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Remember by Emilyinlove
Chapter 12 : Christmas Shopping
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Disclaimer: I do not own J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter books, series, characters, movies or anything with the slightest relation to it. I am just a slave in it's presence.

Author's Note: Hey everyone! So I've been getting a lot of reviews about how cute Remus and Elle are, and I definitely agree! Haha, I desperately want them to get together but...some things get in the'll just have to see. Also, I've decided to give you a little hint about what's to come. There's a huge bit of drama between Elle and Sirius. *le gasp* Haha, now that you know more hints. Hehe. Anyways, read on!

EDIT: Haha, I am writing this message at 1:32 in the morning AND on an iPod touch that belongs to my sister's friend. That is how I answered all the for this chapter so far. Yay me! LOL!

Chapter Twelve: Christmas Shopping

I woke up the next morning feeling much better than I had the previous day. I quickly got showered and dressed before heading down to the kitchen for some of Bridget's super yummy breakfast, but not before grabbing a small blanket to wrap around my shoulders as I was still very cold.

"How are you feeling today?" Mrs. Potter asked.

"Much better, thank you," I said appreciatively.

"Good to hear," She said. "Would you mind waking everyone up?"

"Not at all," I said but just as I was about to walk away she stopped me and handed me a bucket full of water.

"You'll need this to wake up Sirius and James," She said smiling. "It refills itself when needed, so don't worry."

"Okay," I said smiling as well before running up the stairs, being careful not to spill any water, even though the bucket would refill itself. I walked into James' room where he was currently sprawled out under the sheets, his hair messier than normal. I dumped the water on him, causing him to jump up and fall out of his bed. "Bridget says it's time to get up."

I walked out of his room and into Sirius' doing the same thing. I walked into Remus' and sat down on the edge of his bed while shaking him. He was very muscular, I noticed.

"Time to get up Sleepyhead," I said and he looked like he wanted to cause me severe pain. "I'll just go now."

I walked into Lily and Marlene's rooms and got them to wake up before heading back downstairs to breakfast.

I was just about to sit down at the table when I noticed a man with greying black hair and glasses sitting there. I wasn't sure as to what to think exactly.

"Elle, this is Mr. Potter and Harold, this is Elle," Bridget introduced as the man in question stood up, came over and shook my hand.

"Nice to meet you Mr. Potter," I said politely, smiling at him.

"Please, just call me dad," He said. Dad...I once had a dad. But he was gone. Dead. I could feel tears start to well up in my eyes. "If it brings back bad memories, you don't have to."

I nodded as I wiped my eyes and sat down beside him, which he had insisted that I do.

"DAD!" James shouted, running over to give his father a hug.

"James, my boy," He said, ruffling James' hair affectionately. "How has school been going?"

"Good. Guess what?" He asked before whispering something to his dad.

"Really? How did you manage that?" He asked, staring at his son in awe.

"Well, she's Head Girl so we decided that since we were being forced to work together that we'd be friends," James answered and I knew he was talking about Lily. I knew he hadn't given up on her just quite yet.

The others trudged in looking thoroughly tired. They all sat down and we all started eating breakfast.

"So James, did you tell the girls about the Christmas Party?" Bridget asked James and he shook his head.

"Every year on Christmas we have a formal party with everyone's families and people from the Ministry, and we're all supposed to attend," James said.

"Formal?" I asked.

"Yeah, long dresses and tuxedos and stuff. Almost like the balls at school, but just a tad bit fancier," Lily answered.

"Oh." I said as we all finished up breakfast. "Wait, what's Christmas?"

"It's holiday where people give and receive gifts to and from people they love and care about. It's on December 25," Marlene answered.

"Oh," I answered. That seemed a really weird reason to celebrate.

"There's more to it then just that," Sirius said.

"Okay," I answered.

"Which reminds me, we're going to start decorating tomorrow as Christmas is in only a week," Bridget said. "So you might want to get any shopping you have to do, done today."

We all murmured in agreement before getting up and clearing our plates off. We were all standing by the door now as James talked.

"So, we, being the Marauders, were thinking that we'd go down to this muggle village nearby and buy any presents we have to as well as getting our stuff for the party," James said.

"Okay," Lily agreed.

"So just go get your coats and shoes and stuff, and we'll go," James directed as we all grabbed our stuff and walked outside into the cold snow.

We walked for quite a while before coming upon a small muggle village that had quite a few shops and such.

"So, why don't we split up into groups? Girls in one, and guys in the other and then we meet back up at that pub over there in two hours," James suggested and we all stated our agreement.

Lily, Marlene and I went into a very small store first and it had all sorts of things. It was really pretty. I walked over and found these four medium-sized statues sitting in a row.

A wolf, a stag, a black dog and a mouse.

"Well aren't these cute," I muttered to myself.

"Indeed they are," Someone said from behind me, making me whip around, almost losing my footing. "Didn't mean to scare you darlin'."

"That's okay," I said, catching my breath which had temporarily escaped me.

"You know, those would be the perfect gifts for those friends of yours," The person said.

"Lily and Marlene? Nah, they remind me of some other people," I said as I continued to look at them. Why did they look so familiar?

"There's a story behind these four," The lady said and I looked at her to continue. "When the wolf was but a child, he was bitten by a werewolf. When he met the other three, he was scared to tell them of what he turned into once a month, at the full moon. They soon noticed his monthly absences and started to take track of them and found that they were every full moon and figured it out. After they told him that they knew but didn't care, he was a much happier person. After about a year, they cast a spell so they could turn into animals to be with him when he transformed. One, turned into a stag. Another turned into a black, scruffy dog. The last turned into a rat. The wolf had never seen such dedication to someone like himself, when he thought of himself as a monster. He had found friends who accepted him for him, something he had been wanting for a long time," The lady said as I watched her intently.

"Did he ever find true love?" I asked. Where did that come from?

"Yes, I believe he did. Someone who knew of his condition but loved him unconditionally, even though he kept telling her how dangerous he was and how she deserved better. She was quite the stubborn one actually," The lady said, chuckling to herself before picking up a statue of a fairy. "It was actually this fairy."

"I like that story," I said, smiling as I looked at the statues. "Can I get these?"

"Well, usually these aren't for sale, but for you, of course. Consider them my gift," She said, winking at me with a sparkle in her eyes that could match Dumbledore's.

"Are you sure?" I asked, looking at her incredulously.

"Oh yes, I know the right owner when I see them," She said as she picked them up and brought them over to the counter, putting them in padded boxes. She put them all into a bag before handing them to me.

"Are you sure I shouldn't pay you?" I asked, about to get out my money.

"No, no, that will happen later in life, I assure you," She said and I looked at her oddly before she handed me my bag. "Have a nice day."

"You too," I said, still a little confused as Lily and Marlene walked out of the store with me.

"So what did you get?" They asked curiously.

"Just some stuff for the guys," I answered simply as we walked down the snowy streets and into the dress shop.

"Hello ladies," Sirius said in a suave voice before eyeing my bag. "Are those for us?"

"Yes, but you can't see them until Christmas," I said as Sirius put on a puppy dog pout. He really reminded me of a puppy dog. It was kind of cute.

"Can I please?" He begged.

"Nope," I said, smiling slightly.

"Fine, but I won't let you see your present," He huffed, crossing his arms over his chest.

"You got me a present?" I asked. He didn't have to do that.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I?" He asked.

"I don't know..." I said.

"Okay guys! Enough chit chat! Out! You have your dress robes and we still have to try on our dresses!" Lily declared.

"We're not getting married, we're allowed to see," James argued.

"But it ruins the mystery," She said, winking. James looking as if he was about to die.

"Okay, let's go fellas," He said, leading the Marauders out of the store.

Lily and Marlene started running around the store, grabbing dresses and I stood there, kind of in a daze.

"Elle! Get some dresses!" Marlene said, looking at me as she took a break from her running around.

"I don't even know what to look for," I said.

"There are five things to look for in a dress. Color, cut, shape, length and size," She said, "so from our last dress thing, you're a size two, and you're probably going to want a long dress, as it's formal. Now, choose anything now, and we'll decide what looks better once we're trying them on. But if I were you, I would choose a purple, white, black, blue, gold, silver, grey or yellow, maybe a red dress."

I looked at all the dresses that surrounded me and picked up a few before heading over to the change rooms where Lily was trying on her dresses. After Lily and Marlene had tried on their dresses and found ones they like, it was my turn. I had tried on a few, but they didn't seem right, according to Marlene. I then put on another one and walked to show Marlene and Lily for them both to gasp.

"That's the one."

Next time on "Remember"

"I'm going to kill him! I thought he was alseep!" Sirius said, sounding outraged.

"I didn't tell you!" I said quickly and he nodded before running down the stairs, searching for the location of James.

All of a sudden, there was a loud crash accompanied by a series of swear words, screaming and more crashes.

"I think Sirius found James..." Remus said before laughing. I started laughing too at the absurdity of it all.

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