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One year later by American Ginny
Chapter 1 : One year later
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Hermione hurried around her kitchen getting ready for the Christmas dinner she was throwing for her old friends from Hogwarts. It was getting late, and Hermione was still had a lot of work to do.

Hermione stood at the stove preparing the food for the night, when a loud crack made her jump out of surprise. Hermione quickly turned around and said, “Ginny! I am glad to see you, but I wish you really would come through the door like everyone else.”


Ginny looked at Hermione with suspicion and said, “Yes, well I did until you told to just appariate into the house. So which would you prefer me to do because I am now so confused like always with you.?”


Ginny and Hermione looked at each other and bursted out into laughter. They hugged and acted like the whole thing had been a joke. “Well, since you are already here, you can help me get ready for the party.”

 “Alright. What do you want me to do?”


“You can clean off the table so I can put the food on it.”




Ginny went to work, and Hermione went back to cooking. It was silent for a while, but then Ginny said, “What lovely roses! Did you buy them just for this?”


Hermione looked at Ginny and asked, “What do you mean roseS? I only have one rose.”


“No, see you have two.”


Ginny showed Hermione the two roses that sat in the vase. Hermione looked at them and was shocked. She didn’t know what to say or do. She looked at the roses and turned around with a sigh. She muttered to herself, “Another charm on this rose, and this one makes it multiply every year.”


Ginny looked at Hermione. What was wrong with Hermione? She never acted like this. Ginny went over to Hermione and said, “What is wrong Hermione? You always remember what you buy.”


“Nothing is wrong with me, Ginny. I never bought those roses. I never bought that one rose. Ginny, you remember when I came home with a rose after my long run away journey?”

“How could I forget? I was mad at you for months!”


“Yea well, before I came back I had gone to a remote, muggle populated area, and as I was walking, I found this rose. It was the dead of winter, and this rose was laying on the ground looking brand new. So I picked it up and walked off, and then…”


Hermione faded and stopped talking. She didn’t need to tell the rest. She could play the whole scene out in her head, but Ginny didn’t know the rest and said, “And then?”

 “And then I heard my name so I went back to where I found the rose, and then I found this.”


Hermione had subconsciously gotten in a cookbook and taken a folded up piece of paper from it while she had been talking. Hermione showed it to Ginny, and Ginny hesitantly took it from Hermione. She opened it and read:


Dear girl,


I loved you so much, and I still do. I cannot understand why you ended it, and something tells me I never will without your help. I wish I could tell you to come back, but alas I cannot. I don’t know what I did to you to deserve this, but I did something. What did I do? I cannot live without you, but for now I must. I wish you would return to me, but I doubt that you will. Do you even understand how much you hurt me? You broke my heart. I wish I could say it will heal, but I doubt it will. I hope you find this, but maybe someone else will before you. All I can say is that I love you


                                                                I o p p v J a I I u v


Ginny folded the paper back up and handed it to Hermione. Hermione took it and said, “I don’t know who wrote it because the rain smeared the ink, and the introduction isn’t that helpful. All I know is that the person who left it there had been around when I found the rose because I had left that spot but moments before and this letter had not been there.”


Ginny looked at Hermione and smiled, “You know for being the brightest witch for your age, you don’t always think clear when it comes to romance. You realize you are a witch and can get return it to its original state right?”


“Yes, but then I would be intruding on someones personal life.”



“No, Ginny! Not ever! Don’t even think about it!”


“Fine be a party pooper.”


“Saying that to the one who is throwing the party isn’t very wise is it.”


“Hey, we both are throwing the party!”


“Ok now that that discussion is over go set up everything in the den and decorate. You may pick out the music if you wish.”


“Oh yeah!!!!!”


With that Ginny ran from the room, Hermione knew that Ginny loved listening to her music. Hermione hurriedly finished making dinner, and then she went and helped Ginny in the den.


Hermione and Ginny stepped back to look at their decorations. Streamers hung from the ceiling fan blades to the tree, stair, fireplace, and pictures on the wall. The couch was pulled back to the wall of the stairs. Chairs lined the wall, and the Christmas tree stood in the corner with presents under it. Mistletoe hung over the first stair step.


Lights framed the perimeter of the room. Pictures decorated the mantel, and a reef hung on the door as you knocked. The middle of the room was completely cleared for mingling and dancing. This was going to be a night to remember.


“Great job, Ginny!” Hermione said trying to talk over Evanescene's- My immortal."

“Hey, you helped.”


“Not much.”



“Hey you want to help me put the food out. It is about time for guest to arrive.”




Hemione and Ginny went into the kitchen. They set all the appetizers out on the table, and all the desert was put on the island. The doorbell rang, and Hermione said, “Do you want to get that or should I?”


“Oooo! I’ll get it!”


Ginny ran from the kitchen with a burst of energy. Hermione laughed at her excitement. Ginny and Hermione rarely got to see people from their days at Hogwarts. They were always busy with work. Ginny occasionally saw her friends because she was a Chaser for the Holy Harpiers and was occasionally running into them at matches. Hermione was always busy running the behind the scenes stuff for Hogwarts and other wizard schools.


The only people Hermione and Ginny saw on a regular basis were Harry, Fred and George (Ron had died in the war). It had been hard for both of them to accept that Ron wasn’t going to walk in every Christmas when they threw this party or when Harry came over for a visit. It had been hard on Hermione and Harry when he died, but they managed to pull through. Hermione really missed him though. He had been her first love.


Some big hands covered Hermione’s eyes, and a voice behind her said, “Guess who?”


Hermione struggled to get away from the hands, but they held their position tight. Finally she gave up the fight and said, “Harry!”


The hands pulled away, and Hermione turned around and hugged him. “Oh, it seems like I haven’t seen you in ages. How are you?”

 Harry laughed, pulled away, and said, “I’m great!” but in his mind he added, Now, that you are in my arms again.


“That’s great.”


“And how are you?”


“I’m good.” But regretting the day I let you go.


“Well, that’s good.” I guess. “So what have you prepared for this lovely evening?”


“You tell me?”


“MMM…Tacos, casseroles, hamburgers, pudding, cake, blueberry pie, pizza, and oh my favorite cherry delight. All muggle foods!?”


“Yes well… I figured I would give my guest a new expirence.”


“*LOL* well I guess you beat everyone, but me!”


“I love how I don’t exist at all. I live here with her, and I am nothing but an annoying pest to you. I’m just going to leave.” Ginny stated in a sarcastic voice.


Harry and Hermione started laughing, and Harry gave Ginny a hug and said, “Ginny, cool yourself. We were just playing. Come on, you are the only memory of Ron I…”


At the mention of Ron’s name, everyone went silent, and no one moved. It had been such a hard hit on them all. No one knew what to say or do. They never mentioned his name. It was almost as if it was a cursed name.


The silence was broken by the doorbell ringing. Ginny pulled away from Harry and said, “Ummmm… I’m going to go get that.”


Hermione looked at Ginny and said, “Um…Right…Thanks.”


Harry and Hermione looked at each other, and harry said, “ummm…we should go to the den to meet the guest.”


Hermione turned towards the stove and said, “ummm…I’ll be right there. You go ahead.”


Hermione could feel the tears threatening to fall, but she fought them with everything she could master. Harry knew that she was trying not to cry. He walked up behind Hermione and grabbed her by the shoulders forcing her to turn around. He pulled her close to him allowing her to cry on his shoulder.


After about 5 minutes, Ginny called “Hermione! Harry! Neville and Luna are here!”


Harry pushed Hermione away and said, “Are you alright now?”


Hermione wiped her tears away and said, “Yea, I think. Just hold on.”


Hermione picked up her wand and murmured a spell, and instantly her red eyes and tear stains were gone. She looked towards harry and asked, “How do I look?”


“Perfect." Perfect, like an angel, "Now are you ready?”


“ummm…What if I said no?”


“Oh come on!” With that Harry grabbed hermione by the hand and pulled her into the den.



The party was buzzing, and Hermione and Ginny were busy as ever mingling with their guest.


“Hey, Ginny, Hermione, Harry. How are you?”


Hermione recognized those two voices all once. Ginny, Harry, and Hermione all spun around at once. You could’ve confused the three of them as triplets because all together they said, “Fred! George!”


Harry reached the twins first and said, “Fred, George, how are you two? How’s business?”


Oh we are great, and business is booming!”


Ginny ran up, hugged both of them and said, “Fred, George! I haven’t seen you two in forever!”

 “We know!”


“How are you?”


“I’m great! I mean practices are getting time consuming, but with a housemate like Hermione, who can argue?”


“I’m not answering that!”


“Hey, I am not that bad!” Hermione retort with tinge of anger in her voice.


“Sorry, Hermione...”


“…We meant no offence, but…”


“You spoil our mood.”


Ginny and Harry were laughing, but Hermione looked at the twins with a I’m- going- to- kill-you look! There was an awkward silence; then they all broke into a chorus of laughter…



The night past quickly with many other people reunited, friendships re-established, and the memories of the dearly departed. Everyone was having a great. Everyone shared memories they had at Hogwarts.


Harry was laughing as Ginny continued with her story, “After quidditch practice, Dean and I went to a short cut behind a tapestry. I never thought anyone would find us snogging there, but Harry always seemed to know where I was. Oh and Ron… Ron…” Ginny trailed off at the mention of his name until she whispered , “I miss you!”


Hermione, who sitting beside her, pulled her into a hug of comfort. Neither of them were truly healed from the lost of him or anyone for that fact. Everyone seemed to go into a mourning period until Neville said, “We all do. Hey, remember that time when Hermione set a flock of canaries on Ron in transfigurations.”


Harry replied, “Oh yes, and the continual bickering between the two.”


“Hey, we never bickered!”


Harry gave Hermione a as-if look until she said, “Alright we bickered, but it isn’t as if you tried to help!”


“I got snapped at when I did!”




Luna whispered to Neville, “Oh no, here we go again. You know even though Ron’s not here, she seemed to find a person to fight with.”

Neville replied, “It is only the ones she likes that she argues with.”


Luna looked at Neville and said, “Don’t bring this up again!”




Hermione took offense to that and said, “I was fighting. What do you expect me to do?”


“Ummm… Let’s see cool it.”


The fight went on and on. Ginny finally got sick of it and said, “Are you sure Harry didn’t die instead of Ron?!!”


Harry and Hermione looked at each other and turned a deep shade of crimson. Everyone laughed at the two of them, and Luna said, “We always had a good time together even on our little adventure in my 4th year.”


Cho, who had been sitting quietly, finally said, “Yeah! The DA was some much fun especially since we were doing it behind that toad ladies back.”


Neville said, “Oh yeah! Thanks to Harry, I can perform those spells I could never during classes. Thanks Harry!”


“No problem! Just glad that year is over. I was never fond of that year.”


“Was it better than our 7th?” Hermione asked.


“No, but just because I was traveling with my best friend and a beautiful lady.”


“Awww…What about the adventure part though?”


“Oh! It was alright.”


Everyone laughed, and the Ginny said, “I was fond of my 6th year. It was full of suspense and adventure. It was so much fun especially when I was in charge of the DA with Neville and Luna! It was a little nerve wrecking though!”


Harry smiled. He started the DA and was happy that it all had made a difference in peoples lives. Then he said to Ginny, “What about your 1st year? That had to be nerve wrecking.”


“Oh yeah! Well…That was dreadful…”


And so she continued to relive that memory with everyone else in the room. And on and on the stories went. Everyone recounted at least one memory. Soon everyone started to go home. Hermione and Ginny gave presents to everyone as they left.


Soon the only people left were Luna, Neville, and Harry. They talked a while before Neville said, “We should go home, Luna. It is getting late, and I have to get up early tomorrow.”


Luna replied, “Alright.”


Hermione and Harry said their good-byes to Luna and Neville, and Ginny lead them to the door and gave them their gifts. Ginny came back and sat on the coach with Hermione and Harry.


Ginny plopped onto the coach and said, “Wow this has been a long night!”


“Yea I know,” replied Hermione.


Harry said, “I’ll stay and help you clean up.”

“You don’t have to,” said hermione.


“I know, but I don’t have anything else to do.”


“Alright. Ginny want to clean up in here with Harry?”


“Um… sure.”


“Okay, I am going to go clean up the kitchen.”


Hermione walked out of the den and into the kitchen. She took out her wand and gave it a wave. The food was being put in containers and put away. She leaned against the counter and let out a deep breath.

 She was tired. The party had taken everything out of her. She slightly moved her hand and felt a piece of paper crunch under the pressure. She slowly moved her hand away and stared at the paper.


She wondered the mystery so much, but she didn’t want to raid someone’s privacy. She picked up the paper and her wand. When she was about to perform the spell, she had a 2 sentence flash back.




“This is kind of exciting isn’t it? Breaking the rules, I mean.”


“Who are you, and what have you done with the real Hermione Granger?”




She looked at what she was doing. This wasn’t her. This was the girl who broke into the bank for her Best Friend’s life. This was the girl who hated to see his brain infiltrated. She wasn’t ready to infiltrate someone else’s privacy.


Hermione put the note into her pocket. She wasn’t going to break a “trust” type factor just to find the answer to a long lost problem. She went to the rose and looked at it. It was just becoming a mystery more and more.


This guy had gone all out for the girl he loved. He made sure that the rose would show his love and devotion each year. The question was: did it multiply every year he loved her? Or was it just every year he lived?


The question nagged at her brain, but the dishes were starting to pill up. She went over and started to put them away. She did it slowly. She didn’t know want to go back in to talk with people even if they are her friends.


She put the cooking books away. She put all the ingredients she used away. She had her kitchen looking perfect after awhile. It was 12:58 by the time she finished.


Hermione walked into the den just as harry and ginny finished. They all walked to the couch and sat down. They all were tired and knew that it was all over. Ginny looked at the Christmas tree and said, “Did we forget some people? Why is there still two (well three, but one is for hermione) presents left?”


Harry looked at hermione; hermione laughed and said, “Well, one is for Harry of course because he was our guest, Ginny, and the second one is for you. Duh!”


Hermione went and got the presents and she handed one to ginny. Ginny sat there looking at it. Hermione said, “Well aren’t you going to open it?”


Ginny smiled and opened it. She opened the paper and saw a quidditch kit. It had “quidditch through the ages”, a service kit, and some gloves that were made for chasers. Ginny’s smiled turned even bigger as she looked at the kit.


She stood up and hugged hermione. She pulled away and said, “Thanks hermione! I’ll have to look at this tomorrow because I am going to head to bed.”


Hermione smiled and said, “Okay, well I’ll try not to wake you when I go to bed.”


Ginny smiled, said goodnight, and ran up the stairs. Hermione smiled and laughed. Harry laughed at Ginny because she had always made him laugh since she had become more comfortable around him.


Harry and Hermione knew that things were always going to be on the happier side of things as long as Ginny was around. Hermione sat back down by Harry and handed his present to him. Harry looked at Hermione and said, “You didn’t ha-“


“-have to? I know, but I wanted to.”


Harry smiled then said, “Well, then I am glad that you did.”


Harry opened the paper carefully. He opened the box which the present was in. He reached inside and pulled out picture frames with pictures of Ron, Hermione, Ginny and him in them.


There were 5 total pictures. One was of Him and Ron in their 5th year. One was of Him, Ginny, and Hermione down by the lake in their 4th and 3rd year. Another was of Ron, Hermione, and him in their 1st year. The last one was one of Hermione and Him. It had been taken when they were dating.


Harry looked at Hermione with confusion, “Okay, now I am confused.”


Hermione smiled and said, “well, I actually wrote a note explaining that one, but you know I rather do it in person."


Harry gave her a look of suspicion and said, “Okay?”


Hermione took a deep breath and started, “Okay, well, I am not sure how to put this…*sigh* Harry, I’m sorry.”


“umm…okay…sorry for what?”


“I’m sorry that I hurt you without an explanation. Truthfully I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I hated it. I always felt like I was cheating on Ron.”


“But Ron’s d-”


“Dead! I know. I just always felt like he wasn’t.”


Hermione stood up and went to the window. “You remember all those years ago when I was going to “accidentally” drown?”


“Yes. How could I forget? I almost lost my other best friend.”


“Yea, well when you grabbed my arm, I thought you were Ron until I saw you. I was so confused after that day. I know that I loved you, but I kept having those moments when I forgot Ron died. I was always fighting the fact that I loved Ron and felt like I was cheating on him. It hasn’t been until this past year that I have truly totally gotten over his death. I mean I am still not completely over it, but I am as close as I am going to get to it.”


Hermione could feel her tears fall down her cheeks. They had started when she remembered Ron. He had always been the guy she planned to marry, but then he died and she had lost everything until now. Harry came up behind her and turned her towards him. He wiped her tears away with his thumbs.


He pulled her close so that his clothes obsorbed the tears. He laughed and said, “You know what this reminds me of?”


Hermione replied, “Five years ago?”


“Yea only we missed a step.”


They both knew what step that was. The only question was: Were they going to go back and pick it up?


Harry started to lean in, but he hesitated half way there. It didn’t matter though because Hermione met him there again. Hermione felt a jolt of energy flood through her. She loved the feel of his lips against hers again. She had missed it so much in the past.


When they broke apart, Harry looked Hermione in the eyes. They were the only part that actually showed the weariness of her life. Hermione was still the girl she had been in school. Now she was 23 and looking better than ever. Harry calmly looked her over for signs of remorse for doing it. When he establish there was none, he said, “Give me the note in you pocket.”


Hermione looked taken back at this, but she did as he said. She handed him the note. Harry opened it while saying, “You know I never gave up on you.”


He looked at the page a minute. He then took out his wand and waved it over the page. Everything that had been messed up went back to its original state. He handed the letter back to Hermione and said, “Read it.”

She took it and did as he said. It said:


Dear girl,


I loved you so much, and I still do. I cannot understand why you ended it, and something tells me I never will without your help. I wish I could tell you to come back, but alas I cannot. I don’t know what I did to you to deserve this, but I did something. What did I do? I cannot live without you, but for now I must. I wish you would return to me, but I doubt that you will. Do you even understand how much you hurt me? You broke my heart. I wish I could say it will heal, but I doubt it will. I hope you find this, but maybe someone else will before you. All I can say is that I love you!




            Harry Potter


“You mean that it was you who left the rose?”


Harry nodded.


“And it was you who said my name and made me think I was crazy?”


“Well actually you made yourself think you were crazy, but I was the one who said your name yes.”


“Oh my gosh. So the girl I have been feeling sorry for is myself?”



“Oh gosh, I feel like an idiot.”




“Because I just found all this out now, and I just realized that Ginny is watching us?”


Harry gave her a skeptical look and said, “But she said sh-”


“She was going to bed. That was only to get us alone.”

"Ok how do you know what i am going to say?"

"I don't know."


Harry still gave her that look.  Hermione turned towards the stairs and said, “Okay Gin. You can stop hiding now.”


Nothing moved or made a sound for a while, but when Harry had finally deemed Hermione paranoid, Ginny appeared at the top of the steps. Ginny ran down the stairs and threw her arms around hermione saying, “I am so happy for you!”


“Okay Ginny, but before you can be any happier, you have to let me live.”


“Oh sorry. I am happy for you too harry!”


“Thanks Gin. Wow look at the time. It is 2 in the morning. I better get going I have to work tomorrow. Thanks for the gift, and it was a great party.”


Hermione stood there and said goodbye. Ginny however said, “Hey, we have a guestroom. Why don’t you stay the night here if you both promise to stay in your own room?”


Hermione smiled and said, “That is a great idea gin. And of course I’ll stay in my room.”


“Just because you will be talking to me the whole time.”




Ginny started to make a retort, but Harry quickly said, “Okay! Okay, I’ll stay. I’ll have to stop by my flat to pick up clothes tomorrow before work, but that is fine. Thank you for your courtesy, Ginny…Hermione.”

They all laughed. Harry had become quite the gentleman. Of course, Hermione and Ginny had become young ladies, they just acted like sisters. The new trio went upstairs, and after saying their goodnights, they went their separate ways (or rooms)...

(And they lived happily ever after……..Or did they?????)


A/N: Sorry to everyone who enjoys reading my stories....i am sorry that i haven't updated in a while...i mean with working, family stuff, running my youtube account, and everything else life throws at us i just haven't thought about them. Anyways so i really hope you enjoyed it...If you did it would very much please me to hear it in a i hope you comment....i hope you enjoyed it....thanx for the read

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