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Before Death Do Us Part by snapeluvr
Chapter 3 : Desire
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A special thanks: I would like to give a big thanks to my friends Blayne and Jenny if it hadn’t been for them I would have not have been able to write this story. They have fantastic ideas, not to mention hilarious.


Today was the big day, the day I put the final pieces into the puzzle of our lives. This day had to be perfect and it was going to be. It wasn’t hard to keep this day a secret, considering we weren’t speaking. She thinks we are meeting my parents out for Christmas dinner at The Rouge, a fancy restaurant downtown. She would be coming home in about an hour and around eight we would leave on broom for the restaurant. 

It’s so great to be away from home, I hate living in silence. I don’t dare break it. “What about this one?” suggested Alice Longbottom.
 “No it’s too long.” “This one’s cute.” Longbottom held up a deep purple dress with puffy sleeves. 
“Too frilly; I want something simple, but elegant, like, like, oooh this one’s perfect.” I held up a strapless dress with all different kinds of blue, and it looked like waves crashing down the dress. It was just over the knee, not to fancy, but not trampy either. It’s perfect and it’ll look great with silver ballet flats and the silver necklace that James got me for my birthday. 
“That’ll be twenty galleons, five sickles, and seven knuts.” Said the lady at the register. 

I hope the restaurant isn’t too crowded being Christmas Eve and all. It’s almost seven I better get going. Thanks for your your help today Alice. 
“No problem, I couldn’t have let my best friend go around in a store in a wheelchair all by herself, now could I?” said Alice.
 Yeah about the wheelchair I don’t think I am going to take it to dinner tonight, besides I don’t think we can fit it on the broom. 
“Well we’re here I hope you have a great time tonight.” Me too!

There you are. You better hurry we have to leave in thirty minutes. My palms started sweating. Crap what if something goes wrong, what if something horrible happens. Then all of a sudden there she was standing above the stairs and all my worries faded.
      “You look amazing. I mean… your eyes… um they… uh-“
“My eyes what James?!”
“SPARKLE!” I sqwaucked going up at least three octaves. Why now? Why must my voice go high now? I cleared my throat, “They uh sparkle like a…….snitch.” Oops. That was not a good thing to say. Lily’s “sparkling” (God I’m an idiot) eyes had narrowed dangerously. That look was infamous. It was the same look she had given Roger Mchormen before she hexed him into oblivion for spilling her Draught of Peace, which she had spent long laborious hours slaving over, the day it was due.

“A snitch James. A god damn SNITCH James!” she exhaled, “I try James, I really try, I get all prettied up, just for you and all you can think of is QUIDDITCH!” I said nothing more.

I walked over and lifted her on the broom. It was a quiet ride to the restaurant. When we reached the restaurant, I hopped off the broom and took her hand to help her down. She got off the broom with such grace. As her foot hit the ground it was like the world had stopped and everyone went quiet. As I helped her inside I kept running tonight’s plan through my head. 
“Name.” asked the waiter, 
“Potter, James.” 
“This way sir.” He motioned to a table placed privately in the corner of the restaurant.
 I helped Lily into her chair, she looked at me confused. “I thought we were meeting your parents.” She asked. 
"SURPRISE! I wanted us to have a nice dinner together." 

      Listen I know we have been going through a rough time lately, but I was hoping we could fix it tonight. “Lily” I said as I took her hand “I need to ask you something.” (Just on time the champagne arrived) Wait where’s the ring, oh crap. Where did it go, it’s not in the champagne. Umm…. Honey I’ll be right back. I ran to the bathroom and started checking all my pockets, sweat running down my face practically having a nervous breakdown. Tissue eww, no, no, hey a twenty I could use that. After searching every single pocket I had, I made my way back to the table as calmly as I could. When I reached the table I lowered myself onto all fours and started feeling around the floor. “Uhh sir may I help you.” Said a waiter kneeling next to me. 
“I lost the freaking ring.” I whispered panic flooding my voice. “ Honey is everything all right.” “Uhh yeah just dropped my fork.” I said as I casually tossed the fork behind me. “Well why don’t you ask the waiter for a new one?” He looks kind of busy right now. “Uhh sir” said the waiter gesturing towards the bottle of champagne.
 Right there around the neck of the bottle sat the ring.

“Hey Lily look, there’s McGonagall.” As she turned around I quickly grabbed the ring and dropped it into her champagne, pointing my wand at the glass I quietly whispered the words “bubbliato.”

“I don’t see her anywhere.”
 “Oh sorry must have been seeing things, well anyway a toast to us finally speaking once again.” I watched her sip her drink, why hadn’t she found the ring yet. “Lily are you okay?” Her face turning a light shade of purple. Oh my god she’s choking on the ring, I ran over wrapped my arms around her and thrust upwards. I repeated this maneuver until finally the ring flew out and landed on my seat. I grabbed the ring and her hand. I figured if I was going to do this I better do it know before anything else goes wrong. So I got down on my knee and held the ring out to her. “Lily I want us to be together not just for this life, but for the afterlife also.” Her smile slowly faded from her face. “Lily will you marry me?”

I can’t believe this is really happening. After six years together and finally he’s asking the one question I’ve been waiting for. Mixed feelings filled my body. I was scared, excited, giddy, and nervous all at the same time. I had never felt like this before. Wow how long have I been sitting here. He probably thinks I don’t want to marry him. Then suddenly I burst out with a huge smile and screamed YES!!!

She said yes. I jumped to my feet picked her up, twirled her around, and kissed her passionately on the cheek.

I looked at her pale, mystical face and was mesmerized by her emerald, green eyes. They were not a pair of slits anymore, but were wide and beautiful, to show her excitement and wonder. And finally, FINALLY, her lips turned into a broad smile. This was the look I wanted, to show that I had done something right for once. I felt so confident in her smile, that I took her outside near the fountain, where it was quiet and, if I do say so myself, “magical.” Then I looked deeply at Lily, to show that I loved and cared about her, and put my hand on her cheek. I leaned in to kiss her, and suddenly there was a funny noise. Oh God. Was that me? Was that a fart that just came out of me? Shit! Not now, not now! Okay don’t panic! Maybe she didn’t hear it right? “James” Lily giggled “Was that you?” Luckily it was dark out or she would have seen my scarlet red cheeks. There goes my confidence down the drain.

I thought maybe after I proposed everything would go smooth, but no fate had it in for me tonight. So before I made another mistake, I grabbed her hand and apparated home.

I slowly unzipped her dress, she got the message. I pinned her against the wall her breath warm against my neck. Her hand against my hand, my lips upon her skin. I had never felt so close to her. We made our way up the stairs and to our room. And well, you know what happened, let’s just say, what we did that night was better than magic, WAY BETTER. And I hate to say it, but it was better than playing in a Quidditch game too. Now I finally understand why muggles do it so much, because it is the closest thing to magic they’re gonna get. After it was over I lay in bed listening to her breathing. Thinking about the years to come.

The end.
I hope you all like it. Please review.

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