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The New Malfoy. by life_writtendown
Chapter 9 : 9
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So, I said this would come quicker but it didn't because I forgot the rules and this freakin chapter was rejected (twice..sorry guys). AND I have tennis, so feel sorry for me -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   I was about to dart out of the room, but remembered to snatch the evidence out of the book before heading into the dimly lit hall. I tried to remember the exact path that the house elf had taken me on but I ended up in various rooms. And I tell you, why the Malfoy’s need a ribbon room was far beyond me. I mean seriously, they are wizards I am sure that they can conjure as many streamers that they want. Any way I obviously got lost and it took me about forty five minutes until I got to the actually umm outside. I circled the mansion until I reached the pool area. I found Draco sitting bored on the steps while Pansy and Blaise were transforming there heads into various fish and trying to talk. I took a deep breath and tip-toed onto the cement and slipped next to him. He glanced over at me but looked way too bored to care. He focused again on the two dim-wits.

“What do you want?” Draco said carelessly 

“I have to show you something” I said carefully. 

“It better not be a book.” He said cautiously. 

“Believe me it’s not” I said quickly and handed him the folded piece of parchment.
His eyes read the first half and he looked up at me curiously. I pointed for him to read the rest, and he did. His eyes got wider and wider and for a second he looked like he was in tears.

“Where did you get this?” He whispered. 

“The library” I said. “Well more specifically the Malfoy Gene-“ 

“I get it Granger!” He exploded. “Shut the f*** up!” 

“Watch the language Malfoy!” 

“Don’t you dare tell me to “watch my language” He exploded even further. I jumped a few inches.

” You just told me that my whole life is all one big  lie, what do expect me to say!” 

“I don’t know.” 

“This could ruin everything, and everyone in my life including you.” He whispered violently. “No second chances, in one second we are all gone. Dead.” 

“I know” I could barely gasp before he spoke again. 

“My whole life, I was a lie a cover up for that one big mistake” He said in disbelief.” I’m going to kill Pax it’s his entire freakin fault, Hell why am I even talk to you?” 

      He pushed me out of the way and stormed to the manor. I was still in shock and I could barely stumble after him. When I got to inside I heard a yelp from upstairs and I darted up the lengthy staircase. When I reached the top I was panting and out of the corner of my eye I saw Malfoy with his wand to Pax’s neck and pushed up against the wall... 

Malfoy pushed Pax to the floor and marched up to my face. 

“What the hell are you talking about Granger?” He snarled. “You put us into this sticky situation.”
Pax, looking confused stood and leaned against the wall heavily. 

“What are you two talking about?” He said in disbelief. “I was going outside to tell you it was time for dinner and Draco, you just tackled me!” 

“Well you God damn deserved it!” 

“No Malfoy!” I said in exasperation. “Stop blaming Pax, you have no right to!” 

“Is someone going to tell me what’s going on or what?” Pax mumbled.

I finally had a chance to look at him. I saw that Malfoy had bruised him up pretty badly and he wasn’t putting any weight on his leg. I glided over and murmured a spell and his knee swelled and relaxed. He murmured thanks and patted me on the shoulder. Malfoy just stood glaring at the two of us. 

“Oh, so now you are taking his side!” 

“There are no sides Malfoy, stop acting like a 7 year old!” 

“Well. What else do you expect me to do?” 

“Show him the freakin paper!” I yelled in exhaustion, fighting with Malfoy was like running a mile. 

“Fine!” Malfoy crumpled up the paper and tossed it to Pax. Who opened it and smoothed it out on his knee. I saw his eyes twist with happiness after reading the birth certificate part, but as he reached Lucius’s notes his face twisted in pain and confusion. 

“Pax?” I whispered. “Are you o.k.?” 

“I just need to think.” His eyes becoming fuller of tears by the second. “Yeah, that’s all….”

Pax turned and ran down the hallway and disappeared into the dark. I turned to see Malfoy whose eyes were looking downward. He let out a sigh and with one quick glance at me apparated. I leaned against the wall and sank to the floor. For some reason this was ten times harder than fighting Voldemort.

---------------------------------------------The next day---------------------------------------------

After an almost silent dinner last night Hermione stretched her arms and jumped out of bed. I grabbed a pair of jean shorts and a beater and headed across the hall to the barely there bathroom. I took my shower, magically straightened my hair and went through my painfully long make-up routine. It took at least an hour, but I am a perfectionist. Neither of the boys were talking to me and Pansy and Blaise were kicked rudely out by Malfoy himself. So in the end I was just lonely. My mum and Lucius were busy catching up and Narcissa was shopping in Italy. So I was all alone in a gigantic manor. I guess that was kind of cool. So maybe I should do some exploring. I darted out of the bathroom and folded up my pajamas and went into the hall way. I decided to go down the hall which Malfoy had previously stopped me from going down. Maybe there would be some even juicier secrets down there.

It turns out there actually is a greenhouse with deadly plants. I think I almost died a couple of times. I stuck my head into one last room at the end of the hall and I found Pax stretched across a couch reading a rather thick and dusty book. Which I soon recognized to be the Malfoy Genealogy. I crossed the room and stood at the side of the couch. 

“So, this is where you are hiding?” 

“Oh it’s you, sorry about that incident at the pool.” 

“Oh, you are?” I said slightly taken back. 

“Well yea.” He said obliviously to my confused look. “It’s even weird for me to kiss a girl that you’ve just met!” 

“Thank goodness!” I sighed in relief sinking down onto the couch. 

“Honestly you had me thinking that you were a major player.” I said teasingly
He laughed and it sounded amazing. 

”Thanks, I needed a laugh; do you by any chance have food with you?” 

“No, but I could get you some.” 

“Thanks, I can’t summon it like you can, plus those stupid house elves don’t recognize I’m here…” He finished slowly his face with that same hurt look on it again. 

“Here come with me.” I said gently grasping his hand and leading him off the couch. 

“Let’s go get some food.” 

“Thanks Hermione.” He said softly looking at me gratefully. 

   I smiled back at him and we walked hand in hand down to the kitchen. Neither of them knew that a possibly jealous (?) Malfoy was looking out the cracks of his bedroom door.


again.its kinda short.but please forgive me because i LOVE YOU

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