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Whispering by magical words
Chapter 4 : Chapter Four: Truth
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NEW AN (December 18, 2010): So, considering this story is coming to it's ending soon (chapter 24 and epilogue to go), an edit is needed.  There area a few important changes in this chapter that alter the overall tone to this story. (Re-)Reading this would be a good thing to do.  I've been putting some review comments into effect in this chapter and future chapters.  I hope this final final end product will be wonderful.  :)

AN: Chapter four! Wow.  I know it's been a while, but I'm back!

This story has been very well-received so far and I am thrilled. The only thing I want to know is what
you really think about it. So, please, read AND review. Thanks!


magical words


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Chapter Four: Truth

Atticus was nowhere to be found. This was a very good thing for Rose. She really didn't want to have to ask him if he could leave the Head common room if he had been there, seeing he had a right to occupy it as well.

"Wow! This is, like, the seventh time I've been in here!" Albus exclaimed as he claimed an entire couch to himself.

"Al," Rose laughed, shaking her head in amusement.

"So, are you going to tell us everything now?" Cecelia asked, pushing Al's legs off the couch so she could sit beside him.

Those words sent Rose reeling. She didn't want to talk about it anymore, but she knew that it was necessary.

Scorpius sat down in a chair opposite the couch Cecelia and Albus were sitting in. Rose reached blindly behind her, searching frantically for Scorpius' hand. She would not be able to tell them without his support.

She turned around and sat on the arm of Scorpius' chair before he kissed her forehead slowly, his lips lingering ever so slightly. It was his way of telling her that the truth had to come out now.

"Well, you both should know that Rose and I have been dating for nearly a year, now," Scorpius began.

"It will be a year on May fourth," Rose added quickly.

Cecelia and Albus nodded knowingly before urging the couple along.

"We have certain reason to believe that –"

"We're pregnant," Rose blurted out.

Albus bolted out of his seat and stared, extremely startled, at his best mate and favourite cousin. "What the bloody fucking hell!"

Cecelia calmly sighed, as if this news deeply affected her. And in a way, it did.

But in reality, since she knew beforehand, she wasn't as fazed.

"What the fuck do you mean by that, Rose Aurora Weasley?"

Rose stared at her cousin gravely, her composure not cracking. "Exactly what I said, Albus."

"But what about that agreement Grandmum made us sign after Victoire got pregnant out of wedlock?"

"Victoire married Teddy soon after that. She was already to engaged to him when she announced that she was pregnant," Rose quipped, incredibly serene. "And have you upheld that agreement?"

Albus looked away, sheepishly, sitting back down. "No."

"That's what I thought."

Albus tried to process this new information.

Meanwhile, Scorpius was immensely curious.

"You had to sign an agreement with your grandmother?"

"Yes. We were third years when Victoire got pregnant," Rose filled him in quietly. "It was quite a Weasley scandal. Teddy got the brunt of it though."

"My cousin Teddy?"

"Yeah. What other Teddy would I be referring to?"

Scorpius shrugged, becoming silent, just in time to hear Albus talking to Cecelia.

"Did you know about this?" he asked softly.

Cecelia nodded slowly, looking as though she were deeply ashamed of herself.

Albus was the image of someone who had been horribly betrayed, and by his closest friends, no less. How could they do this to him when this was obviously life-altering news?

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?" he murmured, still not over his shock.

Cecelia reached out and held Albus' hand in hers.

"Albus, Rose didn't even know about it yesterday. I figured it out for her accidently."

Albus raised his head, his eyes searching for Cecelia's.

"Why didn't you tell me yesterday, then?"

"It wasn't my place to do so, Albus."

And so, he sat there, appearing very small all of a sudden, as if he were a young child caught trying to sneak a cookie out of the cookie jar before dinner. He hung onto Cecelia pitifully, deeply hurt.

Rose rushed to his side, tormented that she had made her first ever friend so distraught. Cecelia pulled away slightly, allowing Rose to comfort her cousin.

"Al, I'm terribly sorry I didn't tell you last night when I should have. But I was a basket case and I'm near tears right now. I never meant to hurt you. I needed to talk with Scorpius and figure things out. Now I just want to make things right, seeing that the inevitable is here."

Albus sobered up promptly.

"I know. It's just –" he paused dramatically, "I used to be the person you came to when we were younger. That is, whenever you didn't go to Liam. I was your voice of reason when you didn't have any. Merlin! I sound like a bloody poof, or worse, a girl."

He laughed lightly before Rose joined in.

He embraced her in reconciliation, giving his favourite cousin a kiss on her now-tearstained cheek.

"So what is it that you are going to do Rose?"

Rose glanced back at Scorpius, hastily wiping away the tears that her eyes managed to squeeze out.

"Earlier today in Hogsmeade Rose and Cecelia went to the Apothecary to get a pregnancy test."

"That's where you went?" Albus asked aloud, not intending anyone to answer.

Rose stood up and rubbed her hands nervously on her jeans.

"Yes. And I wanted you and Cecelia to be here when I get the results of the tests. I got two, well, Cecelia made me get two, in order for me to confirm."

Rose sniffed, trying desperately not to cry again.

Scorpius was at her side in an instant, consoling her however he could.

Rose burst into tears, sobbing hysterically as her body shook with emotion.

Scorpius held her tighter, tight enough to wonder if he was hurting her, but she didn't give any sign that he was.

The room was filled with so much emotion, it was nauseating.

Cecelia had begun crying as well, though, for what, she wasn't entirely sure.

In an instinctual gesture, Albus pulled Cecelia into his arms, allowing her to cry freely in his arms. She clung to him like a helpless child. And she fit perfectly in his embrace.

"Rose, love, you should do the potion soon, you know."

Mutely, she nodded into Scorpius' chest.

His lips brushed her forehead.

She tilted her face up toward his; her eyes were red and puffy.

"Will you stay with me when I prepare the potion?" she whispered.

"If you want me to, of course I will."

Without a sound, Rose took Scorpius into her bathroom, motioning to Albus she'd be back.

On the counter sat two small, corked bottles. In them were the spring-green coloured pregnancy potions.

Rose read the directions slowly, the paper rattling madly because she was incapable of controlling her shaking hands.

It was somewhat similar to the polyjuice potion; an essence of the woman who may or may not be pregnant needed to be in the potion. After placing the essence into the potion, it was to be re-corked and shaken up a bit. The potion called for fifteen minutes of sitting in order for ingredients to activate. As soon as the fifteen minutes were up, the bottle would be re-opened and the results would be clearly revealed.

Rose took two strands of her hair, placing one in each bottle. She handed Scorpius a bottle while she kept the other. Together, they corked the bottles and began shaking them before returning the bottles to the spot they had been occupying beforehand.

The fifteen minutes had started.

Returning to the common room hand-in-hand, their hearts were heavy. They walked back into the common room to see Albus and Cecelia holding each other closely, Cecelia practically in his lap.

Rose and Scorpius barely got a chance to comment or sit down before an owl swooped in.

"Castor!" Rose cried, leaping up to retrieve the letter the bird was carrying.

"Who's the letter from?" Scorpius asked, lounging back in one of the armchairs.

"Liam. I wrote him and this must be his reply," Rose answered after ordering her owl to go to the owlery.

Scorpius clenched his jaw to bite back a comment. Why hadn't Rose told him that she had written Liam? He knew that she told Liam many things; he was her confidante and her voice of reason when she couldn't solve her problems.

"What did you write him about?" Cecelia wondered, asking the same question Scorpius had been itching to ask.

"I wrote him about the possibility of my pregnancy. I needed to tell someone else."

Rose focused her attention on Scorpius.

"I know I should have told you, Scorpius, but it was midnight and I didn't want to wake you after you had stayed up with me. I needed someone who would understand and be able to be rational about our situation. He's the only other person that I trusted, other than Al and Cecelia."

Scorpius' jaw loosened. He couldn't stay mad at Rose for long. Had he been in her position, raging hormones and all that, he would've told someone else, someone older, too.

Scorpius sighed slowly. "It's perfectly alright Rose. What did he say?"

Rose was relieved that he was alright with her letter to Liam. Quickly, she squeezed beside Scorpius and tore open the letter.

She skimmed through it hastily.

"He's shocked to say the least, but he thinks we're doing wonderfully coping and assessing the situation from all sides. He also said that if we ever need him, he's here for us."

"Of course Liam said that," Al mentioned swiftly. "He's got experience."

Rose looked at him curiously. "What do you mean by that?"

"You don't know?"

"Know what, Al?" Scorpius asked.

"That his girlfriend in his seventh year got pregnant and they had to decide."

Rose's eyes widened. She had many questions but she couldn't voice them.

"What did he do?" Cecelia asked.

"Well he told his girlfriend that whatever she wanted of him, he'd do it. He wasn't about to abandon her. So she asked him for money."

Rose's breath caught in her throat. "No!"

"No what?" Scorpius was confused.

"She asked Liam to give her money for an abortion, didn't she?"

Albus nodded solemnly at his cousin.

"Needless to say, he tried to persuade her otherwise, but she wouldn't see it his way. In the end, he gave her the money and he didn't speak to her from then on. He hasn't spoken with her since."

"How could anyone do that?" Cecelia marveled quietly.

Rose looked down at her stomach and wrapped her arms around herself.

As she spoke, she sounded pained. "I don't know."

Rose leaned on Scorpius' shoulders, her head and heart heavy from this uncovered truth.

"Scorpius," Rose whispered, "you wouldn't give me the money if I asked you, would you?"

"What? Are you asking me to?"

Rose turned to him looking horrified. "No! I never would. But if I did, would you?"

"No," he replied simply. "The baby would come to term and if you didn't want it, I would raise it as a single father."

Rose cried out and crashed her lips onto his.

"I love you," she told him, her lips tickling his ear. "And if we are pregnant, I want this baby. He or she will be loved and spoiled and the happiest baby ever."

"I love you too. I will stand by your however we decide to handle this."

Albus and Cecelia had been paying close attention to this exchange and couldn't help but offer their assistance, however everything turned out.

The four teenagers sat in stony silence, waiting for the results of the test.

Rose was fidgeting constantly; tapping her feet, drumming her fingers, shifting in her seat. She could not stay still.

In those remaining twelve or so minutes, Rose weighed her future depending on the two outcomes.

If she wasn't pregnant, she imagined that she would refuse to have sex with anyone at all until she was married, or at least engaged. She imagined that she would stay with Scorpius, but their relationship would be oddly strained. They wouldn't be as intimate. No more stealing kisses or holding each other just to feel the other's heat. They wouldn't talk about the months or years to come, instead opting to only look a few days in the future, seeing where exactly life would take them.

Rose saw Scorpius graduating second in their year and being instantly offered a job at the Ministry as an Unspeakable. He would be superb at it, but it was would make him distant from Rose. She saw herself as getting first in their year and becoming a curse breaker. She would be adept and highly regarded for her expert curse-breaking skills, yet she would fail miserably at knowing how to solve her issues with Scorpius.

She saw herself and Scorpius falling apart, unable to communicate and to relate to each other. She saw that they would fall out of love, and realize that nothing could be done to fix them. They were doomed.

If she were pregnant, she imagined that she would tell her parents and Scorpius' immediately that she and Scorpius were dating. She imagined that they would take the news exceptionally well and be quite rational, considering their parents' pasts. She and Scorpius would soon after tell their parents that they were going to have a baby, too. Their parents would be slightly disappointed, but they would get over themselves. They would have to.

Rose saw Scorpius proposing to her, not just because she was pregnant, but because he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. They would be completely happy, madly in love, and they would never be closer.

Rose saw herself giving birth months later to a precious baby girl, the most beautiful baby ever. She would have Scorpius' pale blonde hair and some freckles from her Weasley roots. She'd be destined to have Scorpius' blue-grey eyes and Rose's straight nose. She would be perfect.

She saw herself and Scorpius raising their daughter in a loving, warm and affectionate environment. She saw herself and Scorpius falling more and more in love every day. They were destined for each other.

She stopped wondering about the possibilities and thought only of the Scorpius she knew so well.

She thought about his eyes, his hair, his lips, his nose, his smell. Her heart beat quicker as she thought of his smile and how easily it brightened her day. She felt her body get warm as she thought about him touching and kissing her. She was aware of the blush that crept upon her cheeks as she remembered him whispering confessions of love, tickling her ear, and the way she recalled him being inside of her. She loved him. It was as simple as that.

The fifteen minutes were nearly up.

Rose jumped out of her seat and went into her bathroom. Scorpius followed her quietly, two steps behind her. Albus and Cecelia stood outside of the bathroom, leaning against the doorframe.

All four stared at the bottles sitting precariously on the bathroom counter.

"Fifteen minutes are up," Rose said slowly.

"How will you know?"

"I'm not sure," Rose answered her best friend. "The directions said that it would be pretty obvious."

Scorpius gently placed a hand on her lower back, urging her forward to the bottles.

Slowly, she crept toward them.

She reached out hesitantly, her entire arm shaking violently.

"Scorpius, will you do it with me?"

He replied by giving her a brief kiss and grabbing the first bottle. He also took the second bottle, placing it in her hand.

"Do you want to start opening it before me, or after?"

"Before," she instantly answered.

She glanced back at Albus and Cecelia.

They both thought Rose looked incredibly vulnerable and not at all like the Rose they knew and loved.

She took a deep breath. "I'm ready."

With great caution, Rose fussed with the cork until it began to move. Slowly but surely, the cork was moving.

Scorpius, too, began pulling at the cork in his bottle.

A pop was heard, followed directly by a second, and the enormous sound of a baby crying.

Rose's pained face became even more pained, devastated even. She quickly placed the bottle back on the counter before completely falling apart.

Her body trembled briefly. A strangled cry erupted from her chest and she started weeping.

Scorpius managed to catch her as she fell towards the floor, holding her tightly, a few tears managing to escape from his eyes.

Scorpius buried his face in Rose's hair, trying desperately to wrap this finding around his head.

Cecelia had gasped at hearing the wailing of a baby and had unknowingly clutched Albus' hand.

Albus took Cecelia into his arms, resting his chin lightly on top of her head, trying to comprehend the situation. His cousin was having a baby with his best mate. How fucked up could things get now?

The young couple sat on the tile floor, too burdened to remain standing.

Rose was being rocked back and forth slowly by Scorpius and she was comforted slightly by the circles he was gently drawing on her back.

Rose sniffed and looked up into broken, beautiful Scorpius' face.

She swallowed slowly.

"What are we going to do?" she whispered, tears streaming down her face in torrents.

"Tell the truth."

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Whispering: Chapter Four: Truth


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