment!

"Come on guys lets get going we don't to be late so Snape can get us detention our first day back." Lectured Ginny who was a subbing for Hermione on getting the group moving.

"You got that right Ginny." laughed Blaize which made the whole group stare him like goldfish out of water.

Blaize wasn't one to smile or laugh especaily to a Griffendor. But Ginny brought it out and the Slytherin felt light and craving for this fire headed girl.

"I thought Snape favored Slytherin?" asked Ginny not noticing that Harry was trying to kill Blaize with his glares.

"Not really just to the sons of Death Eater fathers which DIDN'T include me so stop looking at me like that Potter." snapped Blaize his bright blue

(I want his eyes blue. Are they?)

 eyes looked like hot flames as he stomped from the compartment hopping Ginny would get angery at Harry. It worked.

"Why did you do that?" said Ginny who was getting pissed and confused for why she cared so dang much.

"Cause! I can tell he just wants in your pants! Come on! Thats the ONLY reason! Why would any boy?" Yelled harry, "opps."

"IS THAT WHY YOU WANT IN MY PANTS? HMMMMM? THANKS A LOT HARRY! MAYBE BLAIZE IS TRYING BUT RIGHT NOW HE IS  BEING A LOT MORE NICER ABOUT IT!" screamed Ginny running out of the compartment leaving Pansy, Ron, and a now depressed Harry.

"Its ok Potter she's just being a bitch." sneered Pansy then changing her face to a sweet angel stepped closer to Harry.

"Anyway Harry who like needs girls?" asked Ron stepping closer also glaring at Pansy who got the drift.

"OK...........I am backing away from weird gay dude.  Lets go Pot....Harry."

Harry left with Pansy leaving Ron to his gayness, "He loves me.......he does......he just doesn't know it yet!!"

well that was my first chapter! If you don't like the Ron is Gay thing I'm sorry but no one does that so I thought it should happen!!! Also, I am only 12 so I am NOT a very good writer so if it coppy or weird just tell me!

love ya!






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