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Dreamland by LovelyMioneWeasley
Chapter 1 : Dreamland
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So, welcome to my first and probably only Founders era fic.  I have to dedicate this to Pretty Purple Pelican for her trilogy that is Beacon, Remembrance, and Flickering.  All of which gave me inspiration to write this so, love, thanks for that.  Her writing is pretty fantastic and very dynamic so there is plenty for any kind of reader.  Secondly, I wrote this for momoe's Mystery Love Quote Challenge.  This quote was surprisingly challenging for me to write, but I have gotten inspiration for a whole new story that I'll be posting soon.  As always, this was a bunch of fun to write so please enjoy. 
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or anything related to it.
"Love is a dream that comes alive when we meet." –Unknown

xoxo Lindsey

I searched the room peeling apart each of my three friends with my eyes. Godric paid no attention to anyone in particular as he brandished his sword, striking unseen targets in the air. Rowena remained silent and focused on the book in between her hands, every once in a while turning a page and making a small noise of observance. Salazar however, seemed determined to not meet my eyes as he furiously wrote a letter in a handwriting that was messy and not his own. His thoughts were on what happened as well, I observed. Finally, I stared at down me as I sat patiently in the chair waiting to spring the news on them. The building of the school was going well. Soon, we would be nearly complete before we each added our own touches onto the school.

 "I must leave," I suddenly announced breaking the sound of Godric’s sword whooshing the air, the page-turning hummer, and the scratch of Salazar. They all three stared at me in confusion, awaiting an explanation.

"But the school is not done yet," Godric finally answered breaking the thick silence.

"Why?" Rowena asked, immediately after Godric. Salazar continued to simply stare at me, his eyes focused and intent on what I had to say.

"For the past few weeks, I have been falling ill. I wrote to a friend of mine, a nun across the sea. She finally answered back with my symptoms and it all made sense. When I went down to the Muggle village, I stopped for a bite of fish and have been feeling ill ever sense then. My friend, Doris, has told me of a rare but serious fish poison that has been sweeping through the seas. It is treatable, but only she and a monk in the same area know the proper treatment. I am to leave in the morning for the winter," I explained.

"Why were you in the village to begin with?" Rowena asked, her eyes narrowed toward me.

"I simply wanted to see the children play," I sighed. "This school is my dream and I only ask that we do not begin until I return. Making final decisions and all." Godric placed his sword on the oak long table that we were all seated at.

"Of course we won’t Helga," he answered nobly. "It is the four of us that started this school and it is the four of us that shall run and finish it." Rowena nodded.

"Why no just stay here? We have good healers. Rowena can inform herself of all sorts of poison," Salazar finally said.

"I need to distract myself. It gets far too cold here and I have been searching for a reason to see Doris again before the school opens. I know that once our school is complete that my life will be here and remain here until I die," I answered, my voice thick of loyalty. "Besides, you three are my friends and I trust all of you. Before I met you though, I had another life. A life I must put an end to so that my life can be entirely focused on the children’s education." Rowena and Godric accepted the explanation, but Salazar’s trickery played into his eyes. He was more suspicious now.

"Well, I’m off to bed," I yawned. Godric and Rowena both gave me a simple good-bye. Godric stood up and placed his strong hand on my shoulder as a finality of affection. Rowena pushed my golden curls away from my forehead before nodding with a small smile. The two left Salazar and I alone to say our good-byes.

"Why are you really leaving?" Salazar demanded his voice gruff with frustration. "Is it because of what happened in the village?" he asked softly, his voice hissing in the lower volume. I sadly shook my head.

"No. Salazar, we were together- that is all. One time and we forget about it. For now, it is not about us. It is about the school and the children we will educate. One day maybe we can return to the question of us," I answered, my hand tenderly touching his arm. He pulled away from my grasp and stalked toward the door before returning.

"Helga, there never was a question of us. There will never be us. It was one time and a mistake at that. But truly tell me why you are leaving?" he answered, his thin eyes watching me. I sat back down in my chair before looking back up the proud man.

"There is no cunning to convince me to stay, Salazar. My intentions are exactly what I expressed earlier, but may I stress that I will return fine and healthy. I simply need some closure in my life. I am too loyal to those old people to not say good-bye. I promise to return to you, Rowena, and Godric," I answered. "I trust all of you especially you, Salazar and I hope you can say the same of me." Salazar shook himself from my intensive stare.

"I trust no one but myself. You alone should know that by now, Helga," he answered cryptically with a tender touch in his tone of voice.

"One can wish for such possibilities," I said in response. "Goodnight and good-bye, Salazar," I murmured, tiptoeing to this face and placing a chaste kiss on his cheek. His eyes followed my movement, but he revealed no emotions. I smile gently before gliding across the cottage to Rowena’s room. I still had to talk to her. I knock carefully on her door and a gentle cry let me in. Rowena’s dark hair flowed around her as she brushed tenderly, removing the knots and tangles of the day from it.

"Helga?" she asked in genuine confusion.

"Shh … Rowena, I need to talk to you," I said. "About my departure."

"Is it why you are truly leaving?" she asked.

"How did you know?" Rowena gently placed her brush on her vanity before turning to meet my eyes,

"You are authentic, Helga and cannot lie well at all. I must say though your performance tonight was convincing enough for Godric. I feared that Salazar saw past your intentions, however," she explained softly before standing and sitting upon her bed.

"It is Salazar who needs to know about intentions and neither does Godric," I answered cryptically.

"Then why have you come to me?"

"Because you are a woman and can partially understand where I am coming from." I took a sigh. "I am in love … with a wizard from the wizard village. That is why I must leave. I … must tell him about our plans at the school and that I can no long see him."

"Then why leave for the entire winter?" Rowena asked, her eyes searching mine and trying to take apart my demeanor.

"I need time away to heal from that."

"Why would you need to heal? You may simply feel sadness, but it is for the greater good. He should understand, Helga," Rowena explained logically.

"This is not what you understand, Rowena. You are wise and logical, but only fools can understand love," I explained.

"Then why tell me the truth?"

"Because you are a woman and you will understand that we are tender. Salazar and Godric do not understand. They accept that only brokeness is for the common. We are not common woman, Rowena, but the men do not understand that we too feel broken," I explained thoroughly.

"Is it like not being able to attain a book of certain knowledge?" Rowena asked uncertainly. I nodded knowing this was the only parallel of love that Rowena could understand. She sighed with certainty and promised to keep my secret. With a good-bye, I returned to my room to finish preparing to leave in the morning.

In the morning, I awoke and immediately shrunk my bags to fit into my cloak pocket. I left the comfortable cottage with the rising of dawn and set out toward the old village where I would meet him in secrecy. The date had been his original choice and the simple fact that I had to leave for the winter only commingled with today. I would see him before I took my carriage and set off for the boat that would carry me across to Doris and the monk. I traveled through the simple woodland path, shivering at the cold of the morning. It would be a beautiful day with the sun shining brightly onto nature.

I thought of his blonde hair and simple eyes the reflected everything I felt. I never thought I could find love in someone like him, but we had surprised each other. We were suited for one another. He was strong, sturdy, sarcastic, but at the same time gentle and concerned. He was affectionate in his own manner. I was soft, simple, silly, and loyal. Our personalities complimented each other and I had grown fond of him from our walks around the wizard village. It is from him that I drew inspiration to the school. Him, a widow of two, found comfort in the fact that his wizard children would receive such an education. His son was very similar to him, same shocking blonde white hair and ice blue eyes that reminded me of the snowcaps in winter.

"Helga?" a soft voice called out to me. I immediately looked to my right in the woods. There he stood a small smirk on his lips. I quietly dashed over to him where he grabbed my hands and told me everything he felt with his eyes. We did not hug or kiss anymore in case to interrupt the magic of it all. Instead, he released my hands but stayed intimately close as we began through our familiar trek through the woods.

"It’s been a long time, Arius," I murmured, my voice warm and full of happiness. He smirked again.

"You’ve been gone working on the school, right?" he asked back. I nodded and he sighed, kicking a rock with his shoes. He brandished his wand and performed a warming spell on the both of us. I smiled happily and tugged at his hand in thanks.

"Yes, we have. It is going good, but there is a reason I have come to talk to you, Arius." He waited his eyes patient and indecisive. " I am leaving for the winter," I finally whispered, my face downcast.

"Why?" Arius asked, raising my chin and face to meet his eyes. I gulped, tears already enveloped in my eyes. It would be easier to lie to him, but it wouldn’t be fair. He deserved to know the truth. If he really loved me, he’d try to understand.

"I am with a child," I spoke softly. His hand dropped from my face and he stared at me, disgust evident in his eyes. We had never been together so it was obviously not his.

"You cheated on … us?" he spat, his voice hard and rough. I gasped and pulled away from his stare.

"W-we were never really … together," I admitted lamely. I looked in his eyes and I saw his heart break. That was even worse.

"How could you?"

"Arius, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean what I just said. That was a stupid statement," I mumbled, begging for his forgiveness.

"Then why did you say it?" he growled, his hands tight over my wrists. He jerked me before letting me go and stalking toward a tree. He took a swift kick at it with his boots. I cried silently as I watched him fall apart. "Who is it?" he asked through clenched teeth.

"Why does it matter?"

"WHO IS IT?" he yelled, unable to contain his anger. I remained silent and avoided his eyes. I couldn’t tell him. He was allowed to hate me, but he needed the school … his children did too. He could hate only me, but not them. Not my friends-he would leave them alone. "It was that Godric guy, wasn’t it?" he asked. I ignored him.

"I will not say yes or no," I muttered stubbornly. I would remain loyal. I had tried with him, but somehow, I couldn’t do it.

"What does it matter? Not like I’d ever send my children to that school again anyway. Not now." I gaped at him and began to grovel with him.

"Please … your children would need an education. Give them what you never got. I won’t interfere with them in particular I promise." His defiance remained and I began to cry. "I love you," I finally murmured.

"Yes, well, I thought I could say the same … but if you really loved me, you wouldn’t be pregnant. You wouldn’t have done that to me," he spoke, his voice full of emotion and his eyes glistening. I nodded rejected before I walked away. He didn’t stop me, but simply stared on before turning around to walk back to the village. I let a few more tears escape as I clutched my stomach. My baby would not know the father or this land. My baby would not know this heartache. It would know a different life; one that was free of this, but it would know magic. I stared longingly after Arius Malfoy before I walked toward the village through a different path. I would board a boat and leave. Arius would find a replacement wife and I would find a new home in the children.

"Arius! Stop!" I giggled as he chased after me with a flower. He caught my wrist before placing it gently behind my ear. Suddenly, he leaned forward and caught my lips with his. He sweetly kissed me. His lips were innocent against mine as my body went through pure bliss.

"Why do I feel like I am floating with you? Is it some type of powerful magic I don’t know?" he asked carefully tucking a curl behind my other ear. I pulled the wildflower from my ear and teasingly threw it into his face.

"No, its better. It is a dream come true. It is love when we meet," I whispered. He pulled me into a simple hug.

"I love you," he murmured.

"I love you, too," I sighed, wishing this dream could extend on forever.

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