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Softer Than You Think by luvinpadfoot
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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Disclaimer: I’m 14. JKR has a kid. You do the math.

“Hermione? You home? Ginny said that you stayed home sick today and that I should come check on you. Are you alright?” Oh no. Bill.


Thanks Ginny. I thought you were leaving me to think in peace, not send the guy I have to think about over with me. “Uh, up here!” What do I do? Ok Hermione, just calm down and stop panicking. Everything is going to be fine. The best way to deal with this is to tell him the truth. Lying doesn’t solve anything.


“You feeling any better? Ginny said you were feeling awful this morning and took a nap.” And Ginny would know. “I brought you some hot soup.” He’s so sweet! No he’s not! He hates you! But he’s never been around you when you needed his help before.


“Thanks. Just what I needed.” His smile’s so nice. Stop it Hermione. You’re being ridiculous.


“Anything else I can get you? Hot chocolate, water, more soup?” I should tell him the truth. Tell him that I’m really not sick. But what if he laughs at me? What if it’s all just a joke to him? I have to tell him.


“Bill, I’m not really sick.”


His eyes soften even more and he looks much less worried. It’s odd how five little words can change people so much. “I know. Ginny told me everything.”


“Everything?” My voice sounds strained and squeaky. Everything??? Including the part about me sleeping with Ron? Because you really don’t need to know that.


“Yeah. She told me about the vertiserum and how you said you had loved me for a long time. I just wanted to tell you that Fred and George told me the same thing. They just didn’t have any proof.” Wait, so does he love me or does he not?


“I’m confused.” Understatement of the century. What if he just loves me as a friend? Or if he doesn’t love me at all?


“Hermione? Are you alright? Your face has gone completely white.” I don’t think I’m ok. My head feels funny and my vision’s gone blurry. “Hermione?” I lose consciousness and fall back onto the bed.


~*~ (3rd Person POV)


“Hermione!” Bill jumped up and ran to the fire. He threw floo powder in and shouted Godric’s Hollow. His face appeared in the Potter’s hearth, shouting frantically. “Harry! Ginny! Help!”


“Bill what’s wrong? Are you alright?” Ginny ran to the hearth with Harry just inches behind her.


“It’s Hermione.” Bill almost began to sob as he looked at the worried faces of his friends. “She collapsed. I don’t know why, just get here as soon as you can.” He jerked from the fire and ran back up the steps. Hermione was still passed out on the bed and he couldn’t get close to her.


Ginny’s footsteps thudded up the steps as she followed where Bill had gone. Reaching the bed, Ginny checked for a pulse in Hermione’s hand. It was there and strong. “She’s going to be fine. I think she just overheated or something like that. There’s no need to take her to Mungos.”


Bill collapsed into a chair that was nearby. “I thought-”


Ginny shook her head. “I don’t even want to know what you thought. You could have just checked her pulse.” Bill just shook his head. Ginny turned to her husband who had gotten there just after her. “Go tell everyone that Hermione passed out, but is going to be fine. Specifically tell them not to come here.” Harry nodded and left the room.


Bill took his eyes away from Hermione and turned to Ginny. “When is she going to wake up?”


“I can wake her now and she’ll be perfectly fine in a minute or less.” She pointed her wand at Hermione. “Ennervate.” Ginny left the room quietly, leaving her brother to talk with Hermione in private.


~*~ (Hermione’s POV)


My eyes fluttered and then opened completely. I heard a door close softly and I saw Bill’s face just inches away from my own. “God, you’re ok. I thought you were dead. You have no idea what that’s like.” He thought I was dead?


“Am I ok now?” He nods at me. “What happened?”


“You passed out. I flooed Ginny and she came here to check your pulse. Then she did some odd spell on you, innarvate, or something like that.” Innarvate? “God, I thought you had died on me. It was the worst feeling.”


“I’m fine. I don’t feel bad at all now. Ginny said I was fine and she’s a healer too.” He nods absentmindedly at me. “Your mind is occupied with something else. Knutz for your thoughts?”


“I love you.” My mouth drops open. That was entirely unexpected. I had thought he’d say something like he was going to take me to Mungos. “I’ve known I loved you since the first moment I saw you when I apparated back from Italy.” Is he doing some weird I loved you at first sight speech? Cause that’s really what it sounds like.


“But if you loved me then, why didn’t you tell me? It’s been ages since you came back from Italy.”


“You intimidated me. You always seemed so cold and indifferent to anything I did. It made me terrified of you.” Bill just seems to get weirder and weirder and surprisingly enough, it makes me love him even more.


“I’m softer than you think,” I whisper softly, just before he leans in and kisses me. It’s a soft kiss, soft and sweet. Just like Bill himself.


“Lose the PDA you two! You’re grossing me out!” Ginny, Bill, and I burst out laughing and Bill gave me another kiss on the cheek.


“I love you ‘Mione.”


“I love you Bill.”


A/N: I know the ending was kind of sappy and weird, but I couldn’t think of any other way to end it. Thanks to WittleAna for giving me Bill/Hermione as my ship and to Silver_Lion for being Silver_Lion. :p

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