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Partner In Crime by darkkid
Chapter 2 : Detention
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Gorgeous Chapter Image is by BitterSweetFlames at the-dark-arts!
Thank you, hun!


Emily grimaced as she entered the trophy room. A strong stench of polish was brought to her nose as she sidled past the rows of awards, a rag in hand.

"Smells great, doesn't it?" Emily glared at Sirius, her lips thin and her hands clenched in fists.


"I know, I know," he grinned and scrunched up his face, mimicking Emily's high voice. "This is all your fault, Black!"

"It is, but what I was going to say was-"

"Oh, let me guess!" James interrupted. "How about, 'Your very existence makes my blood curl, Black'."

"Well that's very rude of you to say, Miss Emily," Sirius said. "Do you see me commenting on your existence?"

"I have to agree, Padfoot, that was very rude of her to-"

"Leave me alone," Emily interrupted, her teeth clenched and her knuckles turning white from her grip on the rag. "Don't talk to me. Don't look at me. Don't even breathe near me, got it?" Not waiting for an answer, she stalked away and began scrubbing on a particularly large trophy.

Sighing, Emily wished for the first time in her life that she was as far away from Hogwarts school as she could possibly be.

They enjoy making my life worse, Emily thought to herself. It's all a game to them. They don't care if they hurt anyone, all they want is to have fun. Noisy laughter could be heard from behind her, but she didn't dare look back, knowing it was another game of theirs. They're talking about me, I know it.

She couldn't stand it anymore, she chanced a glance behind her, only to find herself alone. Blinking she looked around again. They were gone!

"Just like them to leave me here by myself," she mumbled to herself, throwing the rag to the floor and glaring up at the trophy.

"I believe you suffer from insanity, Miss Emily." Emily jumped and glanced around, finding Sirius standing to the left of her. "Talking to yourself and all. Do you need a visit to St. Mungos?"

"You will if you don't leave me alone!"

"Right, right. I was just going to tell you this row of trophies are clean. We did them last time we were here, eh Prongs?"

"All thirty-six of them!" James stumbled to the floor and grabbed a small, golden award, holding it out in front of him to see where spots stained the metal. "We haven't done these ones since last year, Padfoot."

Emily sighed and scooted around to the row behind her, pushing herself as far away from the two hooligans as possible. She had the feeling the night would go on for a very long time…


"Hey, Miss Emily!"

"Why do you call me that, Black?" Emily groaned. "And I told you not to talk to me! Just leave me alone!"

"Fine, stay here all night if you want. I just wanted to say we can leave now." Emily looked around, glimpsing Professor McGonagall's heel as she left the room. She hadn't even realized she'd been scrubbing various awards for nearly three hours.

Smiling to herself, Emily left the rag on the ground and fled from the room as fast as she could possibly go. She had survived her first (and preferably last) detention.

"I take it scrubbing trophies isn't your idea of fun," Sirius said, catching up to her at a run.

"No, not exactly," Emily muttered, climbing the stairs two at a time. She was dying to get back to her dorm where she could finish her essay for Transfiguration.

"Hmm. I thought you'd enjoy a good trophy scrubbing. I'm sure you'll love the bedpans we'll have next time."

It took a moment for the words to sink in, and when it did she stopped abruptly in the middle of a deserted corridor and rounded on Sirius. "What do you mean, next time?"


"You know perfectly well, what!" Emily fumed, her fists clenched at the side of her waste again. "You're planning something!"

"So what? I'm always planning something, am I not?" He grinned and began moving down the hall. "I think you're getting a little paranoid Miss Emily."

"Black, if you so much as-"

"Save the threat, believe me, I've heard it." With a wink and a nod to James (who was hurrying down the hall with what appeared to be pumpkin pasties in his arms) he was gone.

Emily stood motionless for a few moments, and when she finally moved the hair-prickling feeling that she was being watched made her run to the common room without so much as a glance behind her.


Emily tossed in bed that night, her dreams full of enormous trophies threatening to flatten her. She awoke early, finding her hair looking worse than a pile full of wires. Unable to get a comb through it, she tied it back with a red ribbon to keep it out of her face.

She dressed slowly, her arms almost refusing to go through the sleeves of her shirt and robe, and gathered her days books. She finally finished just as her dorm mates yawned and stretched in their beds.

It was only a few moments after she stumbled down the stairs to the common room that she knew her day was about to get worse. Her eyes widened as she looked around the circular room, losing the grip on her book bag it fell to the floor with a soft thud. She finally composed herself, and glared around viciously.


Silence followed her outburst, then several curious students poked their heads from their dorms. It was only seconds before each burst out in laughter, which attracted even more students.

Staring down at everyone were large, black and white photographs of Emily, each complete with a drawn mustache and obtrusive glasses. Underneath each photograph there were two words: Teachers Pet.

A/N: well, it's slightly longer than the first chapter...
Critique is loved! And reviews make me smile -hinthint-

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Partner In Crime: Detention


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