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Partner In Crime by darkkid
Chapter 3 : Tough Break
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Another beautiful chapter image by BitterSweetFlames at the-dark-art! Thanks muchly hun! (:


Snickers and whispered jests followed Emily for weeks after the posters had made their debut. The notes thrust into her hands always ended with two words. Teachers Pet. Black stayed low and casual after the incident, obviously not wishing to draw attention to himself.

"I know you did it, Black," Emily snarled as Sirius joined the others on the stairs the morning the posters had been discovered, accompanying them with a jovial laugh. "I swear to Merlin I'm going to get you back for this!" Sirius shrugged his shoulders and winked, too pleased with himself to realize the murderous glare in Emily's eyes.

She would get her revenge.

The posters, which were pasted to the wall with glue that refused to peel, stayed up for almost a week. Finally, after raiding over fifty books in the library, Emily found the right spell to take the posters down. She then proceeded to toss them angrily in the fire with the help of James Potter, who took up the responsibitly to become her audience of one.

"I thought that was a lovely picture of you, Emily," he grinned. "That mustache really suited you well. Ever thought of growing one?"

"If you're not careful, you'll be thrown in the fire next, Potter," Emily spat, ripping apart the last poster of herself. She pushed it into the fire, watching the pieces burn into dark ashes.

"No need to be so mean," James mumbled, his grin still prominent on his face. "I mean, I'm not the one who put those pictures up, am I?"

"Your bloody friend did it," she said, her eyes flaring again. "Meaning you’re my enemy too."

"Well, if I were you, I'd want revenge," James provoked. "You can't let him get away with this, it'd only cause more troubles for the future."

"What are you saying, Potter?" she asked, her eyebrows arched in shocked confusion. "You want me to put Black on the wall in a tutu?"

"Embarrassing picture has already been done, if you haven't noticed."

"Why are you saying this?" Emily eyed the grinning boy standing before her. "You want me to be horrendously cruel to your friend? You guys having a fight or something?"

"I'm just saying it'd be interesting to see what you come up with," James said. "Well, being a teachers pet and all you probably don't want to risk getting another detention or anything."

Emily sighed, irritation coursing through her veins. He was provoking her, he wanted her to get revenge. Was it a trap?

"What would you suggest I do," Emily muttered through gritted teeth.

"I am astounded, Emily," James mock-gasped. "You're willing to risk receiving another detention to get revenge on my best friend?"

"Forget it." Emily stood quickly, knocking over a book that clung to the edge of a maroon armchair. "You're just a waste of my time, Potter."

"I'm only joking," James said quickly. "Listen, if you want my help I'm more than willing to give a few pointers."

"Why?" Emily looked into his eyes, searching for some sign of a joke. They were amused, but no sign of a trap in the works. "Why do you want to help me?"

"I never got Sirius back for what he did last month." He sighed when he saw the blank look on her face. "He ruined the Hogsmead trip Lily and I had planned."

"Right," she said, still reluctant to give in, even though his reasoning was genuine. Loud footsteps interrupted their conversation, they both looked to stairs to see who had awoken so early. Emily groaned when she saw who it was emerging from the last step.

"I see you finally figured out how to get those posters down, Miss Emily," Sirius mused, looking around the common room. "A simple spell, really."

Emily held in her retort and rushed from the room, her head swarming with delicious opportunities for revenge…


Christmas was fast approaching, the crisp air almost cruel to the skin. The corridors, which were now filled with cold drafts of wind, were decorated with many mistletoes and singing statues. Emily winced as their horrid voices filled the halls after every class. They were truly a nightmare.

Even worse than the singing suits of armor was Sirius Black. He had taken it upon himself to annoy her to wits end whenever possible. Him and James soon joined her each meal time, adding extra weight to her stressful life. Along with the usual Christmas homework was prefect duty. The Slytherin prefects managed to catch a nasty cold and Emily had been suckered into taking some of their shifts.

All in all, she was waiting eagerly for classes to end so she could jump on the train and leave Hogwarts behind for the holidays.

It was three days before classes were over when she got the devastating news…

The Great Hall was just as loud and obnoxious as it usually was in the mornings. Emily had found refuge in her copy of the Daily Prophet, reading an article about cauldron types.

"McGonagall is still muttering about that toilet that exploded," Sirius grumbled as he plopped down on the bench beside James. Emily ignored him, as she usually did, and continued going through the Daily Prophet. Though she had finally began warming up to James, she still couldn't stand Black. Just looking at him made her grimace.

"Sorry mate," James said, stabbing another piece of bacon. "Did you tell her it wasn't your fault?"

"Of course!"

"And that it was by mere chance the toilet decided to move at exactly the wrong moment?"

"Well, the wrong moment for the toilet. Perfect timing for us."

Emily rolled her eyes, she couldn't help overhearing their "heated" conversation. She grabbed her glass of pumpkin juice just as the owls streamed in. There were fewer than usual, and the ones that had arrived looked tired and cold. A blizzard had formed outside.

Emily was more than surprised when a golden owl fluttered down in front of her, offering its letter with a soft coo. She reached forward and grabbed the letter, it was cold in her hands, and ripped open the paper as the owl nipped from her plate of scraps.

I'm sorry to send this so late, but the news was very unexpected. Your father and I have to leave for most of the Holiday. There's been another murder and the Ministry seems to think we're to blame. Don't worry, dear, everything will be fine. I'll send news soon. Take care and keep a look out on the Prophet for anything helpful.

"Bloody fantastic," Emily grumbled, throwing the letter on the table. It was just like the Ministry to blame her parents. They could never let go of anything, could they? One mistake and they harass you for life…

"Ooh, tough break Miss Emily," Sirius said, Emily's letter clutched in his hands. "I guess this'll be a Christmas to remember, right? Just me, James, and you."

Emily groaned and buried her face in her hands. How could life get any worse?

if you find any mistakes, please tell me! i didn't have time to reread it again XD Reviews keep me motivated guys! -winkwink-

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