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Just Another Day by Eve_ice
Chapter 2 : Sleepwalking
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Before they left to go the Diagon Alley, Hermione decided to owl Ron and Harry to come, for old times sake, and it’s been a couple of weeks since she’s seen both of them. Fred on the other hand sees Ron and Harry almost everyday at the burrow. He doesn’t like to bring Hermoine there anymore because Ron and she tend to fight a lot, mainly because of their past relationship.

Fred figured that when Hermione and he started to date that Ron would shun the both of them. However, Ron was very welcoming to the new start for Hermione... And for Fred, especially because all his failed relationships. That wasn’t Ron’s only reason though. He had secretly started to date Lavender Brown. Ron didn’t want Hermione to know just in case it would hurt her feelings.

Even though both Hermione and Ron have significant others, they still fought like a married couple. Fred found it most frustrating, of course he wasn’t frustrated at Hermione. Ron was the one who picked the fights, while Hermione tried to be decent.

“I can’t wait to see Harry!” Hermione exclaimed.

“What about Ron?” Fred asked carefully. Hermione looked up at him and understood immediately.

“He… He always wants to fight, it’s not entirely fun to be around him anymore… I don’t know how Lavender puts up with it!” Hermione said, looking flabbergasted.

“Well… What about me? Don’t ya want to see me?” Fred asked with a mischievous smile as he grabbed her around the waist. Hermione laughed.

“I want to see you all the time.” She whispered in his ear and then gave him a kiss. “We should get going, Harry and Ron will be waiting in Diagon Alley.

“Uhhhh, why do we have to see them? You’re all unpacked; your bed is right over there….Ahem.” Fred coughed a couple of times, but realized it was pointless. Hermione was making her way away from him. “Oh, Hermione, you know I was only kidding.”

“C’mon, let’s go.” Was all she said as Fred grabbed her right before she apparated to Diagon Alley.

“Look, I’m sorry ‘Mione! It was totally uncalled for!” Fred pleaded. If one thing was sure, he could not live without Hermione Granger. He wasn’t all the way sure yet, but he thinks Hermione might be the one for him.

“Are you really?” Hermione stopped and turned around. Fred almost bumped into her because of her sudden stop.

“I am really sorry ‘Mione.” He said as he looked into her eyes. They seemed to believe him because they brightened up as they looked farther into his eyes. He closed his eyes and turned his head away from the hazel eyed stare.

“It’s alright Fred.” She said softly as she weaved her hand into his and led him down the street. Fred smiled at her as they continued down the street.

Harry and Ron were waiting in front of Three Broomsticks. They seemed to be in a deep discussion about something. “Probably Quidditch.” Hermione thought.

Harry was taller than Hermione but shorter than Fred. His black hair barely in the way of his green eyes. The shirt he was wearing complimented his toned torso and arms. His jeans were light and had several holes down by the knee and shin. Ron’s red hair was long, and his freckles were complimented nicely by it. Ron was about the same height as Harry, same build too. But even Hermione had to say that Harry was better looking then Ron.

Harry immediately spotted Hermione and the tall red headed Weasley next to her holding her hand. He beamed at them and started to wave them over.

“Hey! Mione! Fred! Over here!” Harry yelled above the crowd.

“Harry, Ron!” Hermione said while running towards them with a fairly unexcited Fred in tow.

“Hey Harry, Ron.” Fred said with a melancholy voice. Both boys nodded at Fred and gave Hermione bear hugs. For Hermione’s sake, Fred decided to act like he was enjoying himself.

“How have you guys been since graduation?” Hermione asked after they had ordered a couple of butterbeers from The Leaky Cauldron.

“We’ve been pretty good ‘Mione!” Harry answered. “I’ve been staying at the Burrow in Ron’s room.”

“How about you, Ron?” Hermione pushed. Ron looked up at her with a beaming face.

“Good,” Ron said finally, “I think Lavender’s and my relationship is becoming more serious.” And he quickly looked down at his butterbeer that both his hands were clasped around.

“That’s great Ron that she’s finally letting you snog her!” Fred said.

“Oh, shut it Fred,” Ron said, “I don’t see you… Never mind” He said quickly after noticing that Hermione was shooting glares at him.

“Oh!” Harry exclaimed. “I almost forgot to tell you guys… Uh… Ginny and I are dating now.” He said slowly, his face turning a deep crimson.

Hermione’s eyes brightened upon learning her best friend Ginny was now going out with Harry.

“Harry, that’s great!” Hermione said with genuine joy. Harry looked up at her and beamed. “Did you ask her? When did you ask her? How did you ask her?”

“Well, I asked her… Um… about a couple of days ago, and I just asked if she wanted to be my girlfriend.” Harry answered, scratching the back of his head.

“How is Ginny anyways?” Hermione asked.

“Good!” Both Harry and Ron answered.

The four of them talked without pause until Ron insisted that they leave. He had to meet Lavender at the Burrow and there was no way he would let his mom question Lavender without himself being there to stop it. They said their goodbyes and all went their separate ways.

“That went well.” Hermione said with a satisfied grin.

“Oh, I’m very surprised that it went that well...” Fred agreed with Hermione, he had both his hands in his pockets and was strolling casually beside Hermione. “Can we go back to your flat now? We haven’t finished up with painting the walls yet…” He said smoothly as he gave Hermione a big hug and a couple of kisses.

“Yes, let’s go.” She said between giggles, so they apparated to her flat. 

Hermione opened her eyes and realized that she wasn’t at her flat anymore. She didn’t know where she was, or if there was anything around her because everything was black. She was standing on what felt like a hard surface, maybe wood flooring.

Hermione tried to focus on anything in the room but her eyes weren’t adjusting to the darkness. She heard someone’s voice, saying the same thing over and over.

“Come with me Hermione. Come with me.”

The voice was deep and soothing, and Hermione was immediately entranced by the sound of it.

“Where are you?” She asked the voice. “I can’t see you.” She said as she put her arms in front of her started to move forward.

“Come with me Hermione. Follow my voice.”

Hermione was further entranced by the voice and she did what it said without question, and started to pinpoint his voice so she could follow.

“Yes, only a bit farther.” The voice hissed approvingly.

She continued to follow and she eventually saw an object that looked like a necklace floating a ways in front of her. It was surrounded by an aura of light; this made her curiosity spark inside.

“The necklace is yours, touch it.” The voice demanded.

Hermione saw the beauty of the necklace. It was clearly made of the finest gold and it had diamonds all around the chain. The Pendant was a heart shaped ruby that was surrounded by even more diamonds.

Hermione reached out her hand to grab the chain of the necklace, but was pushed back by something. She fell to the ground, but got up again after seeing the necklace again. As she reached to grab it again she was pushed back again.

“Touch it now!” The voice hissed.

“I can’t…” Hermione said as she tried once again to grab the necklace and was pushed back.

The voice growled in disapproval and the necklace vanished. The darkness started to swirl around her until everything was a blur.

Fred was lying by Hermione in her bed. He loved it when she asked for him to stay the night just to hold her because she didn’t want to be alone. He had her in a tight embrace and she was facing him with her face buried in her chest. She had told him about the dream she had just the other night and he didn’t know what to make of it. Luckily she fell asleep fairly fast so he wouldn’t have to throw in his opinion about the dream.

He sighed thinking of how much he loved this girl, even though he wasn’t sure how she completely felt about her, he knew that Hermione was the one. He loved everything about her, from her smile to the way she walked.

Fred’s thoughts were interrupted by Hermione shifting away from him to the other side of the bed. He was about to move closer to her when she suddenly stood up from the bed.

“Late night snack, love?” Fred asked loudly, but Hermione didn’t seem to hear him.

“Where are you? I can’t see you.” Hermione said in an odd tone.

Fred got up and walked until he was in front of her. He let out a gasp when he saw that her eyes were closed. Hermione was sleepwalking. Fred knew that it was bad to wake a person when they were sleep walking, so he just watched as she made her way into the living room step by step.

Fred then noticed something quite odd. There was an old ugly necklace hanging on one of the living room chairs. He went up to it, noticing that Hermione was walking towards it very slowly, and examined it.

“Bloody hell! A port-key?” He asked himself in disbelief. Is someone trying to kidnap Hermione? He asked himself again while looking at the sleep walking Hermione putting out her hand to grab the key.

“No!” He yelled at Hermione. And he pushed her away from the port key, hoping that she would maybe give up, but she got back up from the ground and put her hand out again to grab the grubby necklace. And once again Fred pushed her away.

“I can’t…” Hermione said quickly as she tried to grab the necklace again, but Fred pushed her back again, and saw the necklace disappear. So it was a port key! He thought, but was quickly distracted by Hermione who started to stir and open her eyes.

“Fred?” She asked in a dazed voice. Fred saw her eyes dart around the room and rushed to her side to help her up. “Why am I in the living room?”

“You were sleepwalking.” He answered, saving the details for a bit later. “Let’s get you back to bed.” He continued as he picked her up wedding style and carried her to the bed.

She giggled and fell limp in his arms. Fred could tell that she had become a little delirious from her sleep walk.

“Do we have to go to bed?” She whined and then hinted. “I’d rather do something else…”

Fred blushed at the unexpected request. He knew he should tell her to rest and try to calm her down, but Hermione didn’t give him time to think. She put her arms around his neck and started to kiss his neck playfully up to his mouth where she kissed more deeply.

Fred, without thinking, kissed her back with the same passion. He laid her on the bed and got on top of her. He started to kiss her neck down to her collar bone. He shivered with excitement when he heard Hermione let out a groan of pleasure. Fred made his way back up to her mouth where he deepened the kiss.

Hermione opened her mouth and Fred’s tongue made its way into her mouth. She shivered with pleasure and pulled him down on her harder. Fred responded by wrapping his arms around her waist. He then deepened the kiss even more and Hermione arched her back. Realizing what might happen; Fred broke away from this kiss and rolled off of Hermione.

Not now, not now. Fred thought. Not when she’s like this. He looked at Hermione and saw that she was fast asleep. I wonder if she’ll even remember what happened tonight tomorrow morning… Fred figured it was no use wondering and fell asleep next to Hermione.

Hermione opened her eyes and winced, she had a killer headache. She shot up in a sitting position when she remembered her dream. That voice was so familiar… but different. She thought, but soon remembered what happened after the dream and immediately blushed.

Hermione had no idea what had come over her when she tempted Fred like she did last night. It was very unlike her and she was sure Fred was very surprised. She blushed at the though and looked over at the sleeping Fred. She smiled outwardly and laid back down next to him. She kissed him on the forehead and his eyes blinked open.

“Hermione!” He stuttered. “I have to tell you something!” He said quickly.

“It’s okay, I was totally awake.” She assured him, but the look of confusion on his face caused a look of confusion on her face as well.

“That’s not what I’m talking about Hermione. You slept walked last night, and you were about to grab a port key. The port key was an old necklace that I’ve never seen before.” He explained quickly.

Hermione was in utter shock. Why would the voice want to kidnap her, if that was the case? All the possible ideas and people in her head swirled creating a vortex of confusion that she couldn’t bare, it seemed the room was doing the same thing.

“I- -feel- -dizzy- - Fred- -” She said as blackness closed in on her vision. The last thing Hermione heard was Fred saying her name loudly, it made her head hurt. 

“Ah! It should have worked!” A young man with black hair exclaimed as he threw an expensive vase at the wall. “Ridiculous!”

“What do I have to do?” The man’s eyes burned with anger. “I’ve got to get her, now!”

The man continued to pace back and forth in his room. The plan turned out unsuccessful, which never happened to him. He thought of the torture that might come with his failure.

“It was that red headed man that destroyed my plans! Oh will he pay for his interference!” The man’s blue eyes burned a darker shade as he thought of how to repay the red head for what he’s done. People are coming to stop him, he mustn’t waste anymore time. If he had to he’d go and get that girl himself, he would.

He sat down again, putting two fingers to his temples. It took an enormous amount of energy to make people sleepwalk and send them commands.

“She will be mine.” The man said as if to restore some lost confidence. He then stood up and walked out of his room to his library. He would do everything it would take to get a hold of her, anything at all.

He walked down the hall, but stopped briefly to look at himself in the mirror. His black hair was hanging in his deep sea blue eyes. He was fairly tall, but that added to his build. The man continued to walk down the hallway, the hardwood floors made his footsteps echo down the hall.

He has been waiting for years for Hermione to walk into his hands, but the chance never came. She was always with friends or family, never alone. He had hoped on her being alone because of her new flat, but that didn’t seem to go well because of her red headed boyfriend.

“Maybe the Imperius Curse, I’d only use that as a last resort.” He concluded becoming even more frustrated. Ah, he got another idea, not very original but neither that red head nor the girl will expect it. He laughed.

A/N~ Hey! Review please so I can write better chapters! I'll reply to all of them. Ideas? Stuff like that. I'm posting as fast as they will let me.

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